Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The New York Times Wont Be Happy until the West Is Dead, Dead Dead

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Make no mistake: the greatest conspiracy in the history of the World is unfolding before your eyes, and the NYT is complicant in its doing.

This is not small potatoes people: this is the Decline of Rome all over again. The NYT is an agent of destruction, and YOU are their target.

Stop being naive; stop being complacent; stop allowing Amerika's newspaper of record free reign in the step-by-step destruction of the West.

It's not going to be easy, but you MUST stand up. Start by informing yourselves about what is really going on.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Man, This Is Getting Tiring: Every Day On The Front Page Of Amerika's Newspaper Of Record, Another Photo Of Some Dunghole From The Depths Of The Times' Beloved Turd World

Every DAY !

Somebody let me out of here - I can't take it anymore!

I don't know about you guys, but I have undergone a profound transformation in my worldview/thinking since I started getting my information primarily from the internet about five years ago. Before that, I spent a lot of time reading the New York Times. I considered myself well-informed after reading that one of the criteria for landing a State Department job would be reading religiously a national "newspaper of reference" such as the NYT for one solid year. But then everything I read in the Times seemed to be so out of synch with the information I was increasingly getting from the (Thank You Jesus) internet. All of this went down in about 2006 or so. If you look around, you will see that a lot of blogs like this one were started around that time period (one thing I've noticed is that just about every alt-right blog I frequent was started in 2008).

The New York Times furthers an agenda that is a lot more dark and sinister than you think. I'm still trying to figure it out. The "Culture of Critique" model goes only so far in explaining the Times' complicancy in the destruction of Western Civilization.

Make no mistake: as the euro continues to disintegrate and as nationalism/patriotism continue to rise in Europe, the establishment (NYT) is ever more desperate and determined to prevent the type of recurrence of nationalist sentiment that led to Nazi Germany.

The problem lies in the fact that there was an element of legitimacy in Germany's pre-war desire to stand up for itself. The real problem and the real tragedy is that they took a perfectly normal movement of national cohesion too far.

Alas, in nature too the pendulum often swings too far to both sides of the extreme.

The New York Times is now on the other extreme of that pendulum swing: without even talking about who is behind this dark crusade to get even with the West for its past predominance, the New York Times is clearly on a mission to undermine Western Civilization.

Next post we'll take a look at the incredibly articulate and reasonable Marine Le Pen of France (20% in the polls, equal to and sometimes exceeding Nicholas Sarkozy), and the way she is demonized across the board by the "pensée unique" One-Worlder do gooders at such institutions of mass disinformation as the New York Times.

Monday, November 28, 2011

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why Are Europeans (And the NYT) So Obsessed With Non-Europeans? ...

26NovMMXI - Clk2Enlrg
...and not the other way around?

Consider this series from Flickr :


It's one of a countless number of Flickr photo series of adoring, fawning portraits of exotic "noble savage" non-Europeans, photographed by guilt-riddled European travelers.

From the series:

Djenné Mosque, Mali
NOT : 
Chartres Cathedral, France

Apartment complex with Stone-Age roofing touches, Kenya

Paris, Sèvres Babylone



Here's Your Answer: Europeans have, through a long and arduous process of competitive compassion and self-effacement, as well as some seriously convoluted, soul-searching ideologies since the early 19th-century heights of European Global Dominance, been taught to believe that their privileged station in life is the result of some sort of inherit evil. (Euro-privilege?). 

The reality of course is a lot more complex, and not nearly as much of an indictment of past European achievement as the prevailing winds of politically correct one-world Utopianism would have you believe.

If you do a simple Flickr search of, say, Cameroon Africa, you will find thousands upon thousands of photos like the one of the UN-fed (and bred) African boy above. Namely: pictures of cute African kids taken by guilt-ridden, ideologically shallow Europeans.

Danielle Mitterand - wife of super-Lefty French prez François -  was buried in France today. She was 87. A bio of her life reveals the extent of her leftist bona-fides: she was a militant for "minority causes" the world over, her whole life long.

Well guess what Danny-girl: your side is winning. Congratulations. The "minorities" of the planet are exploding in number, while the do-gooder white liberals like yourself are a shrinking, endangered species. Pretty soon your beloved minorities will outnumber us Euros fifty - to - one, whereas in 1950 the world was practically One-Third euro. Already Bob Geldof's Live-Aid Ethiopia has more than TRIPLED in population, from 33 millions since that 1985 misguided white-guilt sob fest to over NINETY MILLION today!

Oh!, the Irony of it all! 

