Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, October 31, 2011

The New York Times Crams Their Front-Page With Xenophilic Puff, And Ethnomasochistic Fluff

31 Oct MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
The front page of Amerika's newspaper of record today is pretty unbelievable, though predictable. If an observer from another planet were to glance at the pics, it would obtain a very unrealistic impression of the characteristics of the inhabitants of the land. Right there at the top, we have a large photo of a guy in a hardhat removing a tree limb after a snow storm in Central Park in New York City. Closer inspection reveals that he is of the amerindian persuasion, and be-named Ramon Nunez:

The second large front page photo that merits closer inspection is of a group of rather diversity-enriched looking military men carrying a coffin. From the article, "Soldier's Death Raises Suspicions in Chinatown," we learn that there is a skinny Chinese serviceman inside. He shot himself in Afghanistan, but even though that bomb blast over the weekend killed more army guys than any afghanistan bomb in years, the New York Times thought it was more important to talk about some poor lone Chinese kid. Why? Answer: the Times had managed to sniff out potential bullying, complete with ethnic slurs no less, so that needed front-page treatment.

The third large photo on the front page of today's Time worthy of COTT focus is from the article "Elite Marathoner is Right at Home On The streets of New York". The New York Times loves it when they can call an ethnic Ethiopian a "New Yorker" (or a Somali-born jihadist asylum sponge an "American," as illustrated in "American Identified as Bomber in Attack on African Union in Somalia").

24 Yr Old Ethiopian Who Might Win the NYC Marathon

Last but not least, we conclude this exhibit of photos from the front page of today's Times, with a small photo, in the bottom left corner, from an article entitled "A Contentious Revival," which explains how rich whites are gentrifying poor Mexicans out of the cooler parts of downtown Santa Anna  :

Sorry, I couldn't find the full-size photo that appears on the front page. It's a photo of some hot-looking blond chicks at some kind of party, and the caption reads : "Gentrification has created a battle for the soul of Santa Anna, California, pitting property owners and wealthy clients, like this crowd at a renovated theater, against poorer immigrants." 

So let's resume today's front page : 

Minority worship ?           check
Minority worship?            check 
Minority worship?            check 
White privilege story?       check

The New York Times: Defending and Supporting the Cockroaches of Humanity Since 1981

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flash From the Past! - or- "The Origins of NYT-Speak": Fascinating Egalitarian Drivel From The 1951 United Nations "Statement On Race"

Yes, the nonsense that is spewed daily from the pages of America's newspaper or record can trace its roots back a long way - well, not that long really. Just to about 1946 or so. 

Europeans were so desperate way back then to avoid another world war that they dreamed up all kinds of utopian new-age rules. 

Below is a sample of the bedrock foundations of New-Age Magical Thinking : 

100% NYT-Approved

Source: 1951 Unesco Document Entitled "Statement On Race": 

Made-In China "Brazil"-Style Nightmare

The UN Wants Them In Your Guest Room 

Magical Thinking From the Suicidal Reality Fugitives at Amerika's Newspaper of Record

30OctMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
On the front page of the Times today, they're talking about record-cold weather in Yankee-land :

"Heavy Autumn Snowstorm Barrels Across Northeast"

Of course, this weather event will be ascribed to "global warming" and all its attendant one-worlder, anti-western ethos.

The contradictions inherent to the philosophy that drives the New York Times are so glaring and so  gargantuan, that to label them anything other than "insane" would be, in and of itself, clinically, crazy.

Slowly but surely, the sinister forces at work behind the cognitive dissonance we see every day at the NYT are starting to bubble up to the surface (thank you, Mister Internet!).

To understand the brain-scramble modern liberalism that the New York Times One-World utopianism is based upon, check out this piece on "Magical Thinking." (Kind of a hard read but worth it!).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The NYT Travels To Portugal To Interview (And Rehabilitate) Murderer Fugitive Escapee Hijacker George Wright

30OctMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Telling The Story of 41 Years on the Run" is a glowing portrait of the killer and escaped fugitive George Wright, who was recently nabbed in Portugal, 40 years after he hijacked a Delta jet while dressed as a priest.

The real story here should be that this disgusting erectus murderer is out of prison at all - I was shocked when I learned that he was home in pajamas, enjoying the company of his balloon-faced white Portuguese wife. I had assumed that he would be locked up until extradited back to the US.

