Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Powerful Essay From Sarah That Explains The Demise Of The West Quite Convincingly

Source: Sarahmaidofalbion.com 

The only nations which can thrive and grow in a globalised world are those which are currently growing and thriving, Brazil, India and China, countries with societies not that dissimilar to Tsarist Russia or pre-revolutionary France, with tiny, fabulously wealthy and powerful, elites living in palatial and gated exclusion whilst the remaining 95% of the population struggle in levels of poverty and deprivation of the like we have not seen in Europe, or anywhere in the west for centuries.

These brutal, unequal and divided states, all incidentally net exporters of immigration, are the models for success in a globalised world, whereas we, with our aspirations to equality and multicultural obsessions are not.   

Our compassionate, liberal and equal societies can not survive globalisation and they can not survive multiculturalism, it is just not possible as those two malign forces, by their very nature smother and crush those things upon which our societies depend.

That was, of course, the plan, globalisation and multiculturalism are features of a malevolent alliance between the extremes of two seemingly opposing forces, ruthless capitalism and cultural marxism .  

To thrive at its most predatory level capitalism requires a native population, a workforce, to be disempowered, for Marxism to succeed a native population not only needs to be disempowered it needs to be destroyed.  This you see is where those two great evils find a common ground on which to pursue their aims.

Ruthless capitalism of the type espoused by a nationless elite with its global corporations and unremitting calls for more cheap imported labour is the ferocious gale battering against the great and ancient tree which is out nation, whereas Marxism with its joint tools
of political correctness and  lying propaganda is the rot gnawing at its roots.

Is NYT Op-Ed Communist Thomas Friedman Beginning to See The LIght?

"There Be Dragons"

This is the first time in the multiple articles the New York Times has devoted to the wrath of the towelheads in Afghanistan over the the accidental burnings of Korans by US military personnel, that the Times has bothered to point out the circumstances behind the burnings.

From the article :

Putting The Tappan Zee Onto The List Of World's Most Amazing Bridges

Ponte Vecchio Covered Bridge In Florence, Italy. Source: Forbes

The New York Times has been buzzing with anticipation over the proposed transformation of the 56 year-old Tappan Zee bridge in Northern Manhattan into a SWPL-style pedestrian walkway, à la High Line in the Meatpacking District. 

Inhabited bridges like the splendid Ponte Vecchio were common in European cities in the Middle Ages. Mostly the houses were occupied by merchants, but also there were some time-traveling NYT-reading SWPL-types who paid top dollar to relocate their solar-powered Brooklyn lofts to the half-timbered homes o'r the water smack in the middle of the Dark Ages. (They didn't stay long, however: not enough diversity back then). Here is another example of a glorious Medieval inhabited bridge, the Kramerbrucke in Germany : 

In a salute to the great tradition of the inhabited bridges of Europe and the equally unique covered bridges of North America, we at COTT submit that the Tappan Zee bridge be transformed, not into a SWPL pedestrian walkway, but rather into an eco-friendly Section 8 housing development.

Hey, it's not a bad idea.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interwebs In Africa: Who's Connected ?

Here's an interesting snapshot of which African countries are most connected to the internet :

Nigeria is in top place.

What's up with that?

Race-Obsessed And Fanatical About Sniffing Out Oppression Wherever It Does Not Exist, The Mad-Dog Diversity Enforcers Of 42nd Street Spit On The Oscars With A Vehemence Extreme Even For Them

Tue28Feb MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
This year it seems that the New York Times' coverage of the Oscars is more population-substitution in nature than it has ever been. In article after article on Hollywood's Big Day, the psychotic little weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record groan on and on about how "traditional" and "lacking in diversity" this year's event was.

Somebody needs to send a memo to the psychopaths at the Times (pinned to the tail of an RPG?) that the anti-Western ethos of Hollywood moviemaking is alive and well, thank you very much. But it's not like the communists at the New York Times don't already know this: it's just that the historical revisionism and reality-reversing that are staples of the American movie industry are not as extreme as the Times would like them to be.

