Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Twitter Protests in the Arab World Are A Dream Come True for the Reality Fugitives at the New York Times...

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...for now.

There is a reason that these nations were colonized by Europeans, and that their current national boundaries were created by the Skykes-Picot Agreement of 1916. (Check it Out).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

As the Arab World Aspires to Turn European Overnight, The NYT Says: "Nothing to See Here Folks, Move Along"

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"As Regimes Fall in Arab World, Al Qaeda Sees History Fly By."

For weeks now, the self-hating reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record have been bleating breathlessly over the mindless upheaval taking place in the Arab world. They have ruined our breakfasts on a daily basis with appetite-annihilating front page photos of hordes of dirty beards (always male, always 26 years old) chanting and holding up signs in English saying that they want European-style "democracy."

From the article :
" The demonstrators have used force defensively, treated Islam as an afterthought and embraced democracy, which is anathema to Osama bin Laden and his followers."
Oh, I see. Islam is NOT a threat, after all. Thank you NYT for making that clear.

NYT - Approved √ (With an Average IQ of 89*, and an Economy
that Depends on Western-Created Technologies, What Do You Think Will
Happen to These Societies Stuck in the Middle Ages at Best?)

*Source: Tatu VanHanen

Apologizing for Dark-Ages Islamic Savagery in the Subtlest of Ways

In an article published yesterday in the New York section of Amerika's newspaper of record entitled "Mubarak, Terrorism, and Their Tie," Times communist Jim Dwyer brings us back to the more innocent era of 1993, before the blind sheik Omar Rahman was convicted for his role in bringing Stone-Age diversity to New York City, where he and his Islamic followers with dirty beards tried a first time to bring down the Twin Towers (the 12th anniversary of that frontal assault on Western Civilization took place yesterday, the 26th of February).

But instead of condemning this primitive Stone-Age scum in any way, Dwyer actually suggests that their behaviour is directly the result of US-backed oppression of Mubarak opponents.

From the article :
"In “The Looming Tower,” a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of terrorism leading to 9/11, Lawrence Wright argued that humiliation in the prisons nurtured a violent rage. “Egypt’s prisons became a factory for producing militants whose need for retribution — they called it justice — was all-consuming,” Mr. Wright wrote. Even after 9/11, the Egyptian authorities were used by the United States to carry out interrogations and acts that would have been illegal for United States agents. The coils of history are wound too tightly to imagine that a world without Mr. Mubarak would have spared New York City its worst moments. At least we can hope that they are all behind us."
 So you see, according to the sick, demented self-loathing elitists at the NYT, Islamic barbary is really our fault.

The New York Times: playing for the other team since 1984.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paying Good Money to Sniff Out Racism Wherever it Isn't

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The reality contortionists at the New York Times killed two birds with one stone today in an article that takes groveling before blacks to new heights. In "Seeking Stories of Lynching as Accounts of Faith," Times communist Samuel G. Freedman (email him)  tells the story of one Reverend Doctor Angela D. Sims (the long made-up name like a Louis Vuitton handbag, fake, made in China) who recently received thirty grand in grant money to travel the country to sniff out stories of perceived racism from long ago.

The Times is in love with race hustlers like the Rev. Sims, because it gives them a chance to cover multiple bases of their agenda. They get to speak in glowing terms of a minority courageously in search of racial justice, a female minority at that, and one who can be even more elevated by her validating association with "faith." 

Apparently the good Doctor Reverend Esquire handbag Sims  had no problem finding old blacks to talk about evil whitey from way back when. These old blacks, already half demented and not too bright to start with, egged on and coached by Dr. Sims to imagine evil lynchings from way back when, have already been egged on and coached by what are ultimately the most evil of whites: the elitists like the communists at the New York Times who have been whispering in the ears of blacks for decades, telling them that all their suffering and all their failure is the fault of evil whitey. 

Dimwit black-studies types like Doctor (chortle) Sims make a good living out of this shit, so obviously it is in their interest to keep the hate alive through historical revisionism. And when you have your nation's newspaper of record behind you 110%, it's like sailing into the sunset with the wind at your back, pina coladas on deck and the sound of Jimmy Buffet playing in the background.

