Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Friday, May 27, 2011

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

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"Chasing Riches from Africa to Europe and Finding Only Squalor"

The very title of this stupid article gives away the Times communist's glowering hatred of all things Western. The wording is cynically and subversively arranged so that the reader is led to conclude that Africa = noble and clean and rich; Europe = evil and filthy and poor.

In a little while, we will comment further on today's Times - which includes an above-the-fold snapshot of the Fraudulent One, the Usurper in Chief, with the ever-detestable First Lady, Moochelle (who was allowed into Princeton even though her scores were too low, so that she could write a scathing dissertation condemning the racist and evil ways of the university), alongside the King and Queen of England. Of course the New York Times did not publish this photo :

Moochelle Au-Naturelle

 From the Times' Africa article :

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday 26 May, MMXI

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More Celebration of Post-Westernism by the Pointy-Headed Reality Fugitives at the New York Times

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"Huguette Clark, Reclusive Heiress, Dies at 104"

Read this Times obit carefully for evidence of America's newspaper of record's inherent bias towards all things capitalist, successful, etc. Imagine if this poor woman had been a man - the Times would have had a field day skewering the idol pursuits of the daughters of a larger than life captain of industry.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Could the New York Times be the Proverbial Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

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This piece - "The Gossip Machine,Churning Out Cash" - given above-the-fold prominence in today's national Sunday edition,makes me think so.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

High-Fertility Criminal Mexican Welfare-State Invaders Now Known As "Parents of US Citizens With A Particular Legal Status"

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I am so sick of the treasonous pointy-headed population-substitution elitists at the New York Times. Everywhere I look there I see the disastrous, stomach-churning results of their hard social engineering work: entire airports filled with unilingual bovine-eyed turd worlders, clueless white chicks with chinese characters tatted on to the backs of their necks walking down the street arm in arm with high-testosterone africans, lesbian couples pushing strollers, effeminate down-low negroes dressed up as women...

There is nothing more repulsive to me than the site of a person engaging in behaviour that results not from that person's own free will and desire, but rather as a consequence of sinister reality-shaping by the elites that orchestrate social change. How many white chicks with third world characters inked onto their necks understand that in their quest for non-conformity they are actually wearing the uniform of the majority? Yesterday's anti-establishment is today's Establishment.

But we digress (though not that much).... In an article published on page A15 of today's national edition, New York Times communist and deputy diversity enforcer Kirk Semple gives us more minority uplift on steroids in "Illegal Imigrants' Children Face Hardship, Study Says." This is an article about a study conducted by Harvard "education professor" (whatever that means) Hirozaku Yoshikawa, who basically blames the US for not sufficiently prostrating itself, thereby hampering illegal taco bunnies from more deeply sodomizing the country. As it is the criminal illegals from Mexico have managed to overcome  the evil white racism that was keeping them from getting the nation's pants down, and they've even managed to penetrate America's collective bunghole, but for Yoshikawa and his communist enablers at the Times, Americans need to relax their sphincter even more so that the penetration can be complete, unhindered, loving even: we're supposed to appreciate all their hard efforts for bringing us the joys of diversity.

When will these monsters be satisfied? There are 30 million illegals in the US right now as it is. Hundreds millions more the world over aspire to only one thing: escaping their turd world shit hole and emigrating to the land of milk and honey (and section 8, food stamps, free schooling and medical, automatic US citizenship for spawning mini-turd worlders thanks to the certifiably insane current interpretation of the 14th amendment, complete with virtual cradle-to-grave taxpayer-financed assistance, from the stroller the miniature invaders are wheeled around in, to the formula they slurp, to the schoolbooks they can't read, etc). When ô when will the New York Times and the people they feel the need to uplift be happy? When will they be satisfied?

I think many readers of COTT know the answer to this question. It will be a Pyrrhic victory for the anti-western one-worlders at America's newspaper of record, for whom 2042 can't come quickly enough.

From the Harvard professor's article : 

When will it stop? When will the sucking up, the pandering cease? When will the exploitation of western guilt become a thing of the past? 

When will we begin to call a spade a spade, and a criminal Mexican an invader-parasite instead of a "parent with a particular legal status"?!!: 

The blame-shifting and the misplaced, competitive compassion* has to end : 


Friday, May 20, 2011

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nick Kristof Takes Do-Gooderism To A New Level Of Laughable

What a silly little putz Times' communist and leading altruism athlete Nicholas Kristof is.

It's downright embarrassing to read his work, which oozes the psychological pathology that is one-worlder anti-Western global uplift liberalism.

His op-ed article on page A23 of today's national edition - "Getting Smart on Aid" - is a hilariously naive essay on how the West can uplift the Turd World by selective aid programs, so that the Dark Continent and other cesspools of poverty and Stone-Age inertia can continue to overpopulate the planet, while Westerners continue to shrink to a microscopic minority of global population (less than 8% today, down from one-third mid-century) the world over. Make no mistake: there truly is no greater threat to humankind, and no greater conspiracy occurring in the world today, than the population-replacement happening in Westernized nations worldwide.

