Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, April 30, 2012

Making Sodomy Cool At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record

In a moment of levity today in the "Metropolitan Diary," the Verminous Morality Athletes of Amerika's newspaper of record show us how cool they are by publishing fag-friendly propaganda. In this case the Times' gives a creepy, limp-wrist, lithping butt thex fanatic a giant billboard on which to paint a grotesque picture of idealized romance.

In their usual sneaky fashion, the Times does this in such a way as to make it appear that spontaneous, lust-driven butt thex between strangers is not only normal, it is enlightened, superior behavior.

From Metropolitan Diary :

Note the way the Times snidely allows this Metro Diary contributor to frame the process of developing a woody at the mere prospect of a stranger doing something to him that until recently and since biblical times was illegal in the entirety of the Western World, as something that is validated by biology. 

The New York Times: Creeping Me Out Every Day Around 3:38pm. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Curious Race Realism From A 2005 NYT Op-Ed Piece

In this article from seven years ago, the Times actually acknowledges the validity of Lewontin's Fallacy. No doubt the Times would never publish a piece like this today: "Genes Rebuild Our Idea About Race," March 15, 2005.

From the article :

Hmmmm... negritos shooting at coast guard helicopters with bows and arrows? Sound familiar? (SMH hilarious how the Times finds this "heartening." No doubt deep down they probably felt the same when when USCG rescue helicopters came under fire during Katrina).

Here are one of the "negrito" peoples the Times refers to in this article :

Definitive Proof That The New York Times Is Satanic And Evil

In an op-ed monstrosity published in today's national edition and entitled "God And Man In Tennessee," the New York Times puts on a sickening and cynical display of their hypocrisy when it comes to religion. The verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record publish an article - multiple articles on some days - on the Catholic church abuse scandal every day, while at the same time gushing with praise for Islam and only portraying church activity in a positive light when it is two gays at the altar or illegal Mexicans in the pews.

In "God and Man," the Times go after those hillbilly crackers in Tennessee who cling to their backwards interpretations of biblical teachings. Fair enough.

But what is truly shocking about this anti-majority propaganda puff piece, is the illustration that accompanies it, by a certain Wesley Allsbrook. Take a close look at this illustration. It is disturbing on multiple levels. The africanized Adam leering at the vulnerable and about-to-be-raped Eve appears to be wearing a crown of thorns, I shit you not. Definitely some kind of princely headdress. Wow. Notice the suggestive and subliminal way in which afro Adam's leg appears to be spread wide, suggesting that the New-Age couple are quite possibly already in the process of shagging. It's hard to tell what Eve has in her left hand: some kind of quill? A crack pipe? Seriously, the psychotic civilization assassins at the Times have to have a deep-seated hatred for mainstream Christians to publish insanely satanic shit like this. Sacrilegious and shocking, even by New York Times standards.

From the article :

The satanic illustration:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Early-Oughts Afro Uplift: The New York Times Has Been At This Stuff For A Long Time

"More Africans Enter U.S. Than In Days of Slavery"

From the article :


At least this article (you should read it) reports with partial truthfulness on the real numbers of Africans who were enslaved in the U.S. : about twelve million Africans (the Times here just says "millions" without specifying 12) were shipped across the Atlantic as slaves up until 1888, when Brazil finally outlawed the importation of new slaves (the U.S. outlawed the slave trade in 1807). Of those 12 million, fewer than half a mil (estimates vary) would up in the U.S. Most went to Brazil (>10m) and the Islands. Of course, one doesn't see the words "legacy of slavery" and "Brazil" too often in the same sentence.


The NYT Compares Cannibal Charles Taylor Of Liberia To Hitler's Heir, Karl Dönitz

Fri27AprMMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
The verminous reality reversers of forty-second street skipped another golden opportunity today to review for its pupils the screaming-from-the-mountaintops reality of HBD in Africa, after former "president" Charles Taylor was convicted Thursday at the International Court at the Hague of crimes against humanity.

In a sane society, the newspaper of record would be commenting intelligently and probingly into why Europeans had to spend a billion dollars to put on a show trial for a cannibal, and why Western competitive-compassion fanatics invented the International Court in the first place. 

Instead, the New York Times uses Taylor's excesses as an excuse for all of Liberia's dysfunction, which probably wouldn't come as much of a surprise to American president James Monroe and other members of the American Colonization Society. This is one of the Times favorite cover-up methods: blaming African dystopia on "bad government." 

Can we hope that one day, the Times might even remotely make reference to the bitter reality of white people forcing their standards on the rest of the humanity in Liberia in particular and Africa in general?

