Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

While The Pandering Psychopathic Propagandists Of 42nd Street Spin Tales Of Oppression And White Privilege Wickedness, Here's What Really Happens When Make-Believe Officially Impacts Public Policy

New Orleans :

Chocolate City career criminal Curtis Kyles had been charged with murder six - that's right, SIX - times, and yet he was let out once again, because the judge who sentenced him for his FIFTH murder conviction was a New York Times reader and an admirer of Charles Blow (the Times' professional angry black who now claims he's bisexual) and Nicholas Kristoff (the Times communist who wrote recently that he believes dogs go to heaven when they die, you can't make this shit up)...

This P.O.S was convicted five times for murder. FIVE ! And those were just for the murders where he got caught. He was even on death row and supposed to be made good a few years ago when a few white chicks from pre-law programs spent their summer breaks sending Innocence Project petitions to local lawmakers.

Curtis Kyles spent 14 years on death row for killing Delores "Dee" Dye, 68, during a robbery in a Gentilly grocery parking lotin 1984. The U.S. Supreme Court tossed out the conviction and sentence in 1995, finding that New Orleans prosecutors and police withheld evidence that suggested another man killed Dye. In June 2010, Jefferson Parish deputies booked him with the death of Crystal St. Pierrre during a cat.4 chimpout over money. 

Just take a look at the snarling, prognathic snout of this filthy primitive beast, this P.O.S. that Society and the New York Times managed to convince should not only be allowed to walk amongst humans, it should also be given special privileges, such that innocent people would not be informed their whole lives long by the mainstream media anyways, about the dangerous nature of beasts such as Mister Kyles.


Here is a photo of Kyle's victim, a sweet-looking ordinary young white woman who was never allowed to learn the truth about her killer and those of her killer's ilk, because Society and the New York Times did not want her to know, because that would be racist.
Crystal St. Pierre, 26, of Metairie, was beaten and shot in the head in June 2010, during what detectives believe was a dispute over money. Her body was found in a wooded area about 500 feet off U.S. 90 in Avondale. Curtis Kyles, 55, of Algiers, awaits trial in the 24th Judicial District Court on a charge of second-degree murder. Chicwanda Forbes, 28, also of Algiers, also was charged with St. Pierre's murder but pleaded guilty to a kidnapping charge in 2013 in exchange for a 15-year prison sentence and her cooperation against Kyles. (Courtesy of Crystal St. Pierre family)

Do you get it yet? 

What more do you need to know ? 

Oh, well I guess a glimpse of Mister Kyle's killing apprentice might help to round out the picture here : 
Chicwanda Forbes, 28, of Algiers, pleaded guilty in 2013 to second-degree kidnapping in exchange for a 15-year prison sentence, for her role leading to the death of Cyrstal St. Pierre, 26, of Metairie, on June 10, 2010. Forbes was initially charged with murder in St. Pierre's death. But her plea deal calls for her cooperation against the accused killer, Curtis Kyles, 55, of Algiers. Jefferson Parish prosecutors agreed to drop the murder charge Forbes faced. Detectives have said Kyles and Forbes forced St. Pierre from an Algiers apartment, in a dispute over money. Forbes asserts that Kyles killed St. Pierre. (JPSO)

"Chicwanda". That alone should be a crime.

But these peoples have powerful advocates in the voices of Pinky Sulzberger and his well-paid pals.

The New Orleans Times Picayune is not as evil as the NYT - they would be if they could -  but the Times Pic is nevertheless a predictably sickening bastion of hivemind groupthink PC pablum when it comes to anything even remotely approaching the subject of African't American't dysfunction and its victims.

That is why one had to read several paragraphs into this story before coming upon its most salient fact: namely the black-on-white hate-crime nature of this killing, and the countless other criminal acts that look like it that are NEVER mentioned because that would be racist.

The New York Times: "Spreading Far And Wide The Toxic Buzz Of Anti-White Hatred & Minority Uplift Since 1898"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Scum At the Anti-White Beta New York Times Love LOve LOVE the Catholic Church...

Tue. 22 Sept MMXV
...as long as its pews are filled with taco bunny Population Replacement units.

"Church Rises and Falls on Immigrant Tide"

Any and everything having to do with the Catholic Church that caters to the detested Founding Stock, however has to be constantly and relentlessly maligned by the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record.

Ever noticed that ?

If it's beaners "celebrating Mass" it's all about "vibrancy" and "cohesion".

If it's white people, it's all about racism, privilege, Catholic Church Abuse Scandal, and the alleged hypocrisy of a hated people who are all but slated for extinction anyways.

