Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The New York Times Blames The Invasion of the West by "Non-Westerners" (Ahem)... on Corporate Greed And Institutional Racism

29 Sept - Click 
"Companies Use Immigration Crackdown to Turn a Profit"

Not a word about Lampedusa. Curious.

Some zingers from the article :

Nicholas Kristof Busts Out The Party Hats as Another White Girl - Brainwashed By His Propaganda - Goes Down The Amy Biehl Memory Hole in Black Africa

Read this column and puke: tricky Nick saves the best for last, which is about the only thing positive about this article (i.e., that he doesn't make you want to vomit sooner into it).

"Just Look At What You Did" (Gross Out Warning!).

From the article :

Kennedy and Jessica Posner
(Note the Baby Bulge: Mission Accomplished for The New York Times!)

Please join me in writing to Nicholas Kristof to tell him what we think about this never-ending diversity bullshit. It's getting worse, stop being part of the sheeple, speak up FFS!

Here is my message to Nicholas Kristof (please email him your thoughts by going here).

Re: Just Look At What You Did!
Dear Mr. Kristof :

I just read your opinion column in today's edition of Amerika's newspaper of record, and I have to say it left me feeling sad for Western Civilization, particularly for an entire generation of its young white women brainwashed by radical left-wing extremists like yourself into believing that there is no redeeming value in wishing to perpetuate one's ancestors' own civilization.

You know Mr. Kristof, one of the things that makes your column "Just Look at What You Did," so incredibly, bowel-churningly repulsive, is that you know full well that there are a good percentage of people who are going to find the thought of a little white american girl getting sexed by and reproducing with a black african sickening. You are well informed enough to know that a majority of Alabamian Republicans, for example, openly reject miscegenation. And yet you spit in the faces of these people, who are but simple unenlightened bigots in your eyes. I'm sure that that is what you are thinking about the author of this message right now.
But that Sir is part of the problem with your worldview: you are aware that yours is a dissenting position, yet you present it as mainstream convention.  
If encouraging the world to dilute the European gene pool is such a beautiful, enlightened thing to you, please make sure that your half-asian offspring reproduce with members of the  pygmy population of central Africa - we all know that on the light-to-dark scale, these people need uplift more than just about any other (except maybe the Aborigenes of Australia). 
Now THAT, Sir, would be enlightened of you, and prove your dedication to the agenda you so actively promote. (I know I know, no ad hominen, blahblah blah). 
The population of Africa doubled in 30 short years, to over one BILLION in 2010.  Mr. Kristof, in a sane society, a responsible journalist would be encouraging population control there, not liberal feel-good projects that do not address the core problem. 
- Arturo de Gheaube 

Watch Jessica Posner - our Amy Biehl Award Winner of the Week - in action in Obama's homeland (Gross Out Warning)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Times Compares the London Race Riots to the Tent City Protesters of Tel Aviv

28 Sept mmxi - click
It's all just one big happy family of pro-democracy, anti-government protesters you see. All the same and interchangeable, and all aspiring one one universal vision of human enlightenment.

The article below - featured prominently on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record -  is a perfect example of the Times' newspeaky One Worlder worldview, in which a deliberate disdain - nay, contempt for - reality is a prerequisite.

"As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe"



Exact Same Peeps, According to the Psychopaths at the NYT

The Times Zeroes In Sanctimoniously On Uncomfortable Conditions In Niger

As thousands of north africans continue to stream into Europe through Lampedusa, the New York Times takes little notice, even when those immigrants burn down the welcome center  built for them by a benevolent but overwhelmed Italian government.

But when a few hundred african migrants make their way back to Niger from their adoptive Libya and run into hardship galore, the Times is over it like stink on HuffPost.

"As Thousands Leave Libya, And Jobs, Niger Feels Impact"

From the article :

It seems that wherever on the planet they are, africans seem to be on life support by white people, but for the equal-outcome One-Worlders at the New York Times, this is not good enough.

When the unacceptable spectacle of blacks not living as comfortably as other people comes into view, charges of racism must be made, and the heartstrings of whitey's biological do-gooderism must be pulled.

From the article :

Even though the population of Africa is many times more than it would have been without all the guilt-fueled Western food aid flown in since colonial independence, the delusional reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record are on a crusade to ensure that nothing stands in the way of African Uplift No Matter What (AUNMW).

