Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Three Million Dollar Physics Prize, Financed By Russian Billionaire, Is The Most Valuable Science Prize On Earth, And The Diversity Enforcers At The New York Times Sniffle: "Why No Womenz?"

"9 Scientists Receive A New Physics Prize"

It would be really nice if by law the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record were required to balance their policy-influencing shit reporting, and publish alongside such articles as the one below, contrary (read: impartiality injection) articles such as this recent and supremely eye-opening piece from the brilliant MG, over at Those Who Can See: "If Allah Wills It".

From the first article cited, "9 Scientists"  :

And (of course) :

SS Wilhelf Gustolff : Why Is The Greatest Maritime Disaster of ALL TIME Not Common Knowledge?

Germany's finest cruise ship was launched in 1937, and designed to take low-pay German workers on fjord trips to Norway, before it was put into service as a Kreigsmarin support ship throughout World War Two.

In January 1945, the W.G., while transporting German men, women and children from the Eastern Front back home, was torpedoed by a Soviet sub not far from Danzig. Close to ten thousand people perished, making this the single greatest loss of life at sea in human history. And yet...

From the courageous and informative Wilhelm Gustalf museum web site (est. only 2010):

Flash From the Past - 1896: The New York Times, Founded in 1851 By Anglo Saxon New Yorker Henry Jarvis Raymond, Is Purchased By German Jew And PC Madness Pioneer Adolph Sacs: A Snippet From The Forbidden History Files Of Amerika's Newspaper Of Record

From the amazing site "Forbidden History": 

Was Benjamin Franklin Anti-Semitic? Wikipedia Predictably Says No, But Consider This...

"The Franklin Prophecy" from Wikipedia:

 But consider this, from our friends at Counter-Current :

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The King Of African Comedy


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sickening Majority Hatred Disguised Between-The-Lines By The Reptilian Reality Reversers At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record

Thu 26 July MMXII - Clk2Enlrg
"I Carried A Gun, And It Was Heavy"

This NYT Op-Ed puff piece appeared in the second-to-last page of today's national edition, and was penned by a recently-retired Chicago City cop who - like the rest of the "bien-pensant" reality contortionist leftist lunatics who are gleefully using the Denver moviehouse shooting massacre to blame-shift away from the real reasons behind hard-core violent criminality in the United States - lamely makes the case for "more gun control" and more "blame it on bigoted white people" in the aftermath of psycho loser James Holmes' pathetic performance in Aurora. 

Btw for an excellent analysis of what drove this high-IQ fucknut to  open fire on wee chirren while dressed in a Holloween costume, and what distinguishes him from, say, Fort Hood jihadist mass murderer and Mahometan lover and follower of the Great pedophile prophet Momo, aka U.S. Army Colonel "Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength"  Nidan Hasal,  please visit this excellent post by the ever-illustrious Half Sigma out of Brooklyn. 

In the meantime: 

From the Times' own article : 

Just a thought: make a note of the name of the perp this retired Chicago cop uses to illistrate gun crime in the windy city; and, not like I even need to point this out to COTT readers: make a note of the cop/writer's name? 
Coincidence, or psychedlic /cosmic intervention? 
You be the judge. 
The New York Times: Psychotic Cosmic Intervention In Rational Human Affairs Since 1065. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The New York Times' Sinister Secret Agenda Exposed, Right There On The Front Pages Of Publishing's Most Expensive Real Estate

New York Times, today Sunday's front page, featuring frail old white man with cane :

Old White Guy Bottom Left Was Featured Top-
Center In Today's Print Edition 
New York Times, today Sunday Magazine's front page, featuring statistically improbable juvenile parricide offender : 
Young White Parent Murderer Was Featured On Front
Page Of Today's Sunday Times Magazine (Even Though
He Is Representative Of A Statistical Super-Minority) 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zimbabwe: The Verminous Reality Contortionists At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Claim That Hyperinflation, Murder, Mayhem And Social Collapse Are A Good Thing, As Long As YT Is Down On The Ground, And The Noble Savage Of Africa's Ex-Breadbasket Is Reporting Gains In Any Way Possible

"In Zimbabwe Land Takeover, A Golden Lining"

From the article :

To the psychotic diversity enforcers of Forty Second Street, it matters little the costs: as long as the "comforted" are afflicted and the "afflicted" comfortable, they will be happy. 

