Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nice: The NYT Keeps Saying "Rampaging Truck" And "Middle Aged Muslim Woman Was Killed First"

Sat. 16 July MMXVI
In practically every one of their articles about Mohamud-Mud and his Truck in Nice, the vermin at the New York Times have pained to point out that he killed Moslems too, specifically this "middle-aged Muslim woman" that blessedly for them, was also kilt, giving the weanies at the Times what they think is decent evidence for the non-Islamic nature of this very Islamic crime. 

"NICE, France — A red ambulance, its lights flashing, sped down the road and jerked to a stop. The driver jumped out, asking, “Where are the wounded?”

“We only have dead here,” replied two men, trying to comfort a young man who was weeping over the body of his mother and imploring Allah to accept her into heaven.
Among the first people killed by the speeding truck on the sidewalk next to Lenval Beach was the middle-aged Muslim woman. Two of her sons and other family members stood, weeping or frozen in stunned silence, around her body, which was covered in a pale blue tartan blanket."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Narrative Collapse : Twelve-Minute Video Of Lavish "Diamond" Reynolds Oooking On Her Sail Foam On July 4th, Two Days Before Her Ghetto Lottery Paycheck Boyfriend Shot Daid By "Chinese" Policeman

Wed 13 June MMXVI
The video went viral fast.

The lying, filthy, racist race-baiting white-hating vermin at the New York Times gave it multiple front-page coverage.... before all the facts were in.

It's like the Competitive Compassion world champions at Amerika's newspaper of rekord have never watched even a single episode of "Cops," and have collective-memory rabbit-holed the Jayson Blair scandal.

All day every day in the pages of the Times, it's Blacks Innocent No Matter What, and Whites Guilty Default-Mode, even if the white cop doing the killing is Chinese, with a first name we as kids used to shout when jumping off of something pretty high (like a picnic table).


The Enemies of The Truth at the NYT gave this story legs practically before it even happened, even though the live-streamed video that launched the affair is so weirdly disconnected from reality and common sense that only an idiot - or a diseased soul with an agenda - would suggest to intelligent people that it is credible evidence of a heinous crime.

You've all seen the Lavish Reynolds video by now.

What were your very first thoughts after viewing it?

Something along the lines perhaps, of : "Why is this chick doing a dispassionate Yelp-like  review while a person right next to her is bleeding out from mortal gun wounds received seconds before?"

Lavish does not seem to give too much of a shit about her dying "boyfriend," or even about her daughter in the back seat.

The cuck governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton stated :
"Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver and the passengers, were white?” Dayton said. “I don’t think it would have. … I think all of us in Minnesota are forced to confront that this kind of racism exists.”
A better and more meaningful question the gov could have asked :
"Would a white woman have live-streamed an emotionless  video while her boyfriend lay dying beside her? I don't think she would've." 

For an unbelievably revealing view into the true character of Philando Castile's girlfriend "Lavish" - who by the way right now she probably has more money in her bank account than 95% of the readers of this terrible website - take a gander at the 12-minute video below.

The remarkable thing in this video, is that in fully 12 minutes of Lavish filming herself in full strut-mode, and as her boyfriend Castile drives the car and her 4 yr-old (taxpayer-funded) daughter (project) sits in the back seat, the loving couple exchange not one single word together.

I guess poor ole' Philando was the silent type (Clarence Thomas-style).

That, or the boy just had nuttin to say, y'hoid-muh ?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The 2000 Robert De Niro Film "Men Of Honor" Is On The WGN America Cable Channel Right Now : The Black Uplift / Anti-White Agenda Of This Film Is Absolutely Stunning

Sun. 3 July 2016 
The sickening SJW agenda of the New York Times is bad enough; the freaks in Hollywood, however, with their blatant anti-white hatred needlepointed ominously into 99.5% of their entertainment content, is a LOT more sinister. And dangerous, reaching as it does tens if not hundreds of millions more gullible U.S. consumers than Amerika's newspaper of record elite readership.

The year 2000 was pre-mainstream internet, which made the release of this sickeningly subversive whitey-be-bad film "Men of Honor," perhaps possible.

And when they say men of honor, believe me they do NOT mean white men of honor, they are referring to the african american "men of honor" who participated in the 1966 US Navy operation to recover the atomic bombs lost on the ground and in the Atlantic ocean after a B52 bomber collided with a refueling tanker over Palomares, Spain.

Curiously enough, the only reason I know of this event, was because of a front page NYT article on the subject published above the fold on June 19th, 2016, entitled "Decades Later, Sickness Among Airmen After A Hydrogen Bomb Accident."

I was super-suspicious when I first read this Times article about the alleged Navy cover-up of the radioactive contamination its sailers supposedly suffered on this nuclear bomb recovery mission, because it tries over-zealously to make the Navy look like a bunch of incompetent, evil, racist white men who care nothing about the common man, whether on the ground in Spain or in the ranks of the recently-desegregated Armed Forces.

In "Men of Honor," Cuba Gooding is depicted as a magical Negro lovingly advised by his perfect-in-every-way sharecropper father (whose costume in the film looks like something that came off the racks of Bergforf Goodman - not a smudge) to try hard to overcome evil white man's oppressive Matrix.

The white sailors on Gooding's ship are cartoon-character racists, while Gooding's character is the very definition of moral rectitude and superiority.