Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, October 31, 2013

NYT To White American Adults: "Time For You To Throw In The Towel"

It looks like New York Times communist John Harwood has a Hard On for soft white Genocide.

"Behind The Roar Of Political Debates, Whispers Of Race Persist"

How has it come to this?

John Harwood

From the article : 

Now two factors have combined to raise the racial volume. First, the growing voting strength and allegiance of black, Hispanic and Asian-Americans have made nonwhites an increasing share of the Democratic coalition. Second, conservative whites are bitterly resisting both Mr. Obama and his agenda.
Thus a crucial variable before last November’s election was the racial composition of the electorate. As the Obama team predicted, the proportion of white voters fell to 72 percent. The president won by drawing eight in 10 black, Hispanic and Asian-American votes, even as Mitt Romney won six in 10 white votes.
 Fred Steeper, a Republican pollster who advised both Presidents Bush, worries about renewed attention to racial divisions for two reasons.
One is that it could taint what he calls the Republican Party’s “legitimate argument” in favor of self-reliance and smaller government. The other is the difficulty of winning national elections if the party’s hard-line on immigration continues to alienate Hispanics. “Racism may be a part of it,” especially among working-class whites, Mr. Steeper said of the immigration stance. “The Republican Party needs to stop pandering to that.”
He added, “The Republican Party needs to throw in the towel on the immigration issue.”

The New York Times: Amerika's Anti-White Newspaper Of Record Since 2008

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Inconvenient Truths of African Bush-Meat Explorer Paul du Chaillu

The hideous, dishonest reality reversers at the New York Times have had this guy under their skin
for a long time now, it appears :

"Race, Sex, And The Trials Of A Young Explorer"

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday 25 October MMXIII  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flash From The Past : Charles Bronson in "Borderline" (1980) - Early And Prescient Propaganda From The Evil Souls Behind The Great Replacement , aka "Le Grand Remplacement"

Okay, this was 1980, half a decade before Reagan undid Operation Wetback, and at a time where there were probably fewer than one million illegal mexicans in the USA (as opposed to the 20 to thirty million living there today).

Note the sophomoric eagerness with which the Hollywood vermin  who devised this farce attempt to place all the blame for illegal mexican immigration of the day squarely on the shoulders of white male American "smugglers." As if such a thing were even remotely possible.

The game has become a lot more sophisticated since 1980, and the tactics of the anti-majority Hollywood communist filth who created this crap almost 3.5 decades ago have evolved with the times.

Their day of reckoning will come.

Ihr Tag wird Kommen.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nairobi, Kenya Westgate Mall Attack: Here's What The New York Times Does Not Want You To Know


Make no mistake: in the shocking video below, every single one of those looting Kenyan soldiers is wearing (probably Chinese-made) uniforms and carrying (likely Chinese-made) automatic rifles, that were paid for by white people from Europe and the United States.

The verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times attempt to use every incident of bestial criminality like the Westgate mall Massacre to further relativize the immutability of the Natural Order, and conceal the Indian caste-like hierarchy of mankind that exists in reality but not in the wishful-thinking minds of the One Worlder competitive compassion athlete pussies at Amerika's Newspaper of Record.

The siege of the Westgate by four skinny 20 year-old Shababs with machine guns only lasted for three full days, because Kenya's rank and file military went on a looting spree of phenomenal proportion.

Here's proof :

Note : the one Kenyan looter soldier that steps in that wide pool of blood right behind the elephant, as he sidles up to an item on display on the counter (which he decided wasn't worth stealing), is walking in the blood of a man whose execution can be seen in the video below.

Presumably, the executed man's body had been dragged away by the time the video footage above recorded the Kenyan army looting spree.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Public Policy Shape-Shifters At The NYT Pretend To Care About African Breast Cancer Victims

In an above-the fold whopper PPP ("propaganda puff piece") published today in the national edition of The New York Times and  entitled "Uganda Fights Stigma And Poverty To Take On Breast Cancer", the competitive altruism athletes at Amerika's newspaper of record achieve new heights of holier-than-thou hypocrisy.