The New York Times: Certifiably Insane Since The Year Two Thousand 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

And Now, A Word From Obama's Auntie

Obama's illegal immigrant section-8 Auntie has her own web site. 

No, It Really Does Have Ovaries

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The New York Times, Having Already Influenced Public Policy In Such A Way That There Are Now Entire Cities Filled With Single Mothers, Gives Us An Amazingly Snide Explanation For The Skyrocketing Rates Of Single Motherhood In The USA Today

In this sickening bit of puff from Times communist Jason DeParle, it's almost like the civilization wrecking-ball psychos at Amerika's Newspaper of Record are sneering at their readership, as if to say: we are almost done destroying Western Civilization, let us twist the knife in the wound just a wee bit more.

"Two Classes, Divided By 'I Do'"

Check out the video especially. The disgusting little worms at the Times intentionally make no mention of this obese coal-burning warpig's half-black offspring (like it didn't even matter, hehe); they are using the issue of single motherhood to cast light away from the far more serious and deathly social issue seen in this story, namely the total absence of stigma attached to this white woman's decision to reproduce outside her race (not once but three times!). [Note: I personally know several women like this. They are completely unaware that they are pawns in an epidemic].

Note also the way the married woman in the vid - the warpig's boss at a day care center of all places - sympathizes with the single mother featured, not because she has spawned three half african children that are utterly alien to her gene line, but because she doesn't have a husband. This is presented like a practically heritable affliction. White women and the NYT go arm in arm down the yellow brick road, skipping into the final sunset of Western Civilization.

Here's the video, entitled "Single and Unequal." (sorry can't embed anymore from NYT.com): warning it is very disgusting. Why would the New York Times choose to feature such a repulsive white woman as this Jessica Schairer?

Obese, Single Mother With Three Half-African Children:
A Pawn In An Epidemic 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Lying, Hateful, Afrophiliac Morality Competitors At The New York Times Do Trayvon ( 2830 X) ; Trayon, Not So Much (Zero X)

So by now it's all over the news and you've probably already heard about it: the 17 year-old Trayvon who shot a 40 yr old white woman in the chest, killing her, after she axed him and his friends to slow down on her street in Mobile, Alabama, after they blew by and almost ran over her pooch, has been identified and caged. In a delicious bit of irony that has the assorted loons in the alrightosphere abuzz with dopamine-rich schadenfreude, the Trayvon in question, in a addition  to also being an Obama son, is missing the "V" like for "victory" in his Trayvonian first name. This Trayvon's last name, Washington, is right up there on the register of Official Trayvonian Fambly Names, close in the way it rolls off the tongue to the original, eponymous Trayvonian Martin. 

Anyway, as we note with delight the sad irony of this case, we constatons également the highly predictable - hélas - absence of any coverage whatsoever of this case in the illustrious pages of Amerika's newspaper of record, as borne out in the search results from today re-posted below. 

With that snide, obnoxious expression on his stupid-looking face, it's almost like the New York Times is personifying the answer to the obvious question: "Why would you publish three thousand articles about Trayvon, and absolutely not one about Trayon, even though both cases have merit from an investigative journalism point of view?" in their official portrait of Charles M. Blow, the original NYT Trayvonian agitator. 

Slightly O/T, but how many of you have noticed the parallels than can be drawn between the two Trayvon cases, with their seemingly improbably linkage by similar-sounding names, and the Omar Thornton (Hartford Conn.) vs. Cookie Thornton (St. Louis, Ms) confluence of cases?

Murderer Trayon Washington Poses For The IQ Chart
(Source: NOT the NYT) 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Denmark: A "Foreign National" Commits Death-By-Tiger At The Copenhagen Zoo(?) (Alternate Title Reads: "When Western Notions Of Morality And Competitive Compassion Meet Turd World Opportunism, The Great (Behavioral) Chasm Is Exposed" )

Wed 11JulMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
Okay, long title, sorry.

