Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Senate Office Phone Numbers For Each State: Do Something About It Now! Call Your Senator To Say "NO!" To The Population Replacement Program!

Go to this link to find out the phone number for your local senator's office. 

Call them to say you oppose The Project. 

They all have answering machines, so call your state's senator after hours and leave a message. 

Heck you don't even need to reserve your call for your local senator's office; call them all! 

You can even call drunk! 

Here's what the list looks like : 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Trayvon-O-Mania-Chapter 3.999: HP Lovecraft Foresaw This Charade ...

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trayvon-O-Mania Round 2,999: Despite The Obvious, The DWLs At The New York Times Join Nancy Grace And The Other Status-Whoring White Women Arguing In Defense Of The Loveable "No Limit Nigga"

Today was a bad day for "Justice For Trayvon" fans, and for the slain teen's parents in their quest for a giant Trayvon lottery payout, because the prosecution rolled out their "star witness" in  George Zimmerman's murder trial in Sanford, Fl. , and she turned out to be a very bad witness indeed.

Her name is Rachel Jeantel, she was Martin's friend, she was on the sail phone with him minutes before he was shot (after sucker-punching GW), and, according to an NBC commentator, she is not the "sharpest tool in the shed."

That "sharpest tool" statement was probably an oops by the NBC woman journo, and probably won't be repeated, even though many of the comments in the buzz feeds all over the internet are wondering if Jeantel is not borderline retarded. (The NBC commentator qualified her "not the sharpest" statement with: "But she's no dummy").

Rachel Jeantel

When I first saw Jeantel testifying, I felt incredibly sorry for her, and even a little bad about being so pissed off about the whole Trayvon-ô-Mania affair.

She was big. She was obese really. She had the dazed, drooping, bloodshot eyes of some kind of poor depraved jungle creature. She listened to questions with her mighty lips slightly ajar; her big pink tongue occasionally darted out of her mouth and licked those big painted lips in what appeared to be an absolute and tragic absence of self-awareness. She moved her lips slightly as she read - ever so slowly - pages 18 through 23 of the deposition that GW's defense attorney placed before her on the witness stand and axed her to read. She used the word "ax" instead of "ask" over and over again. She bobbed her head between questioning, we had to look closely to see if she was wearing earbuds and maybe listening to some music.

 She was not.

In a word, Jeantel introduced - O.J. style - tens of millions of ordinary Americans into the very  finite brain power of average ghetto blacks in the USA. Except that ordinary Americans never identified OJ Simpson with ghetto blackness; in this case, they will.

Today's testimony was for HBD Realism like an entire season of "The First 48" on steroids. (I loved BTW that the controversial Cheerios commercial aired a few times between non-stop coverage on CNN).

The New York Times of course had no choice but to report on this mega-trial. Remember: as first disclosed on this blog over a year ago, the verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times, for the first time in their 162-year history, used the term "White Hispanic" to describe Zimmerman shortly after he was re-arrested, 44 days after the shooting.

"White Hispanic."

Perhaps realizing how incredibly biased that looked, and how obvious it made it that the vermin at the Times were praying that Zimmerman would be white(r), the New York Times never again used the term "White Hispanic." Go to nyts.com and search it for yourself.

They have toned it down a bit. But like Nancy Grace and 95% of the rest of the MSM, the NYT are clearly on the side of Trayvon Martin and his fambly. Today they published yet another propaganda puff piece that confirms this: "At Zimmerman Trial, A Tail Of Pursuit And Attack."

"A tail of pursuit and attack"?

As in: "Zimmerman pursued and attacked. Profiled"?

Really. The swine. How dare they. For in a sane society, the top headline would have read something more like: "Star prosecution witness in TM trial caught red-handing lying; witness might be mentally incompetent to testify further."


Instead, we get this from today's NYT article :

Note the way that the pro-Trayvon fanatics at the Times attempt here to project their authenticity, by printing the actual ebonics of witness Jeantel's stataments. As in: "See? We get real with the realness of the African American scene too, nomesane?". But everywhere else, they portray the bordeline- retard Jeantel as just an everyday, ordinary American. Just like and as average as you and me.


We will of course be watching this case closely, with a keen eye on the lies of the NYT.

