Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cuck Puppet Imbecile Leonardo Deh Caprio Wins Oscar, States In Speech That "Climate Change Biggest Threat To Human Species"

Dying breed cuck idiot Leonardo Pretty Boy DiCaprio or whatever, has won an oscar.

2016 was a very politicized year for the Hollywood Muk Fess otherwise known as #Oscarssowhite, Oscars.

Heroically, and incredibly, Doctor Die Caprio - this Super half-man Menschen so graciously rewarded for his ability to read from script and mimic His Master's Commands -  had the immense inner courage and moral fortitude to denounce Global Warming, as opposed to his other option, #Oscarssowhite, while on stage thanking his parents for this award.

Imagine a world wherein a super-famous celebrity type - a guy who's face is known to literally 95% of mankind - got up to  the podium in a mega-event, and talked about this :

An African Planet?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The New York Times Dips To A New Low In Sanctimonious Competitive Altruism Minority Uplift

Sun 21 Feb MMXVI
We here at COTT achieved Peak New York Times Fatigue a little earlier this year. (That's why so few posts).

PNYTF in this case seems to coincide rather tellingly with the PNF (Peak African American Fatigue) that has resulted from months and months of high-profile BLM stupidity, the same Nirvana Fallacy-type media breathlessness that in the past propelled RIP author Harper Lee to international fame, and more recently whose wholesale popular rejection (of the elites / MSM message that blacks are blameless no matter how stupid or how bad the crime)... manifested itself in the surging popularity of The Trumpening.

Here's what happened : the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's Newspaper of Rekord published a story on the front page of their Sunday Times national print edition entitled :

"Kanye West Is Fixing His Album In Public"

From NYT Rap "Music" Reviewer Columnist Jon Caramanica's Front-Page Article :
"The result is an exemplar of modern celebrity musicmaking: a dramatic, rococo, continuous (and possibly still continuing) narrative that spans music, fashion, theater and politics. Mr. West has turned the album release process — historically a predictably structured event, and lately rewritten by stars like BeyoncĂ© as precise, sudden assault — into a public conversation, one taking place on Twitter, YouTube, Periscope and in Madison Square Garden as much as in the studio. With flux embedded in its DNA, “Pablo” is crisply alive, like water that’s still boiling even though the flame is off. Pay close attention to the multiple iterations and you hear an artist at work, as well as a celebrity tending his image. It’s everything bared — process as art." 
That's right, the most powerful and "respected" newspaper on planet earth published a glowing and star-struck review of a rap "album" recently excreted by the chattering chimp with the roly-poly neck, Kanye "What Would Samuel Morton Say" West.

That's right that's right:  the New York Times has officially pedestalized a man who sings openly about raping white women and forcing them to swallow his post-coital seed.

This is kind of funny though : in the comments section of the youtube vid that shows (@ 2:45") aspiring rapper Kanye humiliating a frail jewish SNL writer in a rap battle, a lot of commenters are pointing out the obvious fact that "Mr." West has a very abnormal-looking neck (as seen from the rear).

Kyle Mooney vs Kanye West
SNL Rap Battle
So the question is : how many viewers do you think will be able to make the connection between Kanye's abnormal skull shape and the possibility that this unusual cranial feature belies physical differences in the brain itself, differences that might in some way or another explain this idiot's behavior?

Answer : More than you might think. And certainly more than were aware just a few years ago, before the truth on universal PC egalitarianism became more and more difficult to suppress.


In a sane society, a national newspaper of record would have dealt with this retard (and the (C)rap music it spews) with disdain, if at all.

Instead, the Official Organ for the shaping of public policy in America gets down on its knees and proceeds to thrust its proverbial tongue-of-approval high up into the rectum of this low-IQ, look-at-me, loudmouth, race-baiting clown.

How is this even possible ?

Answer : because racism (eg: fear of).


IOW : The scum at the NYT publish every single day repeat, Every Single Day!, some kind of anti-Trump something.

And to prove how cool they are and how seriously they take their self-professed mission of "comforting the afflicted," they fling poo at their own illustrious front page by extolling the virtue of an "artist" with lyrics like this :

“Father Stretch My Hands”
Now if I f**k this model
And she just bleached her asshole
And I get bleach on my T-shirt
I’mma feel like an asshole

She looking like she owe you some
You know just what we want
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous

For all the girls that got dick from Kanye West
If you see ‘em in the streets give ‘em Kanye’s bests
Why? They mad they ain’t famous
“High Lights”
I bet me and Ray J would be friends
If we ain’t love the same bitch
Yeah, he might have hit it first
Only problem is I’m rich

Blac Chyna f**kin’ Rob, help him with the weight
“Feed Back”
Whip that, bitch out
Tits out, oh s**t
My dick out, can she suck it right now?
F**k, can she f**k right now?
I done asked twice now
Can you bring your price down?
I know it’s corny bitches you wish you could unfollow
I know it’s corny niggas you wish you could unswallow

Prognathic Genius At Work 
The New York Times : Putting A Gay Fish On The Front Page All Day Every Day... Since 2004 .


PS : Rhetorical Question :

How much more respect would you have for the New York Times if instead of putting the black pander-fest article described above on their front page, they had published something like this instead  :

"Kanye West Is Retarded"

From Gavin McInnes's  article :
"Why aren’t more people making fun of Kanye West? Is it because he’s retarded? Who cares? That’s hilarious. On Tuesday, Virgin Airlines told him he should “EAD” (eat a dick) and added that he’s a “douche.” This is interesting because douchebags were designed to clean vaginas and if there’s one thing that should eat a dick it’s a clean vagina. Just kidding, they said nothing of the sort, and quickly apologized to Yeezus “for any offence caused.” The original comment was a response to Kanye claiming he deserved a 30 out of 10 for his album instead of the 9 critics had given him. With context, “EAD” and “douche” seem remarkably benevolent.