As usual, tricky Nick makes no mention of the root causes behind poverty: i.e., innate group ability, nor of course does he even hint at the other disastrous consequences of liberal Western do-gooder interventionism in the Turd World: namely, a population explosion of listless peoples forever dependent on their aid suppliers.

I'd like to bitch-slap the silly grin off the mug of this little pussy, then force him at gunpoint to read "IQ And the Wealth of Nations."
Tricky Nick:
Not Getting It Since 1983

More Righteous Reality-Twisting Reporting on Africa From the Wishful Thinkers at the New York Times

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"As An Insecticide Makes A Comeback, Uganda Must Weigh Its Costs"

From the article :

Bosco and His High-Fertility Wives Sowing US-Financed Seeds:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reminder! Beat the Times Paywall (It's Incredibly Easy)

Just delete the part of the URL that starts with a question mark :

More Sucking Up To The Chinese, When They Really Need To Be Called Out For The Thieving Little Copy Monkeys They Truly Are

As we have seen, the one-worlder population replacement fanatics at America's newspaper of record are in
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love with China, which they view as a nation of noble Confucious non-Westerners. Even though every single gadget to be found in the land of dragons and empires more technologically complex than a pair of chopsticks was dreamed up by a Western mind,  the treasonous vermin with pens of 42nd Street portray China not as the thieving uncreative copy-monkey turd world shithole that it is - a garbage factory of 1.3 billion devious little dumpling eaters - but a magnificent nation of noble souls, unburdened by the sins of the West's globe-shaping past.

Forgive me but I am a misanthrope: I admit it; what's wrong with that? Like the central character in Molière's play, however, my quite natural aversion to fellow members of the species does not extend to a select few, most notably those of the fairer sex who are most definitely as gregarious as crickets, and who would never share in what I consider to be a perfectly healthy contempt for strangers. 

But I digress: the New York Times presents a curious case in this matter of love (or not) for one's fellow man. The elitist psychopathetic reality contortionists at the Times make it very clear that they are unconditional xenophiles, expressing endless love for all peoples and species foreign to their own. But in a twist, this love of theirs for all things foreign translates into a hatred of their own kind. Stepping back a bit from the big picture, we see that this translates into the Times' hatred for Western Civilization, and adoration of all things non-Western. Hence their fascination with China - to speak only of that monstrosity of a historical mistake of a country. 

In an article published prominently on the Timesonline site today, "China's Rich Try To Fly Around Red Tape," the Times makes light of the way China's new filthy rich (they got that way by selling us garbage that disintegrates before your eyes) are buying up American-made aircraft and breaking the rules to be able to fly themselves around that giant festering landfill of a country. Where in a sane society the newspaper of record would tear China a new one, and guffaw at China's pathetic attempt to follow like an insecure child in the footsteps of Western greatness, the Times with high school cowardice laughs a nervous laugh at that abomination of a very bad copy of the West (how embarrassing for them), and makes light of their monumental patheticness. 

From the article: 

Only 1000 private aircraft in a nation five times the size of the US, which has a quarter million private aircraft? 

Okay, would you care to explain why this is so? (Sound of door slamming, then: muffled sound of car engine starting, tires screeching: the New York Times has just hightailed it out of here). 

Note the American Flag on the Side of This Robinson R-22
Note The Garbage...
To Think These People Are Producing The Shrimp In Your Freezer!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In A Dreyfuss Scandul Do-Over, The Times Focuses on Hair Weaves

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As we have seen, another way that the reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record manipulate the news into conforming to their twisted world-view, is not so much by what they print as what they don't print. The reversal of this is true as well.

Take for instance the subject matter that the pointy-headed morality athletes of 42nd Street chose to publish on today's front page. We have this article, "Costly Hairstyle Is A Beauty Trend That Draws Thieves Notice," occupying almost exactly the same amount of space as the article on the fall of one of the world's most important men, "Judge Denies Bail for I.M.F. Leader Over Sex Charges."

So why would the four-eyed Ivy League chosen-ones from the Times publish a story that speaks of the world's high and mighty right alongside an article that speaks of the lowliest fashion trends of the American ghetto, a story that would be perfectly appropriate on the cover of Ebony or Jet, right up there with hoopties, spinning rims and gold teeph?

Answer: In their visceral morally-obligated need to prove that all groups are exactly identical, the Times must go to great lengths to keep the myth of the fairy tale they perpetuate alive. Hence, we have an important story about an old-style European head of state-type that occupies the majority of the section above the fold, and below the story we have a full-length feature story on does in da' hood. It's out of place, it's laughably incongruous in fact, and yet it is so perfectly and cynically conceived. It is so New York Times.

