Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reminder! Beat the Times Paywall! (Pass It Along)

Remember it's as easy as erasing everything in the URL starting with the question mark then hitting return:

They Told Us It wouldn't Happen

So much for Nick Kristof and his "Arab Spring" :

"Islamists Flood Square in Cairo in Show of Strength"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Agenda-Based Reporting from the New York Times : When A Quote Is Actually A Stealth Declaration of Policy

"Atheists Sue To Block Display of Cross-Shaped Trade Center Beam in 9/11 Museum"

And the seething, hypocritical  little faggots at the Times publish this photo to suggest how unenlightened these cross-obsessed idiots are :

From the article :

Stealth Propaganda from the Population Replacement Fanatics at the New York Times

29 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
There was a lot of the usual marxist drivel to report on in today's edition of Amerika's newspaper of record, but I spotted something sneaky I just had to comment on in an article entitled "In Stonghold of Liberals, A Call To Levy More Taxes," published on page A12 of today's national edition.

This is part of a trend that we have been seeing more and more of, namely: the New York Times intentionally quoting people with foreign-sounding names or publishing photos of exotic-looking people, then, after arousing the reader's suspicions that the article will somehow go on to comment upon this person's foreign status in the context of the article, carrying on with no mention of the person's otherness at all. It's almost like the New York Times is intentionally prompting xenophobic subconscious thoughts, then by showing how enlightened they are by making no mention of a person with a funny name's "otherness," scolding the unenlightened whitebread reader for even daring to think such a thing.

In today's article, the communists at the Times report from lily-white uber-liberal Brookline Massachusetts, a Boston suburb 80% of whose NPR-indoctrinate populace voted for mein Obama in 2008. The article cites a lot of aging liberals with names like Arthur May and Carolyn Waite, who predictably disparage the hateful right-wing Republicans for refusing to raise the debt ceiling, and call for more taxes on evil corporations and the filthy rich. (It's like these people were invented by the creators of South Park).  

What is interesting about this article is that the Times quotes one person more than any of the half-dozen others quoted. That person, a certain Noam Shobani, is given nearly four-times as much air time as the other aging liberals in this article. Notably, Shobani is only 25 years old, too.

Now, the Times obviously chose to quote someone with a borderline foreign-sounding name like this on purpose. It's almost like they want you to second guess yourself, then self-flagellate for having such hate thoughts in the first place, as in: "Ah geez, how bigotted of me to think that person is a foreigner. After all the Times says that he works in a hospital and grew up in the area. Plus, it's not like his name is Jihad Al-Wazari or anything. Maybe he's just a Mayflower American with a funny-sounding name."

Of course the truth is a thousand times more sinister than that.

Ever since last week's Norway massacre, we have watched as the Times puts the propaganda machine into high gear, with mind-numbing examples of journalistic sneakiness everywhere. To prove how unbiased they are, the Times has been publishing an unusually high number of articles on Muslim suicide bombings and other atrocities, for example, right next to coverage of Norway, which even there the Times has been talking about assimilation problems with unusual candor.

Why? Because as the entire world begins to understand what is really going on in the West, the Times realizes that yesterday's propaganda techniques just won't cut it anymore. That's why they need to use the type of stealth propaganda we see in "Stonghold of Liberals, A Call To Levy More Taxes."

From the article :

The New York Times: Perfecting Stealth Propaganda Since 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Forget To Beat The Times' Paywall - It's Easy !

Simply erase in the URL everything that comes after the question mark, including the question mark, then hit "return".

Like so :

A lot of times the question mark starts after "html," but not in the example above.

The NYT Uses The Norway Massacre As An Excuse To Delegitimize Debate Over Europe's Muslim Invasion

They're lovin' it !

"Shift in Europe Seen in Debate on Immigrants"

From the article :

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry No Front Page Today

... server down.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Giving the NYT Credit Where Credit is Due

"A Right-Wing Monster" by Ross Douthat. 
25 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlarge

From the article : 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Is Lamentable Lefty Piers Morgan Doing Playing the Lead in "The 39 Steps" ?

Which by the way this 1935 Hitchcock classic remake from 1959 (viewable in all its glorious entirety here) should be required viewing for all students of Western Civilization :

Piers? We Thought You Were Dead ! 

