Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, June 30, 2014

YBMs Shoot Up The Crowd Again In New Orleans...

...and the verminous, deceitful, lying swine at the New York Times again have not the balls to call a spade a spade.

Here's the highly informative article from Amerika's newspaper of record for the incident in question:

"Crossfire Hits 9 On A Street That Defines New Orleans"

And here's the video of the rambunctious misunderstood "youth" shooting into the crowd :


Saturday, June 21, 2014

To Understand The Real Story Behind The "Central Park Five" And The Verminous Reality-Reversing Antics Of Lying Propagandist Filmmaker Ken Burns And Self-Loathing Beta White Mayor Of NYC Billy "Warren Wilhelm" de Blasio, Read This Account From The Excellent Jewish Crime Chronicler Nicholas Stix

Allah Bless this Man.

Larry Auster would be glad to know that he is fighting the good fight :

Friday, June 20, 2014

In Bill deBlasio’s New York, Crime Pays! Violent, Racist, Central Park Five Thugs to Get $40 Million in Secret Settlement; They Owe Their Bounty to the Burns Gang; New York Times Offers Cover Story

Lawyers, in foreground, and the five defendants in the Central Park rape case of a female jogger waiting for the ruling in February 1990 in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. (James Estrin/The New York Times)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank the reader who sent me this story last night, minutes after it appeared online, exclaiming, “A TRAVESTY AND A DISGRACE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, A SICK JOKE.”

For once, all caps was the way to go.

There are some stories I’ve covered, where I felt like I could’ve and should’ve done more. This is not one of those stories. I did everything humanly possible, crossed all my T’s and dotted all my I’s, but still the bad guys won.

The five attackers are not entitled to one penny of taxpayers’ money. Their entire argument is that police and prosecutors engaged in misconduct against them. However, even Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau, when he applied to get their convictions vacated, denied that any police officers or prosecutors had engaged in misconduct.

In 1990, prior to the two split trials of the five attackers, Justice Thomas Galligan spent over seven weeks on a “Huntley Hearing:” to determined whether the attackers’ confessions should be thrown out. He ruled them all admissible, as did the appeals court later.

The $40 million ghetto lottery the attackers just won is due to the evil of:

New York City Mayor Bill Wilhelm de Blasio;
The New York media; and
What I call the Burns Gang, of alleged documentary director Ken Burns, his daughter Sarah, and her husband, David McMahon.

DeBlasio wanted to rob New York’s white and Asian net taxpayers to give to the attackers, not in spite of their being guilty as hell, but because of it. DeBlasio hates whites, and loves black and Hispanic criminals.

Though the New York media initially did a decent job covering the crime, that 25 years ago, and newsroom politics have gotten even more racist since then. Look at the New York Times article below. Even the headline is a lie: “5 Exonerated [sic] in Central Park Jogger Case Will Settle Suit for $40 Million.” The attackers were never exonerated, and that’s not simply my opinion, but a legal fact. Their convictions and sentences were vacated. In order for the attackers to have been exonerated, they would have had to have an evidentiary hearing, and a new trial, neither of which happened.

In the fairy tale concocted by Dwyer and main author Benajmin Weiser, the whole case rested on a phony story concocted by racist, crooked cops and prosecutors:

The initial story of the crime, as told by the police and prosecutors, was that a band of young people, part of a larger gang that rampaged through Central Park, had mercilessly beaten and sexually assaulted the jogger.

That wasn't a "story"; that was what happened. The Central Park Five may or may not have raped Trisha Meili, but they certainly did sexually abuse her, and they accused each other of having raped her. It's not the fault of police and prosecutors for having believed them.

That Jim Dwyer gets credit for working on the Times story is no surprise; he was a major accomplice of the Burns Gang.