Meanwhile as the Times sneers at the lack of progressiveness among their propaganda peers out West, they publish fairy-tale stories about the "burgeoning film industry in Nigeria," where would-be Scorseses are just a big budget away from turning out the world's next "Citizen Kane."

Seriously when it comes to the NYT's reporting on Africa, more and more I get the feeling that I am reading some kind of children's coloring book, where make-believe and willful omission of the most glaring and obvious facts about the Dark Continent are the order of the day. Reading the New York Times is becoming increasingly akin to watching a cartoon; one could almost argue that a few episodes of Bugs Bunny have more redeeming journalistic value when it comes to accurately assessing the social and political reality of modern Africans than a single front page feature with a Kinshasa byline.

But I digress.

"Billy Crystal's Schtick, And The Academy, Need Refreshing"

From the article :

And more anti-majority self-hatred...

The New York Time: Comforting The Afflicted And Genociding The Comfortable Majority Since 1973.

The Ridiculous Reality Reversers At Amerika's Newspaper of Record Sneakily Link Ohio School Shooting With Rush Limbaugh

"School Shooting In Ohio Leaves 1 Dead and 4 Wounded"

From the article :

Was that really necessary? 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back To Regular Posting Tomorrow...

Mon27FebMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
...in the meantime, behold the verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times and their fairy-tale, childrens' coloring book reporting style on all things Africa :

"A Taste Of Hope Sends Refugees Back To Darfur"

The New York Times: Publishing Criminal HBD-Denialism On All Things African Since 1960.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Head-Up-The-Arse, Hard-Core Wishful Thinking Liberal Relativism Exposed: The Title Of This Article Says It All

"Beheadings Raise Doubts On Sincerity Of Taliban"

The Great Equalizers at Amerika's Newspaper of Record published an article with this title on page 9 of today's national edition. The sinister diversity enforcers at the Times must have caught their mistake and realized how ridiculous they look by putting "Taliban" and "Sincerity" in the same sentence, as the title of the article has been changed to "Beheadings Raise Doubts That Taliban Have Changed" in the Times'  online edition.

Reminder: don't forget to beat the Times' paywall. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Sanctimonious Morality Athletes At The New York Times Come Dangerously Close To Revealing The Unspeakable Truth

Thur23FebMMXII - Clk2Enlrg 
"In Britain, Soccer Holds Up An Uncomfortable Mirror", penned by the same Times communist who gave us the laugh fest on "Halal" in the previous post, namely Alan Cowell.

From the article :

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back-Slappin' Fun As The New York Times Celebrates Population Replacement In New York City

Meanwhile over in France, where pro-French nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen is in a strong second place for the April 22nd presidential elections, the whole "halal" controversy is deadly-serious front-page news after it was revealed last week in a prime-time documentary (watch it in French here) that 100% of all meet slaughtered in the Paris region is Halal.

The real scandal is that every day, millions of French people without even knowing it are eating meat that was slaughtered according to a barbaric Islamic tradition: Halal slaughter requires the poor beasts' throats to be cut while the animals are fully conscious. As you can see in the film, this is an entirely unnecessary practice that underscores the barbaric Stone Age nature of Islam in the first place: animals not first stunned before slaughter endure horrific suffering that can last up to 14 minutes. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has been lobbying to outlaw this practice in France for years.

What's additionally noteworthy is that halal slaughter is outlawed in the European Union. In France however, Muslim pressure groups have made it a commonplace practice; worse still, Islamic pressure groups also lobbied to prevent the French government from requiring labels to be stuck on halal meet in supermarkets and other food distribution  outlets like restaurants. This abrogation of the most basic reasonableness is an indication of France's ongoing dhimmitude and the creeping Islamicisation that genuinely threatens that once-great nation.

So while the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record have a good-ole' belly laugh about dysfunction in the Third World, and the inundation of South East Asians into New York City's taxi driver workforce,  the word "halal" in France has ominous, real-world overtones that are no laughing matter. But of course the lying, sinister population replacement elites at the Grey Whore of Forty-Second Street never make the obvious connection between Third World behaviour in Pakistan ("Oh, the student he put gun on table, and the teacher he take test! So funny!") ("hilarious," according to Times communist Adam Cowell) and the inhabitants of that enriched shit pit. It is of course as always as if  geography trumps culture (HBD? - fuggedabouddit) in the diseased minds of these New York Times propaganda penguins - yes they all think alike.