Norway Massacre : The New York Times Busts Out The Bubbly

24 July MMXI - Click to Enlarge

Norway Massacre Freak Pictured At Wedding Party - You Saw It Here First

What is so very very wrong with this picture?

Norway Massacre : Too Weird to be True? False Flag?

Consider this paragraph from the Norwegian killer's 1500-page manifesto, which I have been reading, to very creepy effect :

"Western state sanctioned negationism or “politically motivated historical revisionism” on the subject of Islam started for the first time in Great Britain in the late 19th century. The process was politically motivated with the goal of creating a good foundation for BritishMuslim cooperation and trade."


Something just doesn't seem right here. That is not the creepy YouTube weirdness of the type that Jared Loughner posted before killing 9 people in Arizona; that is the work of a high-IQ madman.

Scary, scary stuff. Still not sure what to think.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shameless Dhimmitude from the Verminous Little Weasles at the New York Times, Who Have the Wind At Their Backs After The Victory For Their Cause in Oslo

23 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
"A Diplomatic Mission Bearing Islamic Hip-Hop"

You have to read this shit to believe it: apparently for the traitorous diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record, it's not enough that the State Department and NASA are already working overtime to pander to the practitioners of the Religion of Peace, no, the Times needs to chime in with this breathless, gushing puff piece about a bunch of New York ghetto muzzies paid by the U.S. government to travel the Islamic world performing such Momo-friendly diddies as "Ramadam is Here" and "Only Fear Allah."

Since the leering, dark forces behind the propaganda machine of 42nd Street just got a major break in Oslo (they're actually "relieved" - read "pleased" - it was a white guy who did it) we can expect that they will be making even more zealous attempts in the coming days to defend and promote the religion of peace.

NYT-Approved √

White Men Bowing Before Mein Obama - NYT-Superapproved√ 

Norway Massacre : The New York Times Published Their Official Position


Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is Just Gross

"Two Dads, Two Daughters, One Big Day"

Nauseating, sanctimonious drivel from the New York Times : 

More Lies By OMission About Africa From the New York Times

"Food Crisis in Somalia Is A Famine, U.N. Says"

Note the number of children this starving Somalian has. All five were spawned since 9/11; all five are direct products of Western intervention in Africa, but the sneaky dickheads at the New York Times make no mention of this. Nor do the speak of the easily verifiable fact that the population of Somlia has doubled in 35 years, and that after Nigeria the country has the highest fertility rate in the world (6.52 l'il starving diversities per woman). 

And of course it's our fault they're starving :

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Understanding the Left's Hatred for Murdoch's News Corp

July 19th, Click to Enlarge 
The Times makes it ô so easy in this Op-Ed fountain-spew of impartiality :

"The Tables Are Turned on Murdoch"

From the start of the "phone hacking scandal," I was like: "Why is this news? This shit is so minor, compared to the lies (Obama Burf Cert., anyone) that are spread all around us".

The truth emerges slowly but surely: Murdoch is despised because his empire voices anti-establishment views.

The disgusting little pussies at the New York Times gave us affirmative-action poster boy Jason Blair and his outrageous journalistic crimes, which were one thousand times worse than anything the News Of The World Ever did, but yet you have the One-Worlder NWO pussies at the Times making clear their hypocrisy.

From Nocera's article :

The New York Times: Making Me Want To Live In Another Century Since 2005

Monday, July 18, 2011

Unbelievable Lies About Africa From the New York Times

"In Sierra Leone, New Hope for Children and Pregnant Women"

This is an interesting article and I urge you to check it out - especially the slide show.

Don't forget to sneak through the Times' paywall by erasing the part of the URL after "html:" ERASE EVERYTHING IN THE URL AFTER THE QUESTION MARK, INCLUDING THE QUESTION MARK.

Like so :


Original caption reads: "People rushed for their rations during food distribution." The Times of course leaves out the part about where this food is coming from, and the fact that these people only exist because of guilt-driven Western policy that results in continuous Western Food Aid to high-fertility, low-IQ populations. A quick trip over to the CIA World Factbook or a simple Google search of "Somalia population" will reveal that despite the lamentations of the do-gooders at the New York Times, the population of Somalia is doing quite well, thank you very much. Despite massive asylum immigration to the West, the population of Somalia has more than doubled since 1975, to over 10 million people who look like this :

Original caption reads: "Life as a refugee is humiliating, especially in a culture that prizes independence. The first step is clawing through a crowd to get a cup of flour and some glucose biscuits. Then comes registration, getting fingerprinted twice, photographed, logged in and catalogued." Note the way the sneaky diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record suggest ever so subliminally that these refugee camps are somehow our fault. After all, it sounds a lot like life in a concentration camp, doesn't it? And who invented concentration camps? Evil white people.