Which brings us to the Burns Gang. Ken Burns admitted that his motivation in making his propaganda movie, The Central Park Five, with his daughter and son-in-law, was to get the attackers a(n undeserved) windfall. His daughter, Sarah, also wrote a book with the same name. The movie and book are both works of race fiction, which re-write history, to promote the racial fairy tale of police and prosecutorial abuse concocted by the attackers’ lawyers.

I have been following this case since the original crime, in April 1989. I have covered it since 2000. I have published exposés on it at Toogood Reports, Front Page Magazine, Middle American News (here and here ), and VDARE. My two most recent VDARE reports on the crime and the hoax which portrayed the five heinous, racist attackers as innocent victims of “racial profiling” appeared this spring:

“‘It Was Fun’—Robert K. Tanenbaum vs. the Central Park Five, 25 Years Later”; and

“Ken Burns’ The Central Park Five: The New To Kill a Mockingbird—Fiction Designed to Induce White Guilt.”

My reports include interviews with legal legends Robert K. Tanenbaum and Michael F. Armstrong. I have reposted the exhaustive, 2003 investigative report researched and written for the NYPD, whose primary author was Michael F. Armstrong. ( I have also reposted the 16,000-word, 2002 affidavit by ADA Nancy Ryan of DA’s Office, seeking to vacate the convictions of the admitted and confessed attackers, aka the “Central Park Five.”)

Yet another exhaustive, almost 23,000-word investigative report was authored by
Thomas Clough in 2002, and revised in 2003.

Finally, attorney and former Manhattan prosecutor
Robert K. Tanenbaum wrote his own investigative report on the case.

Bait Car : What Would Darwin Say ?

This coddled pre-human, whose ancestors never even figured out the wheel, steels a  kee-yah.

Hilarity ensues.

Meanwhile in New York City, Warren Wilhelm aka Billy Boy de Blasio - the 6-foot tall new mayor married to a black lesbian 5 years his senior - pressures the city comptroller into paying out forty million dollars to the "Central Park Five".

More on that last case a little later.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Common Core Curriculum In NYC's "Failing" Public Schools, Patholigically Flawed Wishful Thinking When It Comes To Low Tests Scores (World-) Nation-Wide, And Amerika's Newspaper of Record's Complicity In Disguising Mass Immigration From Low-IQ Countries As An Education, Not An IMMIGRATION, Issue

Two days ago, the misleading-us vermin at the New York Times published yet another ideologically super-charged, fantastically misinformational  propaganda puff piece right there on their front page - the most expensive real estate in publishing worldwide - entitled  :

"Common Core, In 9 Year-Old Eyes"


"Common Core" is the story essentially of a hurricane-displaced  illiterate Haitian 72 IQ single-mammy (two points higher than the Haitian median) invader named Carline Alcindor, who benefited from the 2010 earthquake that shook every single two-story cinderblock structure in that bedeviled country to the ground, by being allowed along with her chirren entry into the United States, along with hundreds of thousands of others like her.

After the great quake of 2010, Carline brought the fruit of her prodigious loins to New York City, where one of the tens of thousands of refugee settlement agencies operating in the USA immediately found for her and her chirren, free lodging, free food, free food stamps, and of course free admittance to all-free Public School.

[Note: in the cited NYT article, not once is it mentioned that all the services these recently-arrived refugees are provided are 100% free (nor for that matter is any mention of the fact that tens of millions of other illegal alien "dreamers" are likewise furnished with billions of dollars of free services - from day-care to diaper change to free prams to free sneakers to free tonsillectomies and the list drones on. Free goodies that those back home in Guatemala, Honduras and Elsalvador hear about through the grapevine, and come searching for in the Promised Land of Gullible White People].

Soon after being set up in an apartment by Catholic Refugee Resettlement Services or the like, Mademoiselle Carline was assigned some kind of sinecure changing bedpans in a Queens nursing home, catering to future-time versions of her self-same (and no doubt to the dismay of her dribbling clientele), this of course the good journos at the New York Times make sure to point out, lest we surmise that anything about this high-fertility low-IQ woman's presence on US soil is anything but a "win-win" situation for the USA.