For the pointy-headed psychopathetics with pencils at the Times, the trends outlined in the population graph below simply aren't progressing fast enough :

And as we've seen before, when confronted with typical african demands of Gibs muh Dat and threats to join Al Qeada and move to Europe should Gibs muh Dat not be forthcoming,  the New York Times, quivers like a frightened school girl. 

From the article : 

The New York Times: AUNMW Since 1965

Amanda Knox Trial: Shocking Lies By Omission From the Marxist Sub-Realists at the New York Times

The New York Times reported on progress in the Amanda Knox case in Italy, in an article entitled "Appeal Trial Nears End for American Student."

I feel for this child, I really do. She is a victim of Times Newspeak, in many ways. It is precisely because of the type of cultural marxist lies that are spewed by such modern institutions of mass deception as the New York Times that the sheeple are incapable of answering a simple question such as:

Who is more likely to use a knife with violence to murder a person: (A) A 20 year-old white girl from Seattle?; (B) An african male the same age originally from Ivory Coast, a land well-versed in the art of machete-hacking?

Answer: Of course the real killer is Rudy Guede (answer (B)), this throat-slicing animal is in fact already in jail, and yet the New York Times does not even mention this in their article! This article which is supposed to be "everything you need to know about the Amanda Knox story."

Instead, when it comes to liberal dogma and duping the sheeple into believing that certain groups are not despite all the obvious evidence more prone to violence than others, the Times has this to say:

No mention of Guede. 

Freaking unbelievable. 

So not only is the Times indicting this poor girl by not stating the obvious - Guede did it! - they are also spitting in the face of all the civilized world by suggesting that this murderous white girl is part of a group of people who would just as soon falsely accuse an african.... as lynch one (see next post). 

The New York Times : Snivel Rights No Matter What Since 2001

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's "Science Times" Obsesses Over the Question: 'How Can We Increase the Population of the Third World Even MORE?'

27SeptMMXI- Click to Enlarge
(And no, that is NOT another
ad for the Smile Train)
Yes, the do-gooder reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record published an entire section today devoted to the health, well being, and (ultimately) increased fecundity of the Turd World.

You see, nothing is more important for the competitive compassion athletes at the Times, than the health and well-being of non-European peoples.

It's a little weird - creepy even. We know! But you have to get over the inherent revulsion to wrap your mind around it if you want to understand the liberal worldview espoused by the world's MSM drivel, and the Gray Lady in particular.

It is of no import to the freakazoids of 42nd Street that the population of Africa has doubled - DOUBLED - in less than 30 years. They want it to double again in another twenty-five years or less. And if their greatest wet dreams come true, then the global population of euros will likewise continue to plummet in its predictable, engineered downward path. Make no mistake: the social movements that led us from the Baby Boom to the Nightmare of 2042 were the result of a dark and insider, orchestrated effort to diminish the power and influence of Western Civilization worldwide. If today you have friends from large families who are in their 30s or 40s and who are childless, chances are that these friends are not the free-wheeling, "question authority" types that they pretend to be: they were duped into not having kids, they didn't decide not to have kids out of any kind of enlightened worldview. That's all part of the illusion.

But, we digress...

Today's Science Times is a cornucopia of articles and gushing peace corps-style do-gooder stories about DWL euro-types slumming it in Africa with all sorts of cheap and simple inventions designed to keep black people in the Dark Continent alive and prosperous. The entirety of these innovations are financed by guilty, misguided white people and the international institutions, private and otherwise, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the World Bank to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), that do their bidding. Even though the four-eyed self-hating Marxist pussies at the Economist magazine will try to tell you that the USA is a skinflint when it comes to foreign aid outlays (because other countries provide more per capita, blah blah blah), the fact is that there is not a single humanoid on earth who has not benefited from the largesse of American benevolence, direct or indirect.

This aid is mostly direct though, as evidenced in this photo of a Libyan "refugee" carting away his worldly possessions from his shithole of a home in the desert to a UN-backed refugee resettlement agency in the dunes:

Look Closely for Your Taxdollar Charity At Work (Okay it's
the shiny can of cooking oil on the left)
But again, we digress.