Can somebody please tell me what the deal is with black people and wheelbarrows? 

People rushed for their rations during food distribution.Peo

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17 MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrge

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday, July 15th (Day After Bastille Day in Fwance)

15 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg

Thursday, July 14th MMXI - Front Page

14 July, MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The LIES This Disgusting Newspaper Doth Dare Utter !

12JulyMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
I was going to report today on an above-the-fold front pager entitled: "In Sex Case, Asylum Ploy Draws Notice."

Yes yes yes, the title in the print edition of today's Times gives away exactly what the article talks about, namely the way non-Westerners take advantage of Western naiveté and stupidity to sneak into the "Industrialized World."

Notice however how even in the still somewhat honest print-edition title of the article, the sneaky professional blame-shifters at Amerika's newspaper of record still manage to deflect attention away from the true story at hand - namely the disgusting way third worlders systematically cheat Western immigration control systems - and onto the "sex case" part of the story, thereby ever so gently implying the inherent guilt of the evil misogynistic white male sex attacker, Dominque Strauss Kahn.

But wait but wait ! It gets better !

After first reading the article, originally entitled "In Sex Case, Asylum Ploy Draws Notice," I knew I had to talk about it on COTT. As soon as I read this (the part highlighted in red) :

...I knew I had to get right on line and talk about this here on COTT. It was bad enough that the New York Times was once again engaging in shameless blame-shifting, but for them to rehash that old standard of lefties everywhere: "I'd rather see 99 guilty men go free, than one innocent man be locked up"... into the context of the ludicrous immigration/asylum debate that is going on right now, was just too much for me.

But then it gets even better :

After going online to the Times website, while looking for the original article so that I could link to it here, I was aghast to see that the Times had renamed it :  "Immigrants May Be Fed False Stories to Bolster Asylum Pleas."

It was like taking Blameshifting 101 to Post-Doctoral Program levels!!

"Immigrants May be Fed..." implies ever so matter of factly, that it is they who are the victims, that it is they who by forces beyond their control, are unjustly oppressed and subjugated into claiming to be lesbians from Nigeria, etc., so as to play the foolish white man's immigration system to the tilt.

This is of course light-years from where the truth behind this whole thing lay, namely: the story of a poor, dollar-a-day Stone Ager African, who thanks to a "sophisticated system" of african traffickers, is able to cheat her way into the Western World by appealing to typical leftist notions of global justice, universal egalitarianism and New World Order fairness, only to be given a taxpayer-financed section 8 apartment for Aids "victims" no less, then goes on to accuse one of the biggest leftist limousine liberals of all times of rape, after she most verily agreed to suck him off and then - once again cued by the White Western liberal guilt that caused this whole situation in the first place, and that should be the main focus of the Times' main story  - and only then realized that much in the same way that she had cheated herself into the United States, she could use the same laws and byways that had propelled her from the Stone Age to Times Square to bring down the great Socialist Dominique Strauss Kahn, not realizing of course the irony of her choice of victims. 

Anyway, as we can see very clearly from the behaviour of the New York Times, the whole DSK affair is a wonderfully, blissfully complicated case; it exposes them (the Times, the diversity-enforcing Left) on so many levels that it is almost unbelievable, almost too good to be true. 

But it just gets so much better when the Times makes it so obvious that even the most daft Can See: 

By changing the title of the article from: "In Sex Case, Asylum Ploy Draws Notice" to "Immigrants May Be Fed False Stories to Bolster Asylum Pleas," the Times exposes themselves for the lying, blame-shifting, hopeless little pussies that they truly are. 

The New York Times: I'm Not Making This Shit Up Since 2010.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Almost Embarrassed for the Sniveling Little NWO Quislings at the New York Times: Their Hatred for the Catholic Church Is So All-Consuming, That They Fail To Realize How Stupid and Bigoted They Look By Publishing Some Of This Crap

11 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
As we have seen, the verminous little cretins at Amerika's newspaper of Record will attack the Catholic Church for months, even years on end, whenever it suits their purposes.

