Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 29, 2012

South Africa: Celebrating With A Sneer And A Laugh The Wiggerization Of That Once Proud Land

"Johanessbourg's Most Wanted"

Jo-burg "rap" group "Die Antwood," clueless little twits totally unawares of how they have been suckered into  monkeying the hard-core negro meme, sort of like white kids in Saint Louis who ape the droopy pants style of their gangsta-wannabee heroes.

Of course, the verminous elitist at the New York Times make no mention of the link between negro "culture" and white debasement.

The New York Times: Busting Out The Party Hats To Celebrate The Death Of The West Since 1994. 

Yeah, Like This Makes A Lot Of Sense

"Bout Time" from today's Magazine.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here We Go Again: More Photos of Stone-Age Turd World Savagery Right There Smack On Top Of The Most Illustrious Front Page On Earth

God forbid that the eunuchs at the New York Times would grace the most valuable publishing real estate  on earth with a picture or two of something that depicts the positive achievements or condition of Western Civilization.

(Channeling Reverend Wright): Nah nah Nah NAH! !

The One-Worlder diversity enforcers at the Grey Whore of Forty-Second Street insist on polluting the above-the-fold section of Amerika's Newspaper of Record with uplifting images of veiled Muslim women courageously battling their throw-back Stone-Age pedophile male oppressors in the ongoing democracy/OWS movement that is the glorious "Arab Spring."

The New York Times: Making It Clear To Westerners That Islam Is The Future Since 2001.

The Nietzchean Foundations Of New York Times Morality

To better understand the philosophical underpinnings of the New York Times' guiding aphorism, namely "to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable," please consider this passage from Frederick Nietzche's 1887 work "On The Genealogy of Morals" :

Let us briefly consider the greatest example. Everything on earth which has been done against “the noble,” “the powerful,” “the masters,” “the rulers” is not worth mentioning in comparison with what the Jews have done against them: the Jews, that priestly people, who knew how to get final satisfaction from their enemies and conquerors through a radical transformation of their values, that is, through an act of the most spiritual revenge. This was appropriate only to a priestly people with the most deeply repressed priestly desire for revenge. In opposition to the aristocratic value equations (good = noble = powerful = beautiful = fortunate = loved by god), the Jews, with an awe-inspiring consistency, dared to reverse things and to hang on to that with the teeth of the most profound hatred (the hatred of the powerless), that is, to “only those who suffer are good; the poor, the powerless, the low are the only good people; the suffering, those in need, the sick, the ugly are also the only pious people; only they are blessed by God; for them alone there is salvation.—By contrast, you privileged and powerful people, you are for all eternity the evil, the cruel, the lecherous, the insatiable, the godless; you will also be the unblessed, the cursed, and the damned for all eternity!” 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Whiskey on "Alcatraz"

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Look at the show, and you will see that what Whiskey is talking about is even more blatant than what he talks about in the perspicacious post below : 

The Strange Politics of TV's Alcatraz and Person of Interest

There is only one institution in America with any reach. Only one that really shapes culture. Only one that reflects, and changes it. No, its not churches. Hardly anyone goes to Church any more. Nor is it politics, unaffiliated people are growing and will soon outnumber Republicans. There is only one institution that matters. That is television. True, it does not have the reach it had with only three networks, and no cable tv. But there it is, 17 million people watched the Golden Globes. It is, outside sports and a few other live events, a mostly female-gay ghetto. But it still shapes the attitudes and cultural assumptions of most women. Which brings us to Fox's Alcatraz and CBS's Person of Interest. Both are shows with somewhat strange politics. Alcatraz wants to indict the White male America of the past, for well being White and Male. Not sufficiently multicultural. Meanwhile Person of Interest posits that icky White beta males are the main threat to personal security in NYC, and Black men and women NEVER EVER commit crimes. Why? Because their viewers are nearly all female, and that is what that audience wants.

First, Alcatraz. seen in the trailer below:

Basically, a young White girl with a pixie haircut, and no discernible man in her life, but "hot" (this IS San Francisco, after all), is recruited by a semi-evil cranky old White guy, to work with a "diverse" team of well, a fat Mexican comic book fan and "Professor" and some Indian chick to solve the mystery of why everyone disappeared from Alcatraz. Sub-plots include the wicked, bad White guy who killed her first, less fat Mexican cop partner, who is her ... grandfather! And also the Indian doctor being a time traveler or something, she shows up in a flashback in 1960 in Alcatraz.