How you ask?

Answer: by failing to mention - by criminally refusing to mention -  the background story to all of Africa's modern-day dysfunction in general, and in the case of this pity-fest, Idi Amin's Uganda in particular.

From the article by Times communist Denise Grady :
KAMPALA, Uganda — Mary Namata unbuttoned her dress in an examining room at Mulago Hospital, revealing a breast taut and swollen with grape-size tumors that looked as if they might burst through the skin.
“How long have you had this?” a doctor asked gently. Ms. Namata, 48, an elegant woman with stylishly braided hair and a flowing, traditional Ugandan dress, looked away, shamefaced.
“About a year,” she murmured. The truth, she admitted later, was closer to four years.
Such enormous tumors, rare in developed countries, are typical here. Women in Uganda, trapped by stigma, poverty and misinformation, often do not see help for breast cancer until it is too late.
For Ms. Namata, though, there was still hope that the cancer had not yet spread beyond the breast, her doctors said. Treatment could prolong her life, maybe even cure her — if it started soon.
But would she be treated in time? Women in Africa often face perilous delays in treatment as a result of scarce resources, incompetence and corruption. Would Ms. Namata wind up like so many women here, with disease so far gone that doctors can offer nothing but surgery to remove rotting flesh, morphine for pain and antibacterial powder to kill the smell of festering tumors that break through the skin?

The NYT desperately wants their desperately SWPL readership to believe, that all humans are fungible. Interchangeable. That there is absolutely zero biological or cognitive ability-difference between this woman from Uganda :

...and this woman from Stockholm :

We at COTT are obviously moved by stories of hardship emerging out of Africa. We are not monsters, we are merely realists.

The lying, radical equalists at the New York Times are the real monsters here, because by spreading the feel-good, wishful-thinking lies they do about Africa, they are directly contributing to that sad continent's suffering. Specifically by influencing public policy in the West to keep the spigots of food aid turned on full blast, when promoting contraception and responsible population growth would be the truly humane thing to do.

The vermin at the Times would be doing humanity and their readership a favor, if they were forthright in this article and other pity pieces a-plenty on Africa like it, about the true nature of Africa's population of suffering Africans: namely by revealing that 99.5% of all modern Africans are living only as a direct result of (benevolent but misguided) White Western food aid and interference. And by extension that a continent with the highest birthrate on the planet (Nigerian women fattened up with sacks of donated grain from the EU and the USA have the world's highest fertility rate - almost eight (8!) chirren per woman) will only find salvation through sensible public policy on and honest discussion about responsible population management strategies.

Could it be that the vermin at the NYT are actually encouraging the expansion of Africa's population, knowing full well that a steady supply of excess African refugees is the pre-condition for the Great replacement that looms over Europe and the United States?

The New York Times: Lying To The West, And Lying To Africa About The West, Since 1898.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Swimming Upstream In The Natural Currents Of Pushback Against The Failed Ultraliberal Worldview Torrent They Helped To Create, The Weenies At The NYT Lash Out At Nationalism On The Rise In Europe

As a veritable "Camp Of The Saints"-style scenario unfolds in Europe despite the deprived mainstream media's best attempts at downplay, slowly but surely, sanity is returning to politics in Europe.

From Kiev to Moscow to Athens to Paris to Dublin, the planned Great Replacement© is finally being recognized by average European sports fans on a large scale, and these voters are ushering in to power the anti-immigration, nationalist parties that the One Worlders at the New York Times loathe and fear.

In France, for example, the National Front just produced an historic score.

The weenies at Amerika's newspaper of record dismiss the FN's victory in : "Minor Victory by Far-Right Party Has France Asking If Bigger Changes Are Ahead."

Yeah, "minor victory." Right.