New York Times journalistos will use the Church (and Christianity, more broadly) for positive effect when doing so can make adherence to the church's strictures of discipline and decency make certain minority groups (blacks and Hispanics, anyone?) appear to look more responsible than they really are.

But otherwise, the Times will go after and seek to slander and libel the Catholic Church with all the New-Age verve of a modern inquisition, relentlessly and unstoppingly printing story after irrelevant story about some horny priest who felt up some stupid altar boy half a century ago. 

Never mind of course the indisputable fact that the Catholic Church - as staid, boring, unhip and chock-a-block clogged with perverts of an institution as it may appear to be - is hands down from a civilization-building point of view one of the greatest doers of good the world has ever seen. 

Go anywhere in rural Africa today, and the only place that you are going to find the light of civilization is at the Catholic Mission. (Please see this tale of an amazing journey through all of the Dark Continent by two intrepid young Belgian travelers: radiobaobab.be. Be sure to explore the whole site, as there are photos of parts of Africa that have not been visitied by the modern world in decades). 

The Catholic Church has a few pervs in its ranks, for sure. And yet, there is no other organization on the face of the planet that has done more to uplift starving third worlders than the Church. 

Not One ! 

And yet the disgusting, disingenuous, hateful little fuckers at the New York Times INSIST on keeping the "Church Abuse Scandal" alive no matter what. For the past year - nay, for the past two years and more - every single fucking day, the sick, demented little pussies at the Times have been publishing a "Church Abuse Scandal" puff piece. 

Today was no exception, with "Accusations of Abuse By Priest Dating to Early 1940s" published on page A18 of today's national edition. 

What is noteworthy about today's variation on the Times' usual Christianity-bashing theme, is that they outdid themselves by insisting on dropping all claims to relevance, much like a Spanish Inquisition would have done in the Middle Ages. 

For Chrissakes, the perfidy of the church-bashing bigots at the Times is exposed in the very titel of the story!! : 

As though all that were not enough, further investigation reveals that the crimes of this since long-dead horny priest, were sooo much more worse, because they were allegedly perpetrated against some very cute and very fuzzy and very innocent Arizona-based taco bunnies, more than sixty years ago!!

Surriously, when will this insanity stop? 

When will the world wake up to the terrible, cynical, dark and perfidious assembly of lies that prints every day acres and acres of column-inches screaming total, absolute un-truths? 

When, I ask you? 


The New York Times:  Pissing Me Off Even Though I Really Don't Care Since 2004. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Night - Quick! Before Blogger Time-Stamp Deadline Sets In

July 10th MMXI,Clk 2 Enlrg
Oops! I guess they don't have their front-page graphic ready yet.

So here's the IHT front page, instead.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Today Space Shuttle Flight 135 Blasted Off: T'was The End of A Glorious Era In Human Achievement, Yet The Freaks At the NYT Chose Instead To Feature On Their Front Page This:

8 July MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
"South Sudan, The Newest Nation, Is Full of Hope and Problems"

With nary a mention of the Shuttle's Last Mission (except in the back pages of the national section, with a few pictures of an old white guy in his trailer selling space memorabilia - I shit yee not. (See below*). This is how evil and twisted these sick swine at the Times truly are).

For those of you who don't get the symbolism of this reporting, I think there may not be any hope for you.

Here we have one of the most momentous days in Western Civilization, namely:  the last flight of the Space Shuttle, discontinued for budgetary reasons. 

As others have said: you can have a space program, or you can have a social justice campaign, but not both. (Hat tip B.K.).

Shame on you NYT for portraying Africa as the future, and 1960s-era engineering and the spaceflight miracle it brought the world, as something that is passé.

To the sad, delusional little pussies at the New York Times, this is the future they have made, and the future they are imposing upon us all :

Sudanese Chirren During Independence Day Exercises - NYT-Approved√
Nowhere in this blaring front-page article of The New York Times do the self-hating pointy-headed population-replacement diversity-enforcing reality contortionists there, even allude for one single second to the reality of what is Stone-Age Africa in general, and north/south Sudan in particular, in the calculus of the modern world today: namely, that the MOST notable thing about the north-south Sudanese divide (due to take place on Saturday), is that like the creation of the country itself, like the actual size of the population of the country itself, like EVERY other thing about this country - down to the organization of the election that resulted in its partition and the financing of said election, down to the very existence of the chirren you see in the photo above - EVERY single thing about the destiny of this country was the DIRECT result of Western intervention.