The whole thing is laughable, with hard-case WWII vet and Alcatraz con meekly doing what "they" (a voice on a telephone) tells him to do, because well that's what bad, dangerous White guys do. Or guys from 1963 suddenly knowing that they are being watched by video surveillance cameras. Or that time-travelers would use that to ... hire hitmen. Of course!

It is naturally, chick crack. Women love this stuff, the good (puzzles, women love puzzles as any Agatha Christie fan knows), and the bad (basically the semi-lesbian, fat Mexican guy, and the cranky old guy have to chase down evil White male America from 1963 and imprison it). There's a metaphor there, and its very obvious. The shows creators feel the old, straight White male working man's San Francisco is an affront to reality, and want to bring it back to life just to imprison it. Again, chick crack: importance and unraveling the mystery without any responsibility or duty. To country, justice, family, or anything. Or sorting that out. Nope, just easy moral victories over cartoon bad guys. Because everyone knows, that in San Francisco, the most horrible crimes are committed by ... White guys.

Nope, the words of SFPD Captain Michael Biel on the causes of San Francisco's 11 murders in 2011 are:

But police Capt. Michael Biel told the board’s Public Safety Committee the killings are unrelated and do not represent a specific crime wave. Biel said only one of the 11 homicides committed so far this year has been gang-related. Most of the rest, he said, involved social acquaintances and ongoing disputes over money or drugs.

Now, what sort of person kills casual acquaintances in disputes over money and drugs? Oh I know, I know! White guys. Usually icky beta males or lower class blue collar guys. After all, we all know the crime waves WWII vets committed (one of the bad guys in Alcatraz is a WWII vet who stole to feed his family).

Person of Interest, after an interesting start, has followed the path of pandering to the female audience's prejudices. While the pilot played with expectations, the icky beta male White guy being the victim, the "hot" woman being the killer, the main plot, bad corrupt White cops framing innocent Black victims had a noticeable subtext. All the cops were fat, bad looking ethnic White guys, Italians, Irish, and not the handsome good guys.

The most recent episode was the most laughable, embodying Eric Cartman's South Park Dictum that Black people can do no wrong. The character, the person of interest, is a beautiful Dominican woman who is a struggling lawyer, trying to free innocent Black cons wrongfully sent back to prison by their corrupt (again fat and unattractive Italian) parole officer. So the person at Child Protective Services can get a kick-back on falsely claimed kids cared for by the foster parents. The conspirators? A middle aged White couple and ... yes! An Icky White Beta Male. The "twist" is we are supposed to suspect, briefly, a noble Black woman who runs the place. Not the icky White beta male who expresses a romantic interest in the beautiful Dominican woman.

Why that plot point? Because it confirms what most of the White female audience "knows" with religious certainty. ALL Black people are noble and good, and never ever EVER commit crimes, it is racist to think so. The REAL threat is icky White beta males who might even **GASP** ask them out. How awful. Of course they are murderers and corrupt.

How does this willful denial of reality exist? Because most White women have no real contact with actual real, Black male criminals in urban areas. Or noble Hispanics. Those who do, like Alexandra "Asians in the Library" Wallace are not real happy about being second class citizens at best, harassed and threatened at worst. Black ex-cons are not in reality, noble guys trying to "turn their life around" for their son. They are in fact, brutal and dysfunctional and totally without much hope for anything else but aging out of violence. Productive and trustworthy members of society they are not.

This makes the show far different from the 1980's "Equalizer" which was also set in NYC. There, brutal Chinese kidnap or Dominican drug gangs ruled places, or organized crime, or various drug rings. While there were plenty of evil White guys, the beta male White guy was often the one the Equalizer (the incomparable Edward Woodward, sorely missed) protected. Heck even glamor-show "Miami Vice" had no problem in depicting the reality of the drug trade then, mostly Columbian drug lords. But back then, more men watched television, and therefore pandering to female-led PC was not the main concern.

One of the subtexts is that the bad guys are really bad because they are ... racist. "Framing" Black guys for committing the crimes that evil Blue Collar White guys of Ethnic Origin or Beta Male White guys do. I've seen that particular plot point three times on the show this season. That's no accident, undoubtedly the audience responded and it got repeated.

If you don't like PC, you have to destroy TV. Period. Or remake it into a place where shows fear offending .... beta male White guys, and Blue Colar guys of Ethnic Origin.