Answer: Nah. 

An honest discussion of the Charles Taylor case would provide some essential background to the Liberia question. Instead, the Times gives us "Ex-President of Liberia  Aided War Crimes, Court Rules."

You want honest reporting on Liberia?  Check this : 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

To The Point Of Satire, The New York Times Takes The Race-Baiting One Step Too Far

When I first spotted the headline to this juicy morsel of race-baiting propaganda puff, my first thought was that the New York Times was sensibly adding a little balance to the disastrously unfair coverage of the now-exposed Trayvon-O-Mania case. Before checking it out, I thought the story was going to be along the lines of :

"White Man's Killing By Racist Blacks Overlooked In the Tumult of Trayvon's Murder."

Of course, I was being naively optimistic. Instead what we get is Sha'von Patterson, the brother of this guy :

... who was killed by this guy :

...and this snotty little article that beggars belief: "Black Man's Killing In Georgia Eludes Spotlight."

Wow, it's almost like the New York Times is testing its readers, by seeing how much they can turn the reality of interracial violence on its head before people really start to notice.

The Times is also choosing to present the most stereotypical ghetto blacks to underscore their anti-racist bona-fides. This, for example, is young Sha-von's baby momma, as well as the martyrized yoof's illegitimate progeny :

The only good news in this sad story of New York Times reality-reversal, is that readers are indeed starting to awaken to the Times' true agenda, as can be seen in the comments section, which a COTT reader helpfully pasted in our own comments.

The New York Times: Stoking The Coals Of Racial Unrest Since Al Sharpton Ordered Them To.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wed 25 Apr MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Articles From Today's Times That Scream For Scrutiny

Three doozies appeared today in the increasingly sneaky pages of Amerika's newspaper of record.

Check out a few choice excerpts and decide for yourself.

Exhibit A in today's Crimes of the Times :

"Mexican Immigration Is Off Sharply, Ending 40-Year Trend, Study Confirms"

An excerpt from that "Nothing to see here folks - Mexicans stopped invading last year, the Pew Hispanic Center tells us that Mexicans swarming into the USA are no longer a threat, and anybody who says so is a hopeless low-IQ bigot" article :


It Gets Better©:

Exhibit B : 

"A Brooklyn School Saved Lives, And Some Now Try To Return The Favor"

Two excerpts from that "We're the New York Times and we are so much cooler and morally superior to you, we give internships to 25 year-old-high school freshman with felony records, and write about them as though they are the best of the best of America, because they are," article :


It Gets Better Still©:

Exhibit C : 

"Round Up The Usual Scapegoats", by Times Op-Ed communist David Brooks.

Two revealing excerpts from that "We the one-worlder population replacement diversity fanatics at Amerika's newspaper of record, will not tolerate opposition to our plans, be it in France with Marine LePen's historic advance or the hateful nationalists of Hungary," article:

The New York Times: Opposed To The Opposition Since Tea Time Yesterday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Reminder: Beat The New York Times Paywall !

Mon23AprMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
It's easy. More than that, it's indicative of the Times' lack of sophistication.

Simply erase everything in the URL after the question mark, including the question mark.

Like so :

The New York Times Spits In Face Of Marine Le Pen ....

...and consequently they spit in the face of the one in five French people who voted for her, by choosing to publish this ghoulish photograph of Marine, who at 43 is actually a very attractive woman  :

Actual photo published on page A8 in the print edition of today's newspaper of record.
For some reason I was unable to find the above photo on the Times' web site - maybe they realized that by publishing a photo of the number three candidate with her eyes closed and her gumline showing, NYTonline readers would see through the not-too-subtle attempt to make the hated nationalist candidate look bad. No mention of course in the seditious pages of Amerika's newspaper of record that LePen's score on Sunday was an historic high, and as such represents a new wave of resistance against the  globalist population replacement agenda that the Times so fervently supports. 

That photo above I actually grabbed from today's paper with Photo Booth. Below, is a better picture of Marine that now appears on the Times' web site : 

On the same page (A8) as the article entitled "Runoff In France, With Edge to Socialist," the Times also published "Netherlands Pushes For Austerity Cuts Even As Debt Crisis Deals Blow To Leadership." Different country, same tactics: the sneaky little worms at the Times choose to publish a photo of Geert Wilders, another hated nationalist politician (he of "Fitna" fame),  that makes him look like some kind of psychotic freak :

The New York Times: Publishing Propaganda About As Subtle As An Iron Skillet To The Face Since 1987.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The New York Times Drops Their Trousers To Enable Pseudo-Intellectual Organized Blackness To Better Penetrate Their Smug, Progressive Derrières

Sun22APrMMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
When the reality-reversing diversity-enforcing psychopaths at Amerika's newspaper of record are not defending black murderers or attacking the Catholic Church or promoting gay marriage or advocating for the Great Erasure or attempting to prove their anti-racist bona fides by providing a platform for minority plagiarists, their attempts to buff the halo of moral superiority atop their pointy heads are never-ending in virtually every other field of publishing endeavour. As we have seen. Ad nauseum.

