Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday 29 June : Some Issues We Need To Discuss: Foxy Knoxy And The Crystal Clear Case of the African Who Did It, and Whose Non-Indictment As The Obvious Perp As A Result of International Standards of Anti-Racism Have Essentially Placed The Savage Murder Of Meredith on Poor Amanda. Will Another Amy Biel Phenom Arise From All This? We Wonder. (Stranger Things Have Happened)

Foxy Knoxy: Currently Suffering Nightmarish
Consequences of the Dr. Watson Paradox*
June 29th, MMXI - Clk 2 Enrlg
Two subjects that we would really like to talk about today here at COTT : Amanda Cox, to the left, and in the photo below, the brand new chancellor of the New York City schools system, Dennis M. Walcott. We will get into it a bit later, but in a nutshell we would like to talk about the relationship between these two cases, and the way - sometimes very strange indeed - that they are presented in the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record.

Show of hands, please: how many of you reading this can explain how the uber high-profile murder prosecution of an American teenage girl living an innocent JYQ in Perogia in Italy (even though the real killer {Ruby GUEDE} is not only in jail as you read this, having already pled guilty to the crime, but is also a member of a species which in the past has shown itself to have an ô so inconvenient propensity to engage in violent crime and sub-human savagery on a regular basis)  ... how can the portrait of a sweet American teenager accused of murder in Italy, be equated with a glowing portrait in Amerika's newspaper of record of the brand-new chief of New York City's public school system, which is the largest in the country?

Dennis Walcott: Like Michele Obama, Has Admitted to Being Not Too Intelligent; Like Obama, Devoted His Free College Education to Sniffing Out Racism in African American Studies

Anyone?  Anyone know?

Worry not: we will provide the answers for you - along with explanations for the Dr. Watson Paradox and how it fits into this mater - a little later.

The New York Times: really pushing our buttons since 2005. (okay, 2004).

Wednesday June 29th, 2011

June29th. MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg

Tuesday, 29 June 2011 - NYT Front Page

June 28th MMXI - Clck 2 Enlrg
For those of you who missed it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What Would Shakespeare Say ?

Note the African Man's Hand Placed Suggestively on the European Woman's Womb 

This is not the first time the Times has given us a new twist on a Shakespeare classic. See here for previous COTT forays into NYT dramaturge NWO revisionism.

In a sane society, the fact that Shakespeare's character Betram is being played by an african in this new-age take on an old-age classic would elicit a fair amount of progressivist commentary, such as: "Note how modern and egalitarian we are by allowing a negro to play a role that has historically been played by a European."

Instead, the one-worlder "race does not exist" reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record devote not one word in their review of this Shakespeare in the Park production, "Flawed Man Draws A Good Woman," to this cheeky arrangement. Not. One. Word. And make no mistake: by NOT bothering to point out the incongruity of the situation, the demented, insidious policy shapers at the Times are emphasizing, through their silence, what they insist is a foregone conclusion. Not only does race not exist (except in the minds of racists, Tea Party members, and Sarah Palin), it never has existed, and it has never played even the tiniest role in the shaping or undoing of civilization. If Africa is stuck in the Stone Age, this has nothing to do with HBD and the innate abilities of that continent's indigenous people, and everything to do with the legacy of evil Western colonialism and, failing that, um, climate. And nutrition. Uh-hummm.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

And no, this:


...is not a scene from "The Jeffersons," you unenlightened, podunk, racist hillbilly bigot.

The New York Times: Officially color-blind since 1954.

Stomach-Churning, In-Your-Face Perversity from the Sick Freaks at the New York Times

The crypto-delusional cultural marxist diversity enforcers at the New York Times are in a state of euphoria, now that same-sex rectal penetration for men, and unspeakable orificial acts for women are officially sanctioned by law in the Empire State.

We at COTT have nothing against gays - in fact, the idea of a 1930s-style, well-dressed, discrete dandy-type gay seems almost quaint to us.