The lies about immigration commence with the very title that New York Times communist Javier Hernandez uses for his article. Indeed, "Common Core, In 9 Year-Old Eyes," suggests to the reader (remember this is front page stuff) that this article is about education policy in Amerika's inner cities, whereas in fact this article is all about immigration (non-policy).

And what an article it is.

From Mr. Hernandez's "Common Core"  :
Almost all of the fourth graders who arrived in Ms. Matthew’s classroom in September had failed state exams the previous spring. Only a few students could form persuasive arguments; most filled their notebooks with meandering personal memories. Many struggled with basic math skills. Ms. Matthew, concerned about morale, called each student to her desk at the beginning of the year. “Please don’t think you are a failure,” she told them, one by one.
Ms. Matthew, 32, an immigrant from Grenada who had taught for a decade, knew that her students carried unusual burdens. There was Stella, who had arrived in New York four years earlier without knowing much English, fleeing the horror of an earthquake in Haiti. There was Lamott, who dreamed of one day dribbling down the court of Madison Square Garden, but whose parents rarely took time to read to him at home.
And there, at the front of the classroom, was Chrispin, a reserved boy whose cheery glances obscured his own struggles. He was one of three Alcindors in the fourth grade, triplets born during a thunderstorm in Port-au-Prince on Dec. 27, 2004.

The vermin at the New York Times are complicit in a mass cover-up and indeed in a crime, by continuing to play into the Equalist Lie.

Let's face it: cranking out reams of programs and propaganda that keep screaming at really stupid children like Christopher that he is college material, that he could be a doctor or a lawyer or even an engineer, let's face it this is sick child abuse, there's no other word for it.

Just think how much more effective public education in America would be and would have been, if instead of Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court had ruled that at the beginning of every school year, in front of every so-called "failing" school, it would be required that a teacher address that year's failing class with a speech along these lines :
"You know children, even though every single one of you failed this school's standardized test this year, this failure is through no fault of your own, and you mustn't feel bad about it.

"Failing this test does not mean that you have done something wrong, or are in any way less equal to other students who passed the test. On the contrary, your failing scores prove that you were honest and true while taking the test, and can now be accurately assigned a place in Western society. And this does not necessarily mean on the production line of a Tyson food plant in the MidWest. The fact is that the U.S. government has millions upon millions of well-paying jobs reserved for low-scoring students like yourselves. 
"Throughout history there have been low-scorers like yourselves. But they have often risen to positions of greatness. 

 "So please go out and find a government job, be happy, and try not to have too many kids. Also: no rioting. Thank you."

In the same way that the vermin at the New York Times are utopian idealists and wishful thinkers - hoping beyond hope that Haitians, sub-Saharans and Australian Aboriginals will in the right public school environment perform exactly equal to the sons and daughters of Scandinavian chemical engineers - I dream of the day in Utopia too, when public school teachers in New York City will be allowed to tell their students the truth about Why Haiti Failed.

I dream of the day when public school teachers in New York City will be allowed to explain to these poor children why they can't grasp basic math or perform on the same level intellectually as their Asian counterparts. The day when Dr. Samuel Morton's "Crania Americana" becomes required reading for fifth graders, and discussion of Cargo Cults, the lies of Stephen Jay Gould and other Frankfurt School sabotage experts becomes mandatory by the Eighth.

In that perfect future world, instead of public school hallways lined with posters devoted to Black History Month and assorted MLK speches, in my perfect Public School world, there would instead be charts illustrating the work of people like Dr. Morton, Lothrop Stoddard,  Hesketh Pritchard, and Rudyard Kipling. 

One can dream, can't one?