But here's the situ: in beautiful Copenhagen - the capital of Europe's most liberal country (and the birthplace of the famous 2005 "Danish cartoons") -  some dude apparently got himself mauled to death by a tiger - on purpose.

When I first saw this story (as not yet reported by the New York Times), some ideas and remembrances leapt to mind:

First: how many of you remember the San Francisco zoo mauling of 2007, in which two young diversities were killed and one was seriously fucked up after sneaking into the USA, then sneaking into the San Fran Zoo, then intentionally taunting a Siberian Tiger until the majestic creature could not take it any more, and made them good? And then was shot and killed by SFPD?

From that SF incident, via Wiki :

The upshot of the San Fran mauling is that: the beautiful tiger was tragically shot to death by cops, and the diversities wound up costing the city of SF millions of dollars after some scummy lawyer  sued the city on their behalf, even though they were verminous.

So now we have possibly a similar situation in Copenhagen: an as-yet unidentified "foreign national" gets himself chomped to bits by a stunningly rare and beautiful creature - a Siberian tiger.

The Third World has swelled in number since the end of WOrld War Two, to the point that like a Petri dish it is bursting at the seems with Western-created humanity. Make no mistake: if the world is overpopulated today, it is the white man's fault, for it was he who developed the technology to keep so many fucking humans alive, to incentivize their burf in the first place.

Crazy white-boy concepts of environmental pureness meet head-on crazy dumb-fuck white-boy concepts of animal rights, while totally ignoring the looming human overpopulation menace, that is basically how this situ in Copenhagen is summed up.

In Africa, there are one billion hominids, but only about 50,000 higher primates left (apes, chimps, orangatons, bonobos etc). The same and quite literally pure and noble savages that the Discovery Channel will spend millions of dollars attempting to capture on film in the wild.

Too many people - especially the Wrong Kind of people, i.e. exactly those that the liberal establishment and the New York Times seek not just to comfort, but in fact to create - are Bad News for the last remaining great wildlife on this planet. One billion Africans but only sixty thousand mountain gorillas? What is wrong with this picture?

The New York Times: Rooting For The Wrong Kind Of Primate Since 1965.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Unbelievable DWLs At The New York Times Get All Weepy-Eyed For SEVEN-Time Convicted Murderer And "Trigga" Author Peter "Pistol Pete" Rollock, Who Though Safely Caged In Supermax Solitary Alongside The Blind Sheik And The Underwear Bomber, The Verminous Little Weasels At The Times Want To See Him Palling Around With The General Population Anyway

"Pondering Solitary Future For Gangster Held In Solitary Confinement For Years"

From the article :

Can you believe these pussies at the Times? "He's maintained a spotless record"? 

He's in solitary confinement, you idiots ! 

Oh, but he wrote a book. 

Well, then just scrap the plea deal he agreed to, and which spared him the death penalty, and give him a job on the editorial board of Amerika's newspaper of record. He can replace Nicholas Kristof, more diversity, everybody's happy. 

Pathological Altruism, indeed. 

The New York Times: Comforting the Afflicted, And Afflicting the Truly Afflicted, Since 1987. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Disappearing Europe; Disappearing Euro Homogeneity : The NYT Applauds The Rise of the New World Order

"Europe's Missing Union: Political Integration Is Vital; Nationalism And Timidity Are Stopping It"

From the article :

Translation: shut up white European nationalists, it's too late now for your sentimental, reactionary movements anyway, because the bond markets and the bankers are already in control anyway. Ha!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cheering On The AIDS Zombies Of Africa: Proof Positive of Pathological Altruism And Venn Diagram Obtuseness From Tricky Nick Kristof

"The Coffin-Maker Benchmark" by tricky Nicholas Kristof, was published on page 1 of today's  "Sunday Review" section. The bold-print subtitle bellows: "In Africa, the drop in AIDS deaths is partly thanks to help from the U.S."