Essentially 20% or more of the French electorate supports the anti-globalist, pro-nation Front National. The FN gained 18% of the vote in the first round of last year's presidential election (behind the Socialist Francois Hollande's 28%).

Yet despite the fact that close to one-fifth of the French people support the FN and their anti-globalist platform, the Front National shockingly holds only two seats (!!) in the  AssemblĂ©e Nationale, which has a total of 577 seats ! 

From the article by Times communist Alissa J. Rubin (winky wink) :

"PARIS — The triumph by the far-right National Front party in a minor election in the south of France has created headlines across the country and prompted politicians and political analysts to take a hard look at the landscape, a little more than a year after the election of a socialist president, François Hollande.

The decisive victory on Sunday in Brignoles, a small city in the Var district, by the National Front candidate appeared to be more of a defeat for the two more centrist parties — the Socialists led by Mr. Hollande and the conservative Union for a Popular Movement party, or UMP — than a reflection of deepening support for the far right, analysts said."

"Minor election"? ... I don't think so. And neither do the vermin at the NYT. They know that their insidious campaign to delude the West into a NWO Marxist multi-cult smorgasbord that favors the historically  "afflicted" is failing and failing fast.


Meanwhile in Mother Russia, the vermin at the New York Times rolled out an above-the-fold propaganda puff piece - complete with color picture - designed to demonize Putin and glorify communist Russia, entitled : "The Russia Left Behind," by Times communist Ellen Barry. (Note that both articles cited in today's COTT post are penned by womyn).

From the article :
Midway through our journey, five golden domes came into view. Set on an island in a mirror-like lake outside the city of Valdai was evidence, the first we had seen, that someone had cared a great deal about fixing something. The 17th-century Iversky Monastery, used by the Soviets to house tuberculosis patients, has undergone a swift and lustrous renovation, financed by a phalanx of state-connected companies like Sberbank, Gazprom and Russian Railways. Its lawns are velvety, its tower the colors of roses and clotted cream.
On a recent afternoon, a tour guide shared the secret of the monastery’s rebirth: Mr. Putin has a vacation home next door.
Note the way in which the vermin at the New York Times in this article attempt simultaneously (and rather lamely) to disparage Putin, the nationalist sentiment he thrives upon, and the resurgent Russian Orthodox Church he champions, while at the same time suggesting (again, rather lamely) that things were so much better and mo noble during Soviet times.

Note also the way in which in this article the crummy little swine at the Times intentionally cloud the racial realism waters, by discussing Gypsy child marriages, and intentionally confusing their SWPL sheeple readership by mentionning a 14 year-old Gypsy bride with "blue eyes and stunning beauty."

It really can't get no more sneaky than that.

The cult of Radical Equalism has indeed infected the already diseased brains of the bacteria with bifocals who further the Public Policy objectives of Amerika's Newspaper  of Record.

The NYT : Allied With The Commies, Until That Became Inconvenient, Since 1989

Monday, October 14, 2013

The New York Times Turns Over The Hallowed Pages Of Their Op-Ed Soap Box To A White Pedophile Who, Along With His Criminally Deviant Pedophile Partner In Sodomy, Shockingly Has Adoptive Custody Of Two Young Negro Children, And Insanely Is Allowed To Preach Morality Lessons To The NYT's Lost SWPL Sheeple

14 Oct MMXIII-Clk2Enlrg
"Purple Boots, Silver Stars... And White Parents"

From the article :
"Joshua walks with the wide, tentative yet supple steps he sees black teenage boys make, steps he has practiced at home in the mirror. I realize that this is the first time in their lives they are asserting their blackness in a black environment, maybe not in opposition to but in conscious separation from the whiteness of my male partner and me. And we are a bit proud of their budding racial independence, since it comes after years of their having expressed feelings that ranged from “I don’t want to be black” to “I hate white people.” Being black with us was safe now. Being black at Fulton Mall was sort of a test of how safe it was out there in the world. I take a picture with my phone to catch this moment, which they hate. Of course." 
In a sane society - which is to say what the Western World used to be up until only about 30 years ago (as in for 99.5% of its existence),  and what in these matters the non-white developing world continues overwhelmingly to be to this day - such brazen expression of clearly sick, deviant human behaviour would have been enthusiastically squashed. As is healthy.