But this ? : 


What is wrong with these people, people? What awful affliction of the brain has taken over the pointy-headed elites with thick eyeglass lenses at Amerika's newspaper of record, an affliction that deludes them into believing (or pretending to believe) that celebrating such a sick, radical departure from all things traditional as this is something that is morally resplendent for society at large? 

I want to destroy the New York Times, I really do. Every day in their jaded pages it is the same thing, over and over: uplift the minorities; portray the turd world as a place progressing despite evil Western oppression and the legacy of Western achievement (oppression); attack the Catholic church; defend Islam; write glowing, breathless articles about high-achieving illegal browns, and if said aliens are gay, make it a full-page spread; make white people look bad (unless they are gay, retarded, or both); never, ever publish a story or show a picture of a normal white hetero couple with kids, especially if they are thriving and God-forbid attractive;  and so on ad infinitum.

Consider this front-page below the fold picture on today's national edition : 

For the sick, demented individuals at the Times, shoving the anti-western perversity that is legalized and indeed state-sponsored sodomy is not enough. No! The times has to really rub it in by giving us the double progressive whammy of state-sponsored, miscegenated sodomy : 

Above we have, respectively: an hispanic lesbian police officer with a negro carpet muncher (probably a government employee as well); a white homo with a negro butt buddy, and the negro's daughter on the white homo's shoulders (consider the symbolism there), and finally, below: we have a low-down negro (in dress) with his own butt buddy, a dimunitive hispanic. 

The New York Times: making white people look like fags since 2001. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nauseating Illegal Alien Invader-Worship From the New York Times

June 25th MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
The Times gives us today a sickening bit of illegal alien worship published in the pages of the Sunday Magazine, entitled "Outlaw."

It is the smug and whiny story of a 30 year-old illegal Filipo named Jose Antonio Vargas, who was smuggled into the United States as a 2-year-old and hasn't stopped complaining since.

Of course for the treasonous diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record, Vargas's story is worthy of praise not only because this invader proved his NWO liberal bona fides by working intern positions at both the Washington and Huffington Posts (after being educated on the West Coast at taxpayer expense), but also because this enlightened Third Worlder has a fondness for rectums belonging to members of his own gender.

Yes, Senor Vargas is a proud Gay (illegal immgrant invader) American Alien.

The way this article shoves the Turd World invader entitlement mentality into your face is even more sickening than usual: the Times presents this Brown Menace as a victim of evil Western exclusionism from the very first lines of the article.


Note the way that the sneaky reality contortionists at the Times attempt to make the link between illegal invader alien browns from the Turd World and our own ever-virtuous Original Oppressed, with snotty, pungent references to the "Underground Railroad."

It really is sickening almost beyond belief.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

God Help Us All: NY State Passes Gay Marriage, the Times Busts Out the Party Hats; Meanwhile in Denmark, Which Is Slowly Waking Up to the Sinister Nature of the NWO Population Replacement Campaign, the Times Does a Front-Page Smear Piece on the Rise of the New Right in Europe

June25,MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
It's nauseating, but for the sake of the knowing, you should read about it :

"Behind N.Y.Gay Marriage,An Unlikely Mix of Forces"

and :

"Denmark Leads Nationalist Challenge to Europe's Open Borders"

We at COTT are too depressed to even talk about it right now.

Although we do need to ask you to consider you this, from the second article (the one on Denmark) :

Another lame attempt by the reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record to portray anyone who opposes the greater population replacement plan taking pace throughout the Western World right now as stupid and unenlightened.

It gets more blatant and transparent by the day.

The New York Times: taking global social justice a little too far since 1997.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full-Bore Competitive Compassion and Debilitating Naiveté From Nicholas Kristof

June 22nd, MMXI-Clck 2 Enlrg
"The Breast Milk Cure"

What's troubling here is that Nicholas Kristof has to be a pretty intelligent guy.

For him to make like he believes this crap - A, that African babies in Africa and Western babies in the West are exactly the same in every way except geography, and B, that the wisest, most morally superior thing the West can do for already high-fertility African mothers is to pay them to streamline their birthing practices so that their already unsustainably large broods are even larger still - is either the very height of one-worlder duplicity, or somebody took his family hostage and is forcing him to say these blatantly innane things.

