Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NYT Book Review: From Beyond The Grave, Aviator Charles Lindbergh's Assertions As To Who Is Truly In Control Ring As True In 1941 As They Do Today

From the front-page double-review of last Sunday's NYT Book Review, a review of two recent publications - “Those Angry Days,” by Lynne Olson,  and “1940,” by Susan Dunn - which  "revisit" (as per NYT) "the ferocity of the disputes over America’s entrance into World War II."

Of course, anyone "crazy" enough to read blogs such as this one  knows that the official History of WW2, and Amerika's role in it, has been officially re-written by the YKW victors, and scrubbed down to the bone to make it appear that there was one and only one true aggressor in the Great Conflict of 1939 - 1945.

How bizarre that the great Henry Ford - that Mark Zuckerberg of his time (okay bad analogy)- was himself forced to rescind on his true beliefs.

Ditto for Charles Lindbergh, depicted cartoonishly on the front cover of last Sunday's NYT Magazine, as saying "Nein" to the prospect of American military intervention in the early days of the Europea conflict, read: the invasion of France, and the early siege of Britannica :

What is truly of note however in the review of two major tomes of WW2 history considered in the illustrious pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, is the paucity of analysis of the role of the Jewish Question that lurked behind it all. 

In their consideration of the recently published "Those Angry Days," NYT communist reviewers disdainfully refer to the Germany-sympathizer Chuck Lindbergh thus : 

In what way though, today we have to ask, is this statement even a little untrue? 

Answer: It's about a thousand times more true now than ever it was in the day that the great aviator annunciated it. 

The New York Times: Zionist Controlled Since 1896, With A Thousand-Year Agenda Only One-Tenth Fully Realized to Date

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Watching This Vid Will Cause Nightmares (For Those Suffering From Acrophobia)

Friday, July 26, 2013

New York Crimes Cover From Day Before Yesterday

Ahh : The hand of the evil puppet master shows a peek of its purplish sinews from behind the velvet curtain, from whence the evildoings of Amerika's newspaper of record are choreographed.

Thursday, 25th July MMXIII - Clik To Enlarg 

New Orleans : Another Trayvon Martin Case In The Making As White Homeowner Shoots Young Black Male Intruder

Two of Obama's sons were peddling up and down a Marigny street from eight until 2am last night, essentially casing houses.

Video surveillance footage reveals that after hours of casing the neighborhood, one of the teens decided to hop the fence of a 33 year white homeowner, while his bud kept watch from the street.

The homeowner, awoken by the intrusion of Obama's son and with his pregnant wife and infant daughter behind him in his home, shot at the intruder while it was in the homeowner's yard, striking it once in its thick, federally protected skull.

The man is now in Zimmerman Legal Limbo Land.

This could get interesting.

Full story here. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Verminous DWL Piers Morgan Gets Owned By A Conservative Black Man We Should All Respect

Piers Morgan is a disgusting,  verminous little eunuch whose spew is part of the problem.

State Farm Commercial With African American Woman / Chinese Man Couple And What They Want You To Think Is Presumably Their Child

What the hell is going on here?

And by that I mean: Who used a power tool on that poor lady's nostrils?

Watch this commercial twice. Notice the way its makers ever so gently (sneakily?) introduce the concept of pro-miscegenation by not outright showing the Chinese/African couple right away, they wait until the 7th second to splash an utterly unlikely and dissonant image on the screen. A chinese man with a black American woman? Seriously?

Does this kind of thing really sell insurance?

The evil civilization wreckers behind this advert know that confusion and dystopia go hand-in-hand. They realize that bewildering the tiny minds of the sheeple with too-strong images of statistically anomalous pairings will cause outrage of the kind that met the introduction of the Cheerios "heart healthy" commercial that was broadcast at every intermission of the Zimmerman trial.

That is no doubt why they intentionally made the baby look more black than chinese-african. That way, the people who saw this ad would question their own interpretation of it. As in:

"Maybe the chinese guy is just the step-father of this very african-american looking baby? Right?"

Just imagine how a commercial like this airing in mainland China would be received; imagine a commercial like this airing in 1950s - hell not even, 1970s - America.

The New York Times: Even Though This Post Has Nothing To Do With Them, It's Still Their Fault, Since 1957.