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Flash From The Past : On The 20th Anniversary Of "Black Football Celeb Murders His White Wife," Coalburner Nicole Brown Simpson's Practically Illegible Musings To Her Wife-Slasher Negro Husband Are Revealed

It's been 20 years since OJ duped the entire planet into thinking that there was nothing repeat NOTHING wrong with the SCOTUS  repeal of Loving vs. Virginia and its long-term consequences.

Poor Nicole was obviously a rather bulb (as evidenced by the letter below): she managed to get herself impregnated by the OJ at least twice, but she was simply too uninformed and too stupid to understand the Real Danger that she was in.

Nicole was a beautiful white woman who believed what the MSM were telling her at the time. She thought it was good and progressive and noble to first flirt with then date then fuck then lend her womb to a stabby black savage in the name of "progress" and "reconciliation".

Truthfully, I do not blame Nicole for what happened to her throat.

I don't even blame the Noble Savage Feetsball Player who did it to her : both victim and perp were simply too stupid and too Under The Influence to realize that they were being manipulated in the first place by far greater, far more globalized, Forces of Evil.


RIP Nicole Brown "Simpson"

Behold her letter of protest to her tanzanian-Teflon "husband" :

Nicole Brown Simpson's letter to O.J. Simpson

(This letter was introduced in Simpson's civil trial)

Text of undated letter from Nicole Brown Simpson to O.J. Simpson. Simpson testified he never received the letter.
  O.J. --
I think I have to put this all in a letter. Alot of years ago I used to do much better in a letter, I'm gonna try it again now.
I'd like you to keep this letter if we split, so that you'll always know why we split. I'd also like you to keep it if we stay together, as a reminder.
Right now I am so angry! If I didn't know that the courts would take Sydney & Justin away from me if I did this I would (expletive) every guy including some that you know just to let you know how it feels.
I wish someone could explain all this to me. I see our marriage as a huge mistake & you don't.
I knew what went on in our relationship before we got married. I knew after 6 years that all the things I thought were going on -- were! All the things I gave in to -- all the "I'm sorry for thinking that" "I'm sorry for not believing you" -- "I'm sorry for not trusting you."
I made up with you all the time & even took the blame many times for your cheating. I know this took place because we fought about it alot & even discussed it before we got married with my family & a minister.
OK before the marriage I lived with it & dealt with (illegible) mainly because you finally said that we weren't married at the time.
I assumed that your recurring nasty attitude & mean streak was to cover up your cheating & a general disrespect for women & a lack of manners!
I remember a long time ago a girlfriend of yours wrote you a letter -- she said well you aren't married yet so let's get together. Even she had the same idea of marriage as me. She believed that when you marry you wouldn't be going out anymore -- adultery is a very important thing to many people.
It's one of the 1st 10 things I learned at Sunday school. You said it (illegible) some things you learn at school stick! And the 10 Comandments did!
I wanted to be a wonderful wife!
I believed you that it would finally be "you & me against the world" -- that people would be envious or in awe of us because we stuck through it & finally became one a real couple.
I let my guard down -- I thought it was finally gonna be you & me -- you wanted a baby (so you said) & I wanted a baby -- then with each pound you were terrible. You gave me dirty looks looks of disgust -- said mean things to me at times about my appearance walked out on me & lied to me.
I remember one day my mom said "he actually thinks you can have a baby & not get fat."
I gained 10 to 15 lbs more that I should have with Sydney. Well that's by the book -- Most women gain twice that. It's not like it was that much -- but you made me feel so ugly! I've battled 10 lbs up & down the scale since I was 15 -- It was no more X-tra weight than was normal for me to be up -- I believe my mom -- you thought a baby weighs 7 lbs & the woman should gain 7 lbs. I'd like to finally tell you that that's not the way it is -- And had you read those books I got you on pregnancy you may have known that.
Talk about feeling alone ....
In between Sydney & justin you say my clothes bothered you -- that my shoes were on the floor that I bugged you -- Wow that's so terrible! Try I had a low self esteem because since we got married I felt like the paragraph above.
There was also that time before Justin & after few months Sydney, I felt really good about how I got back into shape and we made out. You beat the holy hell out of me & we lied at the X-ray lab & said I fell off a bike ... Remember!??
Great for my self esteem.
There are a number of other instances that I could talk about that made my marriage so wonderful ... like the televised Clipper game & going to (illegible) before the game & your 40th birthday party & the week leading up to it. But I don't like talking about the past It depressed me.
Then came the pregnancy with Justin & oh how wonderful you treated me again -- I remember swearing to God & myself that under no circumstances would I let you be in that delivery room.
I hated you so much.
And since Justin birth & the mad New Years Eve beat up.
I just don't see how our stories compare -- I was so bad because I wore sweats & left shoes around & didn't keep a perfect house or comb my hair the way you liked it -- or had dinner ready at the precise moment you walked through the door or that I just plain got on your nerves sometimes.
I just don't see how that compares to infidelity, wife beating verbal abuse --
I just don't think everybody goes through this --
And if I wanted to hurt you or had it in me to be anything like the person you are -- I would have done so after the (illegible) incident. But I didn't even do it then. I called the cops to save my life whether you believe it or not. But I didn't pursue anything after that -- I didn't prosecute, I didn't call the press & I didn't make a big charade out of it. I waited for it to die down and asked for it to. But I've never loved you since or been the same.
It made me take a look at my life with you -- my wonderful life with the superstar that wonderful man, O.J. Simpson the father of my kids -- that husband of that terribly insecure (illegible) -- the girl with no self esteem (illegible) of worth -- she must be (illegible) those things to with a guy like that.
It certainly doesn't take a strong person to be with a guy like that and certainly no one would be envious of that life.
I agree after we married things changed -- we couldn't have house fulls of people like I used to have over & barbque for, because I had other responsabilities. I didn't want to go to alot of events & I'd back down at the last minute on fuctions & trips I admit I'm sorry --
I just believe that a relationship is based on trust -- and the last time I trusted you was at our wedding ceremony. it's just so hard for me to trust you again. Even though you say you're a different guy. That O.J. Simpson guy brought me alot of pain heatache -- I tried so hard with him -- I wanted so to be a good wife. But he never gave me a chance.