Either destroy female-led consumerism (by promoting female thrift and value-buying) or start suing the hell out of these production companiesand networks for defamation of class. Sue and sue and sue and sue. Sue till the cows come home. And then sue some more. Attrition warfare against an enemy with limited time and money. Force them to abandon the shaping of culture to feed the White female professional viewpoint at its worst not best.

Puzzle stuff? I'm with the female viewers on that one. Its fun! Why not? Character development (but not by icky sex or "shocking" turns to "evil" out of comic books and soap operas) are also a positive development due to women viewers. But lets have an end to the chasing down and imprisonment of the Straight White male past, and icky Beta Male or White Ethnic guy as villain wrongfully framing innocent Black ex-cons. I'd rather watch vampires, witches, and fantasy characters out of "Grimm." Its more believable.

Is Western Civilization The Last Hope For Mankind ?

Friday 27 Jan MMXII - Clk 2 Enlrg 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The New York Times Plasters Their Illustrious Front Page With More Photos Of Their Favorite Global Pet Minority: Screeching Stone-Age Islamic Women From Egypt

...while remaining purposefully silent on the utter irony of the Arab Spring's devolution into a hard-line Islamic movement where these women will have zero rights.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As The Great Replacement Project Continues Apace, The Verminous Reality Contortionists Of Forty-Second Street Demonize Those Who Can See

"Police Gang Tyrannized Latinos, Indictment Says"

As a tiny minority of people including authorities stand up to the taco-bunnyfuxation of the United States, the hateful little weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record take the side of the invaders.

By the way what's up with the use of the word "tyrannized" in the title? What the Times wanted to say of course was "terrorize," but that word would have led readers to form a mental image of American Muslims; "tyrannize" has a connotation of system-wide oppression, in keeping with the guilt-inducing concept of the Original Sin(s) of the West: slavery, colonialism, and naziism. Still, it's a strange word choice, even for the evil elites at the New York Times.

From the article :

Hey, New Haven is their city now. How dare the NHPD impede the Great Replacement Program that the New York Times so fervently promotes?

More from the article:

This is unacceptable. The New York Times' illegal invader immigrant Mexican pets are using the 14th amendment (designed in 1868 to uplift the newly freed blacks) to drift here on chicken wings and spawn miniature taco bunnies that will metastasize into full-sized government dependent parasites, football-shaped mestizos whose presence on American soil is akin to a burrito sitting atop a birthday cake.

The psychotic diversity enforcers at the Grey Whore will not tolerate the slightest resistance, which is futile anyway because the Times' has been successful in their sinister population substitution agenda. Carried out on a planetary scale and led by the kinds of elites who populate the board rooms of the NYT, the post-war affliction of Western Civilization wherever it rears its ugly head on earth has been a smashing success, thank you very much. From a high of 33% in 1950 to less than 8% of global population today, Westerners are a rapidly disappearing minority. After having invented and then in a spasm of munificence given away the technology that would enable their own dispossession, the sick elites of the West are finishing off the job by squashing even the meekest resistance to the NWO.

The New York Times: Making The World Safe For Diversity Since 1981.

Weird, Super-Subtle Subliminal Suggestion From the Traitorous Diversity Enforcers Of Forty-Second Street

"Bird Watchers Revel In Unusual Spike In Snowy Owl Sightings"

From the article : 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The New York Times Takes Another Dump In The HBD Pool

"With DNA Testing, Suddenly They Are Family"

Of course they are.

Like An Abandoned Puppy In Need, It Cuddles
Up To Its Clear-Eyed Benefactor

From the article : 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sun22Jan MMXII  

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Like A Frustrated Child Stamping Its Foot, The New York Times Can Not Handle The Truth

"Blacks Face Bias In Bankruptcy, Study Suggests"

From the article :

The criminal reality fugitives at Amerika's Newspaper of Record want all humans to be capable of identical outcomes, even if this means making titanic efforts to uplift the few, while demonizing and lying about the many.

With stunning arrogance, the sanctimonious Blank Slateists of forty-second street swim like poisonous fish against the rushing currents of Human Nature, determined at all cost to comfort the afflict and afflict the comfortable©, even if in order to do this, reality must be turned on its head.

The New York Times: Where The Ends Justifies The Means Since 1964.

World's First Helicopter Built By The Nazis (And It Didn't Cost A Hundred Billion Dollars)


The Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drache ("Dragon" in English) being 
flght-tested in 1943. 