Front Page From Friday 25 Nov 2011

Nov25MMXI-Clk 2 Enlrg 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving From a One-Year-Old COTT

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Whoever can adequately explain Operation Solomon gets a free shipment of leftover Turkey !

Operation Solomon (1991): Can Somebody Please Tell Me WTF Is Going On Here?

Apart from the mind-numbing fact that the Israeli Air Force managed to cram almost 1200 black Africans into a 747 in this strange, covert military "repatriation" operation from Ethiopia to Jerusalem, I am totally confused as to how these Africans can be related to the likes of Einstein and Jerry Seinfeld.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Stephen Lawrence Anti-Racism Fanaticism in Britain, Redux: The New York Times It Seems Did Not Get the Memo About How the Internet Has Exposed Their Agenda (And The Facts On Interracial Criminality Not Just in Britain, But Everywhere in the West)

21NovMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Stephen Lawrence, the 19-year-old son of Jamaican immigrants to the UK, was knifed to death in 1993 by a group of angry white British kids, supposedly.

This incredibly rare occurrence of white-on-black violent crime in Britannia resulted in millions of miles of column inches and endless soul searching, parliamentary committees, street-renamings, statues to the deceased and the like.

In the USA, we have Rosa Parks and Rodney King; in Great Britain, they have Stephen Lawrence.

Never mind that the alleged crime occurred almost two decades ago: the anti-racist diversity enforcers in the soon-to-be dead UK felt the need to re-try the crime at Old Baily, and Amerika's newspaper of record similarly felt the need to re-shine the spotlight on a crime so statistically unusual that it almost defies belief, in another whitey-be bad puff piece penned by Times communist John Burns and entitled "Racial Justice in Britain on Trial".

From the article :
Today, whites in Britain are about a billion times more likely to be attacked with a knife by non-whites than the other way around. You know that Mister Burns knows this. But he would never say it. Even if his daughter were slashed and raped. The competitive compassion that drives him (and ensures his job security) trumps all practical matters when it comes to the reality of racial dystopia in the New Britain.

Wouldn't it be nice to see just a single New York Times journo with a pair of balls, stand up against the NWO "pensée unique" (politically correct "unique thinking") and write honestly about the truth behind non-majority criminality, in Britain and everywhere in the West?

Is there any chance that such bravery may occur in our lifetimes?

Answer: Don't count on it, not among the elites of the Western World's news organizations anyway. It would be career suicide for them. Sadly, the system for now is too strongly rigged in their favor.

The New York Times: Living The Lie Since 1965.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19th Front Page

19Nov MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Sorry, forgot to insert this previously.

Beat The Times Paywall

Help put a stop to the Crimes of the New York Times! Beat their paywall and spread the word.

Simply delete the question mark in the URL and hit "enter", like so :

The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper! Help us bring it down!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The NYT Glorifies the "First Lady" In An Unbelievable Display of Patronizing Uplift

18NvMMXI - Clk 2 Enrlg
Don't forget that the First Tranny was too dumb to get into Princeton, and that when they did admit her, (excluding some poor higher-IQ white girl in the process), Miss Robinson spent her Princeton campus time devoted to wailing on how racist whitey was, in that ridiculous anti-white thesis we've all cringed over:


Anyway, in another Obama uplift piece published in the sad pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, we have : "First Lady Takes On Role Of Staff Energizer."

I'm too depressed right now to get into it further. Sorry!

Just look at the NYT pick printed today, and read the linked article, you'll see all you need to know what we're talking about :

Michelle "First Time I'm Proud of My Country" Robinson Obama, is one of the most disgusting, ungrateful (to whitey) stomach-turning manifestations of BRA in 2011. If this woman is beautiful, then the masterpiece I just squeezed out in the upstairs toilet is worth billions.

Sorry, shitty post today. Feeling gloomy and uninspired. With sights like that (above), who wouldn't FFS?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

As The NYT's Pipe Dream of Monetary Egalitarianism For Europe Crashes And Burns, The Times Editorial Board Prints A Shocking Column That Exposes Their Hateful Elitism

"Damn the people!", says Amerika's newspaper of record.

"The people are soulless, unenlightened scum!", they scream.

"The people do not know what is good for them!", insist the four-eyed demagogues of 42nd Street, stamping their feet like frustrated children as their sinister agenda for the destruction of the West faces a hurdle, slowing their plan for its total breakdown, as a handful of courageous dissidents start to speak out louder and louder of the impending implosion of the euro.