From the article, we have a good British Doctor who like Kristof, wonders if the Turd World is such a mess because of the evil West :

Meanwhile as the truth stares him in the face, poor Kristof just doesn't seem to get it, even though he hints at the answer to the questions he poses in his own article :

Hmm... Could it be that primitive Stone-Age peoples, encouraged by Western food aid to have outlandish number of offspring they can't afford to keep alive, and steeped in low-reason, barbaric beliefs might have something to do with the conundrum that Kristof feels so badly about?

Naaah. It's probably evil Western corporations that are behind infant mortality in the Third World. Tricky Nick says so right here:

Gaaawd! What a clueless idiot!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Wishful-Thinking Reality Shifting From The Certifiably Insane One-Worlders at the Times

June 22nd, MMXI - Clck 2 Enlrg
"For Soldiers, Death Sees No Gender Lines"

Certifiably insane, indeed.

From the article:

A white Lieutenant Colonel going out of his way to be quoted saying how wonderful the idea of female combat troops is.

And it gets better :



WTF ?! 

Please tell me I'm not reading this!

And yet the Times reports on this like it's the greatest, most enlightened, most beautiful thing a progressive society can do for its women. 

Sick, sick, sick. The ONE other thing the Times deems more progressive and virtuous than admitting women into combat ranks of the military, and providing them with the ultimate penis-envy pacifier, is the abandonment of common sense altogether in favor of quota-filling:

Diversity Warrior, She Makes Up For Her Despised Lack of Privilege, By Wearing One of These :

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The New York Times Is So Predictable, That If It Weren't So Tragic (For The West) It Would Be Laughable

We haven't posted anything here at COTT for a week. This is NOT because the One-Worlder Diversity-
Enforcing Competitive Compassionate Reality Fugitives at Amerika's Newspaper of Record have not given us plenty to post about; if anything it is because the New York Times over the past few days has come to resemble itself even more than usually.                                                                                                                            
June 21st, MMXI - Clck 2 Enlrg

The pattern is repeated over and over: On the front page, we have above-the-fold photos of Yemenites in the cesspool that is the MidEast; on the inside pages there is the inevitable DAILY update on the Catholic Church abuse scandal, and why not over in the Science Times a piece on a white woman researcher's work on earthworm neurology (said research will of course result in confirming the ever-touted affirmation that race is merely a social construct, despite the Times' own unlikely (no-doubt highly reluctant) reporting on the shysterisms of Stephen Jay Gould and the data he fudged for his much-loved-by-the-Times "The Mismeasure of Man"). It gets so repetitive that it becomes downright depressing. What we are witnessing here is the death of the West through population-replacement and historical revisionism engineered by such elites as those who write the snivel rights-loving snot at the New York Times. The world is a complicated place of highly divergent anti-diversity hate facts, with a tiny proportion of its human population having historically produced the vastness of resources that we take for granted in the modern world. Let us refer to this hate fact as the "COTT paradox": whereas,  leftists and assorted diversity enforcers will often bemoan the fact that the United States - for example (not to take the case of the Western World at large) - only makes up 5% of global population but uses 25% of world energy resources. 

Please consider this: virtually every single modern technology device was invented by a Westerner. Virtually every single modern innovation in medicine was invented by a Westerner. Down to the very last one, every single modern convenience has as its inventor the West behind it. 

Merely sixty years ago the world was almost 33% European (read: white; read: Western); today world population is over 92% non-European, and with the never-ending cycle of Western guilt that enables Turd World reproductive profligacy, the dreaded 2042 deadline of minority-majority status can't come fast enough for the Do-Gooder Diversity Fanatics at the Times. 

Assimilating the inhabitants of the Stone-Age into the Industrial Age is no easy task: The West not only invented the modern world, it also laid the groundwork - through competitive compassion - for the tsunami of non-Western population growth. 