Gee, thanks for the news flash Herr Kristof.

Naturally the U.S. is to "thank" for curtailing AIDS deaths in Africa, Nick, you idiot. Thanks a lot. While you're at it, why don't you get really truthful and expose another fundamental reality behind AIDS, Western PA (Pathological Altruism), and the run-away population explosion in the "developing world" that enables population replacement here at home? In other words, Tricky Nick, do you have the cojones to admit in print that the Starvin Marvins of Africa who survive da AIDS in Africa were incentivized, incubated and burfed as a direct result of Western munificence in the first place? And that their growing numbers pose an existential threat to non-African countries - especially European and other white countries, with their generous political asylum and social welfare policies -  planet-wide?

Like the Venn Diagram concept mentioned in the title and in a previous post, Kristof seems to be concerned with only one of those three circles, and blissfully unaware (or willfully blind to, as he sneakily attempts to conceal a hidden agenda?) of the other two. Kind of like an oncologist who identifies the offending tumor in a patient's small toe, only as the patient dies of smoke inhalation because his apartment is on fire, because his entire neighborhood has been firebombed, because his  entire city is under seige by a mortal enemy... Something like that (Hey! It's a new concept. We're working on it).

The West in general and the United States in particular have been the most generous high-value-producing peoples towards non-rich peoples in the history of the planet. Did the Romans - who had sewerage and water-delivery systems that were not equalled in much of Western Europe until the 1870s  - allocate substantial amounts of their federal budgets to assist foreign peoples who did not look like them?

Answer: I'm no Ed Gibbons, but I'm thinking: "Not!"

Bur tricky Nick's having none of it. Like his pals at The Economist, Kristof is going to try to claim that the US is actually quite cheap when it comes to subsidizing the breeding and sustaining of Africans:

Do the New York Times' computers not have access to the internet? Cuz from the infamous PEPFAR's own website, we're seeing this :

Kristof is a lying little pussy who won't be happy until the population of Africa doubles not once every 25 years, but twice every decade. He has little love for George Bush, yet hilariously, he has this to say about one of the TOP FIVE WORST monstrosities to ever emerge from the Bush Administration (along with NCLB):

Nicholas Kristof: Distressed That Africans Are Not Reproducing Fast Enough, Since 2004.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The New York Times Gets Down On Their Knees To Get All Breathless About Hip Hop's First Great Gay Hope

"Hip Hop World Gives Gay Singer Support"

From the article :

I am starting to become more and more and more convinced that the New York Times' subversive agenda can best be described in terms of a Venn Diagram.

In other words, the policy-dictating little untermenschen at Amerika's newspaper of record know full well that the vast majority of their readership is not wise to the greater agenda behind the Times'  reporting.

I asked a female friend point blank last night: "So you are okay with the prospect of living in a majority Hispanic America in a few years' time?" 

Of course she said that "Of course" she was. Why shouldn't she be? Aren't the illegal Guatemalans and other Mesoamericans working on her house hard-working people? And as such, aren't they worthy of the kind of praise that a right-winger like the person who would even ask such a question  would deny them? 

Hers is a classic example of Venn Diagram thinking when it comes to the Big Issues that the New York Times and the rest of the MSM attempt to hijack via their wicked exploitation of popular Western notions of fairness. 

"Why would you be against a gay hip hop artist? How unprogressive and bigotted of you," they would say in response to this post. 

But like the smaller (not to scale) green  circle on the left, they are blissfully unaware of the sinister contents of the two bubbles on the right of the Diagram. 

The New York Times conquers and influences by subterfuge, relying upon the mild benevolent cluelessness of their readership.  The issues are so much deeper than they appear to be. 

In Another Feat Of Unbelievable, Shameful Reality Reversal, The Pointy-Headed Eunuchs At The New York Times Lyingly Report On The Color Of Crime (Victims)

Sat7JulMMXII - Clk2Enlrg
One day after a dread-locked human cockroach shot a white Housing Authority cop point blank in the heart in the stairwell of a public housing project in New York's Lower East Side, the verminous reality reversers at Amerika'a policy-making newspaper of record felt compelled to give us this story :

"A Boy Robbed Of His I-Pod, And For A Time, His Nerve"

The NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy is the object of endless debate these days. Everybody knows that minority criminality in New York City is the reason for this policy, which has otherwise led to a drastic reduction in crime rates in the Big Apple.