Post Note: Okay, everybody caught that, right? The sneakiness goes up another level (on third viewing): turns out that chinese-african couple are not a couple at all. The chinese guy is an insurance salesman. But I had to watch the advert three times before that was apparent. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday 18 July MMXIII - Click To Enlarge

Trayvon-O-Mania Part 99,997: Rachel Jeantel Explained: Jack Hanna's Evil Twin Brother Had A Key To The Cage...

... and like Darwin, Lovecraft, Twain, De Geaubineau, Sam Morton, Paul du Chaillu and others before him, Jack Hanna's evil twin brother wanted to rip the lid off of HBD Denialism, and he did it with a textbook case of HBD Realism, with a none-other than it - er, -Herself,...   Mademoiselle Rachel Jeantel.

The New York Times is a Sick and Evil Institution That Furthers An Implicitly Anti-Western --- OK We'll Just Say It : Anti-Western Means "Anti-White" (duh !) --- Agenda, On A Daily Basis, And IT IS Gettint Worse And Worse By The Day.  How IS IT Possible That A Nation's So-Called Newspaper Of Record, Can Be An Organ Designed Implicitly To Bring About The Collapse OfThe Very Nation It Nominatively Represents?

Answer: there are five levels of separation between What IS,and What Can Be said, in polite company where for example Miss Carla Bruni might be a guest. We would not want to offend the globalizer elites nows, would we? 

Monday, July 15, 2013

"If Obama Had A Son"... He Would Look Like One Of These Individuals...

Mon 15 July MMXIII-Clk2Enlrg
Statistically speaking - and by that I mean no emotion,  just the facts - what are the chances that if Trayvon Martin (huh?) had not been made harmless by white Hispanic Peruvian Jew George W. Zimmerman, what are the chances that the "No Limit niggah"  would have turned into something like this :


Why were Trayvon Martin's criminal proclivities not discussed for even one second during the trial?

Why was it not mentioned as it should have been over and over that the only reason he was in GW's (Zimmerman's) neighborhood watch area in the first place, was that he had been suspended from skoo for criminal behaviour?

Answer: the debate that is going on nationwide over the Trayvon affair is a "dialogue de sourds" - it's like two deaf people talking about a rainstorm, while both are blindfolded and neither realizes that they are are actually being urinated upon.

To truly understand the Trayvon-O-mania affair, everyone should be familiar with and understand the life works of Paul du Chaillu, Nehemia Adams, Dr. Samuel Morton, the lying and verminous Stephen Jay Gould, Charles Darwin, and Socrates.

Do not look to the New York Times for wisdom or a coherent explanation of current events: the NYT is on a berserk and militant mission to undo Americana, in a sickly perversion of their creed: "To comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

The New York Time is an evil institution that gets sicker by the day.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Suspicious: The NYT Sunday Print Edition Makes ZERO Mention Of The Zimmerman Non-Guilty Verdict

At right is the beta-NYT Sunday 14th July front page, as published online.

But the weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record put out a Sunday print edition absolutely 100% scrubbed of ANY mention of the Zimmerman verdict.

Curious, dontcha think?

So to take your minds off this Trayvon-O-Mania insanity, an incredibly cool diversionary video :

Zimmerman Not Guilty: The Two Big Questions That Remain Unanswered by The MSM and The NYT Are :

1) Wtf kind of name is "Trayvon" ?

and two :

2) Wtf exactly is this freaky hybrid creature George Zimmerman, namely why would a high-IQ American Jew mate and produce offspring with a Stick-Age Andean High Plateaux Peruvian Mestizo ?

I would venture to say that if George Zimmerman's mother had decided back in 1983 to mate with one of her own ethnic group, that her offspring would be a lot more attractive and a lot less freakish-looking than her hybrid "white Hispanic" (thanks NYT) son George.

Therefore: Is it possible that the Trayvon Martin trial of the Century is actually less about racial profiling, etc., and more about the dangers of miscegenation?

Notice the way the real questions to be asked in this case are not and have never been asked : namely: questions about HBD realism and young "Trayvon's" propensity for violence. Not once did the issue of "No Limit nigga" come up in the case; nor did the question of Trayvon's suspension from skoo; nor report of stolen goods in his (taxpayer-financed backpack); nor his alleged violent attack upon a Skoo bus driver; etc. etc. etc..