In today's pitiable "Science Times" section, we have misty-eyed tales of white doctoresses devoting their lives to promoting male circumcision in Zambia (the afro-types don't seem so into it, alas); we have white doctor types from Belgium devoting their lives to teaching afros how to catch a go-fast taxi in the brush, so that they can make it to the euro-financed clinic in town, where free euro-developed, mostly American-financed retroviral drugs are available to them (read: PEPFAR) (thanks Dubya) (hey! it was only sixty billion dollars!), so that these permanently tumescent, high-fertility afros can live another day to ravage the chocolately vulvas of their womenfolk, in furtherance of the noble task of creating yet another generation of hungry erecti with giant libidos and tiny craniums; we have Holocaust-surviving millionaires who have devoted their remaining days to buffing the competitive altruism halo atop their balding heads by building wells in the farthest reaches of Bangladesh... the list goes on and on.

What though is the common denominator in this motley crew of beta- do-gooders?

Answer: they all are working not for the betterment of the West, because they think that the West has already achieved the heights of human achievment. That is hall-of-shame category enough in our jaded eyes.

The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper. Worse than that though, it is an evil, sinister organization comprised not of newsmen, but of ideologues hellbent on a global social justice campaign that takes the concept of "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" to incredible new levels of anti-meritocracy.

We all like to help a creature who's down; every normal, caring person is hardwired to display empathy for the downtrodden. The problem with the psycopaths with pens at the New York Times, however,  is that they have taken this concept and gone so far with it - responsible as they are for influencing public policy on a major scale in this nation - that they have lopsided the entire spectrum of human achievement with their misguided agenda, which when you think about it is sick from the get-go, because competitive altruism is egotistical to its core.

In other words: the Times is fucking up the world because it makes the people who write for it feel superior.

Think I'm exaggerrating? Then consider this diddy of a do-gooder DWL invention: the Pee-Poo.

That's right: high-minded euro-types care so much for the world's poor, that they have invented a device for the poor to defecate in, and then (get this!), in order to "prevent global warming," the Pee-Poo people buy back the natives' shit. (We saw something creepily similar before in Haiti. See here, from December of last year.)

You can't make this shit up:  "The Pee-Poo, A Biodegradable Toilet for the Developing World"

It's Green, It's NYT-Approved

From the Pee-Poo article :

The New York Times: "You can't make this shit up" since 1994. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Incredible Update on the Minority Worship Piece Published Below

Hat Tip : reader Django :

Go here for the rest of this article from 1930. 

Important info related to the post below, "Embarrassing, Stomach-Turning, Sanctimonious Minority Worship From the Disingenuous White Diversity Enforcers at Amerika's Newspaper of Record."

I sent the message to the column's author, Dan Barry. (We'll see if he writes back - they usually do) :

Dear Mr. Barry : 
There is something you should know about those evil white racists who according to you lynched your boy Bishop Robinson's ancestors : 
But hey, we get it, we follow your column closely, we understand that  eunuchs journos like yourself are obligated to tow the party line for a paycheck, and portray blacks as god-like victims at the hands of evil, unenlightened white bigots no matter what. 
Problem is, to do so is to disseminate disinformation; it is dishonest, and shameful. We'd like to be able to expect better of Amerika's newspaper of record. 
- Arturo de Gheaube

The Reality Fugitives at the New York Times Buff the Halos Atop Their Pointy Heads With THIS Story About DWLs Making Mozambique Safe For The Permanently Tumescent

"Sharing Burden of Living With AIDS in Mozambique"

Consider the two photos below, part of this story by Times communist Celia Dugger, the better half of the DWL Times reporting team based in Johannesburg known as Barry Bearak / Celia Dugger :

Why must the five noble AIDS-infested Tabla Rasas featured in the photo below, snapped before inventing the next wheel in their local health clinic in Mozambique, have to suffer the indignity of the sign hanging above them?  Not only does the sign send a message that is culturally and racially offensive - for it suggests "Abstinencia" aka keep your banana in your pants you oversexed baby-raping animals  - it is also written in the ignominious language of the former colonial occupier, Portugal.

Meanwhile, in a another photo from the series, we have Belgian competitive compassion athlete Docteur Tom Decroo, proving his moral superiority by tending to Mozambique's most helpless people: 

As they say in French (not Portuguese): Cherchez l'erreur ! 

Embarrassing, Stomach-Turning, Sanctimonious Minority Worship from the Disingenuous White Diversity Enforcers at the Amerika's Newspaper of Record

26 Sept - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Up from the Ashes, A Symbol That Hate Does Not Win"

Somebody needs to call the New York Times and tell them that they are starting to look really ridiculous with the over-the-top negro worship (and the rabid anti-racism that always comes with it). It's embarrassing, frankly. We understand that they will probably never stop, but they should at least take it down a notch.