After solidly standing behind and pushing the "Justice for Trayvon" meme despite the growing evidence that suggests the folly of such a position, and the way it is irresponsibly and self-interestedlingingly incites a war of race rage that is fueled by the outright lies of the mainstreet media in the USA, the eunuchs of Forty Second Street continue to stand firm behind their lamentable and suicidal ethos of: majority = bad; minority = good.

In an appallingly irreverent in its irrelevance and afrophiliac propaganda puff piece published today in the Sunday Times' Book Review entitled "Race, the Remix The Grey Album by Kevin Young," the verminous journalos of Forty-Second Street subsidize publication of a review of a  big-word blah-blah "Whitey bad" afro-centrist screed, staining in the process the most expensive real estate in the book review publishing world with a self-serving spew of invective that in a sane society would be reserved to the Personals section of High Times Magazine.

The four-eyed freakazoids at the Grey Lady probably know that people are going to read crap like this and go: "Huh?"; but their absolute need to pedestalize Organized Blackness is stronger than their own commitment to the greater societal good and their own good sense;  and their prerogative for publishing the finest literary review in modern times, something they abdicated from a long time ago, in favor of their pursuit of Cultural Morality Athlete fame.

From the review :

Wow. The New York Times morality athletes and the "everybody is exactly equal" One Worlders that they are, are so committed to promoting Organized Blackness that they actually publish gobbly-gook big-word nonsense such as this, which in the end hurts the African American cause more than it helps it. 

For a better understanding of how out-of-control feel-good head-in-the-sand egalitarianist doctrine results in disastrous public policy which does zero good for the many, and only a little good for the elite few who spew it, I refer you to this excellent article on why the Eurozone - based on hard-core egalitarian notions in the first pace - is dragging all of Europe down the utopian memory hole : 

"Building A Better Currency Union"  (H/T M.G., from the illustrious "Thosewhocansee dot calm). 


The New York Times: Hasn't Touched Reality With A Ten Foot Pole Since January 2011. 

The War On Tradition, In Drag: From Lesbian Preachers To Progressive Priestesses Perversely Professing Their Foxiness

"The Ripped, Bikini Clad Reverend", by the Reverend Dr. Amy Richter.

From the article (which appeared on the last page of today's NYT Sunday Magazine, in a rubric they call "Lives") :

La Grande Déception: Marine Le Pen Will NOT Be In The Second Round Of the Presidential Election In Two Weeks

The only good news is that at 20%, she achieved the highest score ever for the only political party in France openly opposed to the Great Replacement Agenda supported by the fanatics at the New York Times.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

The NYT Defends Murderers and Violent Criminals No Matter What (As Long As They Are Minority) - This Is Telling

Commentary to follow :

"Bias Law Used To Move A Man Off Death Row"

Another Times hero :

Behold Reymond Robinson, a Trayvon who killed a white 17 year old in the early 90s. Reymond has been on death row for about 20 years.

The New York Times doesn't even claim Reymond aint din nuffin - the Times admits he's a murderer - but they still, they STILL claim moral victory high ground for getting this monster off death row.

Like that's something to be all happy about.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Despite The Obvious Conclusions A Sane Newspaper Would Draw From Historically Low Crime Rates And The Bombshell Zimmerman Bloody Skull Photos, The New York Times Continues To Obsess Over Stop And Frisk

Fri20AprMMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Beyond Stop And Frisk"

From the article :

Yeah, let's ask Trayvon and his no limit pals to come to the community center for milk and cupcakes, we'll ask them to please stop the violence.

What planet are the communists at the New York Times living on?

The New York Times: Reporting From Another PLanet Since 1949.

Zimmerman's Bloody Skull: How Will The Eunuchs At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Explain Away And Blame-Shift This Killer New Evidence?

This pretty much settles the Trayvon-O-Mania / Zimmerman case :

But nevertheless we're looking forward to seeing how the lying little weasels at the Times, they of "white Hispanic" fame, are going to either play down or ignore altogether this decisive new evidence.