As a Canadian immigrant by way of Britain, I am constantly surprised by the soft bigotry of low expectations blacks in America are awarded. I don’t care about slavery. America got 3% of the slaves Africa sold the New World and Americans lost 650,000 men abolishing the practice (the equivalent of 7M today). I heard they had it rough in America, but where I’m from “No Blacks, No Dogs” included “No Irish,” and they were slaves too. When a black person says something completely insane, I laugh my head off and go, “That’s idiotic.” In America, they say, “It’s complicated.” So a concussed entertainer such as Kanye West can go gallivanting through life like something out of a children’s book and the response is usually positive.
“Americans laugh at this asshole in polite company, but in public they’d much rather kiss his black ass (which he insists he doesn’t enjoy).”
Kanye’s IQ first became an integral part of popular culture when he blurted out that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a Katrina PSA with Mike Meyers in 2005. It was a remarkably naive thing to say considering the National Guard saved a good 50,000 lives during that storm, 17,000 of which were rescued by air. Sure, FEMA screwed up, but that’s big government’s fault. The military and the countless white volunteers were consistently thwarted by black looters and criminals taking advantage of the chaos. The reporting on this event is remarkably left-wing, but we’re still hearing stories of blacks raping whites in the Superdome (I also heard locals talk about white rescuers having their boats stolen mid-rescue but can’t confirm). George W. Bush called Kanye’s comment an “all-time low” for his presidency, but today The Huffington Post sees Kanye’s statement as something that “struck a chord” with African-Americans and helped pave the way for, I don’t fucking know, people whining about what pictures the media uses of Michael Brown? Why does Kanye get a pass? He is an endless fountain of comedy. It doesn’t make sense for a free-market economy to deny ourselves this relentless source of joy. He doesn’t have Down syndrome. He has Ridiculously Funny syndrome.
West’s prepubescent views on everything Kanye haven’t stopped over the past decade, but everyone is too scared to mock him because he’s black and they don’t want to be called racist. He’s aware of this, so when his clothing line fails he says it’s because people were too “racist” to buy his stuff (this from a guy who gets to wear the Confederate flag on his bomber jacket). His clothing line was made up of people wearing brown nylons and strange “skin-colored” sweatshirts that looked like they were made out of Nazi lampshades. We recently learned that this foolish mistake put him $53 million in the hole and he took to social media to beg Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out to the tune of $1 billion. No word yet on why you get to be $947 million in the black when you screw up that badly. Forbes’ two cents is Yeezus might be able to get the money tax-free.
Kanye’s justification for the gift is that Zuckerberg needs to care more about black people. West complains that charities are building schools in Africa without helping black Americans get out of debt to the tune of 17 times what their debt is. Where are the jokes? Sure, Obama called him a “jackass,” but that’s just as disappointing as George W. Bush caring about the Katrina quote. I don’t want presidents commenting on this stuff. (I also don’t like Obama going on YouTube to tell a kid named sWooZie that Kendrick Lamar could outrap Drake.) Kanye recently told America that he too will be running for president. Some laughed, but the mainstream media wants you to know that you had better not sleep on this up-and-comer in the national political scene. The New Yorker even likened him to Harry S. Truman.
At his own wedding, Kanye said his pulchritudinous bride was “more beautiful than I am talented,” which guests thought was just “the cutest.” Americans laugh at this asshole in polite company, but in public they’d much rather kiss his black ass (which he insists he doesn’t enjoy). No failure is too great to prevent praise for this Afro-American tumor. Back when my kids went to public school, their school library featured a large-type book all about his life (academia has become consumed with progressive biographies of minorities). The book is about a guy who describes himself as a “proud non-reader of books” and includes a chapter called “The Dropout.” Instead of mockery our children are taught to study him. He’s a perfect example of how untouchable black Americans have become.
After he sabotaged Taylor Swift’s Video Music Awards win she quickly forgave him and later presented him with the “Video Vanguard” award, whatever the hell that is. He was so thankful he later rappedhe “might have sex with her” because he “made that bitch famous.”
Kanye’s retardation personifies how cucked we are as a culture. One of the best examples of this is a recent SNL sketch where beta comedian Kyle Mooney says that after a lifetime of practicing rap he’s going to challenge Kanye to a freestyle battle. Mooney purposely throws the match by making a terrible rhyme about Kanye’s breath. West then responds by rhyming the word “Kanye” with itself about a dozen times. Mooney stares at the ground with all the shame 400 years of oppression brings. It’s fucking pathetic. Mooney sums up what we’ve become as a culture. We are so cloaked in guilt we can’t see the fool lampooning our fear. I don’t get it. Kanye West is a fucking retard, and as a true egalitarian I enjoy making fun of him. If you were truly nonracist, you would too."

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Angry Cat

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

BLM Activist's Cousin Gets Pulled Over, Proceeds To Flee Then Crash Then Shoot At Cops Then Get Kilt

Go to 2:38" in the vid.

Ands if you really want to make yourself useful :

Tell us how to post this video so that it starts at exactly 2:28"

Monday, February 8, 2016

Calais, France : 18,000 Invaders Now

You are not going to believe this :