And yet the worthless little weasels of Forty Second Street prefer to publish a man-bites-dog story about a sixteen year old not-yet-criminalized black yooth who gets victimized at the hands of his fellow homies in the Bronx.

From the article, the story of an honor student Bellcurvious victimized by those pesky afflicted inner-city youfs the New York Times seeks so diligently to comfort:

Yes, the Bronx is just like Andy Griffith's 1950s Mayberry whitopia, with no more than fourteen troublemakers. Just harmless kids who need a good talking to. What does it matter that America's inner cities are chock-a-block filled with single mother "households" 100% spawned by and surviving on government assistance?

It matters not a wink, sez the Sulzies and assorted psychos posing as do-gooders at the NYT.

In a sane society, the "newspaper of record" would be writing honestly about how a controversial city-wide stop and frisk policy was actually instrumental in reducing the rate at which young ICBMs murder other Inner City Black Males at an "alarming rate," via the mindless gunplay that is itself largely a result of the celebration of gangsta culture that the New York Times so positively reports on in their Arts Section.

Crime Victim Eric Laboy Feels LIke He Has
"A Target On My Back"  
But ours is not a sane society. And the New York Times is not a newspaper staffed by individuals of an even remotely mentally healthy bent. In fact, any society as committed to "comforting the afflicted" as ours, and as determined to equalizing all outcomes while steadfastly refusing to admit the reality of HBD,  is a society doomed to failure.

Translation: The New York Times is actively pursuing the unravelling of Western Civilization as we know it, through a low-intensity war of attrition policy that consists of :
- 24/7 minority uplift
- rabid attacks on traditional Western institutions and values
- glossing over the reality of the Color Of Crime
- non-stop encouragement of government expansion/intervention
- short-sighted endorsement of (anti-western) globalization
- normalization of the homosexualization of society
- historical revisionism at the expense of Western achievement and identity
- the pedalization of womenz
- the glorification of non-western art-forms
- relentless attacks on watered-down neocon resistance

The Great Late-Twentieth Century Delusion that the wormy little dickweeds at the New York Times work so tirelessly to defend is about to come crashing down all around us.

Will the New York Times ever say : "Oops"?

Answer: doubtful. The coming Untergang is exactly what they have been seeking to achieve.

This cannot possibly end well.

The New York Times: Working Daily To Destroy The West As We Know It Since 1947.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bold Front Page Deception From The Mischievous Morality Athletes At The Anti-Majority New York Times

In a post that could otherwise be entitled "Boating Accident Or Cop Shot In Public Housing Project By Government-Funded Pet Project Dweller? The Times Goes With The Former") 

The Devious Diversity Dictators at Amerika's newspaper of record published a large photo above the fold today that shows a white man in a suit taking notes as another white man in casual dress holds his apparently handcuffed hands to his face with either shame or grief. The caption reads: "A Nassau Country detective with Kevin Treanor, whose daughter, 11, died Wednesday in a boat accident on Long Island Sound."

"A Packed Boat, A Celebration, A Deadly Turn"

For a moment, the reader's sense of compassion for this grieving father makes them forget the obvious question: "Why exactly was he arrested? Was he drunk? (BWi) And since when do New York police use day-glo handcuffs?"

Here is the photo in question:

I had to read through the entire article in search of the answer to this question before I got to the end, and the punch line: the man shown in handcuffs on the front page has not been arrested at all, those are not handcuffs on his wrists. So why would the Times publish a photo that clearly leads the reader to assume this guy's been busted?