From the article:
"Fortified with a $30,000 grant from the Louisville Institute, she started the search in May 2009, sending hundreds of e-mails to personal and professional contacts, asking if anyone knew anyone who might know anything. That scattershot appeal yielded the intitial 45 interview subjects. They told Ms. Sims of seeing black men castrated, of finding chared bodies, of walking on blood-soaked ground. They told her of the pervasive fear of doing something that could bring forth a lynch mob. [i.e., muh dick] They told her, too, of the unexpected intervention of some whites. One man recounted how he had escaped an impending lynching because he was tipped off by a Ku Klux Klan member, who happened to have been his father's boss." 
So here we have, once again, the New York Times reporting third-party hearsay as historical certainty. Anything to further their agenda.

We have seen before that the Times commits its crimes as much by outright lies as by omission. In this case, it is worth noting that the Times fails to report on the fact that of the seven thousand or so documented lynchings that occurred in the South, some 2,000 were actually of whites accused of some impropriety, usually of a sexual nature.

Worse, the Times lends credibility to this two-bit race hustling poverty pimp preacher and her feeble attempt to re-write history, while never mentioning that most amazing and certainly accurate historical accounts of life during and after slavery, the 1930s-era Slave Narratives, preserved for all to see in the Library of Congress (check them out! Fascinating reading). Of course, the Times will prop up this idiot Sims, while playing down the validity of the Slave Narratives. Why? Because the vast majority of the thousands of old blacks who tell their stories in this Work Projects Administration project speak positively of their lives before the end of slavery.

From the Slave Narratives, for example, we have recollections such as this:

Beautiful, wrenching, historically accurate stuff from 1936.

Today though, we have the Good Doctor Reverend Esquire Jr. III handbag and her ilk paid good money by white institutions to rewrite history with a decidedly anti-Western, social justice agenda slant. And the New York Times, the Great Equalizer, is their Great Enabler. 

The New York Times: Promoting Oneness Since 2001

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Never Forget


A Picture Tells a Thousand Lies

Does the Times want you to think this is a mug shot of an evil Wall Street type or a mafia criminal? 

Answer: Yes they do. 

Meanwhile, over in the arts section, we have an African American woman vaulting over a group of prostrate whites, including the prerequisite gaggle of fairies in the dhimmi position. 

Does the Times do this on purpose? 

Answer: Yes they do. 

The New York Times Plays Down the Stone-Age Savagery of the Somali Pirates, Practically Justifies Murder Aboard the Quest

2/24/11 - Click to Enlarge 
The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper. The way the self-loathing dhimmis at the Times smear all things Western is so sickening and disheartening that they manage to put me in a permanent bad mood every day.

It is so sad to see the newspaper of record of a once great nation roll over and assume the dhimmi position:  facing away from Mecca, on knees, face to ground, posterior elevated to facilitate sodomization by the turd world rabble whose cause the Times increasingly fights indefatigably for.

The crypto-delusional reality fugitives at the Times are becoming more fanatical in their anti-Western scorn: they're going so overboard in their hysterical promotion of all things non-Western that it would be laughable if it weren't so deadly serious.

Take for instance the way the Times reports on the recent Somali pirates murders. In a front page article published today entitled "Role of F.B.I. Is Questioned in Pirate Case," the lying freaks in the skyscraper across from the 42nd Street bus terminal manage to put the stone-age unter-menschen from Somali on the same footing as the Navy commandos who stormed the hijacked sailboat (it's not a yacht you Times vermin) "Quest," only to find that the four Americans had already been murdered by Somali scum.

Now, in a sane civilization, the newspaper of record would have a natural and healthy contempt for something as loathsome and hateful as a Somali pirate. In the great hierarchy of things even a cockroach with AIDS is one step above a gibs muh dat Somali, and a thousand steps above a Somali pirate, but the New York Times feels the need in their quest (no pun) for infinite moral superiority to themselves be the Great Equalizer, and level all things out to achieve enlightened Oneness.

From the article:
"Somali pirate specialists say the pirates once had an informal code of conduct that required members treat one another well and not harm hostages, valuable commodities who draw ransom on average of about $4 Million. But while Somali pirates might once have been a tight-knit, disciplined group motivated by money, not murder, pirates and pirate experts say the lure of big money was attracting less-disciplined young Somalis hungry to share in the new riches." 
I see: Somalian piracy is a business like any other.