From the article :

"In the West and the South, and in some other unexpected pockets all over the country, the church is bursting at the seams with immigrants, mostly from Mexico and Latin America, but also from Asia and Africa. Hispanic parents put their children on waiting lists for religious education classes and crowd into makeshift worship spaces, but avoid predominantly Anglo parishes because they do not always feel welcome there."
“The ethnic face of the church is changing, and the center of gravity and influence in the church is shifting from the East to the West, and from the North to the South,” Archbishop José H. Gómez of Los Angeles said." 

The New York Times : We Will See These Assholes In The Dock At The Next Nuremberg Trials

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sun. 20 Sept MMXV

Friday, September 18, 2015

Red-Pill Canadian Jew Ezra Levant Puts A Decidedly Evo-Pyschian Spin On Childless Shrew Angela Merkel's Suicidal Vision For A Non-German Future For Germany

The Parading Propaganda Psychopaths At The New York Times Prove Once Again That Everything They Touch Turns To S¡it

Fri 18 Sept MMXV
They can't even talk about something picturesque and beautiful
without political filth oozing out of their sickly pores.

"Norway Again Embraces The Vikings, Minus The Violence"

From the article :
"In a country that awards the Nobel Peace Prize each year and delights in its reputation for tolerance, the rebranding of Vikings from violent thugs to peaceable craftsmen is part of a broader resurgence of interest in a historical period previously embraced mostly by far-right nationalists.
It has helped make pride in the Viking Age respectable at a time when Norwegians, like many other Europeans, are looking to the past to shore up identities shaken by alarm over immigration and the impact of globalization.
A Norwegian publishing house has started a new Internet magazine called “The Happy Viking,” a Norwegian film director has just made what is billed as a Viking blockbuster due for release early next year, and attendance at museums displaying Viking ships in Oslo and Lofoten has surged.
Even so, Norway, still somewhat squeamish about celebrating a part of its history hijacked by the Nazis, lags behind foreigners in plundering the Viking past for inspiration and cash. The television series “Vikings” is an Irish-Canadian production, and the fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” was made for HBO.
Lars Ueland Kobro, a tourism investment adviser, told the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK that Norway needed to overcome its lingering inhibitions and embrace the business opportunities offered by the Vikings. He said it was now “time to invest in large Viking experience centers in Norway.”
Others, however, like Anders Kvale Rue, a Viking fan who leads a group of amateur enthusiasts from around Seljord called Olaf’s Men, cautioned that Vikings, particularly their symbols and taste for violence, remained a touchy subject for some.
“Before the Second World War, the whole nation was proud of our Viking heritage. But after the war it was banned from the public arena for more than 50 years,” he said. “We can still feel the negative effects today. Some people feel disgust with the Viking Age and think that it is connected to racism.” " 
The New York Times: "If It Aint Broke They Fix It, Since Last Night's Debate" 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

¡Jeb!'s Wife No Speakee Dee Englee ? Nonsense : Here She Is Speaking In Flawless English With Wit, Energy And Intelligence

That's right, the Bush family maid put down her Rubbermaid bucket of cleaning supplies long enough to give a highly entertaining off-the-cuff statement on drug abuse among young women at a C-Span event in 2003.

The fun starts at the 22nd minute :


(Sorry can not embed).

Columba Bush : Are you fucking kidding me ? !

A man with multiple presidents in his family, and this is the best he can do for a wife? !!

There is something so deeply perplexing about the ¡Jeb!, about how every fiber of the American political system precluded that he would be the inevitable Republican nominee, that it can only be that something sinister, and even more evil than we had imagined, is afoot.

"Ladies and Gentlemen : Please welcome First Lady Columba Bush !"

That such a thing ever had an iota of plausibility is evidence enough of the pyschotic structure of modern liberal secular society, where the absurd may never be named if a protected-class minority might be offended.
¡Jeb! And His Mexican Rock Troll Mamacita
"Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" 
The low-five with Bush and the tippy-toes at group photo time will hopefully be enough to finally and permanently flush this disgusting cuckservative anti-white father of mexicans p.o.s. down the toilet once and for all.

Just incredible to even contemplate the chutzpah this repulsive individual must have had to think that he could cruise to the White House. It is a total indictment of the prevailing ethos of our day : one that is predicated upon a worldview that is fundamentally ethnomasochistic, anti-white, pro-decadence, and anti-rationalist.

For a proper analysis of the ¡Jeb! situation, go to a place where the writing is about a million times better than here :

"¡Jabe! Bush : Insecure, Try-Hard Betaboy", from the One and Only Chåteau Heartiste.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Invaders By Any Name ; But First ! : ¡Jeb! And The Mexican Maid At The Second Republican Debates

Wed 16 Sept. MMXV
 By the way : the second GOP debate is happening right now on CNN.

Trump is wiping the floor with these sickening mealy-mouthed cucks.

The most repulsive of this motley crew by far has to be ¡Jeb! Bush, the man who married a mexican peasant half his height who no speakee dee Englee.