The New York Times:  Making Light Of The Demise Of The West Since 1966

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Flash From The Past (1994) : How Blacks Think Part I

Khalid Muhhamed of the NOI on the Phil Donahue show (vid is here) :

I'm so glad I wasn't living in the US in the 1990s when this nonsense was going down.

Kind of sucks to be here today though.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Speeding Up The Film: Historical Revisionism On Crack

Sun 19 Feb MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
"African American Museums Poised For A Boon"

Oops! I meant "Boom."


From the article :

The next phase of telling the story indeed.

Translation: it's only going to get more creative and more inventive from here on out.

The New York Times: Fighting HBD Realism Since Al Gore Invented The Internet

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Great Equalizers At The New York Times Take A Victory Lap As Twenties-Something White Girls Produce More Bastard Spawn Than Ever, According To New Study

The verminous reality contortionist elites at the New York Times busted out the party balloons on their front page today to celebrate the  programmed deconstruction of Western society in an article entitled "For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage," pugnaciously penned by Times communist and femcunt Sabrina Tavernise.

Seriously: does it get any more disgusting than this? Where directly as a result of the kinds of policies that are championed by the four-eyed Ivy League weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record, Western civilization is sliding lamentably into gradual social and economic collapse - the kind where the traditional hierarchy that used to keep things functioning on First-World levels is spat upon and gradually erased by the do-gooder social engineering elites, the kind of societal chaos where entire ghettoes of gubment welfare-dependent single mothers are created in a climate of anti-Western hatred?

The New York times celebrates while society collapses. These hateful little eunuchs are gleeful because their policies are working. And they enjoy rubbing it in.

From the article :

So now illegitimacy is the "new normal," and the New York Times rejoices. They won't be happy until every chink in the armor of Western Civilization is completely broken down and de-legitimatized.

Make no mistake: the New York Times wants to destroy White Western Civilization. That is why they report with such enthusiasm on subjects such as this. The "stigma" that used to prevent casual pregnancies, and their equally casual termination, no longer exist in the better, more enlightened anti-Western anti-majority progressive universe of NYT one-worlder egalitarianists. To them, this is progress. But the Those Who Can See crowd (You, reader) know that one group can progress only if another group is held down  with a boot on the neck.

The New York Times is an evil institution; and yet, it has of course not always been this way. Western society does not in Fev. 2012 look anything like it did a mere thirty years ago. The changes have been monumental in such a short amount of time; they were effected directly as a result of the sick policies that the weasels at the Times fight to enforce on a daily basis.

Their ultimate goal is nothing short of annihilation for Western Civilization as we know it. And guess what: they are succeeding.

The New York Times: Lobbying For The Spenglerian Demise Of The West Since 1946.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cameroon : 200 Elephants Slaughtered In Park, Screaming HBD Reality, And The NYT Like A Stubborn Child Stomps Its Feet, Covers Its Ears And Mutters "Gnagnaagnagnaagnagnaaaagna Gna"

What's interesting here is that these scenes of poached wildlife - tragic images of these magnificent beasts whose numbers are dwindling as their two-legged brethren are kept plump with the Western food aid that enables them to have the highest birth rates on the planet - are identical to the ones we saw in Africa Addio, which I posted about last week.

As the prism widens every day on the reality of HBD and the attendant differences in group behaviour that are obviously explained by HBD, the diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record need to turn up the dial on the denial machine, giving us articles such as :

"For Punishment Of Elders' Misdeeds, Afghan Girl Pays The Price"

...which tells the story of a rather ordinary honor abduction in that Stone-Age shit pit, which though a rather common occurrence in those parts of the world where endogamous mating is high and intelligence is low, this particular honor crime is deemed worthy of front page attention by the rampaging reality reversers of 42nd Street. Menacingly and sadistically absent from the Times' article about this ten year-old Afghan girl's story, is the background information on Muslim behaviour and the nature of Islam that any responsible teacher would know is indispensable to a fully understanding of the situation: namely that Muslims cousin-marry at a very high rate, which results in higher birth defects and lower intelligence, and that Muslims follow a prophet (PBUH) who married a six year old girl for goodness sakes. To not report on these background facts is the height of journalistic dishonesty on the part of the NYT; it is willful and deliberate omission of essential information in the name of a political agenda, namely to legitimize Islam in the eyes of doubtful Western observers.

