Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Proof Positive That Yoko Ono Deserved All That Hate

They say that Yoko Ono was responsible for breaking apart the Beetles.

The more serious charge they never talk about is how John Lennon, more famous than Jesus mere years after the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, chose to hook up with a rather simian-looking Japanese chick, seven years his senior, a non-Westerner who hated the West as much she was dependent upon it for her fake success. Born in 1943, Ono was after all alive when the largely WASP American Air Force dropped fire and hell upon her native Tokyo.

In the awful vid below you will see that Yoko Ono was a talent-deprived Oriental black-widow hanger-on who gleefully attacked the West from within, by clinging to the verminous John Lennon and not letting go one fingernail little bit the whole time.

This amazing one hour-plus interview was recorded on September 11th, 1971.

AMAZING: check @37.30, when Lennon brings up on stage two of his friends who had been sitting in the audience. They appear in black suit bags. For the pseudo-Utopian pseudo-anti-capitalist John Lennon, and his mindless talentless black-widow wife Yoko, this black bag stunt was a statement on "prejudice".

How incredibly ironic that this segment was filmed exactly thirty years to the day, before the husbands of burka-clad Dark Age bitches violently made their way on to the Western Stage.

Here's a screen shot from @37.30. COTT highly recommends you check it our for yourselves. Note the way in which the disgusting monkey-faced and rather homely Yoko Ono is out of place in every way in this bid, with Lennon desperately trying to make her fit in.

John Lennon and The Absolutely Horrid Yoko Ono - A Prefect Metaphor Of Western Decline,  In A Sense -
On The Dick Cavett Show, NYC, September 11th, 1971 

Hurricane Isaac Bears Down On New Orleans

... kind of like how Isaac Sulzberger and his beady-eyed ilk bear their bulldozer of destruction down on Western Civilization.

Ideological Pigheadedness, HBD-Denialism, Pathological Altruism And A Heavy Side Order Of National Suicide From The Civilization-Wreckers At The NYT

Something evil in these pages lurks: the verminous reality reversers of Forty Second Street published not one but two major articles in today's Sunday Times, extolling their own virtuous role in the Great Replacement that is occurring in the USA (and in all of the soon-to-be-"formerly-white" Western world, actually), specifically with regard to under-age NAM illegal immigrants.

The first article was entitled "Young And Alone, Facing Court, Tears And Deportation", it was penned by Times communist Julia Preston (but of course), and it featured right there on the front page, this photo of a creepily cute little Latino reverse-occupier clutching a subliminally blue-eyed white doll) :

Liliana, Back-Door Colonizer 
When will they be happy? NAMs like little Liliana here already outnumber white and asian births in Texas; in California her kind are already the majority, young and old alike; in New York York City her kind will be a majority of all new births within a few short years. Meanwhile in London the top name among newborns is "Mohammed" (spelled six different ways) and in Paris more than half of all births in 2011 were to african mothers.

When will they be happy?  

When will the suicidal freaks at Amerika's newspaper of record be satisfied with the results of their hard work, and finally tone down the population replacement propaganda they have foisted upon the public and policy-makers for decades now? 

From the article : 

While their obituary on Neil Armstrong barely filled a page, the sicko Sulzbergers filled four entire giant pages with breathless tributes to high-fertility, low-IQ third worlders. What is especially disturbing about these articles is that they focus on the illegal alien children, i.e. the soldiers of the  future population replacement army whose logistics and billeting are being treasonously facilitated by the sinister competitive compassion athletes  at the Times. 

As if one - on the front page at that! - was not enough, behold the second article in the series : 

From that article : 

How is this a positive thing, again? 

And apart from the egos of the elitist vermin at the New York Times, who again is this benefitting? 

More from that second article : 

The New York Times: Working Overtime For Euro Dispossession Since 2001

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ethiopia Disinformation From The NYT

Wed 22 Aug MMXII-Clk 2 Enlg
Yeah, Bob Geldolf rallied the DWLs of the world in 1985 to contribute millions in aid money to the AIDs- and famine-infested East African nation of Ethiopia, whose population at the time was a paltry 25 million.  Just 27 years ago! Despite the ravages of time, AIDS, famine and White Privilege, Ethiopia seems to be doing quite well, thank you very much, with a population today that tips the scales at over ninety million (ref: the CIA World Factbook).