And now : 

The Hundred Billion Dollar Bird

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Anti-Majority Hatred - Presented Sneakily and Subliminally - From The Sinister Weasels At The New York Times

Consider this above the fold photo from today's front page :

What's wrong with this picture, you ask?

Thu19JAnMMXI - Clk2Enlrg
Well, as we have seen before, the only time Amerika's newspaper of record depicts white people on its front page, or practically any of its pages today,  is when members of the country's disappearing and hated majority are either sick, criminal, dead or dying.

Alas this photo is no exception. Let's analyze:

In clear focus in the foreground, a late-middle aged white woman with green eyes wearing an expression of doubt, as if to say: "This white woman, who is probably childless and will soon be dead, even she has doubts about Romney, because she is wise enough to understand what an evil man he is." (The accompanying article is entitled : "Romney's  Lead Narrows in South Carolina As Negative Advertising Heats Up").

Behind her we have a slightly out of focus grandmotherly Italian American type wearing an equally skeptical expression.

And behind her, to better conceal their subterfuge, an even more blurry photo that is the clincher: a possibly pretty, young, blue-eyed white girl waving an American flag and smiling approvingly in Romney's direction. The only problem is that she has an unlikely set of yellow and misshapen teeth, which at first glance the reader hardly even notices.

This is clearly a subliminal attempt by the sick bastards at the NYT to subtly suggest that this normal-looking Romney supporter, this average American, is in fact somehow deeply flawed, possibly even mentally unstable. What other message does a blurry photo of a pretty girl with yellow wooden teeth convey?

The New York Times:  Insidious Organ of Great Replacement Propaganda Since 2010.

Flash From The Past! (Delight In The Contemplation Of How The New York Times Would Explain This Away)

From the Encyclopeadia Britannica, 1910 edition, entry on "Negro" (page 344) :

From "The American Negro" by Thomas Hannibal Thomas, 1901(see it here)

How, indeed would the reality fugitives of forty-second street attempt to debunk this tome of early-century  "scientific racism"? 

Answer : 

and : 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Really Pisses Me Off: The New York Times Wages War On National Identities (Only Euro Nations Need Be Concerned)

The verminous, hateful little reality contortionists at Amerika's Newspaper of Record attempt to sew confusion and mass cognitive dissonance in the walloped minds of their confused readers by doing shit like this :

That's right: an economics article on la France profonde that features "ordinary" French voters with decidedly non-French names.

What a disgusting bunch of little weasels these New York Times elites are.

Monday January 17 front page -

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shocking Anti-White Hatred: The New York Times' Obsession With Discrediting Romney Is Bordering, I Would Say, On The Insane

Check out this sneering little gem of anti-white hatred, from the Op-Ed section of today's Sunday Times, entitled "Romny: What's Race Got To Do With It?', by Times communist Lee Siegel.

The New York Times hates white people; their only so-called "conservative"  communist, Ross Douthat, does not even do too good a job of differentiating himself from the Times' all out anti-Romney propaganda today, in a piece entitled "The Benefits of Bain Capitalism"

Gross-out warning from the Siegel piece: this stuff reveals the NYT for the hateful anti-white scoundrels that they really are.

From the article :

Why does the NYT hate white people with such a passion?

Answer: Culture of Critique. (Google it).

The New York Times hates, repeat: HATES: families and people who look like this, regardless of their political leanings :

I don't really give two shits one way or the other about Mitt Romney - especially since I know that his father when governor of Michigan was responsible in 1967 for allowing that highly productive state to spiral out of control after the black riots of 1967 - but one thing is clear, and should be clear to  a lot of normal decent right-thinking americans today: if it comes to voting for an affirmative-action America-hating half-Kenyan nobody, or an all-American Mormon family man millionaire, the choice should be obvious for anyone with the presence of mind to avoid another societal collapse, as our ancestors went through two thousand years ago.

That's all !

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Embarrassing Minority Worship From the Four-Eyed Reality Fugitives at the New York Times

News flash: the verminous diversity fanatics at Amerika's newspaper of record are in love with minorities. As long as they're not Boers, that is.

In a hilarious propaganda puff piece published in the "U.S." section of the Grey Whore and entitled "For Many Latinos, Racial Identity Is More Culture Than Color," the glassy-eyed reality contortionists of forty-second street get down on all fours to better enable their beloved Latino pets to thrust their gigantic phallus of Hispanic pride deep into the Time's proverbial anus.