Like deluded high-school students hell bent on a global social justice campaign, the NYT in their self-appointed rôle as Great Equalizer presents the news with a decidedly anti-Western slant.

The NYT : Cheering on the Turd World since the Retreat of the West.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nick Kristof Does It Again

And it is a feeble, if predictable accomplishment : 

"Delirious Joy in Bahrain" : Times communist Nick Kristof seems to have zero grasp on realty.  He is like a giggling little girl, totally but totally oblivious to the fact that the Arab World is the Third World - as Saddam himself has said, and Quaddafi has repeated. The countries of the Middle East exist along boundaries conceived by old European white guys. This reality seems to escape Times reality fugitive Nick Kristof.
Sorry, Today Monday's NYT Front Page Not Available

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The NYT Wants You To Believe that 1.5 Billion Muslims Desire Nothing More Than "Democracy"

2/19/11 - Click to Enlarge
"Delirious Joy in Bahrain", by Times Dhimmi Nicholas Kristof... Jesus Christ what the New York Times is doing is so disgusting that I'm too depressed to even bash them tonight.

Tune in tomorrow Sunday, hopefully I'll have my strength back by then to write the truth about the lies that the New York Times is publishing on a daily basis about what is happening in the Islamic Turd World, what with the stone-agers in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and now Libya thinking that by overthrowing their rulers, they will become Europeans overnight.

It's not so much that they (arabs) are thinking that, it's that they're being led to think that, precisely by the kind of one-world universal egalitarianism white elites at places like the NYT, who use European created ideals and technology to hypnotize non-Europeans into a false ideal of world oneness.

It's all so fucking childish and stupid, I swear I cannot take it anymore.

And it gets worse:

"Chilean Priest Found Guilty of Abusing Miners": the crypto delusional one-worlders at Amerika's newspaper of record couldn't even let the poor Chilean miners have their day without using them as an excuse to drag down the Catholic Church, which the Times hates almost as much as white males.

For the past year, for Chrissakes, there has been every single day in the Times some story or another that dregs up the so-called Church Abuse Scandal. Every. Single. Day. 

Meanwhile, in the Islamic world, you have daily acts of atrocious barbarism committed in the name of the Prophet Muhamed the pedophile, while that quaint Religion of Peace has imams in dirty beards howling at their pulpits for the beheading of the infidels (that would be you), and yet the Times has nary a word to print on the matter.

I'm so sick of it, I can't take it anymore. Somebody please let me out of here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheering on the Demise of the West in the Most Subtle of Ways

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As we have seen before on this blog, the New York Times is playing for the other team, and by "other team" we mean the 92% of the rest of the world that is not of European heritage.

When the Times does write about average European-Americans, they always, always choose to focus on individuals who are either disabled, gay, criminally insane, or dead. That last category is presumably how the sick marxists at Amerika's newspaper of record would like to see all normal, non-deviant Americans.

Today's Sunday edition of the NYT was chock-a-block full of the usual invectives against the hated majority and that most evil of creatures in the eyes of the Times: the white adult male.

Times-Approved √

But the pinko commies took the anti-Western propaganda to a new level of sneaky today in an article entitled "Missing Micrograms Set A Standard on Edge," penned by Times communist Sarah Kyall. Appearing on page A12 of the International section, Lyall's snide little puff piece tells the story of the French organization outside Paris that is responsible for the units of measurement upon which the metric system is based.

In a sane civilization, some mention would be made in such an article of the laudable nature of the origins of a system created by one rather generous particular group of people - a group moreover now a tiny minority of global population (<8%) - for the enjoyment of the entirety of the rest of humanity. But clearly the NYT does not represent the sane portion of humanity: they want to give it all away, including even claim to the accomplishments of their forbears,  because that's what morally superior elitists do in order to make the halo over their pointy heads shine more brightly.

Lyall's article ostensibly tells the story of how the original international prototype of the kilogram - "as pampered a hunk of platinum and iridium as ever existed" - created by the ingenious Frenchies in 1889, has inexplicably lost some 50 micrograms.

But what Sarah and the puppet masters at the Times are sickly and subliminally implying of course, is that the great accomplishments of the West are passé, and it is time to step aside to give our noble savage oppressed friends from the "developing world" their chance in the spotlight.