Oh wait, that didn't take long: "Zimmerman Offers Apology As Bail Is Set At 150,000$."

Absolutely no mention of the damning new evidence. Why are we not surprised.

This comment from the comments section of that article pretty much sums up the Times' position on the Trayvon-O-Mania case. It speaks to perfection of the whiny, blindfolded-to-reality afrophilia of the Times' snivel rights-centric worldview. They so sooo soooooo want Trayvon to be innocent:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

As The Great Population Replacement Program Is Exposed, The New York Times Verminously And Dishonestly Dismisses Marine LePen As An Afterthought in Sunday's Election

Thur19AprMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
"With Election Days Away, Sarkozy's Prospects Look Dim"

If you looked at the video in the previous post, you saw that Marine Le Pen is in masterly form right now, exposing the snotty left-wing journalists who attack her with dog whistle predictability at every venue. I think her confidence comes from knowing that the people of France are finally waking up to the dark and sinister population replacement agenda that has been going on there for thirty years. In the five years of Sarkozy's presidency, one million non-european legal immigrants have made France their new home, bloating the welfare rolls and contributing to a deteriorating climate of "incivilité." How can this possibly be justified when unemployment stands at five million, and eight million are officially "pauvre" in France?

Answer: it can't be justified.

Like every other Western nation on earth, France is in the middle stages of a sick process of third-worldization. This blog won't get into assigning blame to the evil individuals behind this war on the west - literally the mother of all conspiracies - we'll just stick to fingering the Times' rather major role in facilitating it.

From the article :

 It is dishonest beyond belief for the Times not to mention that Marine Le Pen has an historically high percentage of intentions de vote. Their criminal perfidy will be made clear for all to see come Sunday.

The New York Times: Eagerly Complicity In The Death (Murder) Of The West Since 1999.

Marine Le Pen Demolishes France-Inter Journaliste One-Worlder Pascale Clark, A Verminous Practitioner of the "Pensée Unique"

Matinale spéciale : Marine Le Pen dans 5 minutes... by franceinter

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Did Hitler Ban IQ Tests? (Because Jews Outscored Native Germans?)

Wed18AprMMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
Answer: apparently so.

Meanwhile, check out this fascinating (race) realist site from liberal intéllo Anatoly Karlin. Start by reading his piece entitled "Race Denial Vs. Racism Is A False Dichotomy," if I may humbly suggest such an offering. (H/T: M.G.).

It's a lot of big brains discussing the reigning cognitive dissonance that surrounds everything from the psychotic and divisive reactions to Trayvon-O-Mania to Obama's very legitimate illegitimacy in today's increasingly unrecognizable Amerika.

Totally worth a look. The comments in particular are quite scholarly and well-worded.

Example (from Karlin's comments) :


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Eunuchs At The Times Dip Their Toes Dangerously Close To The Truth In The HBD Hot Tub

Tue17MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Crowd Sourcing Expands Power Of Brain Research"

This is fascinating: the New York Times is pushed back into a corner, and forced to admit the veracity of a major milestone in HBD research: Stephen Jay Gould must be turning over in his miserable grave.

From the article :

Annnd :

No mention of anything significant, of course. After all, to the One-Worlder Egalitarians of Forty-Second Street, all groups are equal of equal achievement, no matter what.

No mention of the fact that the entirety of the modern world - from asphalt roads to pink insulation to the names of the days and the weeks for Christ Sakes - was created by a tiny wholly non-diverse group of (white) males.

The reality of HBD is closing in on the ravaging reality reversers at the New York Times. Their lies and their duplicity simply cannot endure.

Radical Salafist Islamic Group In Germany Wants A Koran In Every Household; The New York Times See This As Progress (And An Opportunity To Sniff Out Intolerant German Bigots)

"Koran Giveaway In Germany Has Some Officials Worried"
From the article :

Further enlightenment from the anti-racists at the NYT :

Of course what the lying verminous little eunuchs at Amerika's newspaper of record fail to mention in this second bit, is that since nine-eleven, yes lots of euros have been awoken to the menace of the programmed population replacement agenda favored by Western elites and the editorial board of the New York Times, but also, in the ten years since Muhammed Atta and his fellow practitioners of the religion of peace brought diversity to New York City, the muslim population of Europe has increased by ten million. 