The argument could indeed even be made that Obama Sr. himself, that sperm-donor African proto-humanoid who raped a 17 yr-old white girl from Kansas who through incredibly sinister forces had been raised to believe that her own kind were evil, and non-whites were virtuous and superior, was very likely himself spawned as a direct result of White Western industriousness, innovation, and meddling in perceivedly lesser "peoples" affairs.

Get it yet? 

Read White Man's Burden, you'll get it, maybe. 

Read the New York Times, and you won't. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

COTT Is Back

June 20, MMXI - Click 2 Enlrg

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th, MMXI - Click 4 Big

Sunday, June 12, 2011

God Hep Us All : From Whence Doth Come This Third World Worship at the New York Times?

June 12th, MMXI - Click4BIG
All you need to do is examine the above-the fold front page Times photos of the past few days / weeks /months.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

While Busy in the Motor City, The Sneaky One-Worlders At Amerika's Newspaper of Record Have Been Slipping All Kinds of Propaganda By Us Undetected

Sat 11 June - Click 4 Big
Sorry about that, and we promise to get right back on top of them when this mission in Detroit is Over (next Tuesday).

Thank you Sarah for sending us a lot of great traffic our way - we regret that this upsurge in traffic coincides with our Detroit mission, which has meant we haven't been able to post hardly at all.

In the meantime, consider this little snippet from the competitive compassion reality contortionists at the New York Times :

"Somalis Kill Mastermind of Two U.S. Embassy Bombings": oh yes, this ties in ever so perfectly with the White House narrative: it's like Obongo himself pulled the trigger, this Stone-Ager Islamist practitioner of the religion of peace was the ONLY Islamist Stone Ager threat, Bin Laden and the other Stone-Ager suicide bomber Arab-Supremacists are no longer a threat to the West, it's all good, nothing to see here folks, please move along...

It's the New York Times telling you this. You know it must be true.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, Ten June : More Stomach Turning Front-Page Nonsense from the Do-Gooders at Amerika's Newspaper of Record (sniff sniff, snork snork!!)

Turd-World Worship from the Times: Ja, Ja
Gawd, the Turd World: Sorrry ! We are so so so sick of it. But the NYT gets such great, great, satisfaction out of uplifting the world. Don't forget their pseudo-communoid pseudo-intellectual mantra: "Comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable."

What a fucked-up credo !

Whatever, here it is ...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The One-Worlders at the NYT Recoil In Shame As The Third World Behaves Like... Well, the Third World

Two interesting front-page articles were published by the crypto-delusional reality fugitives at Amerika's 
June 9th, MMXI - Clic 2 Nlrge
newspaper of record today, namely : "In India, Dynamism Wrestles with Dysfunction", and "In Saudi Arabia, Royal Funds Buy Peace for Now."

Sorry, we at COTT have been a little busy, and despite the upsurge in traffic from Britain (thank you, Sarah) we have been unable to publish with the same frequency as months past our usual biting commentary of the wishful-thinking communist nonsense spewing from the pages of the New York Times. 

We will get back to it soon, PROMISE. 

In the meantime, we invite you to check out for yourselves the laughably naive way in which the thick-lensed reality contortionists at the Times insist on describing the "developing world." 

Please check back in a few hours for our take on this spew-stew.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wed June 8th MMXI - Click4Big

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

With Neo-Cons Like That (Advocating for Population-Replacement), Who Needs Enemas?

(See comments)
June 7th, MMXI - Click 2 Enlarge

Monday, June 6, 2011

Are You As Tired Of This Stuff As We Are ?

June 6th MMXI - Click 2 Big
More Turd-World Over-Revelantization from the
reality contortionists at the New York Times: 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Does Anyone Really Think Think That The Times' Choice of Above-the-Fold Photo Was Not Motivated By An Entrenched Post-Western Agenda??

I didn't think so. 
June 5th MMXI, Click 4 Big

Finally someone who agrees with me. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The New York Times Thinks Like an Idealistic High-School Student with Dreadlocks...

June 4th, MMXI - Click to Enlarge
...it's as simple (and as stupid) as that.