From the article:
"The most obvious argument for the prototype's eventual obsolescence is the tautological underpinning of its existence, which calls to mind the question: 'How long is a piece of string.'"
 Translation of this nonsensical Timesspeak: "Not only is Western civilization and all of its accomplishments hurtling towards extinction, really smart people like the communists at the Times are starting to figure out that Western supremacy is based upon something that is illegitimate anyway."

If you think I am being paranoid, and that the New York Times is not in the midst of some sinister campaign to undo the West, then I am afraid you are sorely mistaken and may wish to link over now to the Huffington Post, where you will be comforted with laughable liberal lies.

The New York Times: Comforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable since 1972.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The One-World Wishful Thinkers at the NYT Make Their Eugenics Agenda Clearer and Clearer

The New York Times has a eugenics agenda for humanity, and if you are of a certain non-fashionable
2/12/11 - Click to Enlarge 
hue then chances are that you're not part of that plan.

As we know, the ubermenschen of moral superiority at Amerika's newspaper of record do more than suggest an agenda - they influence policy at the highest levels of decision-making, with consequences that ultimately effect every living being on the planet. Imagine having the power to influence who is born and who dies. 

The New York Times possesses that power, and yet they wield it with criminal irresponsibility, eroding with each elitist liberal lie a little more of the foundations of Western Civilization.

New York Times communist and diversity enforcer Susan Saulny - the light-skinned mulatto* who gave us the breathless eugenics manifesto ""Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Identify as All of the Above" a few short days ago - comes back kicking today with another gleeful population replacement piece entitled "In A Multiracial Nation, Many Ways to Tally" published of course on the front page.

In a clear indication that the NYT is going to milk the 2010 census data for all its worth,

"...statistics on ethnicity and race are used for many important purposes. These include assessing disparities in health, education, employment and housing, enforcing civil rights protections, and deciding who might qualify for special consideration as members of underrepresented minority groups."

And can you believe they got away with this: 

“They’re all lumped together — blacks, Asians and Latinos — and they all look the same from the data perspective,” said Daniel J. Losen, a policy expert for the Civil Rights Projectat the University of California, Los Angeles, referring to the Department of Education aggregation. “But the reality is much different. There are different kinds of discrimination experienced by these subgroups.”
“It’s a big problem for researchers,” Mr. Losen continued, “because it throws a monkey wrench in our efforts at accountability, student tracking and the study of trends.”

(*"The word ‘mulatto’ is derived from the Arabic muwallad, which originally referred to persons who were not ‘genuine’ Arabs, especially individuals born of black-white ‘misalliances’. With the beginning of the transatlantic African slave trade in the fifteenth century, the word mulatto first found its way into Portuguese, and then into almost all European languages, as the term for offspring of mixed European (Caucasian) and African (Negroid) parentage. (Only Afrikaans used the word ‘Bastard’ for such persons." Source: tiny.cc/zdnnx)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today: More Whining About Illegal "Students"

The New York Times is a truly devious and disgusting newspaper. In an article published on page A15 of today's national 
2/9/11 - Click to Enlarge
edition entitled "After A False Dawn, Anxiety for Illegal Immigrant Students," the communists at Amerika's newspaper of record make the case once again for the alleged 1.1 illegal Mexicans who are receiving free lunches at high schools and community colleges across the country. 

The New York Times won't be satisfied until their population replacement agenda is fulfilled, and every newborn in the country is named either Miguel, Muhammed, or Hu.

It's funny how the ludicrous figure of 1.1 million illegal Hispanic "students" cited by the Times communist who wrote this propaganda puff piece, Julia Preston, is exactly one tenth of the even more ludicrous number of "11.2 Million Illegals" that the Times wants you to believe is the true number of illegal immigrant invaders sucking up American resources. Funny too how Julia Preston is the devious Times communist behind both "After A False Dawn" and the repugnant and misleading  "11.2 Million Illegal Immigrants in U.S. in 2010, Report Says; No Change From '09," published February 1st. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2/6/11 - Click to Enlarge
Today is not yesterday, 2011 is not 2010, and this decade is certainly not the 1980s. Make no mistake: every day it is a slow and inexorable trend, this sea-shift to a New World Order where right is wrong, white is black, and up is down.