Here's the most amazing part: the racial dynamics of the Simpson murder did not become fully aware to me, until practically an entire DECADE after the Trial Of The Century went down.

Granted, I was living in another country in 1994.

But still, this little tidbit of trivia gives you an idea of the impossible powers of coverup and obfuscation that the MSM possesses.


Next question: what was the New York Times' official position on the "Trial Of The Century"?

We will examine that in a future post.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cambodian Orphanage Scandal: Hilarious, Priceless Payback Time For DWL, SWPL-Types, Including The New York Times' Own Nicholas Kristoff

Sun. 15 June MMXIV
This shit is hilarious: for years and years now, White people in the west, without even understanding
that they are being literally erased/replaced from the face of the earth, have been emptying the bed pans of the world's Great Unwashed in a sickening display of pathological altruism, or what we at COTT like to call "competitive compassion."

Whether through "Smile Train" or "Save the Children" or the countless other DWL agencies set up by whites worldwide to assist non-whites - remember that Haiti alone has 10,000 charity NGOs - in a frenzied globalized mass status-whoring operation, starry-eyed European folk have been assisting other races in foreign lands since the first Christian missionaries set up shop in Darkest Africa five centuries ago.

And so it comes with bittersweet schadenfreude that news of a gigantic suck-the-teet-of-gullible-Whitey scheme emerges from Cambodia, where for years now, apparently, stupid, status-whoring, competitive compassionate white people have been pouring billions of dollars and lots of personal on-site effort to provide support to a make-believe "orphans' crisis," whose sole purpose was to suck sympathy and funds out of the West, and float the paper bank accounts of slanty-eyed Camnbodian business people who see right through the white guilt that fuels big-money pathological altruism.