If Trayvon had not been quieted into that Good Night by the weird-looking Peruvian hybrid GZ one year ago, what I ask COTT readers are the chances that young Trayvon would have stolen oxygen for another full year, without being flagged by the criminal justice system for one offense or another?

Yeah,  I'm not real sympathetic towards this thug-in-the-bud "Trayvon."

Make no Mistake About It : Stupid, white-privilege guilty, status-whoring white people are the ones responsible for engaging in a sick Sick SICK social experiment that created tens of millions of Trayvon Martins. In a very real sense, Trayvon was created by white people, and in an equally real sense, his totally justifiable homicide was treated as a murder as a direct result of yet another example of status-whoring white people.

Why was Young Trayvon's murder prosecuted Not by the rather primitive-looking and primitive-sounding Benjamin Crunnch, but rather by balding white-guy Florida attorney de LA Renta or whatever his balding stupid name was?

How many of you have wondered why Trayvon's fambly's original lawyer - Mister Krump - sorry Captain Kruch, what-ev I forget - has been virtually invisible since the trial started?

Answer: the whole Trayvon-O-Mania thing was orchestrated by Whites and for Whites, in furtherance of an explicitly anti-white agenda which is becoming more radical and more obvious day by day. And the evil, sniveling, verminous, eunuch reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record record, the New York Times, are the principal actors in this Great Social Experiment.

Make no Mistake.

-p Maxwell

(guesting for COTT)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

South Park "Museum Of Tolerance" Vs. NYT Holohoax Historical Revisionism

GW Smiles Bewtxt 2 New Immigrants
From Nigeria And Philippines :
Cover NYT Thur11Jul MMXIII

A hagiographic New York Times production about a Portuguese diplomat stationed in  Bordeaux, France, who after the Germans took over distributed 30 thousand illegal Portuguese visas to people trying to flee occupied France. 

From the article : 

Like most of the Agenda-Driven drivel that filters through the fetid pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, this article is highly suspect. 

The New York Times: If You Don't Question This Authority, Then Good Luck Surviving In The Zombie Apocalypse 

Monday, July 8, 2013

San Francisco Asian Airways Boeing 777 Crash Landing: COTT Called It: Pilot Error

This plane, which took off from China and made a stop in South Korea, was piloted by, and 95% filled with, people who up until 1943 would have been legally barred from entering the United States at all, under a pesky little provision of American immigration law enacted in 1882. 

The crash landing of this Boeing 777 reveals two unfortunate realities: namely that (1) air travel as a globalized system of cheap and easy international migration expedites the Population Replacement Project from the Turd and Developing (hehe) World into the First World (read: Western, um, White World); and (2) that non-Western beneficiaries of Western technology such as modern aviation will never be as at high a level of technological advancement as the cultures that gifted them that technology in the first place.

Read up on Father Matteo Ricci if you still think that Asian and Western cultures are of equivalency.

When this Boeing 777 crash-landed at SFO,  I knew right away that it was pilot error that brought it down. Before this incident, the B777 had never been involved in an incident resulting in a fatality.

If tomorrow all International Air Travel were halted and forever, I would dance a little jig. A miniscule delay of just five days (by ship) to get there, instead of the unnatural 8 hours it takes to fly from America to Europe, would seem a small price to pay, were the dividend an end to literally tens of thousands of non-euros from around the world landing in American "international" airports every single day [btw: there are about one hundred and fifty international airports in the USA].

International air travel was a good idea in the beginning; but like most of the Best Things Developed in the West (um, electricity, internal combustion, antibiotics)... it seems increasingly true that Western innovation has become the sharpest chisel in the tool box of the West's own demise.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Asian Airways Boeing 777 Crash Lands In San Fran: COTT Calls It: Pilot Error

This Asian Airways jumbo jet en route from South Korea to San Fran  had close to 300 people on board, of which more than 160 were Chinese, about eighty or so were Korean,  just a single one was Japanese, and about sixty were "American," which means of course that the airplane was 95% filled with Orientals, including no doubt the Korean idiot at the controls.

Nothing against Orientals, of course.