There are dark, sinister forces at work that are every bit as evil as the upper echelons of Hitler's propaganda ministry. (Related viewing: "The Downfall.") 

The same exact manifestation of evil we saw there we see today in the social engineering elite who have deconstructed a once-great civilization, and are about 15% through with wrecking it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Watering Down the Threat of Jihad in Egypt: The New York Times Displays Major Dhimmitude

2/4/11 - Click to Enlarge
In a stunningly one-sided article published under a large banner headline on the front page of Thursday's paper, the fiendish reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record continued their
goosestepping parade of lies down the Boulevard of Misinformation about what is really happening in Egypt. 

"Mubarak's Backers Storm Protesters as U.S. Condemns Violent Turn," screams the headline. Further reading reveals that Times communists David D. Kirkpatrick and Kareem Fahim are solidly on the side of the "protesters," and are no longer even trying to hide their bias. 

If one were to believe the Times, the protesters consist of nothing but dentists, teachers and other non-threatening bourgeois types who are all holding hands and singing peacefully, while US-backed anti-Islamist Mubarak and his peeps are raining sticks and stones down upon the Islamists' innocent heads. 

From the article: 
"The anti-Mubarak protesters had organized themselves to try to avoid violence. Men held hands in long chains to keep the two groups apart. Others, with effusive apologies, searched those entering the square for weapons. Some stepped in with whistles to break up arguments that had grown heated." 
Amazing, ain't it? The Times wants you to believe that the only violence being committed in Egypt right now is by anti-Islamists. What is wrong with this picture? How is it possible for America's newspaper of record to take sides like this? 

From the article: 
"Rocks and sticks began to fly from the pro-Mubarak forces int the crowd of anti-Mubaral demonstrators. Even then, many tried to avoid retaliation. A line of a half dozen unarmed men stood quietly, waving their hands in the air while the pro-Mubarak forces rained rocks down on them." 
The dangerous liberals who set the record for American policy-making are on fire with glee; their lies are becoming more and more over-the-top. Make no mistake: the NYT is accelerating the pace at which they are pushing for a New World Order, wherein further chaos and instability will enable them (they hope) to further even more effortlessly their globalist, pro-"oppressed", redistributionist, historically revisionist agenda. 

In Cairo and throughout the country, the Bronze-Age primitives of Egypt are reverting to their ancestors' favorite dispute resolution techniques - throwing stones. What is it btw with muslims and stone-throwing? (The Israeli army took so many to the noggin that they had to develop a stone-throwing machine to fight back on equal terms. [Even though the New York Times wanted to make them put the stones in bubblewrap]). 

Today's article is unique, though, in the way that the authors insist over and over that the anti-Mubarak demonstrators are non-violent, even if it means presenting evidence of this improbability in the most convoluted of ways. For example, like this: 
"Abandoning any attempt to avoid violence, thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters used scraps of steel to rip up the pavement into pieces, carrying them in milk crates and scarves to hurl back at their attackers." 
WTF?! "Hurl back at their attackers"?! These lying bastards at the Times really do have no shame. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dimwit Maureen Dowd Is Giddy As Egypt Teeters on Charia

2/2/11 - Click to Enlarge
In a repulsive op-ed piece by Times communist Maureen Dowd entitled "Bye, Bye Mubarak," the NYT's resident unveiled-dhimmi Dowd, like a high school student trying to please a leftist teacher, spends the first half of the article belittling "W" and the second half sucking up to Islamists.

From the article: 
"In another irony, one of the reasons Bush decided he needed to do something about the Arab dictatorships was his belief that they were spawning terrorists. But to try to fulfill his grandiose promise to defeat “every terrorist group of global reach,” he needed the cooperation of the same dictators the U.S. had always supported. And he fell back to relying on the help of dictatorships to try to shut down dictatorships. Instead, he shut down the democratization process in 2006 after he and Rice were blindsided by Hamas winning the Palestinian elections."

How is it possible to have children writing the opinion articles of Amerika's newspaper of record. This is beyond embarrassing.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Explaining Leftism: The Science of Morals-Confining Behaviour

2/1/11 - Click to Enlarge 
Why does a smart guy like Julian Assange hate the West - and therefore his own kind - so much?