The Times will not touch this reality with a ten-foot pole.

The children in the photo above - God bless em', you know they're cute - were only born ten years or so ago, because their parents were enabled to themselves be born and then to survive on white Western food aid.

The population of Africa has EXPLODED since 1980, to ONE BILLION SOULS from half that in 30 short years.

Do you, humble COTT reader, really think that the Africans themselves are industrious enough to create the food and other infrastructure it takes to DOUBLE an entire continent's population in a mere 30 years?

Of course you don't.

Virtually every single 10 year-old African child alive today is alive because of Western policy, period. How moral or immoral such Western policy is, we at COTT are not enlightened enough to know.

However, we at COTT can observe with relative assuredness, that while the population of Africa explodes due to clueless white Western intervention, there is an equal and proportionate tendency among DWLs in the West, to assume that because the population of Africa is going up Up UP, and that the native population of Europe is going down Down DOWN, that this means that the future belongs to Africa.

If you look at some debates from different European Green parties on this topic, for example, you will see what I am talking about. (I will post links to some of these debates later.)

In the meantime: try Googling Nicolas HULOT for starters. This guy is like a 21st century Jacques Cousteau, but without the political brains (perhaps he's just a political opportunist, which is what most of the high-profile Western PC crowd turn out to be anyway - such is the strength of PC dogma in terms of career survivability).

Like a lot of poor deluded French liberals, he claims to be convinced that "the South has always financed the North, and not the other way around."

This poor Hulot - who some say might make a run at the French presidency (God knows DSK opened up the door for the most wacky of the lot) is the uber-clueless liberal type, with a straight face apparently unshakeable in his belief that Africa (A) has been exploited (as opposed to developed) by the West and (B) is the future, because its people demographically will soon outnumber the rest of the West.

Folks, there really is no cure for stupidity. Especially when it comes from delusional white liberals.

All I can say is: thanks God for the internet. (and Kelly)


*They could have published the most amazing photos of the Space Shuttle Program's 30-year journey. You KNOW that the New York Times has MILLIONS of Space Shuttle photos available in their archive. Instead the sick, hateful little weasles at Amerika's newspaper of record chose to print only this, on the Shuttle's Last Day :

End Of An Era - NYT-Approved√

Sneaky As Always, The Times Slides One Past Us Again, This Time In The "Homes and Interiors" Section

I wanted a little escape today from the usual bad news percolating throughout America, the West and the World in general, so instead of diving headlong into section A of today's (Thursday June seventh's) national print edition of the New York Times, I decided instead to go take a looky-look at their intriguingly (yet of course deceptively) quaint and soothing feature story of a designer house-on-a-hill recently built in Nova Scotia. This "Home" feature was even advertised at the bottom of the front page of Thursday's Times, beckoning all good readers like myself who wished to know a little more to venture on over to Section D to check it out for themselves.

People: how can the New York Times get away with being such sneaky little f*ckers? We all know about their NWO population replacement agenda;  we all know that their biggest priority is "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable" (translation: prioritizing a [perceived] global social justice campaign over simple and honest reporting of the news); we all know that the New York Times is not so much about reporting, as it is about proselytizing, misinforming, and furthering an agenda....

Nevertheless, the thieving sneaky ways of these pointy-headed elites will never cease to amaze me.

In "A Cape of Many Colors*," we have what appears at first glance to be a harmless "Homes and Interiors" feature on some fancy house in the countryside.

≈ (Sound of game show "X" buzzer ) ≈  


Upon closer inspection, things get ever-so-weirder, and sneakier, and subliminal, in this otherwise innocuous piece about a nice place of American-designed country living in Canada.

In fact, the pointy-headed diversity-enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of rekord are so good at what they do, that I can guarantee you that any normal person who read this article (which is a propaganda plant, make no mistake), will come away feeling guilty, hateful and bigoted. Exactly the effect that the reality contortionists at the Times were seeking to achieve with this psychological slash-and-burn puff piece all along.