Today, however, in the Western World, and in the United States especially, the freakazoid white sodomite who penned this disgusting propaganda puff is actually encouraged to go all against  natural and human laws, in the name of "sexual" and "racial"  "progress".

Make no mistake: the vermin of 42nd Street know what they are doing when they publish smut like this. They are fully aware that such filth is yet only another small incremental wrecking ball blow to the cathedral of Western Civilization that they despise so mightily.


In a sane society, the whimperings of two flaming faggots demanding "marriage equality" and other
civilization-wrecking "rights" would be quietly and discretely silenced, so as to minimize their outlier insignificance. They would, in fact, never amount to anything more than a whimper in a fringe publication or two.

And yet: consider how utterly sick and hateful the vermin at the New York Times must be to publish this disgusting op-ed porn - above the fold no less ! - in the venerated opinion pages of Amerika's "newspaper of record." It is akin to putting inter-racial child pornography on the national agenda.

Truly, their contempt for all that is good and decent knows no bounds.

Legalize gay marriage in 14 states?

Not enough.

Make sodomy and gayness a preferential model on U.S. college campuses?

Still not enough!

Vilify whites who dare have traditional families?

Nein nein und NEIN  !


Now these repulsive, deviant freaks are invited to preach their perverted morality  to the millions of delusional SWPL New York Times readers.... They are invited to hijack the most powerful public policy platform in the Western world - the Op-Ed pages of Amerika's "newspaper of record" - to normalize and push for something that is so sickening, and so obviously wrong on so many levels, that barely a generation ago there were centuries-old laws in the West that forbade it.

Consider for a moment how very, very sick a society must be, that its so-called "newspaper of record" turns over the national pulpit to a homosexual on some kind of twisted social justice rampage, a faggot who preaches morality lessons to the entire country, while engaging in sodomy with his butt buddy partner a few slices of sheetrock away from his adopted negro orphan children.

Consider for a moment a society in which this man, these men are hoisted to the elevated status of morality lesson-givers.

That, alas, is the sick sick place that America has become today.

And the New York Times is the carrier of the virus.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The NYT Honors Dead White Male And Former Right Stuff Astronaut Scott Patterson, Thereby Validating Another COTT Axiom :

Namely: that successful white males will never be reported on in the slimy pages of the New York Times - especially on the front page, the most expensive publishing real estate on planet Earth - unless they can be portrayed as showcases of corruption, degeneracy, ineptitude, or - as in the case of the front page NYT obit today on "The Right Stuff" astronaut Scott Patterson - as representative of the dying-off breed of civilization-building go-to individuals that the vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record think of as the "cancer of humanity."

"Scott Carpenter, One Of The Original Seven Astronauts, Is Dead At 88"

Make no mistake: the pointy-headed vermin at the NYT absolutely loathe and sneer at the normal-looking white family pictured below in 1962.

If it were in their power, every single ethnicity and "gender orientation" of the children pictured below would have been changed, made "diverse," in order to fulfill their sicko mantra: "To comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

Right Stuff Astronaut Scott Patterson and Family Meets With JFK, 1962.
The New York Times: It Is Becoming More Clear Every Day : These People Seriously Hate White Folks

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Like to Learn A New Language? Try Somali.

Great article from the heroic resisters over at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

COTT Called It ! : Future NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio's Son's Afro's Object Of Utter Adulation From the Verminous Reality Contortionists At Amerika's Newspaper of Record

We predicted it in yesterday's post, ahem :
"Plan on hearing a lot more gushing praise of sassy future NYC First Lady Ms McCray in the run-up to the elections: she is everything that the New York Times wet dreams about : smart, sassy (did we mention "sassy"?), minority, lesbian, racist-to-the-bone, and sassy." 
Well, right as rain, the hateful little weasels at the NYT stayed true to form - and our educated predictions -  and published a disingenuous laugh-fess of minority-outreach love right there on the front page of the "Thursday Styles" section of today's national print edition, in an article entitled: "The Afro As A Natural Expression Of Self."

