Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Almost Half Of All Café-Tabacs In Paris Are Now Owned And Operated By Chinese

31 Aug 2014
Of course the scum in the zionist-controlled  international press could not be more delighted that one of France's most quintessential
institutions - the café-tabac - is being taken over by hordes of turd world copy-monkeys, most of whom came to France illegally and then eventually get amnestized. Because "life is all right in Amerika, if you're non-white in Amerika..." (you know the diddy).  

"Insight - Hard Work, Long Hours: French Find Chinese Recipe Sour"

From the article :

"People aren't hungry here anymore," he said. "But they're going to have to get back to work, because the new immigrants are ready to work twice as hard, for twice as long, and they will end up being the bosses."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introducing The "Fardier" ( World's Very-First Self-Propelled Automobile)

Sunday 24 August 2014
Hint: Mike Brown's ancestors  had very little to do with its design ( but only because of Institutional Racism and endemic discrimination in the pre-Revolutionary Royal French Army).

This original from 1770 by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot is preserved at the incredible Musée des Arts et Métiers, a Paris industrial design museum which displays some 2,500 inventions, very few of which were developed with assistance from Mike Brown's illustrious ancestors.

Even though this heavy steam-powered machine could travel at about 4 km/hr,  it was used in the French Royal Army between 1769 and 1771, mostly to haul heavy artillery pieces.

From the French wiki page :
"La construction d'un premier prototype, « aux frais du roi », fut entreprise en 1769. Les essais sont menés en octobre.
Ceux-ci sont concluants, malgré quelques problèmes techniques. La construction d'un second prototype en vraie grandeur est alors ordonnée par Gribeauval. C'est un grand tournant dans la carrière de Cugnot : le coût exorbitant du projet et les fortes réserves émises par les ingénieurs quant à sa « faisabilité » n'ont pas suffi à invalider le programme."

For the historical record,  it worth noting  that this Machine was involved in the very first car accident  in the history of the world.  When the driver climbed down to check for damage,  he was  set upon by a pack of Michael Brown's ancestors, who proceeded to beat the driver to death before stealing his cell phone, his tricorne...
...  his redingote ...

... and his spectacles:

Therefore, it would be disinformational to say that the world's very first automobile of all time was not influenced in its  development by Michael Brown and his illustrious ancestors :

The evolution of the automobile is doomed

Those are not ghetto lotto dollar signs in Mike Brown's mammy's eyes,
 those are tears of despair for the future of automotive innovation 

Pour la petite histoire : a modern fardier in action :

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mike Brown: What Really Happened

Three hundred pounds of stupid, dangerous primate running full speed at a solitary white cop with a gun.

This sounds about right :

"Also Monday, a St. Louis radio station reported that a woman had called to tell the officer’s side of the story. The station, KFTK, said the woman called herself Josie and said that the confrontation began when Wilson told Brown and a friend to stop walking in the street. The caller said Wilson then decided that the two fit the description of robbery suspects and sought to stop them.

"The caller said the men fought near the car, then Brown went a distance away, turned and charged the officer. “He just started to come at him full speed,” the caller said. “And so he just started shooting, and he just kept coming. . . . The final shot was in the forehead, and he fell about two, three feet in front of the officer.”"

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Kalergi Plan For A Hybridized Europe

Sunday 17 Aug. 2014

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe

Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by the system, and the multicultural propaganda is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable. With this article we intend to prove once and for all, that this is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What they want to present as an inevitable outcome of modern life, is actually a plan conceived around a table and prepared for decades, to completely destroy the face of the continent.