The best part is that, reminiscent of their beloved AA hire Jason Blair, the verminous New York Times had to admit that their own Nicholas Kristoff had fallen for the bait, too. And in a Huge Way.

Here's the article :

"Cambodian Activist's Fall Exposes Broad Deception"

OMG priceless. How can you not love this stuff?

From the article :

For a time, Ms. Mam was considered the country’s most famous orphan. She wrote an autobiography that described her as an orphan trafficked into sexual slavery, and she was often described in heroic terms in the American news media, including in columns by Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times. Mr. Kristof wrote in a recent blog post that given the doubts the recent revelations raised for him, he wished he had never written about her.

LMAO on the floor !

The greedy gooks of Cambodia could not give two shits about the reed-thin chirren from the rice paddies who dinnit have enough rice to eat. All they cared about was suckering the Angelina Jolies of the (white, modern) world to : (A) Adopt-a-Cambodian orphan chirren in a high-profile way ; (B) Convince thousands of gullible, totally pre-programmed White people worldwide to supply millions upon hundreds of millions of dollars to programs designed to prop-up Turd World countries (and in the process, facilitate the Population Explosion of said countries, à la Ethiopia - which had about 33 million starving potential marathon runners back in 1985, when Bob Geldolf got involved, to almost 100 million today!! (Source: CIA World Factbook).  All of whom these Ethiopians, are just a concertina-wire fence away from mass starvation, and/or mass exodus to Sweden).

Regarding Cambodia / Ethiopia : A lot has changed in 30 years, and none of it or the better.

And by "changed" we mean of course that the Malthusian Nightmare of massive third world population explosion - facilitated directly by white western food aid and technology transfer - has continued apace.


It is a sad state of affairs. Hundreds of millions of sub-Saharan Africans dream only of making it to Europe through Italy, and by "Europe" we mean: they all want to go to Sweden, Britain, and France. Practically in that order. The gubmint benefits, as have heard these people whose own ancestors never managed to invent the wheel, are better in northern Europe than in Italy.

Here's a spiffy NYT article, from today's national Sunday print edition, that talks about the unprecedented number of Africans squatting in Rome right now :

"Palace Of Squatters Is A Symbol Of Refugee Crisis"


But we digress :

For Sunday evening fun, let us re-print one of these deluded Tricky Nick articles, where he writes with doe-eyed DWL wonder of the great Cambodian fake-orphan white-guilt extortionist, Somaly Mam :

"Fighting Back, One Brothel Raid At A Time"

From the article :
"AGAINST my better judgment, I found myself the other day charging into a well-armed brothel in a police raid. But I was comforted to be with one of my heroes, Somaly Mam.
Somaly dedicates her life to battling forced prostitution, for she herself was sold as a child to a Cambodian brothel. After enduring torture and rapes, Somaly escaped and reinvented herself as an anti-trafficking activist."
Oh crap this shit is rich !

If ever there was any doubt of the utter bullshit hypocrisy of Nicky Kristoff's NYT "I'm (we're) better than you cuz I (we) care more than you do about non-whites in the turd world" narrative, you simply cannot beat this beautiful gut-punch Reality Burrito.


One last thing: Ammurricans do not hold the monopoly on SWPL paternalistic competitive compassion instincts when it comes to lording protectively over their non-white pets.

It seems that in the case of the Cambodian fake-orphans-to-extort-money-from-white-people scandal, Australia's own prime minister at the time - a few years ago - sent his own daughter to do the very same competitive compassion dance in the land of the cargo cults.

From the article :

Yet after the genocide ended and the number of orphans declined, the global spotlight on the issue seemed to intensify. In 2002, the high-profile adoption of a Cambodian child by Angelina Jolie rekindled global concern about the plight of Cambodian orphans. Many young people traveled to Cambodia to work as volunteers in orphanages.
!***NOTE***! This is extremely interesting :

The paragraph re-printed above, has been edited to exclude the last sentence, which appears in today Sunday June 15th's print edition. That last sentence is, after "orphanges", :

"including the daughter of Australia's prime minister, Tony Abbott."