This "This Land" column by Times communist Dan Barry is a perfect example of the Times' sanctimonious, paternalistic, do-gooder approach to blacks.

From the article :

Here's the Pastor the Times idolizes in the article:

He Approves the NYT, and for This The Times is Grateful

Amazing update from commenter Django on the so-called lynching that "Bishop" Robinson's endured : 


(Django: amazing stuff. How did you find that?). 

Front Page Photo Fibbery: The Disgusting Vermin at the New York Times Present A Statistical Rarity As the Norm

Original Caption Reads: "Peter and Helen Kelly's home was devastated by flooding in Mehoopany, Pa. this month. 'We lost everything,' Mr. Kelly said."

This photo appears right there at the top of the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record today. 

It's curious how the New York Times never, ever shows a normal married couple who share the same last name, except when that couple have been made exceptional by some act of God. But when the Times gets a chance to showcase a couple that represents their ideal for the nation's demographic future, they leap at the chance like a sex fiend in a lingerie shop. 

The couple above are presented as the face of modern small-town Pennsylvania, just your average husband and wife (she's actually above average on the Ugly Scale) with an average Irish-sounding name. Right? 


A bit of quick research done by a person who despises the New York Times as much as I do is as easy as it is revealing. Wikipedia says this about Mehoopany, Pennsylvania : 


As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 993 people, 361 households, and 267 families residing in the township. The population density was 57.9 people per square mile (22.3/km²). There were 406 housing units at an average density of 23.7/sq mi (9.1/km²). The racial makeup of the township was 98.39% White, 0.10% African American, 0.70% Native American, and 0.81% from two or more races.

So, if there are 993 people, and .10% of them are black, that pretty much means that this guy is the entire black population of all of Mehoopany, which pretty much excludes any possibility of this couple being even remotely representative of the population of that (no doubt) Godforsaken place. But for the New York Times, it was important - a moral imperative even - for them to distort the views of millions of people on the way small-town Pennsylvania looks in 2011. 

I can guarantee you that if I had not obsessed about this photo, and sought to expose the sinister agenda behind its publication, the image of that mixed couple from small-town Pennsylvania would have remained branded in my subconscious, as the defining image of the place. It would have become the reference image in my mind's rolodex of what a place like that looks like today. 

And this of course is precisely what the NYT was trying to achieve by publishing this dishonest photo. 

Or should I say "achieved," because for the 880,000 people who have had this image burned into their retinas ,  the Times has indeed succeeded in making this a reference image. 

The New York Times: Searing innocent retinas since 1979. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo Contest

25SepMMXI- Clk 2Enlrg

Reminder: Beat The New York Times Paywall !

It's quick and easy: simply delated everything in the URL that starts with the question mark ("?") after "html," then his "enter."

Like so :

WTF Were You Thinking ?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Like A Headstrong Infant Flinging the Toys Out of the Crib, The New York Times Just Keeps Spewing The Drivel.

Wishful thinking or the most sinister form of outright deception?

"It Takes A Village"

From the article:

Another attempt by the social justice communists at the New York Times to try to convince us that the most worthless consumers in society are as good as, if not better than, the majority of producers.

Annnnnd, he goes on:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The New York Times Is Silent As 1300 Tunisians Rampage In Lampedusa

21 Sept MMXI - Click 2 Enlarg
 As Jean Raspail's vision comes true in Italy, where 1300 Tunisians - all of them young Mahometan males in their 20s and 30s - have burned down the Immigration "Welcome Center" built for them by the Italian government, and are starting to really piss off the locals, the NYT and the Western media in general is notably silent.

Remember it was back in only February, after all, that the One-Worlder reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record were gushing about the gentle, noble revolution taking place in that godforsaken strip of sand that fouls the waters of the southern Mediterranean. Remember that? It was the spark that ignited the Arab Spring, and like a pre-orgasmic teenager the Times was redolent with love.

Well, we all see now where the Arab Spring is heading for the followers of the world's favorite pedophile. In many cases, it's heading to Europe, where these young sand bunnies can get a taste of that democratic, anti-racist living that they keep hearing about on CNN and Al-Jazeera, and where they can be pretty sure whitey will take care of their needs.

The fact that Lampedusa is about to reach the breaking point is a pretty major international news story. However, a NYT search for "Lampedusa" yields nothing except more articles bashing Berlu :

Anyway, we at COTT are following developments in Lampedusa closely, you should be too. It's important.