For purposes of comparison and perspective, imagine for a moment if you will the front pages of a London Newspaper in mid-June, 1815. The top half of the paper is printed in giant bold type with titles telling of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. This is a big event that deserves bold, loud coverage in the national press.

But imagine that just below the large-typeset articles on Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, this same 1815 London newspaper has devoted the entire bottom half of the paper to a story about the way a small enclave of Scottish immigrants in West London ties their shoes.

That is essentially what is going on in today's Times, where you have a photo of Dominique Strauss Kahn, one of the world's most powerful men and no doubt the former future president of France, seated tieless in a courtroom in New York on sex assault charges in what may be one of the biggest political sex scandals in the last one hundred years; and below Kahn's photo, as if to prove their commitment to ENMW ("Equality No Matter What!") the Times runs the photo of some  totally insignificant ghetto dweller with the wigs that virtually all black women wear.

One of the more blatant lies from the weaves article reads like this :

World History News In The Making 

Needs a Weave

The New York Times:  Making All Things Equal No Matter What Since 1953. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Understanding Ethnomasochism; Understanding the New York Times

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The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper. The diversity enforcers at Amerika's newspaper of record engage in masochistic condemnation of the majority's imaginary vices, while upholding the non -existent virtues of the minority. Apparently the pointy-headed altruism athletes at the Times never read "Why The West Dominated."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A One-Two DOT* Punch on Page A 11

(*Diversity Overkill Theory) 

From the article : 

From the article : 

DOT: "Diversity Overkill Theory"

5/14/11 - Click to Enlarge 
For the competitive altruism athletes at Amerika's newspaper of record, wishful thinking reporting on imaginary Snivel Rights heroes is standard operating procedure when it comes to buffing the halo atop their pointy heads.

In a snickering article containing the block quote: "Another act of closure regarding the turmoil of the civil rights struggle," Times communist Tamar Lewin takes disinformation to a new level of cynical.   "A College Degree, 55 Years And an Era in the Making" tells the story of Burlyce Sherrell Logan, a 73 year-old member of the coddled African American't minority, who overcame a lifetime of evil white wickedness to obtain her diploma from a north Texas university.

Where we see Ms. Logan as a college dropout who took advantage of a climate of minority uplift to get a  taxpayer-funded education, the New York Times sees this woman as a kind of God-like figure, right up there with Rosa Parks (see this article to understand the truth behind the Rosa Parks madness).

Worse, in their breathless haste to deify any and all blacks, the communists at the Times make unbelievable journalistic blunders as they print unsubstantiated, uncorroborated 2nd-party hearsay as historical fact.

From the article:

The Times quotes Logan no fewer than a dozen times in this hate-fest of historical revisionism, hoping and wishing that all the evil white wickedness this woman recollects is true. Could it be that this woman's half century-old recollections might have been influenced by as many decades of constant mainstream propaganda, spewed by the likes of the New York Times, insisting that all black failure - in the US and worldwide - is the result of evil white racism? If that were the case, certainly the reality fugitives at the Times would never consider it. 

Beyond the question of "How is this even news?", comes the question: "How can Amerika's newspaper of record allow a 73 year-old black woman to accuse a long-dead white university president of making a statement which, were he to utter it today, would land him in a federal penitentiary?" 

Answer: reality is of little importance to the disingenuous population replacement enthusiasts at the NYT. The most important thing for them is the perpetuation of the myths of egalitarianism, and of evil white racism as the root cause of African American't dysfunction. 

The New York Times: seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses since 1951

Friday, May 13, 2011

The One-Worlder Reality Contortionists at the New York Times Use Language As A Weapon Of Mass Subversion

"Libyan Immigrants Becoming Italian Immigrants"

WTF is THAT supposed to mean?!!

From the article : 

A screaming outright lie!! (that they come to Europe seeking work). If you were to read some of the non-PC political blogs coming out of Europe (including fdesouche.com, from France) you would know that these parasites choose to come to Europe to feed off the public tit and benefit from the delusional liberal policies of wishful thinking egalitarian Western states - especially France. They travel to France, where anti-racism groups act as hustlers to guilt-trip the powers to be into providing these "economic refugees" with free housing and accommodations.  

The traitorous, sinister population replacement enthusiasts at the New York Times of course make no distinction between a sub-saharan negro on Italian soil and a bona-fide wop, as long as said African is in possession of Italian papers. To the crypto-delusional diversity fanatics at America's newspaper of record, the people you see in the photo below are JUST as Italian as Silvio and his ilk who have lived on The Boot for thousands of years. 

Of course the Times will never mention the truth behind the population-substitution tsunami that is happening to the West today; nor will they explain why fully half of all Africans, if given the chance, would flock to Europe faster than you can rape a baby (apparently it is a popular cure for AIDS on the Dark Continent). 