Very strange that the NYT would leave that out of their online edition.

The fact that the Aussie PM had a daughter who was sucked up into this competitive compassion nonsense in Cambodia had struck me as strange. When I went back to the NYT online article to find the PM's name, I kept doing a "Ctrl-F" search with the words "prime" "minister" "daughter" etc.,all to no avail. Finally I had to go drag out my coffee-stained edition of the Times from this morning, to track down the relevant sentence.

Why would they leave something like that out?

Could it be that Abbott or his advisers spotted it in Sunday's print edition, found it too embarrassing, and called on Sulzy of friends to disappear the reference to his daughter's humanitarian volunteer work for a giant fraud?

Answer: goodness knows that the NYT is capable of far, far more evil and sinister things.

They are nothing less than a verminous cabal of evil civilization-wreckers, and as such, deserve  everything they have coming to them.

The New York Times: Doing The Devil's Work - In A Not Always Too Subtle Way - Since  1898

Was Maya Angelou So Stupid That In 1959 The American Psychiatry Association Would Have Officially Classiffied Her As "Retarded" ?

Answer :

Friday, June 13, 2014

Camp Of The Saints / Boat People

Coming soon to a (white) country near you :

Incredible footage of the Evil White Man providing food, shelter, health care, and later (off screen) full birth-right citizenship to South East Asian boatpeople hordes.

This is from 1990 - almost a full quarter century ago.

Consider and contrast how these rather primitive SE Asian boat people are treated on a USA warship in 1990, to how the unprecedented numbers of "undocumented" migrant children from Central America are being housed on US military bases right now in Texas and Arizona.

This is Jean Raspail's Camp Of The Saints, playing out right now in the real world.

Make no mistake: this is small part of an agenda that it is very much a Zionist agenda, that has been going on for a very long time indeed.

Anyone who does not see this, is either an idiot or a facilitator of this agenda. As hard as this might be to believe, this is what is really going on.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Fascinating, Little-Mentionned Fact About The 9/11 Attacks

As far as I can tell, no one else has noticed this until-now little-known 9/11 fact:

There is an extremely interesting recurring trend in multi media coverage of the events of September 11, 2001 :

In seemingly just about every instance,  research into the 9/11 attacks results in discovery of the following dichotomy:

A) - Media produced in accordance with the official government narrative is always super-professional, Hollywood-worthy high quality media. As in: lots and lots of money and effort were apparently expended in furtherance of the telling of the "official" story.

Think for example "United 93," the 2006 blockbuster Hollywood film that re-enacted the hijacking of United flight 93, the "fourth plane" that supposedly crashed into a ditch in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after being hijacked by Islamists from Saudi Arabia (who BTW from a strictly HBD point of view, a people of low-average-IQ desert nomads only recently introduced to modernity, are simply not cognitively equipped to fly modern jetliners into a tiny target at five hundred miles per hour, no matter how many hours of flight simulation school paid for by Mossad or whoever wink wink. The best American pilots have actually tried to re-enact these alleged Saudis' alleged feat on 757 simulators, and have failed. See pilotsfor911truth.org for details).

Here's an example of the quality level of the official, MSM, Hollywood-sanctioned 9-11 narrative :

[please note: the asshole who directed this monstrosity of lies, is Paul Greengrass, the same schmuck who directed the "Bourne Supremacy."] 