Answer: the psychotic little weanies at the New York Times don't get a lot of opportunities to depict middle class white people in postures of wickedness. Instead they cover their front page - even on the Fourth of July - with photos of women, minorities and turd worlders to accompany stories that tell of their oppression at the hands of evil white people and evil American government policy (Pakistanis in general and Muslims in particular have been their favorite subjects most recently). Meanwhile all instances of minority criminality in the West are relegated to the back pages when relegated at all. And when they are, we get this:

"Bullet Aimed At An Officer's Heart Is Stopped by His Protective Vest", published on page A18 of today's New York Section, tells the incredible story of a white NYC Housing cop who got shot in the heart but survived thanks to his bulletproof vest. He was patrolling in a 22-story Lower East Side public housing building that is home to Bloomberg's adored and coddled welfare population, an entire sub-section of the city's 8.8 million population who live by, for, and because of government assistance. They are the by-products of the twisted, suicidal policies the Times not only endorses, but makes possible through the abuse of their official rôle of "newspaper of record." 

Doesn't the incredible story of a New York City cop being shot in the heart, and being miraculously saved by his bullet-proof vest, seem a little more newsworthy than a tragic but otherwise relatively routine boating accident story? 

Of course it does. But the evil-minded elite at the Times would rather use the excuse of that terrible sinking to practically photoshop a picture of the white victim - the poor father whose daughter drowned - to make it look like he was somehow the only criminal worth writing about on that day. 

In a sane society, the portrait (composite sketch) of the housing project shooter would be on the front page of the newspaper of record, and the photo of the boating tragedy father would be on the bottom of page 18. 

But the New York Times is not a sane newspaper; its staff are criminally insane reality-reversers. They published a photo of the shot cop (the 9th cop to be shot by minorities, which is to say, the 9th cop to be shot, period, this year in New York), but they didn't bother to release a composite sketch of the shooter, which other news sources released. 

Gee, I wonder why? 

Here's what the shooter looks like, as reported by the New York Post (but not the NYT)  : 

Here's what the shot cop looks like, as reported by the New York Times : 

C'mon Sulzy. C'mon you verminous four-eyed reality contortionists, this is getting ridiculous. Can't you see that your little game is getting really obvious?

The New York Times: All The News Print To Fit, By The Elite And For The Goyim, Since 1991.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Three Noteworthy Obits Published Today In The Illustrious Pages of Amerika's Newspaper Of Record: The Men Behind Windsurfer, Ferrarri's Lines, and Andy Griffith

"Sergio Pininfarina, Designer of Sports Cars, Dies at 85"

"Jim Drake, Creator of the Windsurfer, Dies at 83"

"Andy Griffith, Actor, Gave Stature To Small-Time Smarts"

Of course, this last obituary was featured in the bottom-right hand corner (below the fold) of today's national front page - that is, today's National Front Page, on July 4th - and, in keeping with the Times' post-Western sensitivities, featured this commentary about the great upholder of American mores : 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday July 3rd, 2012, Front Page NYT

Somalia: DWL Norwegian Refugee Council Workers Freed By Soldiers : The NYT Withholds Essential Info Relative To The Whole Anti-Western Refugee Racket

Check out the four "Norwegian" refugee professionals in question : 

From the NRC's Web Site, above are:  Steven Dennis (37), Canada,
Qurat-Ul-Ain Sadozai , (38) Canada, Glenn Costes (40),
 Philippines and Astrid Sehl (33), Norway 
So here we have a Canadian, A Norwegian, one "refugee professional" who has already been time-travelled from the Stone Age to Canada, and another who though hailing from the Philippines, will likely soon - thanks to the hard work of the good folks at NRC and their ilk - have his green card and the words "United States" appearing after his name next time he is on a mission to promote diversity in Africa. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Blind-To-Real-Crime Wishful Thinkers At The NYT Dig Up The Corpse Of A 92 Year-Old-Black Lady, Who Six Years Ago Was Shot To Death By Atlanta Cops - A Statistical Fluke, An Exceedingly Rare Event - In A Masterpiece Of NWO Misinformation And Reality Reversal Entitled "A Snitch's Dilemma"

From the New York Times Magazine's front page today, behold this trippy propaganda puff piece and the sneaky, sinister anti-white message that oozes from it :

"A Snitch's Dilemma"

This photo was published like a centerfold, on pages 24 and 25 of today's Sunday Mag.
In large letters on the left (page 24) were the words: "A Snitch's Dilemma."
In smaller letters on the right, in the lower right side of page 25, it was written:
 "What do you do when the cops you work for are dirtier than you are?" 