Thanks  Bob!

Today the disgusting anti-Western-Civilization buffs at Amerika's newspaper of record published a disgustingly dishonest puff piece about the nation of Ethiopia, whose only real merit in their view seems to be the fact that Ethiopia was never an official European colony (even though Mussolini brought civilization there in 1936  - a colonization of which, like in the case of the Italian colonization of Libya, many instances are still visible to this day).

Ethiopia receives close to one billion dollars in US aid per year, chiefly justified as a result of Washington's view that they are some kind of bulwark capable of countering "Islamic Radicalism" in the Horn of Africa.  Good Lord! How the swarthy Turd worlders have us Westerners by the balls of our own misguided do-gooderism.

The New York Times reports, in predictably disingenuous fashion, in this feature story today entitled :

Ethiopian Leader’s Death Highlights Gap Between U.S. Interests and Ideals

I swear I can barely take it anymore. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ornamental Body Scarification In Africa

H/T To These Freaks
Note The Hair Net - No, That Is Not A
Popeyes Employee

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Felon BBall Playah' And Thug-For-Life Jonathon Hargett, NCAA HBD-Reality Denial, And Unbelievable NYT Disingenuousness: The Verminous Reality Contortionists At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Pretend To Be Sincere By Axing The Stupid Question: How Could This Ghetto B-Ball Child Prodigy Possibly Wind Up In Prison ?

Sun19AUgMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
"‘What Happened to Him?’Basketball Star Jonathan Hargett’s Promising Career Derailed"

From the article : 

In a sane society, this worthless individual, whose low-IQ welfare-enabled baby momma spawned SIX other disgusting worthless specimens like him (at least three of whom according to the article are currently sucking up .15 million dollars per year in incarceration costs), whose own father died in jail after himself sucking up untold recourses from decent society, would be properly and rightly castigated by a nation's newspaper of record as the worthless tumor that it is.

Instead, the verminous diversity enforcers at the New York Times do everything they can to portray this b-ball playing felon as some kind of great fallen hero.
The article in question was published  prominently on the front page of Today's Sunday Times Sports section, which included the angelic photo above.

The New York Times: One Day Soon These Motherfuckers Are Going To Have to PAY  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Am So Sick Of Writing This Effing Blog...

Sat 18 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg 
..because the New York Times depresses the life out of me.


Friday, August 17, 2012

More Criminal HBD-Denialism And NYT Snivel On Haiti

Fri 17 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enrlg 

"Years After Haiti Quake, Safe Housing Is a Dream for Many"

Every time I see an article published in the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record that focuses on post-earthquake Haiti specifically, I know that I am in for a riotous fit of criminal HBD denialism. 

Of course I am deeply suspicious these days of absolutely every word that appears in the NYT - not just those reserved for blame-shifting away Hayti's woes - because I know that there is a sick, dark, mendacious and deconstructionist agenda behind every word published in the slick pages of America's "official newspaper." This is not an exaggeration: the New York Times is a criminal institution at war with Western Civilization. 

In the case of Haiti two point five years after the Great Quake of Jan. 2010, the real problem for the Times, and their agenda, is that the verminous lying leftists at the New York Times are very much responsible for that island-nation's 200 year-old state of non-stop misery: going back all the way to the French Revolution, in fact, and to the Jacobian ideals that were later "improved upon" by the sickly Karl Marx, the same feel-good, utopian notions of "cultural equity" espoused then are again being promoted by the sick One Worlders of forty-second Street, resulting in misery for the many uncolonised but liberated and in a feeling of competitive compassion moral superiority for the few. 

The devious diversity enforcers at the New York Times are going to have to come clean on day: they are going to have to be honest and admit that they are largely responsible for the misery that prevails in the Northern Hemisphere's poorest nation to this day. Would the Chinese - Africa's newest colonisers  - every stand for such feel-good nonsense? 

Answer: How do you say "fuck that" in Chinese? 