We love the way the New York Times is always saying with sanctimonious seriousness: "According to Islamic scholars," as though this make-it-up-as-you-go cult for Stone-Age idiots is some kind of sacred thing on a pedestal. And yes, they say it in the article in question:

The New York Times: Comforting The Afflicted Since 1987.

Flash From The Past: Early Nineteenth-Century Scholarship on Race Relations

Fri 17 Fed MMXII-Clk 2 Enlrg
From "Races And Immigrants In America," 1907, by John Commons :

"Although the negro races of Africa extend across the continent and from the Sudan to Cape Colony, yet the races which yielded the largest supply of slaves for America were confined to a narrow stretch of the Atlantic coast near the equator. For nearly two thousand miles from Cape Verde the coast of Africa runs southeast and easterly, and then for another thousand miles it runs to the south, forming the Gulf of Guinea, and from a belt of land along this coast practically all the negro immigrants to America have come. Here several large rivers, the Senegal, the Gambia, the Niger, and the Congo—furnished harbors for slave ships and routes for slave traders from the interior. Two circumstances, the climate and the luxuriant vegetation, render this region hostile to continuous exertion. The torrid heat and the excessive humidity weaken the will and exterminate those who are too strenuous; but this same heat and humidity, with the fertile soil, produce unparalleled crops of bananas, yams, and grains. Thus nature conspires to produce a race indolent, improvident, and contented. Seventy-five per cent of the deaths are said to be executions for supposed [Pg 40]witchcraft, which has killed more men and women than the slave trade. Formerly cannibalism prevailed, but it has now been largely stamped out by European governments. The native governments are tribal, and the chiefs sustain themselves by their physical prowess and the help of priests and medicine men. Property is mainly in women and slaves, and inheritance is through the female, except among the nobility of Dahomey, where primogeniture rules. Written laws and records are unknown. The people are unstable, indifferent to suffering, and “easily aroused to ferocity by the sight of blood or under great fear.” They exhibit aversion to silence and solitude, love of rhythm, excitability, and lack of reserve. All travellers speak of their impulsiveness, strong sexual passion, and lack of will power.[11]

Now contrast this to the modern "enlightened" progressive view on African Americans as preached to us by the Great Equalizers at Amerika's newspaper of record :

"Interracial Marriage Seen As Gaining Wide Acceptance"

From the article :

Sometimes I get really pissed off reading the New York Times. It's like dealing with a chick who is so contrarian, you know before you even say anything that she is going to respond in Opposite Mode :

"Could you roll up the window."

"No I'll just turn up the air conditioning."

"Could you pass the milk?"

"No here's the soy it's better for you."

"Could you put it on Comedy Channel? South Park's on."

"No let's watch Rachel Maddow."


The New York Times is like a bitchy chick that you want to kick in the neck, but you know you can't because that would be uncivilized.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decoding The Times' Stealth Deconstruction Of Western Civilization

Sat 11 Feb MMXII-Clk2Enlrg
The New York Times published a front page article yesterday which was noteworthy for the apparent vapidity of its subject. "417.6 Million Bites Later" is the story of a home video called "Charlie Bit My Finger" that after going viral last year has been viewed almost half a billion times, making it the most-viewed non-commercial video on YouTube ever.

I read this article, which included a small photo published below the fold - still some of the most valuable publishing real estate on earth - with a combination of curiosity and suspicion. Whenever something appears odd in the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, it is usually because the hateful weanie elites of 42nd Street are up to something sneaky, going covert in the furthering of their sinister agenda to undermine Western Civilization.