Here's why:

Below is the main photo associated with "A Cape Of Many Color*," published Thursday July 7th on the front page of the New York Times' Home Section D:

{*yes: the very title of this piece is subliminally suggestive }

Now, take a good look at this photo. If you're like me (which I hope to God you are not, for your sake), and you're seeing this for the first time, I know you've got to be wondering: "WTF is going on with this picture? Why does barefoot white dude from LA have a child whose head, in this photo, is a perfect oval of swarthy Obama-style questionability?"

Already the discomfort is there, brewing over from the intentional ambiguity. "Why," you may begin to ask yourself, "am I questioning whether the poor innocent child in this photo is the biological offspring of the man featured?"

Then you go on, thinking deep down: "No, it can't be. Maybe the guy's kid just hasn't had a haircut in a while?" Or: "Okay, maybe he's married to an African American woman - we know how much the Times adores mixed race couples. Maybe that's it?"

But the unease is there, even before you thumb through to the remainder of the article, to find out what the fudge is really going on.

The answer is of course that the kid is adopted. Here's the photo that proves it :

Of course the Times makes absolutely no mention of the (perfectly pertinent) fact that this couple, in their amazing Nova Scotia spread, have an adopted child.

If you think that the Times does not do these things on purpose, you are either living in denial or Detroit.

The whole point of this Homes and Interiors article was to make you feel this way.

Don't feel bad as I did for feeling this way: the fact is, that the New York Times, and the pointy-headed elites that conspire to print it every day, wanted exactly this kind of reaction out of you, the normal Westernized reader somewhat aghast at the institutionalized population-replacement agenda that is underway throughout the world, thanks to the sick creatures at such institutions of public policy as the NYT.

Also, please do keep in mind the double outsider mind-twist psyche of this whole piece: the Times intentionally chose to feature a middle-aged American white couple, with an adopted African (or african american) toddler, flying a kite no less, in their vacation house built not in the USA ('they wanted to build in Maine, but found it over "developed"') but in Canada - that most foreign of Foreigner Places !

Yes COTT readers: this shit is not only intentional, it is part of a master plan. A Master Plan of mind-numbing evil, cynicism, and Darkness.

Make no mistake: the New York Times, Amerika's official newspaper of record, will stop at nothing to institute their propagandized agenda.


The New York Times: Exploiting American Stupidity Since 1905.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DSK Accuser and the New York Times: When an Asylum-Cheating, Ghetto-Lottery Playing, Guinean Whore Gets Caught Red Handed, The Times Favors Ideology Over Reality, and Simple Fairness

What is wrong with these people at Amerika's newspaper of record?


The results are in and it's pretty clear to see: the DSK accuser is clearly a lowlife, multiple-criminal, and yet the Times still defends her, relentless:

"Before You Judge, Stand in Her Shoes"

"Still a Case for Trying Strauss-Kahn"

"Strauss Kahn Lawyers and Prosecution to Discuss Possible Dismissal or Plea"

From the first article, "Before You Judge," which appeared in the op-ed section of today's national edition, we have Times communist Mike McGovern getting particularly weasily on us. His argumentation goes basically like this :

Guinea is a poor and wretched place; its residents deserve to live better (i.e. in the West); this DSK accuser was a Guinean resident; Guinea is rich in natural resources, in particular Bauxite, which is used to make aluminum; Americans and Westerners use aluminum pots and pans; therefore we should forgive this woman not only for lying about DSK, but on her asylum application, and forgive her completely.

Think I'm being unfair with this summary of McGovern's weasle-fest? Think again:

From the article :

I like the part about Western companies getting the blame for doing the mining of Bauxite in Guinea, as if armies of African engineers in hardhats were lined up with blueprints under their arms and Texas Instruments calculators in their shirt pockets just dying to dig the mines that he claims are being unfairly exploited by the West. 

Somebody needs to tell this little pussy that as the West gets vilified for building virtually every single kilometer of roadway and every structure higher than a single story in Africa, the Chinese with their total disregard for human rights are plowing away into the Dark Continent, and could not give two fucks about the blacks or their wittle fweelings. 

God I hate these revisionist faggots from Yale ! 

Whereas in a sane society the obvious reaction to the preposterous crimes of this usurping false-accusing whore from Africa would be criminal charges followed by deportation, instead we have the whiny one-worlder "minorities can do no wrong" reality fugitives at the New York Times concluding the affair thusly: 

The New York Times: Getting Africa Wrong Since 1866

White Mother Acquitted of Murder After Three Year Long Media Circus - The New York Times Is Appalled

June 6th, MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Of course you won't see them putting the Microwave Meltdown Mom, Laqueesha Jackson, on the front page, much less in such a large format photo.