Notice how in the video below, the comments (read them!) are mostly anti-immigrant, even though the London Telegragh chose to title the video "Italian Police Beat Tunisian migrants in Lampedusa Clashes" :

Keep an eye on Lampedusa through COTT or through Italian news. You KNOW that the New York Times won't be telling you about it (except when there's good footage of Italian officials beating Arabs).

Monday, September 19, 2011

COTT Has Been A Bit Quiet Lately - For Good Reason

The fact is that the prevailing insanity is sometimes too much for us.

After publishing the last COTT post, which included a total of not one, not two, but SIX disgusting articles in a row that every single one of them alluded once more to the liberal myth of the non-existence of HBD, we just shut down for a while.

And then, there was DSK on French tv, explaining to the planet that he had committed "un erreur moral," that said he, he will regret to the end.

But he finished his interview with Claire Chazal - France's Katie Couric, sort of - with a re-affirmation of the French socialist call for a substitution of population. He said: "There is a demographic problem. France is aging. I want to help so that we have more immigrants in future."

It was too sickening to behold.

Sometimes doing this blog is too hard.

Hence the silence.

COTT will be back soon.
19SeptMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrge

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spot The Pattern

"Digital Age Drives Rally to Keep a Georgia Inmate from Execution"

"Roberston Stirs Passions With Remarks on Divorce From Alzheimer's Patients"

"From Too Hot to Too Cold, All Too Quickly"

"Texas Execution Stayed Based on Race Testimony"

An Undefeated Welterweight Has Developed Heavyweight Financial Clout"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Achievement Gap Mania: The New York Times Proves Yet Again They Are Certifiably Insane

Based on the popular definition of insanity - "Doing the same thing over and over again etc."  - it is now clear that the reality fugitives at Amerika's newspaper of record are officially barking mad.

Scarcely a day goes by when the Freaks of Forty-Second Street do not obsess over the so-called achievement gap in Amerika's public schools.

Today the Times gives us a preposterously goofy puff piece about the start of the new school year at Newark's public schools, which is flush from recent donations including those hundred mil' from competitive compassion athlete Facebook Zuckerberg.

The newly appointed break-dancing principals should do it this time around, the Times assures us in
"Troubled District's Bet : Wave of New Principals". Doesn't this crowd look highly educable to you ? :

Funny though, the very day before, the Times published yet another article on the widening achievement gap, and came surprisingly close to saying the truth in  "Average Scores Slip on SAT".

From the SAT Scores article :

Ahh! Those stubborn, pesky scores ! Surely more money and more diversity will solve the problem.


From the Newark Public Schools article, a statement from the principal : ("It's Not That Complicated") :

The New York Times: Playing People For Suckers Since 1999

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Conspicuously Absent In the 9/11 Commemorations : Not A Single Word About The Barbarism That Brought It On In The First Place

I have to admit: I have been watching hours upon hours of 9/11 commemoration  coverage.

Here's the problem with this weepy, New-Age, revisionistic shite: not once, and I mean not even a little, is there a single note of anger - or even reference for Chrisakes! - towards the barabarians who did this to the West.

Not once.

Instead, it's been all about the heroism and selflessness that supposedly manifested itself in the towers after they were attacked by the practictioners of the religion of Peace.

I'm watching it now - it is insane.

It is going to be revealing, tomorrow 9/11/11, to read the full 10th anniversary coverage in the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record.

We will be commenting on this farce. Please standby.

In the meantime, the full-page ad that needs to appear in every American major newspaper :

Dear MSM: Stop Talking About Fat Attorneys  In Suits Who Saved An Asthmatic Secretary to Get Down From the 88th Floor, and Start Talking About the Real Story Behind This Story - these "men" and the "civilizations" they hailed from: 

The West needs to know more about the barbaric, un-evolved, literally retarded, consanguine, low-IQ part of the world from whence these barbarians sprouted.