L2R: Dante, Chiara, Bill, and Chirlane diBlasio: A Freak
Show Of Diabolical Proportions For Millions Of

What is crazy here is that the vermin at the Times know full well that there is a significant portion of the US population that is very  ill at ease with Bill de Blasio's "non-traditional" marital union and the hybrid offspring that has sprung, mutant-like, from it.

To that portion of the US population the civilization-wreckers at the NYT raise the Big Middle Finger and say: we're going to really rub it in your faces now, you ignorant haters.

That future NYC mayor (it's all but a given) de Blasio married a woman five years older than himself is cause enough for raised eyebrows. And the swine at the Times know this.

But the fact that de Blasio did the Guess Who's Coming To Dinner thing in such an outrageously provocative way, by marrying a dark-skinned black woman, is even more outrageous. So it is only normal that the untermensch at the New York Times would use this relative statistical anomoly to force their (white) readers to feel even more guilty than they already do, about not accepting enough the trending phenom of co-speciation - oops, we meant : The growing trend of interracial pairings and children, as endorsed by the diversity plutocrats of 42nd Street.

"Endorsed" only for now; if the evil, sick people at the NYT get their way, it will be required by law in very the near future.

Enway, today's "Thursday Styles" puff piece pretends to focus on deBlasio's poor son's giant afro hair-do.

It's all incredibly sad and incredibly twisted at the same time.

From the article :
"Willie Morrow, a pioneer of the blowout, as the Afro was known in the ’70s, and one who popularized the Afro-pick, the oversize comb that many wore like diadems, recalled, “When you walked down the street it made a firm statement, much like saggy pants make a statement today. Black parents would say to their youngsters, ‘Don’t wear that comb; it sends a message.’ ”
You read that correctly: the New York Times is giving here, tacit approval to the droopy pants look popular in the African American ghetto community. They think it's vibrant and cool.

It gets even more real. The last paragraph of this pitiful article reads :
"For now, though, a few designers are embracing the style. They include Marc Jacobs, who introduced sky-high Afros on his runway in 2009, and Rick Owens, who released a parade of Afro-wreathed models at his show in Paris last week. Mr. Owens said his models — dancers of varying physical types selected from campuses across the country — were pointedly rejecting conventional notions of beauty.
“We’re creating our own beauty,” Mr. Owens said." 
Correct: the evil nation-wreckers of 42nd St get all real n-sheet about breaking down Natural Law.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ; there simply is no universalism here. Move along please. No universalism here to see here folks.

Move along.

The New York Times : "Vainly, Self-Servingly, and  Disingenuously Attempting To Uplift The  African American't Community, Since 1966."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A New York Times Kind Of Gal ! Introducing NYC Mayoral Candidate (Beta Dweeb) Bill De Blasio's Sassy Wife And Co-Speciation Breeding Partner, Chirlane McCray

Plan on hearing a lot more gushing praise of sassy future NYC First Lady Ms McCray in the run-up to the elections: she is everything that the New York Times wet dreams about : smart, sassy (did we mention "sassy"?), minority, lesbian, racist-to-the-bone, and sassy.

Did we mention sassy?

Amazingly, her horrible little pussy dweeb husband DeBlasio is five year younger than the sassy (did we mention she's sassy) miss McCray. 

Seriously? The dude could not have scored better than her ?

It looks like this idiot deBlasio is slated to win the election, to replace the "data-driven" Hebrew-Jeebies governor that ordered the highly effective stop-and-frisk NYPD policy, while at the same time outlawing jumbo beverages and smoking in parks.

For whatever you hate about Bloomberg, at least the due had a passably attractive girlfriend and a house on Bermuda.