From the article :

Just look at the picture the New York Times chose to publish of this guy: that's a photo that screams: "We approve of this guy, (even though he did something kinda' bad a long time ago)."

George Wright, Happy As A Clam in Lisboa

And then there's the part where the Times lets Wright try to convince us that he's a poster-boy for "rehabilitation." The Times wants you to believe that. But the take-home message for every inner-city black male (ICBM) will be: "Go out and terrorize the populace - especially the white populace - and eventually society will forgive you."

From the article :
Yes, society will forgive the aging ICBM once its testosterone supplies are depleted as Wright's are, after a lifetime of wanton criminality and recklessly murderous behaviour marked by an absolute total lack of impulse control. It's the way the New York Times wants it to be.

Note: Taki wrote an interesting take on George Wright for takimag. Read it here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shameless Historical Revisionism From the Quislings at the New York Times

"Huddled Masses - Turned Away", by former New York City D.A. Robert Morgenthau, is a pro-immigration puff piece that was published in the OpEd section of today's Times.

It starts with a blatant lie :

If the morality athletes at the New York Times did a simple Google search, they would learn that Lazarus's pro-immigration poem is not "inscribed" at the base of the statue, as Morgenthau claims. It was added in 1903 on a meager little bronze plaque, and occupies a two-foot square section of the Statue Of Liberty's museum space, located inside the masonry foundation. That's hardly "inscribed at its base"; the poem also has no relation to the Statue's 1886 dedication, having been added a quarter-century after. 

Even Paul Auster has pointed out that the pro-immigration lobby's co-opting of the Lazarus myth: 

But such historic realities are no match for the Times' propaganda campaign of historic revisionism.

Why would Morgenthau want to deliberately falsify the history of the Statue of Liberty? Again, a simple Google search sheds some light on the man :
Robert Morgenthau


Failing to See How Spineless This Makes Them Look, The NYT Self-Flagellates As Their Minority Overlords Scold Them for the OWS/99% Movement's Lack of Diversity

"Occupy Wall Street Struggles To Make the 99% Look Like Everybody"

Has the New York Times newsroom been taken over by high school students?

Methinks it's worse than that, that there is something far more sinister behind the Times' agenda.

Today we have the City Room spewing sanctimonious drivel in a preposterous puff piece that panders to all the minorities who aren't Occupying Wall Street. New York City is already majority-minority, but that's not good enough for the population replacement fanatics at Amerika's newspaper of record: they want to berate and guilt-trip the all-white OWS crowd into submission for their scandalous, Tea-Party-like lack of diversity. For the sick communist scum at the Times, that many white people in one place at the same time can mean one thing and only one thing: racism.

From the article :

The New York Times Sez: "Down, Whitey, DOWN!"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Perverts at the New York Times See Nothing Wrong With Tayloring Eleven-Year Old Boys to be Homothexuals

Oct27MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Panel Endorses HPV Vaccine for Boys of 11"

Yes, you read that correctly:  the New York Times is writing about a proposal that would make it safe for 11 year old boys to have butt thex.

In a sane society the people who write this type of stuff would be institutionalized.

From the article (gross out warning) :

Make no mistake, it's getting worse: every day the New York Times seems to go a little more insane. Every day they're a little more radical, a little more negrophilic, a little more xenophilic (all the while becoming increasingly europhobic), a little more global-warming one-world utopian, every day a little more gay and Obama-loving crazy. 

When will it end? 

Answer: soon (I hope). 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Predictable Front-Page Imagery from the NYT

26OctMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
The photo below was published on the front page of today's New York Times, right beneath an article entitled "8 City Officers Charged in Gun Smuggling Case."

Knowing that the Times would never publish a photo of a black person - much less a black female - accused of a crime as inconclusive as this one,  and on their front page no less, I had to do a double take after initially thinking that the woman pictured had something to do with the gun smuggling case.

It turns out that my reaction is exactly what the reality contortionists at the Times had expertly planned for:  the photo in question was in fact taken in a haunted house. So no, it's not a front-page crime story involving black females. The New York Times would never do that to a member of their favorite protected class.