Case in point: a snotty little anti-American sob-fest of a pseudo-historical op-ed piece on "why Guatemala is a mess," entitled "Ghosts of Guatemala's Past." The US, you see, is responsible for all the woes of all low-achievement developing nations. In the case of Guatemala, our original sin of evil whiteness - according to the reality fugitives at Amerika's newspaper of record - dates back to the early 1950s, when the US was in fact at the apogée of its power both materially and morally.

After all we had just almost single-handedly rescued Western Civilization from its own self-destruction (no other people in the history of the world has (A) killed as many of their own kind in internecine wars and (B) reached out to celebrate and uplift peoples of other civilizations, as Europeans have (see: "The Romans Were The First Multiculturalists," by Maxwell de Lustre)).

Everywhere we look in the US and in the world, we see the celebration of mediocrity going hand in hand with the relentless assault on all things that bare the trademark of Western Civilization, and in a nutshell that would mean every single modern convenience from the paved road to the printed word, from electricity to internet to manned flight to the Shakespearean stanza.

Readers of this blog will know what that means: we try to keep it mediocre here, we never write while sober, we are light years away from the level of excellent writing found in such recently launched blogs as Jew Among You for example, and we don't mind.

This blog might suck. But the good news is that our hatred of the New York Times knows no bounds, and we continue to read it so you don't have to.

We will continue to dissect the sinister agenda of the NYT's pointy-headed elitist contributors - those wishful-thinking competitive compassion athletes whose contempt for Western Civilization drives policy-making in the Civilized World. This Dear COTT readers is our commitment, no matter what. It is a commitment that is absolute and irreducible. Such is our own contempt for the New York Times.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2nd, MMXI 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The People Behind COTT Have Been Busy Making the World A Better Place - Sorrry !

June 1st, MMXI - Click 2 Enlarge
Here in Detroit, actually. We apologize for not having had the time recently to post scathing critiques of Amerika's newspaper of record on a more regular basis. In a few days time, when the pressure is off, we will be back to reading the New York Times, so you don't have to.

I look forward to getting back to full-time Times bashing.

Until then, I offer you this tiny little tidbit from today's national edition, entitled "U.S. Reduces Estimates of Homeless in Haiti's Quake."

The title itself of this article is a screaming, blatant, outright lie. Look, I don't like picking on Haiti - who does? It's a sad, fucked-up place. Misery and thick skulls, Stone Age backwardness, overpopulation and disease, who wants to write about that? Worse, who wants to kick a population who'se down and behind (by about two hundred thousand years)? They've got it hard enough as it is.

But the fact is that Haiti would not be the mess, the CESSPOOL that it is today, were it not for the competitive compassion do-gooder freaks who guilt the Western World into pouring billions of unsupervised wealth aid into the Western Hemispehere's most fucked up country, thereby stimulating a population boom that only increases the misery. (Haiti's population growth doubled after the earthquake. DOUBLED.)

We don't have it in for the Haitians - who would? That would be like making fun of kids with downs syndrome or cripples.

The people who really piss us off are the elitist social-engineering reality fugitives that make Western public policy. The real people to mock and to blame here are the evil elites at such institutions of disinformation as the New York Times, who perpetuate do-gooder feel-guilt myths based on the time-honored credo of afflicting the comfortable, where in the process of living by such so-called virtue all kinds of virtue and mayhem ensue.

Haiti is messed up today as much by the historically and genetically low-achievement potential of the people who inhabit it, as by the do-gooder outsiders who through a sick genetic trait known as competitive altruism, have been attempting to uplift these poor Stone Agers for about a hundred years or so. In the process, as the West feels better about themselves for helping out the "less fortunate," they make the situation about one thousand times worse by providing the "less fortunate" with the artificial sustenance that allows said stone-agers to reproduce at an artificially high rate, thereby creating an entire high-fertility, low-productivity (to put it gently) populace dependent for life on the generosity of outsiders.

Life is not fait. Equality is a myth. In the big picture, perpetuating this myth rewards only those - and in the short term - who get to feel morally superior in the process.