Remember that Assange's Wiki Leaks first gained fame a few months back, when they released the video of what they suggestively entitled "Collateral Murder" - the video shot from the deck of an Apache helicopter that rained hot led down on a bunch of dubious Iraqis, including an Iraqi cameraman for Reuters.

Well, we think we have figured out liberalism, and the sick mindset of people like Assange, who think that they are morally superior because they champion the causes of those who don't look like them.


We'll Have Fun With This Later ;-) 

Giving Credit In the Rare Instances Where Credit is Due

Sometimes we are a little hard on the New York Times, we admit. Because after all, it can be a very entertaining newspaper, and by entertaining I don't mean just the fun of spotting the over-the-top leftist bias.

One example of superb reporting and downright fine wordcraft was published in last Sunday's Magazine.   "Dealing With Julian Assange and the Wiki Leaks Secrets"  by Executive Editor Bill Keller is a monster 10-page (online) history of the WikiLeaks affair and how the Times dealt personally with dickhead Julian Assange.

But while Keller's article goes into minute and masterful detail on the actual publication of the leaks, he is still a Times communist and as such makes no attempt to downplay the inherently anti-Western flavor of the whole scandal. Keller does however deserve praise for pointing out that the Guardian of the UK used the WikiLeaks nonsense to produce a specifically anti-American message. And as can be expected from a high-ranking Times communist, Keller goes to extreme lengths to remind readers of just how much time he and his colleagues at the Times spend worrying about the morality of their actions.

Nevertheless, one reason I so enjoyed reading Keller's piece on Assange was that it was almost totally devoid of the usual social justice sloganeering that one finds in section A of Amerika's newspaper of record every single weekday. To not be reminded every other article of the joys of diversity or the evils of the Tea Party for a solid hour was a blissful departure from the road more travelled of the usual Times snivel and drivel.

Also on Sunday, the Times published this doozy of a wool-over-the-eyes piece on global inequality:
"The Neighbour's Wealth." We know that any time the Times decides to report on the politically uncomfortable topic of group differences in achievement, we are in for some serious journalistic gymnastics and tiptoeing around the truth. But with this review by Times communist Catherine Rampell (the Times' economics editor for Chirssakes), we have to wonder: if you're going to lie about and avoid the truth this much, why even bother to publish the article in the first place?  It's like busy work for journalists.

"The Neighbour's Wealth," aka "The Haves and the Have Nots," is written by a World Bank economist and "development specialist" named Branko Milanovic. You'd think the guy would be an expert, and know about "IQ and the Wealth of Nations", the Lynn/VanHanan book (you can read an extensive preview here) which actually quotes extensively from World Bank reports, but noooooo. A good World Bank bureaucrat has to toe the party line, and they know they can count on the psychotic pussies at the New York Times to further cover up their coverup.

Instead of saying anything even remotely meaningful on the topic, never mind coming within light years of pointing out the utterly obvious about global inequality, the Times in their endless nastiness actually find a way - yes! - of bashing Europe and America, and blaming the rich (read: white people) for said inequality, while at the same time whining about the "rich poor" living in obesity in the welfare states of the West. If you can believe it.

From the review:

"[Milanovic] ... makes interesting international comparisons. The typical person in the top 5 percent of the Indian population, for example, makes the same as or less than the typical person in the bottom 5 percent of the American population. That’s right: America’s poorest are, on average, richer than India’s richest — extravagant Mumbai mansions notwithstanding.
"It is no wonder then, Milanovic says, that so many from the third world risk life and limb to sneak into the first. A recent World Bank survey suggested that 'countries that have done economically poorly would, if free migration were allowed, remain perhaps without half or more of their populations.' Mass-migration attempts are met with sealed borders in the developed world, which then results in the deaths of thousands of anonymous indigents journeying to promised lands only to be swallowed up by the Mediterranean or charred in the Arizona desert."

Disgusting, unbelievable stuff. Do these people have no shame? Do they not see how stupid they sound writing this clap trap? I mean Goooood, how is it possible for a supposedly advanced nation to have a "newspaper of record"  like this? 

[By the way, Miss Rampell: if you're reading this, you might want to go here to see what is really happening in the Arizona desert].

We Can Have This.... Or...


And This.