This DeBlasio character is bad news with a capital B for New York City: he wants to empower the poor and surplus-useless even more than the last great champion of New York City's useless welfare class did, namely David Dinkins (for whom Miss McCray wrote speeches, apparently).

Even more horrific however, is that de Blasio and McCray colluded in a freak laboratory cospeciation experiment that would have been illegal throughout 99% of the duration of human civilization, to produce this curiously coiffed hybrid freakazoid  :

NYC Mayoral Candidate de Blasio  And Family
Mark our words : the NYT will continue to shower praise on adulation on this sassy African American woman with such unrelenting regularity, that even the most uninformed, brainwashed  white sanitation and other union workers of the Far Rockaways will catch on to the Times' innately pro-minority Uplift Agenda.

Bill de Blasio's racist wife in 1971.  

It has started already, in a front page feature puff piece entitled : "Once Alienated, and NOw A Force in Her Husband's Bid for Mayor - Chirlane McCray Plays Key Role in de Blasio Campaign"

From the article :

 There was little sympathy at home, where her father, an inventory clerk at a military base, and her mother, an assembly worker at an electronics factory, waged their own battle to fit into an upper-middle-class town of strivers near Springfield, Mass. Ms. McCray was instructed to tell anyone who asked that her mother was a homemaker, just like the other women in the neighborhood, a lie she learned to repeat reflexively.
So she poured her disillusionment into poems and short stories, many of them laced with adolescent self-loathing. “I’ve spent my life as a Black girl,” she wrote years later. “A nappy-headed, no-haired, fat-lipped, big-bottomed Black girl and the poem will surely come out wrong like me.”
Her four years at Wellesley, an all-women’s, liberal arts college, brought both a long-sought social acceptance and a new form of rejection. Her being a lesbian was discovered when a classmate found her in an intimate dorm-room embrace with another woman. “Some of the women in my dorm were totally freaked out by it,” she said.
It was then that her social and political activism took root, building on the belief, articulated by a nascent group of like-minded women in Boston, that black lesbians had something different to say about discrimination and identity than the mainstream women’s liberation movement.
Ms. McCray joined what would become the Combahee River Collective, an influential collection of black feminist intellectuals, many of them gay, who felt overlooked by the 1970s politics of Betty Friedan and Ms. magazine.

Right before this quote in the article, the vermin at the NYT make outrageous accusations of evil white racism raising its ugly head and bullying poor Ms McCray in the early 1970s.

I went to public school in the south around that time, we had a tiny minority of black kids in class, nothing like this ever happened. Period. In the South, so fuggedaboutit when it comes to Massachusetts.

Sorry NYT scum: I'm not buying it.

We're not buying it.

Fuck you NYT vermin. You are lying scum with an agenda.

How dare you in 2013, in the age of Trayvon Martin facebook pages and millions spent on hoodies emblazoned with his likeness, how dare you print something like this, on your front page no less :

From the article :
She was the seventh-grader too frightened to stand in front of the room because her white classmates would mock her, contorting their mouths to make their lips look big. She was the smoldering teenager who took to writing poems every day to wrestle with her isolation and anger. She was the eldest daughter of one of the only black families in Longmeadow, Mass., who arrived home to see their new house scrawled with racist graffiti. 
“I had never had a deep sense of belonging anywhere,” recalled Chirlane McCray, whose husband, Bill de Blasio, is now the front-runner to become the next mayor of New York. “I always felt I was an outsider.” 
Now, this onetime student of powerlessness, a woman whose early identity was profoundly shaped by feelings of alienation — because of her race, her gender and her evolving sexuality — is emerging as the ultimate insider: a mastermind behind the biggest political upset of the year and a sought-after voice as the city re-evaluates what it most wants from its first family." 

The New York Times: Stoking the Flames Of Racial Animosity With The Same Chutzpah That Netanyahoo Godes The UN Assembly Over Iran At The Podium