This fawning, breatheless display of minority worship, penned by exotically named Times communist Mreya Navarro, is part of a wider, more noble effort by the New York Times to stay obsessed with the morphing maw of race reality in the (formerly) United States, an effort that they call "Race Remixed" (and define as : "a series [that] explores the growing number of mixed-race Americans").


Check out the vid below, entitled "Being Garifuna."

Being Garifuna (video)

If you're wondering where these African-Honduran-Caribbean Americans get their rather over the top sense of racial pride, you need look no further than the newspaper whose ivory-tower elites publish gushing portraits of praise on a daily basis.

The New York Times: Devoted To Uplifting Minorities (As Long As They're Not Boers) Since 1965.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday, 12 January MMXII

The Print Version Of The NYT Now Costs 2.50$! But You Can Still Beat The Times' Paywall !

It's simple: simply delete everything in the URL after the question mark, including the question mark.

Like so :

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling Even Too Uninspired To Steal From The Hateful Diversity Fanatics At The New York Times, I'm "Borrowing" From The Alt-Right Blog of Record, Le Chateau Heartiste

If only the New York Times had one tenth of one percent of the forbidden logic behind the following clip from today's Heartiste :

My opinion of cultural trends now underway?: Thanks to technology, diversity and cognitive stratification, America is entering the period of The Great Culling, a process which will create not only new classes, but even new races, broadly a snarky Eloi and a medicated Morlock, and slowly, as the government cheese runs out, the losers in this culling will begin to procreate less and less, until they are discarded by the invisible crotch of evolution as failed human experiments unable to adapt to the new reality. (Note that some of the losers include childless spinsters of the high IQ elite.) The wildcard is genetic engineering, something nerds love to trumpet to assuage their feelings of hopelessness, but I doubt it will emerge in time to make a difference.
Anyhow, may 2012 be filled with postponements of the coming dystopia!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Something Weird Is Going On In This Front-Page Story About The Funeral For The Five Stamford, Connecticut X-Mas Day Fire Victims

As I was reading this story, the sound of tires screeching to a stop in my head told me something was amiss:

"A Mother Pays Tribute To Her Little Girl Tribe"

First of all, the prominent display on the front page of a manhattan funeral was true to form and an assertion of something I have said in the past about the verminous reality contortionists at the Times: the only time you will see a photo of a detested member of the majority in Amerika's of record is when that person is either criminal, sick, dying or dead. Or gay. Or lesbian.

Check out this article and tell me if you don't find it strange that though five were killed in that horrific fire - three little girls and their grandparents - there is little mention of their father and their co-victims, their grandparents.

The New York Times lays it on thick when it comes to portraying single mothers as models of virtue and heroism.

Some Fine Times-Bashing From Our Friends at Takimag

Taki nails the Times with habitual verve here. Love that blog!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The NYT Now Costs 2.50$ Per Print Edition - But You Can STILL Beat Their Online Paywall

Beat The Times' Paywall, Like So :

Simply delete everything in the URL after the question lark (?), including the question mark.

Like so :

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Britain Diversity-Insanity Part 2: The Disgusting, Suicidal (Or Should I Say 'Homicidal') New York Times Piles On In The Stephen Lawrence Affair, Britain's Rodney King-Moment In Reverse And On Steroids

This is just insane: the UK Daily News reported with glee today that the detested working class white trash boys who supposedly stabbed to death a black Jamaican at a bus stop in 1993 (you read that right - almost twenty years ago), have been rightly convicted of murder, and sentenced to hard prison time, to be spent no doubt among a thoroughly diversity-enriched Brit prison population.

Not sure how many of you have followed the Steven Lawrence case - I blogged about it here on COTT months ago, but basically it boils down to this: in an extremely rare fluke of criminal trends in the UK, a diversity gets murdered by a gaggle of native lower-class white Brits. The Elites go insane, which results in the 1997 "Macpherson Report," a searing indictment of white British society in general, and the London Metropolitan police in particular, the latter having become synonymous as a result of this Orwellian document with "Institutional Racism."

The New York Times reports predictably on this racist murder here:

"Guilty Verdicts In 1993 Racial Murder Case That Changed Justice In Britain"

From the article :

Funny - and telling - that the New York Times does not specify who is responsible for the majority of these murders, most of which are knife-crimes.

The New York Times: Blame-Shifting Galore since 1981.

PS: For some incredibly insightful commentary on the Lawrence case, check out this piece from Spiked.com. If you're too lazy to click over, here's a snippet :