Hey, the New York Times is no thugreport, Yo !

Laqueesha Jackson 

Taco Immigration Facts and Historical Revisionism from the Diversocrats @ the NYT

"Better Lives For Mexicant's Cut Allure Of Going North"

Check out this annoying little bit of twaddle from the One-Worlder wishful thinkers at the New York Times.

This long and eagerly documented article - which is so riddled with outright lies about the post-1965 Mexicano Invasion of the USA that we at COTT do not even know where to begin criticizing it - is basically saying that El Mexico has now become such an advanced, progressive, enlightened nation, that its Pablos and Juans no longer need to wade through rivers of sewerage and garbage to come enrich us with their diversity.

Pablo and Juan can now stay home in el Mexico, to study engineering, thank you very much.

Your loss, America !

You will note that no mention is made in this long and studious article, about the true nature of the taco bunny invasion from South of the Border : basically, prior to 1965 and the infamous, treasonous, suicidal Immigration Reform Act of that fateful year (thanks Ted), there were about fourteen Mexicanos in the USA.  

Okay, that might be an exaggeration: let's say there were in fact twelve taco bunnies, living in pre-1965 USA.

The influx started in the early 80s, and quickly led to the horrific 1986 Immigration Reform Act, which turned about 800 billion illegal Mexican Taco Bunnies into citizens overnight (thanks Ron).

From there things have only gone downhill, to the point where five of every two Americans is now a taco bunny named Juan, Pablo, José, Pedro or Miguel.

Of course the New York Times makes no mention of these highly pertinent facts, which can be easily verified on Wikipedia or on previous installments of this blog, in "Better Lives For Mexicant's Cut Allure Of Going North."

Oy !

The New York Times: Making Mexico Look Like The Victim Since 1986.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Good Liberals at The New York Times Have Their Panties in a Bunch Because the US Army Has Provided Three Hots and a Cot to a Stone Ager-Somali Terrorist Since March

"Somali Militant Held On U.S. Ship For Months"

And no, it wasn't on a cruise ship, but for this Stone Age practitioner of the religion of pees, it might just as well have been.

Notice the way the article's title is phrased.

When will the New World Order Twits at Amerika's newspaper of record get it? When ?

The ONLY reason that Africa doubled its population in 30 years - to one BILLION souls in 2010 - is because of gullible, guilt-ridden, stupid, do-gooder White Western Food Aid.

This terrorist Senôr Makewar Jihadi Derka Derka, was ONLY born, and is ONLY alive because of the kind of unrighteous thinking that stinks throughout the length of this entire article, which itself is a throwback to the blame-Bush "torture is bad" thinking of the Oughts.

This disgusting, useless Somali terrorist (sorry, disgusting useless Somalis) is a net drain on humankind no matter how you look at it.

I can guarantee you that the treatment he received aboard that US Navy warship was probably the first time in his life that he had full access - even while in the brig - to decent food, dental care for chrissakes, cable tv and probably not a few white female cadets who fawned special attention upon his devolved Stone Age ass.

There IS some good news out of this story, however: a full NINETY PERCENT of the comments - even in the NYT's own comments section - agree with the tone of what I am writing here. There are a few that read thusly :

But as you can see in the comments below the one highlighted in red above, and the one below, the vast majority of Times readers seem to agree that becoming indignant as the Times does here, at the idea of a fucking worthless high-violence, high-testosterone, low-achievement (in matters other than violence and permanent tumescence) Somali pirate jihadist combatant not being given its Miranda rights and a free, tax-payer paid attorney, is in this day and age just a little too much. 

And if you think that Somalis really are NOT the turd world practitioners of the religion of peas' gift to the West that just keeps on giving, consider this article from the Telegraph in England :

"Human Rights Farce: Meet The Serial Criminal Who Cannot Be Deported."

The New York Times: Getting It One Hundred Percent Wrong Since 9/11 And Beyond.

(Original Telegraph Caption in Grey Above) : New York Times Approved√ :
Rescued From the Stone Age, Wined and Dined by the US Navy,
and Yet Still A Victim According to the Diversity Czars
 at Amerika's Newspaper of Record.