The Times' dream-world of currency egalitarianism - even on a limited scale* - is fast unravelling in a besieged Europe.  (*Imagine if the psycho-utopian diversity-enforcers at the New York Times could really get their way, and impose a globalized euro, where European and African economies were considered equal, and thus shared a common currency, as radically different countries in the Europe of Seventeen do now).

Make no mistake: the euro experiment was a SNYTL ("Stuff NYT Likes")-style One Worlder experiment designed to bear out their most radical utopian egalitarian fantasies.

On the Op-Ed page of today's national edition, the crypto-delusional morality athletes of the New York Times' editorial board published an opinion piece entitled "Europe's Contagion".

The first sentence in the 3rd paragraph is all you really need to see to understand the sickeningly condescending and elitist worldview of Amerika's newspaper of record.

From the article : 

You read that right: don't let the people decide, they're stupid. Instead, we must trust the same elites who have basically sold Western Civilization down the river, then everything will be okay.

Because we said so.


- The New York Times Editorial Board

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The New York Times: Kill This Disgusting Newspaper !

Beat its paywall! It's incredibly easy: simply go to nytimes.com. Erase everything in the URL after the question mark, including the question mark (?).

Like so :

Then press enter.

The New York Times: Working Overtime to Destroy Western Civilization Since 2009.

Monday, November 14, 2011

NYT Publisher Pinky's Son A.G. Is Jubilant As Daddy's War On The Majority Blitzkriegs Through The Plains

14NovMMXI-Clk 2 Enlrg
As we have seen countless times before, the psycho-delusional anti-Western fanatical maggots at Amerika's newspaper of record bust out the noisemakers and the party hats every time a minority group scores points in the demographics-is-destiny game.

Today they published "Hispanics Reviving Faded Towns on the Plains," another pro-taco anti-majority puff piece penned by A.G. Sulzberger, son of NYT publisher Pinky.

Here's a photo of AGS:

You know he won't be happy until the United States is 51% Turd World - that's what every single one of his articles (he's only 29 and only started writing for the Times in 2009) says and has always said since the beginning.

How is it possible for treasonous scum like this to exist? How is it possible to hate so much the founding stock of this nation, and indeed every nation of the West, and to show such love for Mexicans (in this particular instance)?

Answer: competitive compassion on stilts.

What's sad though is you'd think this kid would be smart enough to realize how predictable and conformist his narrative is, and as a result how totally stupid this makes him look. Like a really smart blond-haired chick but with a skank stamp on her ass featuring a misspelled expression in Chinese characters. "How could you be so stupid to disfigure yourself like that?" you'd ask her.

And she'd say: "All my girlfriends were doing it."

Same thing with Pinky's son. Laughably shallow peer pressure to tow the leftist line.

From the article:
Notice the way this  swine glorifies the linguistic fragmentation of the country, as if transforming the US into a giant multi-lingual federation of disparate groups is the height of enlightenment and moral rectitude.

Seriously, how it is possible to be such a verminous little maggot?

It gets worse. From the article :
Yes, it's not good enough for the diversity enforcers at the New York Times that this hated white woman has already been brow-beaten into instinctively feeling the need to beg forgiveness for uttering the slightest words of resistance to the takeover of her ancestral home by five foot-tall football-shaped mestizos. No! She needs to shut her hateful yap and take it lying down!

Even the photo the Times chose to publish with this article is loaded with disgusting subliminal suggestions of white privilege courageously being stamped out by the noble and pure amerindian liberators from the South:
The New York Times: Purveyors of A Dark, Sinister Agenda Of Outsider-Empowerment Since 1965

Sickening Dishonesty About Criminal Trends From the Diversity-Enforcers at the New York Times

Somebody needs to show the lying communists at Amerika's newspaper of record a copy of "The Color of Crime."

Instead of showing the real face of who is committing gun crimes in the US, the delusional anti-Western maggots at the Times give us this picture: 

The article is entitled "Felons Finding It Easier to Get Gun Rights Reinstated," and to add insult to the injury of publishing a photo of five scary-looking white guys and one harmless-looking pappy Sanford black, the Times goes on to blame the very people who are routinely victimized by the criminals that are not depicted in the photo above, for creating the problem in the first place :

The New York Times: Publishing Blatant Lies In Its War On The (Shrinking) Majority

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Understanding the New York Times' Crusade to Destroy Western Civilization

The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper. It is part of a dark cabal of hateful forces that have been evolving and, like a hideous monster, gaining strength over time.

Its agenda is dark and evil; it wants nothing more than to destroy Western Civilization from within, column by sinister column.

