Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Compare And Contrast: SWPL Yoga Flash Mob In Vienna....

Sunday 17 November MMXIII
 SWPL Yoga Flash Mob, Vienna : 

VS. ......Allah Akbhar Yoga Flash Mob, Paris :
Holy Mohammed ! these SWPL types sure are laughable. Photos like these breathe desperately-needed realism into the hilarious cognitive dissonance that infects Vermont, and other all-white enclaves world-wide.

Try talking to a Vermont Obama-voter about the statistical fluke that saw whites in America's least-diverse state voting in the highest percentages for Obama in 08' and again in 2012; while in the state with the largest number of blacks relative to whites (Mississippi where else?), Obama got the smallest absolute percentage of the white vote.

This is a trend that has been going on for centuries now: during slavery times for example, the biggest abolitionist clamour came from 100% diversity-free England (which ultimately became the first nation on earth to abolish the slave trade by law, in 1807 with the passage by the British Parliament of the Slave Trade Act); likewise in Antebellum America, the largely african-free North was a beehive of abolitionist fervor. On this last point COTT highly recommends a perusal of the 1854 tome "A South Side View Of Slavery," by Massachusetts preacher Nehemiah Adams (this book is, gloriously, available on Google books). Essentially, Father Adams had been a rabid abolitionist --- preaching even from his pulpit for a law forbidding that wretched practice occurring thousands of miles from his home state --- until he actually travelled to the Southern States, in 1853, and saw with his own eyes that enslaved blacks were generally a lot healthier, happier and more complaint-free than the northern press had made them out to be. Adams was also astounded to observe that the white man's laws were actually very strict when it came to protecting the welfare of enslaved blacks (and no, not just to protect their owners' property, as "Steve McQueen" [the preening idiot Carribbean-British director of "12 Years A Slave" too vain and thick-headed to call himself "Steven McQueen" or somthign like that] ... would have you believe. The fact is that it was illegal to separate a slave woman from her newborn; many white men were actually sentenced to death after being convicted of murdering a black African in the Southern United States. But don't expect to ever hear that from the lying fabulists at the New York Times.

Consider instead this snippet from Nehemiah Adams's "A South Side View Of Slavery"(1854), page 18 :

But we digress.

The New York Times: You Can Count On Them To Muddy The Past, Present And Future, Since 1854

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