The New York Times: Charles Blow Said Trayvon Martin Was Innocent, That's All

Saturday, June 22, 2013

When Italians Dare Oppose The NYT-Endorsed/Engineered Population Replacement Project© For Italy, Amerika's Own Newspaper Of Record Swats Them Down With Cries Of "Xenophobia!', "Intolerance!", Etc. Ad Infinitum

In Italy, where throngs and hordes of surplus young north african males washed up on the shores of Lampedusa Island and Southern Italy after the "Arab Spring";

In Italy where a poor, innocent white girl from Oregon was jailed for four years in Italian prison because the "progressive" Itals' refused to admit the obvious, politically incorrect reality of innate African barbarity - namely where Ivory Coast-born drifter, known violent knife-criminal and Italy-dwelling parasite Rudy Guede was obviously the one who cut Meredith Kercher's throat -  today there is an African woman in High Office who is calling out the racist tendencies of the denizens of her adopted (invaded?) land, and the New York Times is of course comforting her, and afflicting the indigenous Italians she appears to hate rather a lot:

"Slurs Against Italy's First Black National Official Spur Debate On Racism"

From the article : 

The NYT-endorsed/engineered population project is becoming more obvious for all to see, day after day.

Just a few short years ago, Italy had only a handful of non-foreigners.

Today, go to Italy - or any Western nation - and you will see firsthand the handiwork of the big brains at the New York Times , everywhere. Everywhere.

Non-Euros from former colonies or not (as in the case of this Minister of "Integration"  from Congo - were they colonized by the Italians? Ummm. no. You're thinking of Libya, and to a lesser degree Ehtiopia)... non-euros from former colonies or not are flooding in to Europe at head-spinning rates, changing the demographic balance of every single European nation on earth, and yet the elites and their spineless eunuch allies in the media have nothing but praise for this inevitable soft genocide.

Conan O'Brian makes a joke about whites dying off faster than replacing themselves, and his all-white audience stands up and cheers. Much like Bill Clinton's famous 1998 speech at Washington State University.

What the hell is going on here?

Do not these verminous traitors realize that there is a significant portion of their readership Who Can See?

We at COTT can only wonder.

The real puppet masters of course occupy very high stations of influence, and are unlikely to change their ways - or be Stopped in their ways - until some kind of mass-awakening occurs.

In this Age of NYT obfuscation and spin, I just don't see that happening... until it is too late.

Born-in-Congo Cécile Kyenge, Italy's First Negro Minister,
Presented By The NYT As An Oppressed Hero
Of Change And Progress (progress for non-Italian Italians). 

What Really Happened To Socialite And Philanthropist Brooke Astor's Son, Anthony Marshall, The 89 year-old WW2 Hero On Riker's Island As Of Yesterday, To Serve A Three-Year Jail Sentence Based On Spurious Claims Of "Elder Abuse"

This man is innocent, there is no question about it. Though the NYT-influenced magistrates in New York City's criminal justice system have effectively condemned him to one to three years of hard time in state prison, where he will no doubt die ex-post-facto amid the throngs of violent minorities legal and 14th-amendment local, that occupy the vast majority of that God-forsaken penal place.

At eighty-nine years old, Purple Heart-winner Anthony Marshall is the only person in all of the history of the New York criminal justice system to be sentenced at such an advanced age to hard time, and for a non-violent crime, no less.

Apparently there are three other 85+ year-old men in prison in New York right now - none of whom were as old as Marshall when sentenced to hard time - but all three were convicted for horrible crimes of physical violence: murder, rape, child molestation.

Yet the vermin at the New York Times think that doling out hard time to a feeble old WASP is just fine, thank you very much.

Don't believe me that Brooke Astor's son is being railroaded for political - nay, ideological - reasons?

Then I invite you to compare for yourself some differing analyses of this poor 89-year-old ex-Marine's indictment.

The first, of course, comes from the sickly pages excreted by the hideous lying maggots at the New York Times :

"Appeals Exhausted, Astor Case Ends As Son Is Sent To Jail"

The second, comes from the inestimable Gavin Macinnes, writing for the alt-right magazine "Takimag.com" :

"A Sad State Of Affairs"

If the New York Times reports it as fact - especially in a story involving those pesky "sensitive" social science issues - chances are, they are lying further than you could throw them.

The New York Times: Swapping At Wasps Since 1896.

Friday, June 21, 2013

As The Population Replacement Project Becomes More Obvious By The Day, The Policy-Shapers At The NYT Continue To Nip At The Heels Of Their Prone Enemy

So a week ago the New York Times reported (gleefully) that white people will die off sooner than expected, as in minority status for whites will now be "achieved" by 2042, not by 2050 as originally projected.