For that reason alone, in a sane society, a race-mixing ethnomasochist white privilege elite like ¡Jeb! would be called out for the anti-white beta loser that he really is.

Right now the debate is on, ¡Jeb! looks like he is about to burst out in tears, because Trump is making him look like a fool and a pussy.

¡Jeb!  ?

It is highly plausible that ¡Jeb! has never in his life slept with any woman except this one :

And this guy was supposed to win the Republican nomination?

Are you flipping kidding me ?


Sorry, here are the images that inspired this post. Make of them what you will.

Africans On The Move : 1788

Africans On The Move : 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Syrian Fake Refugee Muslim Invaders Say The Darndest Things, And The Reality-Reversing Vermin At The NYT Are Too Sanctimonious To See The Irony Of What's Being Stated

Tue. 8 Sep MMXV
The repellent reality contortionists at the New York Times are
breathless with excitement about what's happening in Europe right now : the Jean Raspail-like invasion of Greece and Italy is proceeding apace, enabled and accelerated by the kind of positive political momentum and public opinion that only a newspaper as powerful as the Times can influence.

As more and more people are waking up to these end-game Kalergi Coudenhove machinations of European demographics (more diversity there = fewer white people everywhere), the hateful propagandist scum at the New York Times are hunkering down and sprinting towards the finish line.

The tiniest squeals of resistance to Europe's transformation into majority-minority status are relentlessly squashed by the Times, who use the cowardly and simplistic "right wing" or "racist" label to silence any and all opposition to this horrifying chain of events.

Make no mistake : the New York Times and the 'great minds' behind her editorial narrative are making this possible.

Just consider the above-the-fold front-page photo from today's national print edition :

That's right : a blond-haired German woman in Munich straddling an illegal immigrant african child, zipping the innocent invader into some brand-new clothes donated by other competitive-compassion Germans, those same descendants of evil Nazis  who have been rightly dogged into abandoning the mere concept of their genetic survival, by the Agenda 21 anti-white globalist scum at the New York Times and other hate-crime hating publications.

What the vermin at the NYT fail to mention, of course, is that life for this young African in his homeland didn't even come close to the kinds of conditions that legally allow for official refugee status.

Lie Number One.

Lie Number Two, of course, is that this young african economic migrant / asylum cheat - who is not fleeing war at all but rather the detestable type of society those who share his DNA tend to create - this young african migrant when allowed to legally settle in Germany, is going to be the bridge-head that allows one hundred or more of his kin over his lifetime (artificially extended BTW by Western hygiene and medicine)  to chain-migration their way into Deustchland, effectively over time Population-Replacing the very people he will never be able to truly emulate.

If you don't think this whole massive non-white migrant invasion of Europe is not something sinister that is very specifically orchestrated to make whites a minority in their own homelands even sooner than projected, then you are either an uninformed idiot, or you are part of the cabal behind this slow, sad, tragic Genocide.

The New York Times: A Sickening Publication, Since 1898...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Who Else Has Noticed That The Town On The Hungarian Border With Austria That The SJW-Enabled Syrians Are Feeling To Is Named "HEGYESHALOM" ? !!

6 Sept MMXV
This is enough to trigger a conspiracy war on the interwebs let's

"Netanyahu Rejects Calls To Accept Syrian Refugees"

From the article :
"In broadcast remarks at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Mr. Netanyahu said, “Israel is not indifferent to the human tragedy of the refugees from Syria and Africa. We have already devotedly cared for approximately 1,000 wounded people from the fighting in Syria, and we have helped them to rehabilitate their lives.”
"But he added, “We must control our borders, against both illegal migrants and terrorism.”" 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Unfortunate Drowned Syrian Child Used Like An ICBM With Competitive-Morality-Tipped Warheads By The Vermin At The New York Times And Other Lying, Devious Mainstream Western Media Like Them

Fri. 4 Sept MMXV

From the article : 
In Canada, a country that has long prided itself on openness to refugees but has shifted that policy under a conservative government, this amounts to a campaign issue; Mr. Alexander had promised to admit 10,000 refugees from Syria, just over 1,000 had arrived by late August, and opposition parties like Mr. Donnelly’s say more should be welcomed. On Thursday, Mr. Alexander rushed back from the campaign trail to Ottawa, the capital, to deal with the family’s case, declaring that it “broke hearts around the world.”
Mr. Kurdi said he tried several times to cross to Europe on his own. He almost drowned trying to cross the river at Edirne, in Turkey, he said, “and once from the borders with Bulgaria and I got caught and sent back.”
Then he paid 4,000 euros, about $4,450, for the sea crossing — paying extra supposedly to avoid using a rubber raft.
“Of course we were afraid of drowning,” he said, “but the Turkish smuggler said it was going to be a yacht.”