From an article published on page A17 of today's national edition, in the "New York" section, we get a clear indicator of this sad reality, entitled "At 'Occupy' Protests, Bearing Christian Witness Without Preaching," by Times communist and diversity-panderer Mark Oppenheimer in a column known - sickly - as "Beliefs."

From the article (which talks about the beliefs of the OWS protesters globally) :

What is the New York Times trying to do here?

Answer: destroy Christianity brick by brick.

Oh great, let's demolish a religion that has built hospitals and schools for millennia, and let's glorify a cult that puts women in burlap sacks and venerates a prophet who married a nine-year old girl. Wonderful.

The New York Times hates religion, as long as that religion is not Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. You get the picture.

What is most saddening to me, is that the Catholic Church, as an institution, has been one of the greatest civilizing forces on the planet for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and yet a few sadistic perverts in their ranks manage to de-legitimize that Great Institution's contribution to humanity in just a few short years.

I urge readers to check out the travelogue of this intrepid couple - Frederik and Josephine - a 20s-something SWPL pair from Belgium who undertook an amazing, multi-year-long journey through darkest Africa aboard their Land Cruiser. They journeyed into lands deep in the Dark Continent where a white man had not been seen in literally decades.

What is noteworthy for the purposes of this post, and again I urge you to spend a few hours perusing Frederik and Jospehine's fascinating journey, is that every time in deep dark Africa, when they pulled up to a new village after a harrowing day of overlanding, the only - repeat only -  place of civilization to be found in every village was the catholic missionary church.

Competitive altruism is a Euro thing generally, and a Catholic thing specifically. What other peoples have combed the planet to build missionary hospitals and schools?

Answer: none.

Beware the New York Times: It is turning history on its head, never mind the present.

The New York Times Snickers At And Trivializes Minority Criminality, Compares The "Art" Of A Lurking Erectus Career Criminal Thieving Scum In The Subway With Michelangelo

Nov12MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg Yo
This really has to be seen to be believed: in yet another "Aw Shucks" propaganda puff piece chronicling serious criminality in the New York City subway system, Times communist and See-No-Evil diversity cajoler Michael Wilson gives us another "competitive compassion meets cognitive dissonance" psycho-fest of HBD denial entitled "Subway Thief? Or Just An Expert on Wallets And Razor Blades?", that was published on page A16 of today's national edition in the "New York" section of Amerika's newspaper of record.

The verminous civilization-murdering eunuchs at the New York Times think this is all a jolly fun game, and that they are your moral superiors  because they always stand up for the little guy. Their motto after all is: "To comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

The Times makes no bones about this particular aspect of their social justice crusade: non-white ethnic groups in general, and American Africans in particular, no matter what, can never, ever be portrayed in a negative light, no matter how barbarous and depraved their crimes. Meanwhile, the builders of civilization as we know it must be pilloried and demonized at every turn, and portrayed as freaks, losers, psychopaths and abusers, irregardless of how incongruous and uncommon to reality that picture might be.

In one of the more sickening displays of Times scum-coddling we've seen in a while, NYT "Crime Scene" columnist Michael Wilson gives us the story of career criminal and lifetime society-tumor Robert Bookard, 48, who is currently locked up on Riker's Island after being busted by an undercover NYC detective while attempting to rob a sleeping man on a subway train of his wallet. The Times actually published a story one week ago about these so-called "lush workers" (see story here):  because they use an old-fashioned straight razor to slice open their victim's pants pocket, and because some of them are as old as 80, the New York Times finds their crimes quaint and amusing.

This is what Times communist Wilson had to say about the "art" of the lush worker:
So once again, we have the freakazoids at Amerika's newspaper of record engaging in wholesale blame-shifting and insane revisionism, when it comes to the metastasizing tumor that is the disgusting, ever-more brazen criminal element in Western society.

In other words, according to the New York Times, this career criminal oxygen thief who has spent a lifetime victimizing innocent individuals and costing society at large enormous sums:

...is exactly equal to : 

...in terms of cultural and artistic achievement. 

The New York Times: Taking historical and cultural relativism Too Far since 1976. 

Why Is There a Video of the Station Nightclub Fire in Crimes of the Times?...

...And how does this relate to the New York Time's criminal assault on all things Western? 

Answer: (from a New York Times article chronicling the aftermath of the Station Nightclub fire of February, 2003, in Warwick Rhode Island, entitled "Five Years After A Nightclub Fire, Survivors Struggle to Remake Their Lives" and published on February 17th, 2008):

So, what happens if you do a NYT search of this fire tragedy, and the much-loved (by the Times) 
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1904? 

