Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The HBD-Denialist Weasels At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Give Us An Inside Joke....

...on the front page of the "Arts" section of today's national print edition.

When I first saw this photo that dominates the ATF (above the fold) portion of today's New York Times' Arts section, I wasn't immediately sure what to think:

Snarky inside joke?

Just plain bad editorial oversight?

Or: something more sinister still ?

The NYT Asks: "Almost Human?"
COTT Asks: "WTF?!"

In France a courageous tiny few are talking about it on the gummint controlled airwaves: they are calling it "Le Grand Remplacement," aka the Great Replacement. Otherwise known as "La Subtitution de Peuple" or : no translation needed.

We here at COTT spend as much time gorging on USA-original news info as we do France-original info. And of this we can assure you : in both lands, the GR is well under way. Orchestrated. Complex. Happening. Now.

Consider only if you will simple prime-time television adverts: in the USA it has been quite some time now, 100% impossible to view a major US corporation advert on the television, that does not include some kind of subliminal (or not even!) diversity lesson, be it Flo the Progressive insurance girl, the always all-white home-invasion burglars in the ADT home security ads, the scrawny pathetic white male in the Office Depot commercials,  without even getting into the details or the curious recurrence or such phenomenally anti-white enterprises as "12 Years A Slave" the list goes on and on and on.

What is most shocking here, to me, is that a few years ago I was totally oblivious to the campaign, which make no mistake it is a very, very centralized and orchestrated campaign.

Even as recently as 2004, I remember watching that year's remake of the famous Southern bad-ass movie "Walking Tall." You probably know that the 2004 edition features Dwayne The Rock as the birracial son of an elderly negro and a white woman in a bad-old wayciss southern town, where the Rock puts a major woop-ass on the evil white racists inhabiting the place.

Again, here is the most amazing part (for me) : I happened to watch this film, summer 2004, in the emergency room of a Harlem hospital. I was the only white dude in the room. The blacks were hooping and hollering every time The Rock drew blood from the skulls of a hated whitey villain.

At the time I found it curious, but I did not put two and two together: I did not realize that this film was but a tiny drop in the bucket, of a far vaster, far more enduring campaign of global organized racial animus.

Django, 12 Years A Slave, Mississippi Burning, ... how could anyone not see a pattern here?

Answer: I myself did not, until a mere few years ago. If it took someone like myself well into middle age to see the light, how long (if ever) will it take the average nigga-ball-watching idiot to realize that the entire system has been insidiously rigged against him in the name of an equalist ideology run amok?

The prognathic missing link with the powdered snout featured in the above photo is an actor playing an "almost human" robo cop of some sort for some new Hollywood make-work series conceived by YKW to keep the masses occupied while the final touches on their master-plan is implemented everywhere on earth except China, India, Malaysia ... (for short: everywhere on earth where majority white nations dare exist [Israel excluded]).