Talking about Haiti without being honest about HBD is simply criminal, it is criminal disinformation, it is criminal neglect, what the French call "non-assistance à personne en danger".   Thanks to the internet, I am sure that one day relatively soon, people are going to wake up to the crimes perpetrated by this disgusting newspaper, whose employees cannot possibly believe in what they are writing, clearly they tow the line only for careerist reasons. 

From the article : 

Below: note the cargo-cult style of this home-building operation (you can be sure that every item in this photo was paid for by non-Haitian NGOs). How truly is the NYT helping the rebuilding effort and the people of Haiti by continuing to lie about the innate abilities of the people of the world's first all-Afro independent nation?

Answer: they're not helping at all. They are only making the situation worse. They are in fact  perpetuating the problem. But they are achieving exactly what they want to achieve, namely: The destruction of European-created progress, and specifically, the propagation of the myth of white, Euro wickedness.

The New York Times: Not Getting Reporting On Haiti Right Since The Nineteen-Thirties (When the Marines Were There, Building Up The Afro-Island's Infrastructure*)

[* Google Haiti-related NYT Articles published between 1914 and 1934, when the Marines left after rebuilding the nation's infrastructure]. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reminder: Beat The Times' Paywall

15 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
It's easy: simply delete everything in the URL after the question lark, including the question mark, then hit "Enter".

Like so (see below) :

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Orleans: Introducing The Scary Re-Embodiment Of Saint Louis City Council Murderer Cookie Thornton (No! Not THAT Thornton (You're Thinking Of Omar Thornton, From Hartford)) - Serial New Orleans City Council Heckler And Dunning-Kruger Laboratory Exhibit A., Sandra Wheeler-Hester, AKA "The Eighteen Wheeler"

14 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enrlrg 
Sandra Wheeler-Hester, who has her own Wikipedia page (cited), as well as her own video podcast, is a larger, darker, stupider and more outspoken female version of Al Sharpton and other screeching but entertaining race-hustlers. Wheeler-Hester  has gained repute in recent years for regularly interrupting New Orleans public City Council meetings with howls of "Dat be yarciss" (n'sheet).

The "18 Wheeler" pops up in COTT today as a result of her recent performance at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) on Saint Charles Avenue here in New Orleans (full disclosure: I took swimming and magic lessons there when I was a kid).

Another example of this rather low-IQ African American't robo-boon's spouting "Dis be a plantation wit da po-leece gonna wip yo hades" nonsense can be seen here. Note: every syllable of this poor woman's outbursts cab be attributed to the system that has been set up to protect her kind, and to ensure that every single one of her people's failures are directly imputable to the reigning White Patriarchy. Watch the vid and agree or disagree - it is fascinating social commentary either way.

This poor woman is simply too stupid to realize how ô so stupid she is. What are the chances that she or one of the gangstas in her fambly go postal and shoot up the New Orleans City Council, as Cookie Thornton did in Saint Louis in 2008, and in a freakily similar case, Omar Thornton did in Hartford Connecticut two years ago?

Answer: not a negligible chance at all.

From the New Orleans Times Picayune article describing the 18 wheeler's outburst at the city council meeting yesterday :

"You racist honkies."

This from a woman whose very girth is the direct result of "honky" munificence; this from a woman whose chirren and extended fambly are the direct benefactors of trillions of dollars in nice white federal monies; this from a woman whose own kin and kith are responsible for New Orleans being a close second to Chicago as the Murder Capital of the USA.

Most sadly for us but also sadly for Wheeler Hester, all of society's arbiters right now - from the MSM to the federal government - are artificially setting the goalposts to validate her sincere belief that she is not really stupid, and that she and her people are genuinely oppressed, and as a result are totally justified in such outrageous expressions of "revolt". More sadly still, all this false dichotomy does is further confuse her tiny little under-evolved brain; this is Classic Dunning Kruger 101.

In case you thought I was making this stuff up: for an older story (May MMXII) on this shebeast, see here.

The New York Times: Not Even Related To This Nola Story, But That Does Not Take Away From The Crimes They've Committed To Make This Kind Of Disgusting Shit Even Possible

As The NYT Worships At The Altar Of Somalian Asylum Cheat And "British" Olympic Gold Medalist Mo Farah, Consider This Stunning Blurb Of Newspeak

From the article: "Britain Basks in a Golden Afterglow"



Greed as in, the wretched selfishness of a people who give their empire and their very homeland away to a barbaric, unassimilable, retrobate and alien demographic?  