Shame on Western elites for allowing such parasites to not only live and prosper among our kind (Hamburg, political asylum and welfare housing there, etc), but also for producing a global egalitarianist mindset that dictates that their primitive religious beliefs are equal if not  superior to traditional Western notions of spirituality.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DSK and the NYT: A Conspiracy of Silence

7 Sept MMXI - Click 2 Enlrge

The whole DSK mess has been a terrible headache for the eunuchs at Amerika's newspaper of record: on the one hand, the ex-Director of the IMF is a manifestation of precisely the kind of New World Order no-borders liberal elitist the Times seeks to idolize on a daily basis. The policy-shapers at the New York Times have historically had a hard time saying anything negative about Strauss-Kahn, as the article below makes clear:

Like the NYT's, His Silence
 Speaks Volumes

"One Prospect For President Isn't Talking, But France Is"

From the article (published by the NYT on February 17th, 2011, two months before DSK paid to have his shlong serviced by the lying whore asylum-cheater from Guinea, who refuses to let go her ticket to play the ghetto lottery) :

Notice the way the New York Times harps on allegations of anti-semitism at the expense of their French socialist play-thing:

From LeFigaro in Paris, see here to have a look at the official complaint filed on behalf of the welfare-cheating, asylum-cheating whore housekeeper from hell (sorry, Guinea). It truly is worth a read. Note the way that the rather dumb lawyer representing this disgusting, opportunistic hooker seems to tap every chiché from the Victims' Playbook every invented.

Disgusting whores like this and their victimization-hustler pimps who enable them are precisely a terrible, and I mean TErrIBle, symptom of all that is wrong with Western Civilization today.

For those of you too lazy (and I empathize) to check out via the link above the complaint filed in Bronx Civil court by the DSK Hooker's attorney last week, here is a good sample page (note the quality of the writing) :

Not An Exaggeration To Say: A Potent, Ugly Symbol of ALL That Is Wrong WIth Western Civilization Today

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Sterility of France, the Warmth of Africa" : New York Times Film Critic A.O. Scott, By Choosing These Words to Describe a 1966 Film About Newly-Independent Senegal, Proves Plainly that the NYT is Sanctimonious To A Fault

Our letter to Times communist and chief movie reviewer A.O. Scott, reads as follows :

"The sterility of France, the warmth of senegal."

You Sir are a NWO eunuch, a useful idiot employing in 2011 combinations of reality-distorting words that in the era when this film "Black Girl" was made, would have made you look even more like an idiot than you do in the current review of this "film".

When is the slobbering, the sucking up, the pandering going to end? Do you even realize how foolish you appear to real Africans? I've lived in Senegal, (Dakar);  I might even be one; I can assure you as a result that you seem quite stupid when you talk about how Sterile France is, and how wonderful and warm Africa is.

Africa sucks, everyone knows this. Everyone I know wants to get out of here. How can you and your ilk find justification in romanticizing life in a dung-covered mud hutt? It defies logic.

Sorry, I know you have a career to protect; I know that your employer has given itself the mission of African Uplift No Mater What (AUNMW) for the past two decades or so.

But seriously, a smart guy like you?, towing the party line like that no matter what? It is embarrassing and frankly I feel bad seeing smart white guys like yourself having to suck on the tit of political correctness just to survive. It's sad Mister Scott, it really is.

Maybe in future it'll be possible to have a pair of intellectual balls, and tell things like they really are, without having to worry about acceptance or a paycheck.


- A. D.

Monday September 5th - Front Page

5 September 11' - Click 

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Official: The New York Times Has Officially Been Renamed: "The Official Newspaper of International African Uplift, Officially"

"Libyans Turn Wrath On Dark-Skinned Immigrants"


The New York Times: Making Africans Look Noble, Fuzzy and Industrious... And Like Paw Paw Wittle Victims Wherever They Bring The Gift Of Diversity... Since 1965. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

The New York Times Gets Horny in Haiti

"Haitian Divers Hope To Aid Ailing Reef"

Consider the unbelievably misleading wording of the title of the article above.

When I first saw this today in the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, my first thought was: "Okay, the New York Times has managed to track down the only person in all of Haiti who has ever gone scuba diving, and write a story about that person."

The reality is even more embarrassing than that.

You can be pretty sure when you read anything, and I mean anything about Haiti written by the New York Times in the last fifty years, the end result is going to be some paternalistic puff-piece pushing the same old tired narrative of an oppressed people valiantly standing up to terrible adversity. The pretty much standardized excuse for Haitian failure is Number One the legacy of slavery (you guessed it!), followed by Number Two bad government (corruption - the eunuchs at the NYT LOVE to blame African failure and  bad government on corruption, as if it were some kind of water-borne ailment), followed by - as enunciated in the laughable lines of the columns of that most pathetic of all NYT died-in-the-wool egalitarianists, Nicholas Kristof (who is married to an Asian woman) - again you guessed it!, evil whitey, i.e. the Evil West, in the form of the debt obligations the West is holding over the head of paw paw little ole' Haiti.