Answer : 2400 results : 

A similar search for the gigantic fire burned all those hated white proles in R.I. reveals this (383 results) :

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Loving Lex Luger, the NYT Magazine Redefines Hypocrisy

As we've seen countless times in pervious posts, the disingenuous white liberals (DWLs) at the New York Times feel it is their mission to always depict black people in a positive light, no matter how insanely unrealistic this might be. (The NYT doesn't even consider the option of showing them negatively).

In a breathless squealing love-fest of erectus-worship that appeared in Sunday's Magazine, we have contributing Times communist Alex Pappademas screaming the praises of some new (c)rapper named Lex Luger, the whole while sneering at the white people who are too unenlightened to comprehend the transcendental nature of (c)rap music.

The article, "Lex Luger Can Write A Hit Rap Song In The Time It Takes To Read This,"  has a title that warns the reader, rather not-so-subtly: "this article might be a little pro-african american."

And sure enough, Pappademas jumps into it feet first, and naked.

Now, a feature-length magazine article about an "artist" whose music is set to lyrics such as:
I dont' go to college but the dorm room is my domainFull of pretty bitches show me how they use there brainThey suckin for homework gettin that dome workedJust to say they got with Juicy J and they did it firstOn a bean drinkin dirty spriteBout to fuck that bitch raw bout to roll the diceSex drugs rap music is that college lifeGettin smoked out stoner's night
...might have its place in High Times or Jet, but in Amerika's newspaper of record?  Isn't the Times putting Cain's accuser on the front page every day? Doesn't the Times care about women's feelings?

Instead, this is what the Times has to say about the family planning values of ghetto misogyny:
Somebody needs to tell the New York Times that they can't have it both ways. Oh wait, that's what this site is all about!

As if the act of inserting his tongue into the Luger's rectum and pedestalizing him like he was spawn of MLK material wasn't embarrassing enough, this silly wigger Pappademas has to throw in a little majority-hatred for good measure. 

From the article : 

I don't know about you, but when I'm on the phone with a client and some gangsta is driving by three blocks away in a loudspeaker on wheels, I find the forced interruption of my conversation irritating, not the height of cultural achievement. But I guess I'm not subtle enough to comprehend the "flourish." 

And... it gets worse: it's as if the gangsta has contagiously rubbed off on Pappademas, who realizes that no respectable journalist can write lovingly about (c)rap music without simultaneously spitting on white people. 

From the article: 
Hmm. As if that would ever happen, without the white guy being being shot up, dragged from the car and head-stomped.

So let's conclude our study. The New York Times says:

...subtle, irreverent, oppressed by systemic racism, enlightened, highly intelligent despite heavy drug usage and little schooling, noble, not savage, supremely creative, edgy, magnificent, cool;


...racist, passé, cheap, uncool, unenlightened, unfunny, probably doesn't get a lot of intercourse, deserves to die. 

That sounds about right, right? 


Monday, November 7, 2011

New York City Marathon - What's Wrong With This Picture?

Two Kenyans With the Same Last Name Win The NYC Marathon, HBD Reality Bitch-Slaps the Wishful-Thinking Reality Fugitives at the New York Times in The Face, and Yet Amerika's Newspaper of Record Stubbornly Sticks to Their Egalitarian Myth of One-Worlderism Despite All the Twitterized Evidence to the Contrary

A picture tells a thousand words :

This photo of the two East Africans who predictably came in first and second in yesterday's NYC marathon foot race (which curiously like the photo of the sole white male wheezing in the photo in my previous post - which appeared on the front page of the NYT today no less -  were nowhere to be found on the Times' web site today) shows two gentlemen who are clearly from another epoch of human development. (As in, an epoch two to three hundred thousand years ago, maybe more).

When I first saw this picture, I honestly thought that the dude on the right - Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya -  was the winner of the female race. "Wow, what nostrils" I thought, "Since when did Kenyans start having rhinoplasty to make it look like they had penii implanted on their faces?"

Yes, I know, that's not a very nice thing to say. But hey, can't I be disappointed that one of ours didn't win the race?

I guess not.

Says the New York Times :

So here we have the New York Times face-to-face with the irrefutable evidence of HBD differences in long-distance running ability.

And yet instead of admitting the obvious, the Times sticks to their time-honored narrative of all men exactly the same, No Matter What.

New York City Marathon: Amerika's Newspaper of Record Shows Its HBD-Denial, Xenophilic Bona Fides in Another Embarrassing Fit of Hypocrisy

The Winners : 

The Loser :