No doubt that's what Times communist Alan Cowell (who penned this puff piece) means when talking about the "greed" of the British people.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Get Ready For The Onslaught: The Times Goes After Ryan With Sinister Subversion

The hateful little eunuchs at the New York Times going after their most despised demographic: expect to see a lot more of this in the coming weeks.

"Conservative Star's Small-Town Roots"

Sunday, August 12, 2012

As The Goal Posts In The Gay Rights Movement Get Pushed Farther Apart, The New York Times Outdoes Itself For Pure, Hateful Creepiness

Sun 12 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
In a sane society, the evil sinister-looking elites in the glass tower who gave the green light for this story to be  published on the front page of the Sunday Magazine of Amerika's newspaper of record would be rounded up and tried. And then, preferably, corralled into YKW ("You Know Where").

"What's So Bad About A Boy Who Wants To Wear A Dress?"

In There Are Any Lawyers Out There: Help
To ATtack The NYT For Pedophaelia For This
One - They Have Gone Too Far Here

When I saw that the Times Sunday Mag chose to put this story on their front page today, I cringed, horrified. The reaction was  physical. After all it came only two days after the verminous reality contortionists of Forty-Second Street put the "Gay Couples Filling Cribs" story on their front page, the most-watched and most expensive publishing real estate on planet earth.

We are always suspicious of anything published in the pages of the New York Times, especially social-commentary features like the one depicted here. But in this case in particular, "What's So Bad" disgusted and horrified us more than usual. The same hatred of tradition and normality that animates the demonic diversity enforcers at the New York Times, you see, already exists in the BS-battered brains of many of their readers. When are they going to understand that they are channeling anger in the wrong direction?

In Other Words: the very same sense of indignation that the Times elite pretend to have towards such feel-good concepts as "white privilege" and "intolerance." very much exists among a much larger percentage of the still-majority population in the United States, and indeed of all of the West.

In a sane society, a people would be concerned about existential threats to their existence. Look at  what happened in the 1930s. Today though, nationalism and self-preservation of any sort whatsoever have been outlawed. Instead, in a sickening and suicidal twist, a nation's natural anger - the sort of anger that arises when hard to-pin-down threats to existential well being seem omnipresent - instead a nation's existential anger today is systematically and officially channelled into rebelling against such peeves as second-hand smoke, seatbelt laws, bogus claims of bullying, and the like.

In a sane society, population replacement would be at the top of the agenda on a list of a nation's pet peeves, but we all now know how far complaining about population substitution will get you today.

We digress, il y a de quoi as they say in our ancestral Gaul.

From "What's So Bad About A Boy Who Wants To Wear A Dress" : (btw: it's an Eight-page feature):

From the article :

Take a close look at the photo that the sick little eunuchs at the New York Times chose to publish in the Index part of the Sunday Mag :

It depicts what the sick liberals at Amerika's newspaper of record deem to be the Ultimate Height of Human Social Achievement: namely a white male (note the white hand, complete with mockumentary wedding ring) adjusting the dress - yes DRESS - of his negro "progeny"). (look closely at the poor child's profile)).

This is definitely one of the more disgusting New York Times pieces I have commented on to to date. Dissenters: They Are Winning! Turn up the heat on the enemies! 

The New York Times: Rabid, Phrenetic, Insane Anti-Euro Traditional Normality Since 1969

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The NYT Sheds Croco Tears For An Abused Muslim Girl

Sat 11 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg
"Wed And Tortured At 13, Afghan Girl Finds Rare Justice"

A victim of the religion of peace that the psychotic diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record are otherwise so breathless about.

From the article :

Of course the hyperventilating hypocrites of Forty-Second Street know that that is standard operating procedure for the followers of the great Pedophile Momo, Peace Be Upon Him. And yet their need to display competitive compassion (or pathological altruism, as Jared Taylor calls it) is so strong that they just can't help themselves from pretending to feel sorry for this little girl, who in the big scheme of things is actually making out quite nicely among the dirty beards and Dark Ages pervs that lurk around her. 