Please don't get me wrong: as much as anybody, I gain no pleasure by witnessing the misery of others. Haiti is a godforsaken shithole whose biggest curse, regrettably, is the people who inhabit its parched plateaux. There were nine and a half million of them when the earthquake knocked down their cinterblock shanties; today their population seems to have actually benefitted from all the foreign tear-jerking and kowtowing - to the point where it has exceeded over twelve million*! (*CIA World Factbook). Talk about getting down to bidness in the face of adversity !

The problem, people, is that disingenuous institutions who tow the party line like the New York Times - who make no mistake wield enormous power when it comes to determining public policy on these matters - actually perpetuate the stupidity by hoodwinking people worldwide into believing some fairytale version of world history that is so obviously out of synch with reality.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could be more destructive and counter-productive when it comes to a place like Haiti, than maintaining the myth that all people have equal ability.

It comes down to competitive compassion, a form of a sickness known as competitive altruism (make a note), that is a disease of the mind that is unique to and endemic of Westerners. The Chinese thankfully for them are not infected; nor are their neighbours the Indians to the east, etc and so on.

Only Westerners are infected with this sick, debilitating disease, which prevents them from seeing the reality of human achievement as based on group performance.


Anyway, back to today's Haitian uplift piece in Amerika's newspaper of record, by Times eunuch and communist Brent McDonald: this is an article that takes the whole Haitian noble savage narrative to an incredibly condescending new level of make-believe. Amazing, it is, that the New York Times thinks they can get away with such nonsense in this day and age of the internet.

Watch the video below (sorry, I couldn't embed it; but you can watch it here). What you'll see is the work of a skinny little neutered Times reporter, um, Mr. McDonald, who no doubt took a BIG fancy to the relatively foxy Haitian featured foremost in his article, a one Jessika Laloi (whom the NYT helpfully informs us was a budding medical student before the quake hit).

Here's a screen shot of the vid : 

Yeah, I know I know. I was thinking the same thing: "Wow, the New York Times is featuring Haitian titties now, what progress." 

McDonald knew that his editors on 42nd were going to demand that he submit a glowing, uplifting piece on Haiti, coming up as we are on 2 years after the quake. He knew that he needed to file an article  brimming with positive images of Haiti (chore!), even if it meant distorting the truth in painful ways.

When the local Haitian New York Times employees on the island set up McDonald with this relatively foxy (for a Haitian) 21 year-old, I guarantee you that ole' Brent felt the kind of stirring in his loins that he hadn't felt since his first experiments with the lufa in the shower.

I mean, Gaaawd, look at the size of the titties on this Haitian lovely : (Kind of interesting to see the New York Times getting all National Geographic with the locals in this piece - I mean, Jaysus! Isn't that nudity illegal? Or is the New York Times suggesting that these people (like the Pygmies) are so pure and noble and wholesome, that it is okay to show them in the buff, especially when they have nice, round, perky litlte titties that make the Brent McDonald eunuchs of the New York Times all atwitter with desire?).

Hey, I'm not the one who posted a fantasy story about imaginary Haitian medical students donning scuba gear to save the coral reefs that ring the island of Hispanolia, which were themselves destroyed by the lustful Haitian anglers, whose motto generally is: "Fish It, Fuck It, Break It, Steal It, and Blame Whitey."   Hey! The New York Times went there first, I'm merely an observer.

Forgive me I'm getting a little off topic here - it must be those Bantu titties. Gaawd! (How can the NYT get away with this?) (I must say though : for once the Times prints something of entertainment value, even if unwittingly).

But nevertheless, how can the Times get away it this?

Answer: send a young Princeton grad to Haiti with a Blackberry, an expense account and a mission to depict all that sad nation's woes in a light totally and completely removed from reality, encounter a chesty Bantu in the process, and what you have is DWL New York Times GOLD, on an epic scale.

I am sooo distracted by those Haitian loloes, that I practically forgot the whole point of this post!

Oh well! If they allowed the New York Times to take the spotlight off the reality of that half-island's epic FAIL for a moment in print today, I suppose we here at COTT should be afforded the same distraction.

If only for a moment !

The New York Times: Allowing Their Young Reporters To Travel To Africa And Haiti and Get All Horny N'Sheet Since 1981 !