Probably like everybody else, consumed with curiosity I had to go to YouTube to look at the most viewed vid ever. My intrigue was piqued further when I realized that there is absolutely nothing special about this vid, which leads to the inevitable question: "How is this possible? Even 'shrimp on a treadmill' was better than this."

In effect, the New York Times uses the story of Charlie and his brother's bitten finger to sneer obliquely at white heterosexual family life in Britain. Though the video itself (a four year-old at home with his baby brother, filmed by the father) is the product of a family setting, and talks at length about the amateur videographer father, there is no mention of any mother, leading the reader to speculate that this is perhaps an enlightened "non-conventional" modern British family. Maybe the boys even have two dads?

But then the Times quotes their fellow anti-majority peers over at a British rag, who talk about Charlie and his family:

Now of course, if the boys did have two fathers, then of course the family would be the object of the Times' most fawning accolades. But apparently that is not the case.

The New York Times: Sticking A Knife In The Heart Of All That Is Good And Decent Since 1977.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The New York Times Revisits The Achievement Gap Using A "Study" Taylor-Made For Those Who (Shall Not) See

Fri10FebMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
For obvious reasons, the diversity klowns at Amerika's newspaper of record love studies like this :

"Studies Show Education Gap for Rich and Poor Widens"

...which attempt to blur the obvious and otherwise crystal-clear picture of biological differences in group achievement levels.

From the article :

What a convenient study! Nothing to see here folks. It's all about white privilege and economics. Move along...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Forget To Beat The Times' Paywall - It's Easy !

9 Feb MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg 
Simply delete everything in the URL after the question mark (?), starting with the question mark ("?), like so :

Do you really want to give the verminous reality contortionists of Forty-Second Street two dollars and fifty cents a day?

I didn't think so.

The New York Times: Clamoring For An Upside-Down World Since 1963.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Afrophilia and Be-Knighted Cultural Relativity in the Name of Conspicuous Moral Superiority aka Status Posturing From The Verminous Reality Contortionists At Amerika's Newspaper of Record

Yesterday the wacko diversity fanatics at Amerika's newspaper of record devoted 20% of their front page - the most valuable publishing real estate on planet earth - to a photo of an obscure opera singer from South Carolina who just passed away, one Camilla Williams: 

Now, we know it's black History Month and all, and therefore that the freakazoids of 42nd Street will be rolling out the heavy artillery to lob mortars of guilt into our collective consciences, but seriously, for this little charade, they could have at least chosen an African American who actually looked more african than american : 

RIP: Camilla Williams: America's
First "Black" Opera "Star"

C'mon you Times nutters: J-Lo is darker! 

It's a revealing obituary however, chock-full of the usual racial grievance rhetoric, and sadly devoid of musical references. It's almost like the diversity fanatics at the New York Times know how stupid they appear by trying so hard to be polite and politically safe. One could almost excuse them, were it not for the fact that by mangling history with their wishful thinking they are contributing to the delinquency of a society.  

Further afro-uplift can be found in yesterday's The Arts section, where the Times devotes considerable real estate to an artist whose work on first glance one assumes is that of a child or perhaps a brain-injury patient: 

"A Visual Equivalent Of The Blues, In Warm Shades"

For the four-eyed morality athletes at the NYT, nothing can be more sacred than blacks "painting" about blacks and the "black experience," no matter how awful their art is to look at. 


I feel like a dick having to write this, because deep down I feel profoundly sorry for someone whose art is so bad that it makes me cringe. It makes me feel even more sorry for that artist, though, that the desire among paternalistic do-gooder DWLs to uplift certain pet minorities is so strong, that these disingenuous white liberals would willingly lie to their subjects of uplift, and tell them that ja, your work is really "strong."

When in fact it is not. 

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little kindness. But taking it to the point where entire Empires, whole Civilizations are destroyed, as the New York Times does, well, that's when it might be time for the pendulum to swing back in the other direction, away from kindness, equality and love, and towards firmness, realism and merit. 

The New York Times: Ugly Is Beautiful and Wrong Is Right Since 1967.