The New York Times: Where Lying Is A Blood Sport Since 1987

London Olympics: We're Very Suspicious About The Suspicious Combination Of: Caster Semenya, The Newly-Introduced "Disciplines" Of BMX Racing and Female Boxing, Near-Naked Female Beach Ball Players (With Ass Antlers In Some Cases), Vanessa Williams Doing The Crips Walk At Wimbledon, Chinese Badminton Players Ordered By The State Apparatus To Lose On Purpose (Cheat) To Avoid Facing A Stronger Opponent In The Next Round, Gabby Douglas Winning An AA Gold And Aaron Cook's Anti-AA Disqualification, The Glorification Of Gang-Related Shotgun-Shooting Survivor Bryshon Nellum, And The Constant Promo Commercials For The Upcoming NBC Series "The New Normal"

Oof. Long title.

What did we miss?

Friday, August 10, 2012

In Their Rabid Quest To Squash "The Old Normal," The Verminous Reality Contortionists At Amerika's Newspaper of Record Dial It Up To "11"

"Male Couples Face Pressure To Fill Cradles"

It's really disturbing to read the comments to this disgusting article, which appeared right there on the most expensive publishing real estate on earth: the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record. None of the people speaking up in the comments section it seems are even remotely aware of the dark and sinister agenda playing out here. This is not about "equality" or "progress"; this is another power play in a deconstructionist NWO  agenda that is implicitly anti Euro (-male).

From the article :

Take a close look at the photo the evil little worms at the Times chose to accompany this article:

Of course it shows the Utopian mating model in the Times' enlightened worldview: two homosexuals, one of whom with roots in the Third World, who preferably will be the sperm donor that facilitates the impregnation of the white man's sister. That right there is a NWO match made in liberal heaven.

Also: note the way the Times' photo depicts the white gay "husband" provakatively placing his hand on the child's bottom, in a sexually suggestive manner. It's as if the sneering puppet master pulling the strings behind the velvet curtain is hissing under his breath: "Go ahead you hateful bigot, just try to make the link here between this photo and pedophaelia. We're winning, the goyim's thinking is under our control, we will shout you down for being the racist homophobic redneck that you are. Don't you know how 2010 it is to think gays are pedos?".

The New York Times: One Day These People Are Going To Pay

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Olympian Afrophila / Afro Uplift: The Cheating Cross-Dressing South African Runner Caster "Semen In Ye" Spits In The Face Of Gullible Western Notions Of "Gender Sensitivity" By Blatantly Pretending To Be A Female, Even Though Anybody With A Pair Of Eyes Can See That This Thing Is Obviously Not

South African Human Female (smiley face)

David Rudisha Makes Olympic Track And Field Gold In London

What the hell kind of Kenyan Masai who runs for "country and tribe" is named after the sharp-chinned aristocratic British founder of white minority-run Rhodesia?

Out Of Africa II: The NYT Comes Shockingly Close To Suggesting That Africans Are A Separate Species

"New Fossils Indicate Early Branching Of Human Family Tree"

This is utterly amazing. Are the eunuchs at America's newspaper of record seriously giving us HBD-aware reporting here?

From the article, first :
And then, amazingly, this :  

More shocking still, the article is accompanied by a photo of this cranium, presumably similar to the missing link-style creature the Times is alluding to :
Take a close look at the skull here. What seems wrong with this picture?

Answer: the skull is presented looking down (the bottom row of teeth should have been horizontal). The Times intentionally published this photo slightly rotated to the right, or clockwise, in order to reduce the appearance of the skull's sloping shape and in particular the prognathism exhibited in the thrusting lower jaw, and its resemblance to the type of "living individual" the scientist quoted above is referring to, who might look like this:

 Or, indeed, to a 50% or so lesser degree, like this: 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Reminder: Beat The Times' Paywall (While We At COTT Are On The Beach In Bermuda)

Sorry, internet reception is a little iffy here.

But YOU back in BRA can still beat the paywall of America's newspaper of record.

It's easy (tell your friends!): Simply obliterate everything in the URL after the question mark, including the question mark, like so :

In the meantime, consider the Usain Bolt vs. Mars Curiosity reporting disparities  :