From the article :

The psychopaths of Forty Second Street have stooped to a new low this time with this anti-cop, pro-criminal puff piece. They take the side of this low-life Atlanta criminal dope-dealing ghetto dweller aka Alex White, to the point of it being thoroughly beyond ridiculous, it is downright treasonous and criminal on the part of the pointy-headed competitive compassion athletes at Amerika's  newspaper of record to rehash Kathryn Johnston's death at the hands of Atlanta PD and place it squarely on the shoulders of the besieged officers who struggle daily to contain the Black Undertow in the City Too Busy To Hate.

It's like Life Magazine blaming the Jews for Kristal Nacht. (insert smiley face).

Seriously, do the weanies at the Times really think they can get away with this type of crap much longer? Do they really think that publishing such an article is edgy and cool, and is going to gain them favor with some enlightened class of post-Rodney King intellectuals, i.e. enlightened progressives fully aware of evolving racial tensions living in 2012?  Don't they know that there is still a majority in the USA, and that they (we) really are not inclined to have much sympathy for the criminal underclass who rapes thirty six thousand white womenz every year, and who commits so much shittyness in the inner cities that it feels like there is a low-intensity war going on in our own country?

I mean, talk about mixing up correlation and causation. Amerika's criminal underclass need to be stomped on like cockroaches, and to a large extent this has somewhat been achieved, with the USA caging 2.2 million criminal scumbags behind bars - a world record. Yeah, that's a lot, but just think for a second what crime rates in major metro areas in a post Snivel-Rights Amurrika would be if there were two million Trayvons otherwise loose on the streets.

The four-eyed social justice crusaders at the New York Times are grasping for straws with this piece. They have to go back SIX YEARS to find some instance of white cops gunning down some po po old black lady in da' hood, in a very similar way to how they have to go back six decades to sniff out instances of wickedness in the Catholic Church, or anywhere else where evil whitey has dared rear his ugly, privileged  head.

It feels like a teenage rebellion, the teenager being the four-eyed diversity Kommissars at the Times, and the rebelled-against parent being the patriarchal authority that created and (pretty much) still rules Western Civilization.

Is there a possibility that the evil little eunuchs at the Times will one day awake to the error of their ways? And realize that: No, minority criminality ain't so much the fault of evil whitey, it has more  to do with the forces that make certain civilizations thrive, and others, not so much?

Answer: Unlikely.

Meantime, more nauseating "Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable" reality-reversing  misinformation from "A Snitch's Dilemma":

Exhibit A : "Cops Are Dirty And Dangerous" : 
Exhibit B : The Drug-Dealing Diversity Cockroach Featured In This Feature Had "An Easy Smile"  - aka NYT Code-Speak For: This Scummy Individual Had No Other Redeeming Qualities Apart From The Fact That He Didn't Actually Attack, Rob, Rape, Chew The Face Off Of, Or Beat Down Our Metrosexual Reporter While He Was Being Interviewed For This Article : 
Exhibit C : The Verminous Little Twinks At The New York Times Characterize A Lawful Execution Of A Search Warrant On A Drug-Addled Ghetto-Nest As A "Home Invasion"  :

I encourage you to take a look at the original article, even though it is ten pages long.  Listen to the 911 call that our uprighteous hero Alex White makes to the local dispatcher. Judge for yourself whether this individual really deserves to be hero-ized by a nation's newspaper of record, on the front page of their national magazine, some of the most expensive publishing real estate on Planet Earth. 

In an upside-down world, I suppose such things would not seem so unusual at all. 

The New York Times: Putting The Full Weight Of Their Righteousness Behind The Trayvons, The Omars, And The Alex Whites Of This World Since Nineteen Ninety-Nine. 

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