But they did want their readers to assume, in a split-second judgement call, that the lady below and her nostrils, were somehow part of the gun smuggling case. Then the Times wanted you to feel guilty for even thinking such a thing. Then they wanted you to realize how enlightened and unbigoted they are by publishing Miss Neverending Nostril's pic in the first place, right below a story about New York cops doing all kinds of illegal nonsense.

And of course, besides these obvious points, the subliminal intrigue goes deeper still: what likelihood is there that the NYT would have published this photo, right there on the front page, if the scary white girl had been a 300-pound black dude, and the screaming, hysterical couple had been a pair of skinny whites?

The New York Times IS: 24/7 Diversity Enforcement No Matter What 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reminder: Beat The New York Times Paywall !

25OctMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
It's super-easy: simply delete in the URL everything after the first question mark - including the "?".

Suicidal Misinformation on Global Population Growth From the Reality Fugitives at the New York Times

Oct24MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Today in the Op-Ed section of Amerika's newspaper of record, we have a good member of the "pensée unique" academic elite pontificating on world overpopulation, with all the usual misplaced concern. "Seven Billion (Can Humanity Handle the Unprecedented Rise in Population?)" by Times guest communist Joel Cohen, a "mathematical biologist" (whatever that means), makes the case for worrying about too many people, but predictably for a Times communist won't touch with the proverbial ten foot pole the question of which people (as in, which people are solely responsible for manipulating the direction of all the little lines in the graph below?).

When talking about global population, this idiot Cohen fails to make the simple distinction - between producer groups and consumer groups - that you'd think would be obvious to an academician, even one hopelessly  castrated by the PC tourniquet of wishful-thinking universal egalitarianism.

From the article :
Why is it that white people in positions of power are such pussies, that they can't just come out and say it: it was Western preeminence in every field of endeavour which led the wagon train of humanity to the land of many, many humans, the world over?


These elite competitive compassion professionals would just as soon try to make the case that it was African culture that enabled humankind to grow to such gargantuan numbers today, by their noble and selfless refusal to overdevelop the Dark Continent, and sully it with the kind of wicked, sinful  consumerism that silly liberals are always whining about (5% of the population consumes 25% of the resources, boo hoo....).

What's funny about people like Cohen, is that while they continue to tell the joke of human universalism, and deny Western preeminence in creating this situation in the first place, they also seem to think that the same hard-wired morality imperatives that led the West to turn its altruism outward, is some kind of universal legacy of mankind, equally present in the moral fabric of all ethnicities.

From the article:

Obviously people like Cohen just can't stomach the thought of people who look like him being responsible for the advances in medicine that allowed the population of Ethipoia, for example, to triple in 25 short years (to over 90 million). Or maybe he can't bear to think of his relation to those who look like him and whose inner morality athlete insists on enabling Nigerian women to fatten up their seven babies (on average) on donated American grains and canned milk.

On that last note, there is a glimmer of truthfulness in Cohen's article :

As the West races to the precipice of civilizational suicide, it is exactly this kind of misinformation,  this  kind of smug refusal to report truthfully on ethnorealism, that Mad Max-style pushes the pedal to the metal. And soon, it's over the cliff we go.

If demographics is not destiny, then the New York Times is a truthful, honest publication.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please Help Us Bring Down The New York Times

You can start by beating the Times' paywall. 

It's easy: simply delete everything in the URL that starts with the question mark, including the "?", which most often appears right after "html". Like so :

Meantime, we're trying to make this site more influential. We need recruits. We're not Accuracy in Media, we don't have the resources to expand without help from readers and concerned citizens who hate the disgusting propaganda that oozes with ever-increasing impunity out of the pages of the so-called  newspaper of a record of a once-great nation.

If you would like to write for COTT, or know someone who spends a lot of time reading this newspaper and getting hot under the collar about the sickening, reprehensible things they see in it, please contact us via the comments section.

We don't beg for money like other sites, but we are begging for talent.


- crimesofthetimes.com

Racial Hypersensitivity and Predictable Pandering From the Diversity Enforcers at the New York Times

Instead of laughing at this follically-challenged protected-class diversity and calling it out on the absurdity of filing a law suit over an offensive voice mail message FFS (provoked by the inconsiderate sow in the first place), the New York Times proves once again that it puts pandering to blacks above common sense no matter what.