The Boeing 777 is - was until today - one of the safest big jets in the skies. No one has ever died as a result of a Boeing 777 crashing, until today, July 6th 2013.

Why are 160 Chinese nationals flying into San Fransisco in the first place? This was just one of how many flights daily from Asia to the USA? How may of the Chinese nationals aboard this flight were traveling to the USA for legitimate purposes, and by "legitimate" I exclude: 1) birth tourism; 2) visiting illegal alien Chinese relatives in view of furthering chain-link Chinese immigration to U S ub Ehhh; 3) everybody else not coming for a weekend trip to Universal Studios.


It's pointless I know. Westerners are the inventors of the instruments of their own demise, how poetic in a sense.

We at COTT appreciate all people, except the Chinese. And only because the garbage that the Chinese send over to the West in gargantuan container ships, is for anyone who has ever appreciated a finely crafted hand tool, for example, the very worst kind of treachery.

Modern air travel is one of the most disastrous things ever to befall Western Civilization. It should sadden every right-thinking Westerner, that when facilitated by man-jawed refugee resettlement agencies in DC, entire plane-loads of Stick-Age (um, pre- Stone Age) missing links are just eight short hours away from the East Coast by air.

Damn you both, Orville brothers !

How is it possible in this day and age, with all the so-called politically correct sensitivity to such things as so-called global warming et al., how is it possible that every few seconds a jumbo jet packed with tourists from alien lands rumbles down an international runway, burning up in a mere forty seconds during takeoff the same amount of fuel that would keep a dirigeable like the Zeppelin aloft for two weeks?

Answer: it does not make sense. Modern air travel is in horrible hypocritical conflict with the reigning zeitgeist of the delusional West, where it is illegal to manufacture incandescent light bulbs, but also where by contrast big-box stores are stuffed to the gills with crap products made in the pollution-disgusting Third World, where the reprobate elites give not two shits about any such pansy Western causes as recycling, drunk driving enforcement, spousal abuse and the list goes on.

To conclude a mad rant on a Saturday 1st World (for now) morning: ban international air travel.

- Maxwell

(guest writer for COTT)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday July 5th Front Page : Spot The Perfidy

Hint: It is everywhere. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Obamas In Africa: The NYT Reports On POTUS In The Motherland, And (Unintentional) Hilarity Ensues


Along with White House inmate Michelle LaVaughn "they told me I wasn't smart enough" Robinson O'bama, George Bush and his bird-beak idiot wife Laura are also in Barry's Home Continent tonight. 

Make no mistake: every time the New York Times reports about anything in or on Africa, they are going to make themselves sound like the ridiculous disingenuous white liberal pussies that they are. 

The article cited above is no exception, of course. In it, the verminous reality acrobats at Amerika's newspaper of record report on Obama's visit to the capital of Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam - (who cares?), and his visit with that nation's president, Jakaya Kikwete (who cares?) (I feel like I've lost IQ points even bothering to spell-check this idiot's name). 

NY Times censors apparently failed to white-out the deep-seated gibs muh dat mentality that exists in the assisted, West-dependent  mind of the African Big Man in this hilarious little quip from the article : 

Right they had a good chuckle they did about all the US dough being poured into Africa so that the Dark Continent can win Olympic Gold in Competitive Breeding.

A quick run over to the CIA World Factbook tells us that Tanzanians reproduce at the rate of 5.01 chirren per woman. Meanwhile in Germany the rate is closer to 1.2; in France it's even less than that; in the USA, fuggedaboutit, the Census Bureau declared just weeks ago that Euros were dying off faster than they were reproducing here in America, right on target with The Project that the vermin at the NYT endorse so wholeheartedly.

Too, it's funny really, because the only positive thing about Obama's visit to Tanzania was that he  addressed the very real scourge of wildlife poaching, where Africans, while themselves reproducing at pathological rates, mostly as a direct result of Western food aid and other Western influences, slaughter rhinos, elephants, great apes (ahem), and other majestic creatures of the wild, mostly to satisfy the growing market for the disgusting Chinese practice of consuming exotic animal parts. 

No word from the vermin at the Times, of course, about China's disgusting role in the disappearance  of these animals. 


The New York Times: Like A Playbill For The End Of The West They Have So Artfully Engineered, Since 1896.