Of the Hollywood film "United 93," Wikipedia says this :  

Critical response

United 93 was one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2006. Roger Ebert, Michael Medved, Peter Travers, and James Berardinelli all awarded it four stars on their rating scales, with Ebert calling the film "masterful and heartbreaking" and saying that it "does honor to the memory of the victims".[19] It was termed "one of the most moving films of the year" by Peter Travers in Rolling Stone. It holds an average 91% "Fresh" rating from the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes,[20] as well as a 90% rating on Metacritic, where the film appears on 39 U.S. top ten lists, more than any other 2006 film on the site,[21] (although the 2006 film with the highest average score on the site is the 1969 Army of Shadows).[22][23] The film was ranked #1 on 47 lists (the most of any 2006 film).[24]
Another extraordinary example of the high-sheen Hollywood "documentary" productions "investigating" the 9/11 attacks, are this amazing work of fiction,  produced by the Discovery Channel and narrated by Hollywood big-wig Terence Stamp :


On the other end of this reality spectrum, you have part two of the 9-11 narrative dichotmoy, namely :

B) - In almost every instance, internet multi-media reports actually challenging the official US government narrative of the 9/11 attacks,  appear amateurish, sloppy, in a nutshell the crazed musings of under-funded loons.

The one excellent exception to that rule, is the recently-emerging and excellent Architects and Engineers for Truth. org group, who even managed to get their one-hour video published on Public Television in Colorado, last year (ten years-+ after the attacks!).


The New Yortk Times: Complicit In The Biggest Coverup In History

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

That Infamous Portland State University Commencement Speech By The Impossibly Verminous Bill Clinton

Go to minute 47:30 to watch this sickening, treasonous 1999 monument to gleeful anti-white hatred :

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Excedrin Collins
Man Gets Federal Prison Time For Ramming His Ford Explorer Into ATF Vehicle:

ST. LOUIS (AP) – An Illinois man has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison for using an
SUV to assault agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives.
Excedrin Collins of Madison, Illinois, was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. The crime happened in May 2013 in St. Louis as undercover ATF agents purchased a gun from Collins and two other men.
One of the men took the gun, and all three got into a Ford Expedition. One of the men pointed the gun and shot at an undercover ATF officer. Authorities say Collins then rammed the SUV into an ATF vehicle as three agents were responding to the scene.
Collins pleaded guilty in January.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Would Rudyard Kipling Have To Say About Maya Angelou?

June3rd MMXIV
Well, he would probably be a little embarrassed (nay, depressed) that a "poetess" with a 4th-grade the Presidential Medal of Freedom).
vocabulary and an opus based entirely 100% on racial grievance would be awarded (in 2011, by B.O.) the highest civilian presidential honor in the United States (

Maya's "Still I Rise" ("like dust") (wuh?) has the literary depth of the microwave heating instructions on the side of a Pop Tarts box :

And yet and yet: presidents and despots alike have pumped the handle of the hydraulic lift that ascended Maya to her lofty perch on a Willy Wonka-like pedestal.

A teary-eyed B.O. even admitted that his own mother, Stanley, was so inspired by M.A. that she named Obama's Indonesian half-sister (Maya Sotero) after her.

Only Allah can guess the inspiration behind Barack and Michelle naming their daughters "Sashia" and "Malia."


Rudyard Kipling, Hesketh Pritchard, August Andrée... would these great men and so many like them ever flourish in the upside-down world we are living in now? Where denial replaces reality, and reverse-discrimination stands in for compassion?

Answer: their agents just tweeted back that the three were unavailable for comment right now, as they attending mandatory Diversity Training.



We are not trying to be mean by criticizing Angelou's (childlike) prose ; rather, we are pointing out the screaming hypocrisy of a system that pretends to believe that Angelou's work is on the same plain as Shakespeare,  Keats. or Dylan Thomas. A system that begrudgingly admits the existence of hierarchy in Nature, but never in Society.

For purposes of comparison, check out Kipling's "If", as recited by the great Michael Caine :


The New York Times: Though Not Really Relevant To This Post, Verminous And Treasonous Since

"Do It For Denmark" : Zero Diversity In advertising

Imagine a campaign like this airing in the United States.

The ADL / ACLU / NAACP /  FBI / SPLC would go Ape!