The Pan-Europe:
Few people know that one of the main initiators of the process of European integration, was also the man who designed the genocide plan of the Peoples of Europe. It is a dark person, whose existence is unknown to the masses, but the elite considers him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. His father was an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi (with connections to the Byzantine family of the Kallergis) and his mother the Japanese Mitsu Aoyama. Kalergi, thanks to his close contacts with all European aristocrats and politicians, due to the relationships of his nobleman-diplomat father, and by moving behind the scenes, away from the glare of publicity, he managed to attract the most important heads of state to his plan , making them supporters and collaborators for the “project of European integration”.
The man behind White genocide Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.
The man behind White European genocide Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.
In 1922 he founded the “Pan-European” movement in Vienna, which aimed to create a New World Order, based on a federation of nations led by the United States. European integration would be the first step in creating a world government. Among the first supporters, including Czech politicians Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš and the banker Max Warburg, who invested the first 60,000 marks. The Austrian Chancellor Ignaz Seipel and the next president of Austria, Karl Renner, took the responsibility for leading the “Pan-European” movement. Later, French politicians, such as Léon Bloum, Aristide Briand, Alcide De Gasperi, etc will offer their help.
With the rise of Fascism in Europe, the project was abandoned and the “Pan-European” movement was forced to dissolve, but after the Second World War, Kalergi, thanks to frantic and tireless activity and the support of Winston Churchill, the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith and major newspapers like the New York Times, the plan manages to be accepted by the United States Government. The CIA later undertakes the completion of the project.
The Essence Of The Kalergi Plan:
In his book Practical Idealism, Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.
Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians. Who is this elite however? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this:
The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution]
Although no textbook mentions Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union. The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity and create a single mestizo race, is the basis of all community policies that aim to protect minorities. Not for humanitarian reasons, but because of the directives issued by the ruthless Regime that machinates the greatest genocide in history. The Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize is awarded every two years to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this criminal plan. Among those awarded with such a prize are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy.
The incitement to genocide, is also the basis of the constant appeals of the United Nations, that demands we accept millions of immigrants to help with the low birth rates of the EU. According to a report published on January 2000 in «Population division» Review of the United Nations in New York, under the title “Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population,” Europe will need by 2025 159,000,000 migrants.
One could wonder how there can be such accuracy on the estimates of immigration, although it was not a premeditated plan. It is certain that the low birth rate could easily be reversed with appropriate measures to support families. It is just as clear that it is the contribution of foreign genes do not protect our genetic heritage, but that it enables their disappearance. The sole purpose of these measures is to completely distort our people, to turn them into a group of people without national, historical and cultural cohesion. In short, the policies of the Kalergi plan was and still is, the basis of official government policies aimed at genocide of the Peoples of Europe, through mass immigration. G. Brock Chisholm, former director of the World Health Organization (OMS), proves that he has learned the lesson of Kalergi well when he says: “What people in all places have to do is to limit of birthrates and promote mixed marriages (between different races), this aims to create a single race in a world which will be directed by a central authority. ”
If we look around us, the Kalergi plan seems to be fully realized. We face Europe’s fusion with the Third World. The plague of interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race: “The children of Kalergi”. Under the dual pressures of misinformation and humanitarian stupefaction, promoted by the MSM, the Europeans are being taught to renounce their origin, to renounce their national identity.
The servants of globalization are trying to convince us that to deny our identity, is a progressive and humanitarian act, that “racism” is wrong, because they want us all to be blind consumers. It is necessary, now more than ever, to counter the lies of the System, to awaken the revolutionary spirit Europeans. Every one must see this truth, that European Integration amounts to genocide. We have no other option, the alternative is national suicide.

Translator’s note: Although the reasons due to which Kalergi made the choices he made are of no particular interest to us, we will try to answer a question that will surely our readers have already asked: Why a European aristocrat with Flemish, Polish, Greek-Byzantine roots and even with some samurai blood in his veins (from his mother) was such body plans and organ in the hands of dark forces? The reasons, in our opinion, are multiple, idiosyncratic, psychological and … women.
We therefore observe a personality with strong snobbish attitudes, arrogance, and, allow me the term, “degenerate elitism.” Also, the fact that his mother was Asian, perhaps created internal conflicts and frustrations, something that can happen to people with such temperament. But the most decisive factor must have been the “proper teenager”, which incidentally of course, was beside him, and became his first woman (at age 13): The Jewess Ida Roland, who would later become a famous actress.

Van Rompuy won the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize for the biggest contribution to White genocide.
Van Rompuy won the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize for the biggest contribution to White European genocide and enslavement..

The Award Of The Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize To President Van Rompuy
On November 16th 2012, the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, was awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize, during a special conference in Vienna, to celebrate 90 years of pan-European movement. The prize is awarded every two years to leading personalities for their outstanding contribution to the process of European integration.
A decisive factor that helped him win the prize was the balanced way in which President Van Rompuy executed his duties in the new position of President of the European Council, which was established by the Treaty of Lisbon. He handled this particularly sensitive leading and coordinating role with a spirit of determination and reconciliation, while emphasis was also given to his skilful arbitration on European affairs and unfailing commitment to European moral values.
During his speech, Mr Van Rompuy described the unification of Europe as a peace project. This idea, which was also the objective of the work of Coudenhove-Kalergi, after 90 years is still important. The award bears the name of Count Richard Nicolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), philosopher, diplomat, publisher and founder of the Pan-European Movement (1923). Coudenhove-Kalergi was the pioneer of European integration and popularized the idea of a federal Europe with his work.

Among the winners of the award, the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (2010) and the President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga (2006), are included.
This article is a translation of an Italian article, originally posted on Identità.

Note: A quick search of the NYT database shows about 30 responses to the query "Kalergi Plan." Digging a little deeper, I found that the last time the Times published an article with the words "Kalergi plan" in it was in 1997 (The Thrust Is Towards Federation). Almost 20 years with zero mention of a plan that is being hysterically executed as we speak? Hmmm....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Now That It's Clear That Mike Brown Was A Hulking Criminal Menace Who Deserved To Be Shot, Can We Expect The NYT To Tone Down The Anti-White Rhetoric ?