The New York Times: Lies Of Omission For Breakfast Every Morning.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dhimmitude and Suicidal Wishful Thinking From the One Worlder Diversity Enforcers at Amerika's Newspaper Of Record

Mon16AprMMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
The verminous reality contortionists of Forty Second Street tried to slip this one by us today in their once-a-week  "Metropolitan Diary":  

A Fire and a Tradition

I stopped at the deli the next morning to see if he was all right, and if they needed anything. They’re staying with family a couple of blocks away. The Red Cross would give them housing in an outer borough, but Ali wants to keep the kids in their school. Then he told me that he wasn’t home when the fire started in the ground-floor restaurant’s ventilation system.
There was a fire on our block in Hell’s Kitchen the other day. Ali, who owns the deli across the street, lives in the now-damaged building with his wife and five children.
“My wife was with the children,” he said. “The super banged on the door and told them to get out. She ran downstairs with the kids, but when she got to the street she realized she hadn’t put on her —.”
He stopped and thought for a moment, then put both his hands on top of his head and brought them down next to his ears and across his shoulders. As he made this gesture he said, “She forgot to put on her, you know.”
Right, I knew. Her scarf, her veil. I couldn’t think of the right word either.
“So when she realized she was without her, you know” — he gestured again — “she ran back upstairs. All the children followed her. The firemen had to get them out. Later, I told her, “We live in America now; you don’t really need the, you know.” And he swept his hands down off his head again. “It was a fire, you know.”
Yeah right. Muslims everywhere in the West are becoming just so moderate. Pretty soon they'll stop praying five times a day, honor killing their daughters, and blowing themselves up, too.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Iran, Its Mullahs, And The Islamic Conquest Practice Known As Taqqyia: Glimmers Of Truth From The Anti-Western Diversity Enforcers Of Forty-Second Street

Sun15AprMMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg 
"Seeking Nuclear Insight In Fog Of The Ayatollah's Utterances"

From the article :

And... (it gets better) :

Wow. So the New York Times is now openly admitting the existence of the widespread practice of lying in the furtherance of the spread of global Islam among their pet protected practitioners of the religion of peace (though the spineless weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record refer to it euphemistically as "religious dissembling".) (How analogous is that to calling George Zimmerman a "white Hispanic"?).

The New York Times: Eunuchs All Of Them Since Lunch Yesterday.

Reminder : Beat The Times Paywall

Amerika's newspaper of record has one of the least sophisticated paywalls out there.

It's easy to beat: simply delete everything in the URL after the question mark (that usually appears after "html"), including the question mark.

Like so :


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trayvon-O-Mania Round 83,249: With Sanctimonious Smugness, Charles Blow Writes With His Eyes Closed (And Head Cocked Back)

"Justice for Trayvon"

From the article :

What kind of pussy refers to America in the feminine, like it was a ship?

Seriously, I hope the Times keeps up with this nonsense. They are becoming more transparent by the day. Thanks to the psychos at the New York Times, people are going to have an easier time painting a mental picture and associating "men and women of good will toiling endlessly to make her (Amerika) better"  with Al Sharpton and Malik Muhammed.

Smug Alert ! 


Post-Occidental Insanity On Steroids: The New York Times Actually Pedestalizes Trayvons Like This

Sat14AprMMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Maimed On A Subway Platform, Now Panhandling On The Trains," by Times communist and diversity fanatic Michael Wilson, was published on page A16 of the "New York" section of today's national edition, under a rubrik the Times calls "Crime Scene."

In a sane society, the truth about a dangerous, indolent, low-IQ, criminal welfare parasite like the one featured in this article would be described by a nation's newspaper of record with a degree of honesty that would have redeeming value for society at large : namely as a net drain on the community, the type of individual whose very existence should be discouraged for the greater common good.

Instead, in a pitiful fit of status posturing, the New York Times lionizes such creatures to prove their anti-racist bona fides. How does such posturing benefit anyone except the Times' own self-important sense of moral superiority?

Answer: it doesn't.

What this means is that the elitist weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record are fully committed to buffing the halo (that they think shines) atop their pointy heads, at the expense of subway-riding non-New York Times elites everywhere.

From the article :

Of course, the ravaging reality reversers of 42nd Street disguise the utterly sinister reality of this creature's existence in a too-cool-for-you layer of snide smugness, as though if you can't handle the ideal of a violent ex-con crack hustler harassing people on the subway for change, then, well, you just can't belong to the Times' club.

And it gets worse:

The Times is really rubbing it in your face here, almost like they're daring you to be outraged, and prove that you are not as cool as they are, and that their tolerance is better than your tolerance.

But here's the home-run:

So yeah, white boy. Go ahead. We dare you to be outraged.

NYT Hero Cory Mason

The New York Times: On Drugs Since This Morning