And even though the Times alludes to the fact the whole incident was possibly made up, à la Madonna Constantine's noose-on-the-doorknob at Colombia University incident a few years back, they still give the bulging bovine eyeballs of Tifany Macintosh the benefit of the doubt (bulging eyeballs in that, that's how the NYT wants you to visualize Macintosh's reaction, when she listened to the allegedly racist voice message on her sail phone).

Blacks know that they can rely on Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) to come running to their defense no matter how petty the alleged grievance, as long as charges of white racism can be levied.

From the article "Hair Stylist's Racial Slurs Could Cost Her 22,500$":


In this last excerpt, we see the Times actually admitting there is a possibility this black woman made the whole thing up to cash in on the ghetto lottery. But even that is not enough to prevent the NYT from salivating over this repulsive story:

For your further amusement, some actual excerpts from the Commission on Human Rights complaint (which you can view in its entirety here) :

They put this in writing, with a straight face.

Methinks ole' Tifany was not fasting as a result of the voice message. If anything, her appetite was probably whetted by the thought of all those dollahs whitey was gonna have to pay her.

The New York Times: Representative of the Depths to Which We Have Fallen As A Civilization

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The New York Times Obsesses Over OWS

22OctMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Their Protests Aren't Like Ours, Tea Party Insists" (front page today).

There are no fewer than four articles published in today's Times about the OWS protests, including one on the front page (Aren't Like Ours), and one on the back page of today's national edition ("Amid Cries of Anti-Semitism, Protests With A Distinctly Jewish Flavor", published on the back page where there is usually a giant ad).

From the front-page article :

Yes, the Times actually puts "mainstream media" in quotation marks, as if they aren't fully aware of what's going on.

In this beautiful age of uncensored internet access to the news, the reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record can only bamboozle their SWPL readers so long.

Somali-Americans Battling Kenyans in the Homeland; the NYT Fails to See The Irony of the Vicious Asylum Cycle

"African Union Peacekeepers Killed in Somalia Battle"

From the article :

Consider the vicious cycle going on here:  partly as a result of NYT propaganda, we have tens of thousands of imported diversity living in Amerika; said imported Somali diversity in Minnesota gets welfare to pay for baby breeding, drive taxi, make money; Somalis enriched by NYT-reading DWLs return to Somalia to enable further fighting and savagery; more turmoil and barbarism in the motherland  leads to more asylum applications to USA; and the cycle continues.

And the New York Times cheers.

Understanding Gaddaffi

Watch the video below. It is a February, 2010 speech by Mudmud Gaddafi (rip) to a large crowd of Muslim men in Qatar (the women are covered, and standing in the sidelines).

This video is all you need to understand not just Gaddafi, but the non-Western world at large and Islam in particular.

Note the child-like simplicity not just of Gaddafi's assertions, but also of the crowd. This is what Islam is all about: an erratic, incoherent assemblage of loosely related concepts that appeal to a dimwitted populace, in many cases with IQs hovering just above official retard level.

Make no mistake: the idiot dirty-beard jihadis in this vid are consumed with envy and hatred of the West. They are frustrated by their inability to rise out of the Stone Age, even though the kindly policy-makers of the New York Times' op-ed bureau insist that they are exactly equal in ability to the racist Westerners whose governments donated the food aid they grew up on.

With its sub-titles and MTV-style camera shots of the crowd, this is really a most revealing vid. Watch it and understand Gaddafi. And Islam.

What Is It About Third Worlders And Their Affinity For Getting Down On The Ground?

Why are third worlders so comfortable sitting, lounging, laying down, or just hanging out on the ground, sans furniture?  Every noticed that?

Whether it's Asian Indians squatting under their tunics while they relieve themselves in a train station or Mexican illegals outside the Home Depot, third worlders everywhere seem to have a special affinity for the pavement. And no qualms about getting down on it fast.

Take Muslims for example: for them, the ground is more than just a place to get down and relax, it is actually sacred, um, ground.

Look at this picture :

It's from this article in the New York Times. It shows "Libyan rebel leaders" displaying Qaddafi's final possessions: two hand guns (one gold-plated, nice), two rifles, and a satellite phone.

What is of note is that these particular third worlders, even though wildly enabled by the West  in technology and other means, betray their inner Stone-Age wiring by their refusal to bust out a folding card table. No sissy western podium for these muzzies,  it's down to the ground they go for this news conference, prayer rugs and all.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The New York Times Promotes Interracial Buggery As A Wholesome And Enlightened Life-Choice

"Dressing Two Grooms for a Same-Sex Wedding"

Original Caption Reads: "The New York Times Encourages
 Sodomy, Especially When It's Interracial"*

Nothing gives the morality athletes at the New York Times more of a tingle in the ole' rectum than the thought of an average American white boy being anally ravaged by an imported diversity. For them, this is the very height of civilizational enlightenment and moral rectitude (ahem).

In a sane society, in a great civilization, the official newspaper of record actively promotes interracial sodomy as a healthy and wholesome behaviour, the mating strategy of choice among that society's best and brightest young citizens.

(Sound of tires screeching)!....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dateline Libya: With A Little Help From NATO and the Diversity Enforcers at Amerika's Newspaper of Record, Der Colonel Qaddafi is Dead; Western Technology Makes It Possible for the World to See the Incredible Savagery of Islam; Predictably, The New York Times Gets It All Wrong

20OctMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Just a few short days after IDF Private Gilad Shalit was released looking skeletal by Hamas in a ludicrous but revealing exchange for thousands of murderous, backwards, disgusting modernity-hating dirty beards, and the gargantuan Lego-sculpture of morality lessons that that ridiculous spectacle showed the Western World, I have to admit that I was sad today after leaning that the Father of the Revolution had been killed (murdered?) in Libya.

Ya. I was sadder still when I looked at the Nokia cellphone video of Gaddafi's lynching at the hands of the bearded, dimwitted, Western-enabled Alahu-Akbar screeching Islamist scum who finally did him in.

The manginas in the Western media will of course call this a great victory for the Arab Spring democracy movement, a glorious milestone in that repressed region's path to greatness that has historically been kept down by Euro-privilege and unfair trade agreements (huh?).

I possess little sympathy for mediocrity; I am my own biggest critic. I don't like dumb and I don't like ugly, and I especially can't stand mean. But in the case of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, I have to admit that there was something I liked about the guy.

Perhaps highest up on that list would be the way he made sycophantic Western liberals look exactly like the pussies and the hypocrites that they truly are.

A few years ago, after Qaddafi said he was officially sorry for his bedouin nation's terrorist past (ahem), and promised not to blow up any more 747s filled with nice white kids from Syracuse, Libya regained the privilege of receiving billions of welfare dollars from Western Whites. This enabled a people otherwise stuck in the Stone Age to modernize, and to enjoy the benefits of electricity and "gas on every floor," as the enamel signs still say on thousands of apartment buildings in Paris ("gaz à tous les étages"). Don't forget: up until the 1870s, the infrastructure of the cities of "modern" Europe was inferior to that which the Romans had achieved over 1.5 millenia prior. Yes: the Roman Empire spanned from northern Scotland to the fringes of the Saharan Desert; literacy was 100% in this empire's army and water delivery and sewerage infrastructure was better than what one found in the capital of France in 1860, and, in most cases, basic infrastructure was superior to what one still finds in Northern Africa to this day.

But I digress.

I miss The Colonel.

I'm sad he's gone, I really am, because I liked the Colonel. I liked his tents. I liked his female body guards. I liked his personalized golf carts. I liked the funky way he held court for ninety minutes in front of the UN General Assembly in 2009, sounding every bit like the low-IQ, out-of-touch, Western-enabled turd world dictator that he was. And I especially liked the way the guy talked truth to power when it came to  dealing with the West - Italy in particular - and how he spoke truthfully in refreshingly non-PC ways about the demographic tsunami from Africa that was destined to overrun Europe (unless whitey paid five billion euros over five years to keep out millions of Africans).

Muhamar Gaddafi is a perfect example of the West's naiveté when it comes to the Third World in general, and Africa in particular. Gaddafi knew how badly hundreds of millions of black Africans - spawned as most of them were almost entirely by interventionist white western food aid - were eager to sneak into Europe. He offered a solution. It was a right-minded solution. But the Euros, of course, denied him. For to agree with Gaddafi's racialist, anti-African rhetoric, would be to fly in the face of the EU's official doctrine of anti-racist universalism.

Because of the West, Gaddafi was on his own. And because of the West (Big French air-strike, Oy!), now he's gone forever.

What will come in his place?

Will it be the pacifist, universalist, democracy-loving and human-rights obsessed regime that the European Union would implement if it could?

Answer: Négatif. What is coming in Libya and in the rest of the Arab Spring Muslim world, is an even more savage, even more authoritarian Islamic regime. Make no mistake.

And whatever you do, don't count on the fraudulent policy-makers at Amerika's newspaper of record to tell you what is really in store.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reminder! Beat the Times Paywall (It's Incredibly Easy)

Just erase the part after the question mark in the URL (including the "?").

You're welcome.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Barbarous Medieval Palestinian Savages Release Gilad Shalit in Terrible Health After Five Years, Cheer On Their Victory Over Israel As Over 1000 Murdering Muslim Monsters Are Released in Exchange Looking Like They Just Got Back From Club Med, and the NYT Calls the Israelis the Torturers

18OctMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Hamas Frees Israeli Soldier as Prisoner Swap Begins"

Even the title of this article is a lie: this was no prisoner swap, this was a payment of a ransom, in which a very high value item (a single Israeli soldier) was purchased with a mountainous supply of filthy, dim-witted, primitive Islamic scum.

Among the Palestinian prisoners was even a Jihadist Jane, whose story epitomizes the moral inferiority of this diseased group of proto-humanoids. Released along with the 1000-+ other would-be murdering martrys, Jane took advantage of the Jews' humanity in 2005, when Israel allowed Palestinians with special health needs to cross over, exceptionally, for care. Jane crossed over wearing a suicide vest, and when Israeli soldiers tried to stop her she attempted to detonate herself but failed (gross thought: did 72 male virgins await her in allah-land?). The Times can be commended for at least getting this part of the story fairly right:

But the real Crimes of the Times in their coverage of Shalit's release is that even though it is obvious to anyone observing this situation who the moral victors are here, the Times unbelievably still attempts to portray Israel and Hamas as moral equals. Actually, the Times make Israel look like the moral inferior, with incredible comments such as this one, delivered indirectly through quotation :

The competitive compassion fanatics at the Times do that a lot - relying on a 3rd-party quote to indirectly convey their own personal views on a situation. 

They do it again in the example below : 

There is some reason for hope, though: in the comments section - and this is unusual -  the vast majority of Times readers seem to place common sense and what is obviously the correct morality calculus over the politically correct formula always used by the NYT, wherein a group that is not winning against their natural superiors can never be wrong.

Here is one such example of this common sense reader comment:

Amanda Knox and Gilad Shalit are back with their families, far away from the protected group scum that brought on their tribulations, and the New York Times feels compelled to turn reality on its head and aim the klieg lights of world attention away from the real criminals.

The New York Times: Totally Failing to Comprehend HBD Since 1983.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Obama Worships MLK on the Mall : Stunning Hypocrisy and Stomach-Churning Negrophilia From the New York Times

17 Oct MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
The initial ceremony to commemorate the Chinese artist Lei Yixin 's shooing-in of the giant MLK sculpture on the Mall in Washington (the only sculpture on the Mall dedicated to a non-president) was postponed until yesterday, because of Hurricane Irene.

Ok. That's about the only legitimate point that can be made about this made-in-china-crap SWPL let's-suck-some-more-minority-ass garbage-fest I can think of, as diligently reported in the New York Times today in an  article entitled "A Dedication to King, And The Work Yet To Do".

But wait! It gets worse (a lot worse). At the ceremony over the weekend, where Obama showed up with a mostly Afro-American crowd, (big surprise there), one of the many disgusting dingbatty fat-dangling bicep sows spawned by the Good Doctor's hyper-active loins - a certain Bernice King, King's so-called daughter - had this to sanctimoniously say :

What is of course not published in the lying pages of Amerika's newspaper of record is that this horrible dimb bulb race-hustler, set for life by the shenanigans of her savvy-black sperm-donor father,  along with her equally uprighteous brothers and sisters, charged the American governement close to a million bucks to give the public MLK monument access to the good "Doctor's" likeness.

See here if you think I'm making this up.

The New York Times is complicit in the destruction of Western Civilization. It's as simple and as gory as that.