Answer :


Watch the way the negro menace threatens Patel the Punjabi shopkeeper at the end of the video. "Mike Brown", the Great North American Pavement Ape (GNAPA) who awakened a nation (yes but to what?) can be seen lurching at the indian,  just enough to get the shopkeeper to back off.

American blacks know that they can scare the pants off  of humans by simply asserting their blackness. By saying "Boo!", in effect.

Will the "Mike Brown Show" do anything to change that?

Answer :

Unless Amerika's newspaper of record and the treasonous mainstream media they cheerlead stop sucking on the proverbial collective anus of America's African Americant's, then we can expect more of this unhealthy negrophilia, and the implicit anti-whiteness that feeds it.

"Emotions Flare In Missouri Amid Police Statements"

From the article :

After the revelations of the day, the atmosphere in Ferguson on Friday night remained peaceful, though boisterous. Cars clogged streets as horns blared and music played. Hundreds of demonstrators clutched signs and chanted slogans, but many others danced to music. On one street, six people danced atop a white delivery truck.
The police presence was limited. But among the officers on the street was Captain Johnson, who walked among the crowds, posing for pictures and shaking hands.
“I’m pleased with how it’s going,” he said.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Meanwhile: He Aint Did Nuffins

Watch the video. Observe the murderer of the white woman. This is the same type of individual who has "aged out" of violent crime - aka Knockout Game-style gratuitous violence - only to revert to mean in domestic violence unplanned impulse-control type situations.

The man in the video above - and you have to watch it to believe it - is the same type of man that the New York Times are constantly writing about, not to condemn them for their latent, marrow-deep criminal tendencies, but rather to invent every excuse hither and yon to justify / explain away their rather predictable, anti-civilization behavior. When the disgusting little weasels at the New York Times are not all a-flutter over violence at Rikers Island (gee ), or some aging scumbag Innocence Project POS recently exonerated by DNA even though he probably did it anyway  (and if he didn't he would have if he hadn't been locked up) they love to attempt - sickeningly so - to turn criminals into victims. Especially if said victims criminals are of the African American persuasion. 

Case in point number ninety-nine trillion : the horrible, evil little worms at the New York Times attempt to gain legitimacy by discussing the Knockout Game - something they obviously would not touch with a ten foot pole if they didn't have to.

Sunday 10 August MMXIV

Note the way the spineless little "Crime Watch" (heh) reporter Michael Wilson (email him!), not only does he present the obviously black criminal knockout game suspect as race-less, the swine of the times Wilson also misleads the reader into believing that this black criminal, "seated on his father's couch" (wtf?), is somehow just a normal kid from a normal nuclear family in the Bronx, with mom and dad and a living room coffee table covered in fambly magazines.

"Speaking Openly, But Giving Conflicting Accounts Of 'Knockout Game' Assaults"

From the article :

"What does a man accused of playing the Knockout Game say on the subject? Mr. Baldwin is free on bail while his case moves forward, with a hearing scheduled for September. He lives with his father in a tidy house, with plastic covers on the sofas and copies of Wellness magazine on the living-room coffee table. Mr. Baldwin called this reporter in recent weeks, seeking to talk about his case.
"It seems that Mr. Baldwin has never had a problem talking about the case, but what he says has tended to change. In December, he was arrested and held at the 69th Precinct station house in Brooklyn, where he was questioned by detectives about several attacks. He answered freely, the police said, both orally and in writing. His handwritten statements are in his court file.
"He was asked about an assault in early November, when a man approached a 78-year-old woman in Midwood shortly before 3 p.m. and struck her in the head. Mr. Baldwin wrote, “I was walking Avenue L and East Fifth Street where I hit a lady on the head in self-defense but it was not terrorism.”
"The detectives continued, asking about a Dec. 7 attack on a woman. “I hit her in self-defense,” he said again, beginning a confusing account. “There was no terrorism intent involved because I had left her because it felt unsafe with my dad.”
Mr. Baldwin told the detectives that on Dec. 21, he hit a woman who “had a miniature person with her.” That would have been the woman’s 7-year-old daughter, according to the charges against Mr. Baldwin."
This is the type of disgusting, dishonest, wishful-thinking color-blind reporting that in a sane society would earn the New York Times their very own Nuremburg trials for crimes against Humanity.

It's coming, Sulzy. It is coming.

Note bene: this same Michael Wilson, NYT "Crime Scene" reporter, is the self-same p.o.s. that reported on the robbery of a midtown Bengali-owned cellphone shop last week, who totally and utterly failed to mention what the perps looked like: 

"They Went Thataway: A Good (If Fruitless) Clue For A Chase On Fifth Avenue"

Every other paper in NYC reported what the Bengalis' armed robbers looked like. The New York Times did not have the balls to touch that rather obvious little detail with a ten foot pole.

And in a column entitled "Crime Scene" no less !