In a sane society, news of this soft genocide would result in the official newspaper of record toning down the minority uplift puff just a tiny bit.

But the NYT is not staffed by sane souls: the New York Times is a sickly, degenerate, hateful institution with a very specific agenda hidden in plain sight: "To comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

Of course we all know by now that the "comfortable" to whom they refer in this glib little slogan, are the evil-white privilege majority, even those living in squalor and poverty.

Too and conversely, the "afflicted" are, to the twisted minds of Times speakers, quite quite simply, all nun-whites. A group that tolerantly includes whites also, as long as said whites are not anatomically male.    

So today, down there in the Sports section (but with an advert published in a thumb on the front page), the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record published a hagiography of Cassius Clay that was - even by Times standards - a remarkable feat of brown-nosing in the pursuit of minority uplift.

From the article "In Ali’s Voice From the Past, a Stand for the Ages," by Times communist William   C. Rhoden :

The sickly, hateful, lying little weasels at the NYT have their proverbial tongues inserted so far up the rectums of Black America (um, BRA?), that it is amazing that they are able to speak at all. 

The New York Times: They Truly Won't Be  Happy Till We're All Dead Dead Dead

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Vermin At The NYT Have Upgraded Their Online Front Page Viewing Feature...

So now you will be able to see every single article as it appeared on the front page of that day's
national NYT edition.

It's like the Devil himself just set up a Tumblr account, or some such thing.

The New York Times: as of mid-2013, their spots are showing, it's getting worse and worse.

By the day, practically.

Back to regular programming soon. [Been busy, yah].

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Google Is Joking, Right?

Father's Day 2013 :

Yes, that is an African American. 
And yes, he is dressed as a farmer. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chicago Land: Sunday NYT Magazine Cover Story, Set In Dual US-Israeli Citizen Rahm Emmanuel's "Home Town," Spins Some Tall Tales About The Reality Of The Collapse Of Public Housing In The Windy City

"Stuck in the Shadow of Affluence," is how the verminous little weasels at the New York Times (did we mention that, um, they hate white people? especially of the non-female, non-gay, non-retarded variety?).. is how the verminous little weasels at the New York Times blame-shift and explain-away negro dysfunction in Chicago, in an epic laugh-fest if it weren't such a horror-fest of a feature article which they landed on the cover of the NYT Magazine today, a frightening display of simmering negro resentment (against whites for negroes' own failings, editor's note) penned by Times communist Ben Austen and entitled "The Death And Life of Chicago: How Chicago's Housing Crisis Ignited A New Form Of Activism."

COTTers: this stuff is like Gibs-Muh-Dhat-on-crack, on steroids, on welfare (no one who worked a full-time job would ever have the time to compose such snivel rights-friendly rubbish).  Volatile, crazy stuff fueled like a wildfire by the napalm that is insane official public policy, itself fueled as though by some satanic chain  reaction by the nuclear toxic waste of Dark Cathedral egalitarianism, which has engulfed the world and left a glowing, dying, radiation-sick cancer patient in its wake.

From the article:

No mention here, of course, of the fact that American negroes make up >20% of government jobs - closer to 80% in some sectors such as corrections - and are inundated in a permanent shower of federal munificence. Or of the fact that one of their own has ascended - in one of the ultimate gibs muh dat shake-downs in U.S. history - to the highest office of the land. Nah. Stating such truths runs counter to the Official Narrative as we know it (read: as the NYT presents it to the sheeple). 

Oy goy ! How much worser could it get?

It gets worser. From comrade Ben Austen's article: 

That is correct: the criminal squatters endorsed by the DWLs at the NYT, are hoping that blue-helmeted UN troops will assist them in seizing property that the DWL George Bush administration already tried to give them for free with the Community Investment Act.

There really is no satisfying these underperforming a-intellectuals.

But check out the last section of the NYTSM feature article :

"Everything belongs to everyone." Clearly, like wide-eyed high school students fresh back from a field trip to Havana, the angry, hateful, disgusting, jealous little eunuch half-men at the New York Times believe this concept enough to publish it. Tragically for them - because it reveals them to be the horrible hypocrites that they are - they do not believe that "everything belongs to everyone" enough to actually live it themselves. That's why they have i-pads and apartments in Manhattan and Williamsburg, as opposed to Gateway desktops and cinderblock flats in Newark.

The New York Times: A More Verminous, Lying, Hypocritical Bunch Of Reality Contortionists, You Most Likely Have Never Encountered, Since 1997.