The Traitors at the Times Want You To Believe They're Libyans Italians

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Basking In Obama's Recent Popularity Surge, The New York Times Takes Aim Yet Again At Defenseless White Trash

5/12/11 - Click to Enlarge
As we have seen, the wishful thinking four-eyed reality fugitives at Amerika's newspaper of record go to great lengths to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. This translates into wall-to-wall coverage of Turd World events big and small and, whenever possible, breathless coverage of white trash antics.

It would be foolish to expect the Times to ever report positively on any accomplishments by a member of the despised majority, unless said accomplishments were made at the expense of the beloved minority groups that the Times coddles with such loving care. It is of little import to the diversity enforcers at the NYT that the hard work behind their agenda has been paying off over the past few decades: in fact, for the population replacement traitors at the Times, 2042 can't come soon enough. (That would be majority-minority status for the hated locals, don't you know).

Yesterday the Times reported on their front page a story about a freak incident involving freak white-trash neo-nazis in California. The Times used this incident to frame the entire immigration debate in the US (and indeed, in the entire West). The take-home message was: "If you are opposed to immigration, then you are no better than this neo-nazi."

The Times is on a roll: today, again on the front page, the treasonous little fucknuts at the paper where all the news is print to fit published a story on silly hillbilly country folk who reenact their prom dance even though they're in their late 20s and thirties. The article, entitled "A 2nd Shot to Have the Best Night of Their Lives," paints rural America as a place populated by unsophisticated, bigoted hicks, who suck down jello shots out of syringes used in cow orifices. I shit yee not.

From the article:

Original caption reads: "Before the prom,
Beckie and Brent Sinkula enjoyed Jell-O shots
from syringes like those he uses for cows on his dairy farm." 

 Note the language cynically and subversively used by the NYT as they laugh at these poor unenlightened hicks: they "enjoyed" Jell-O shots. God! I wish I could reach through my computer screen and bitch slap the smirk off the face of the sinister condescending communist who wrote this puff piece. (Her name is Jennifer Medina).

The New York Times: playing for the other team since 1979.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Times Uses Stupid White Trash Neo Nazis to Frame the Illegal Immigration Debate

5/11/11 - Click to Enlarge
"Neo-Nazi Father Is Killed; Son, 10, Steeped in Beliefs, Is Accused"

This is a dream come true for the New York Times.

As Takimag so eloquently explains here, the NYT and their egalitarian diversity enforcer pals want anyone with a shred of european conciousness to look like the trailer trash described above.

From the article:

Fat, Stupid and Bigoted: NYT-Approved√ (for educational purposes only) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going After Gingrich Sans Subtlety

5/10/11 - Click to Enlarge

Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, at a movie screening last
month. The two began dating while Mr. Gingrich was married.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wall To Wall Turd World Coverage By the Diversity Enforcers At the New York Times

As we have seen before, the only time the Times writes positively about a member of the majority population in the US is when the story features players who look this this:

The pages of America's newspaper of record are increasingly filled with wall to wall coverage and images of detestable-looking turd world travel destinations in the muslim world in particular. The communists at the Times seem to revel in publishing photos that prove their commitment to global diversity.

Like the sinister banker in a Nazi propaganda poster - watching undetected over a manipulated populace - the New York Times takes pride in the results of their decades-old population replacement agenda in a piece published on the front page of today's edition, entitled "Balance of Births and Deaths Upset by County's Hard Times."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Monday, May 2, 2011

This One Sailed RIGHT over My Head

"Armadillos Transmit Leprosy To Humans, Federal Researchers Confirm"

As a Louisiana resident, after reading this article I was convinced - as the sinister population-replacement enthusiasts at the New York Times wanted me to be convinced - I was convinced that modern-day leprosy in the US is mostly caused by dumb white hicks in pickup trucks in the backwaters of the South, these same craggy-toothed hicks who hunt armadillos (when you drive anywhere in the South outside of NEw Orleans for example, you will see dead armadillos on the side of the road).

Of course the reality is "Toute Autre," as the Cajun French would say here in Lousiana: the fact that leprosy is returning to the US - as the NYT reports - is NOT the result of a bunch of hicks in pickup trucks, rather it is the result of the US being rapidly and disastrously third-worldized.

Here's the real reason leprosy is on the rise in the US :


There Is No Way This Wasn't Planned For Political Expediency...

...and the New York Times makes it possible for Obama to bury the Doubters (after scuttling the Birthers last week): 

5/2/11 - Click to Enlarge

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Title Of This Sunday Times Magazine Article Says It All

May 1st, MMXI -
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"A Beast In The Heart Of Every Fighting Man"

Of course, no mention made of the 8 white US servicemen shot in the back by a practitioner of the religion of peace last week: