Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, April 29, 2011

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What on EARTH Is Going On Here ?

I stand corrected : 

But it's Still  a FAKE !

Nick Kristof In Love With China...

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...he's hoping for a bright future for them, too.

"Great Leap Backward"

Could you imagine him saying anything like this about a Western nation?:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

They're Reduced To Begging Now

Original article:

"A Certificate of Embarrassment"

Don't forget! You Can beat the NYT paywall by simply deleting the paywall code that comes starting with and after the question mark ("?") in the URL !


After Selecting The Code After "html," Just Hit Enter And BOOM! - Free Propaganda !! 

Even If Is It Real, The Plausibility Issue Is Still Not Resolved - And the NYT Won't Touch It With A Ten-Foot Pole

The title of the article says it all :

"In Trying To Debunk A Theory, The News Media Extended Its Life"

From the article :

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back To The Turd-World On The Front Pages Of Amerika's Newspaper Of Record

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Wow, that didn't take long....

Monday, April 25, 2011

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The NYT Is In Love: "Fawning. Breathless. Adoring. Hagiographic. Glorifying. Feigned Awestruckness."

Guess who they're reporting about?

Hint: it's not George Bush.

"A Schools Chief With A Knack for Mollification"

From the Article:

Celebrating Post-Westernism: The Times' Choice Is Clear

4/24/11 - Click to Enlarge
The beautiful photo of the Space Shuttle cockpit in orbit on the front page of today's New York Times is noteworthy for two reasons: this is the first time in months that the main front-page photo on the Times has not centered on some Godforsaken image of Third World barbarity; secondly, like the photo of the good Dr. Sroka featured in yesterday's post - and also featured on the front page of the Times -  the only reason the Times publishes a positive photo that depicts traditional First-World subjects, is when said subjects are representative of the Decline of the West.

In the article accompanying today's Space Shuttle Atlantis photo - "With 'Coolest Job Ever Ending, Astronauts Seek Next Frontier" Times' communist and sino-diversity enforcer Kenneth Chang takes sadistic schadenfreudistic delight in describing not only the demise of America's space program, but also the glorious way in which this demise is in wonderful concordance with the decline of the US in particular, and the West in general.

The New York Times: wishing we were dead since 1998.

Times-Approved√ (But Only Because It's About to Become A Museum Piece)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

In The Post-Westernist Worldview of the New York Times, The Only Good Marcus Welby Doctor-Type is A Soon-To-Be Retired Or Dead Marcus Welby-Type

23/4/11 - NYT Front Page
 Not Available (The IHT is Just as
 Bad, If That is Any Consolation)
From the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record today, we get this sniveling little propaganda puff piece that sneers at the decline of this most decent aspect of small-town Americana:

"Family Physician Can't Give Away Solo Practice"

When was the last time that the NYT featured the subject of the despised white male in a positive light, when said subject was not depicted as a serial killer, a feminized Westernized homosexual victimized by gay bashing, or a race-traitor Jew hell-bent on population substitution (Bloomberg)?

Answer: Never.

Today's article on Dr. Sroka proves yet once again that you will NEVER see anything positive in the pages of the NYT about high-achievment white males, unless they are on their way out (the Times refers to Dr. Sroka as a "dinausaor"), or unless they are guilty of some hideous crime (the non-violent but nevertheless despicable Bernie Madoff).

Personally, I would prefer to live in a society where sick, degenerate, violent, low-IQ people no matter what their background, are automatically and as a matter of policy condemned more stringently than those whose crimes are non-violent, irregardless of race or social background.

Violence needs to be condemned and punished to the power of ten over over greed and other non-violent crime. Period.

Please watch this video - it will tell you a lot about the NYT's worldview.

You will notice that there is not ONE single minority in this entire film.

This jibes Oh So Well with the Times implied statement behind this film, which is: "It's over for you guys, Majority Americans. Buh-Bye !"

PLEASE watch this film and comment abundantly :


Maybe There's More To The Birther Thing Than The Times Would Like To Admit

This from the NY Daily News from 2007 :


Please take a closer look at this fraud's self-hating mother Ann Durham, who got herself first indoctrinated with anti-Western "Liberation Theology," then got herself impregnated (illegally, apparently) by a tumescent African adulterer who only met the current "Prez" once in his entire adult life, a laughable occurrence when one thinks that Obama devoted an entire book to a guy he met for 10 minutes in an airport.

Friday, April 22, 2011

For The Population-Replacement Fanatics At The New York Times, Diversity Is Favored Over Environmentalist Do-Gooderism

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Yes, the NYT gets a chuckle out of disgusting, filthy Turd World Behaviour (TWB), and in the process gains about fifty points on our patent-pending "Hypocrisy Index®" :

"Hindus Find a Ganges In Queens, To Park Rangers' Dismay"

From the article :

Enriching The Waters Of The Empire State 


Solid Evidence That The Condescending Population-Replacement Enthusiasts at the NYT Are Outright Lying

From "The Psychology of the Birther Myth - No Winning This Argument," it is becoming increasingly clear that the NYT is losing the debate, as evidence of their outright lies become easier and easier to expose.

In this - another in a long series of opinion pieces published in order to discredit the so-called birthers, and to make them look stupid and, especially, racist - the reality-contortionists at the NYT claim that the reason there are so many birther "conspiracy theorists," is that just plain downright evil white racists are fearful of and unhappy about demographic change in the USA (something that is happening - and not just in the USA but in every single Westernized country on Earth as a direct result of the drivelous population-replacement propaganda campaign that the NYT churns out on a daily basis).

But here's where they get caught up in their own lies: the Times claims in the article cited that 2050 is the year when the USA will become majority-minority (non-white), whereas in fact - and the Times has  reported on this in their sniveling pages of misinformation in the past - that minority-majority projection was revised by the so-called demographics experts to occur not in 2050 as planned, but a LOT sooner, i.e. in 2042. This piece is from 2007, for Chirssakes !

Think I'm lying? Check out this piece :

"Population of Young Whites Falling Faster Than Expected"

As the disgusting article above by the disgusting snivel rights and diversity enforcer Sabrina Tavernese tells us in gleeful terms, already fully HALF of American children under the age of 18 are non-white. Yes, Sabrina and her fellow communist suicidalists at the NYT broke out the party whistles and the balloons when THAT happened.

Here we have a case of the NYT exhibiting in a particularly obvious manner their insidious agenda :

The NYT Depicts Half Of All Republicans as "Silly" And Not Smart Enough To Understand A Changing World

"The Psychology of the 'Birther' Movement: No Winning This Argument"

From the article :

Note: the part highlighted in red reads :

"Belief in silly things can provide people with comfort in a world that appears increasingly difficult to understand."

The NYT Like A Frightened Housewife In A Kitchen On Fire As The Birther Blaze Burns Brighter Still

"The Psychology of the Birther Movement - Racial Resentment At Its Root"

Of course it is.

God Almighty I hate the professional elitists at the New York Times.

Check out this whole section now devoted to debunking the so-called birther movement.

Like a teenage girl who refuses to believe her parents as they try to tell her the boyfriend died in a car crash, the sickening, snickering, sniveling reality denialists at Amerika's newspaper of record stamp their feet and throw a tantrum, insisting over and over that it can't be true.

They are feeling the heat as more and more people talk out (Thank God!) about the whole Obama legitimacy issue.

But the weak link in the chain of reasoning of their denialist reporting on the (denialist) birthers, is that they have failed to discuss the extreme plausibility that in and of itself actually legitimizes the whole birther thing.

Noone could deny that Obama's background is highly questionable. The drivel-scoundrels on the left - those with tattoos that read "The Only Thing I Don't Tolerate... Is Intolerance" will interpret this statement as the blathering of someone unenlightened and intolerant of "otherness."

The NYT demands that we all be enlightened and attuned to "otherness."

In other words, to answer the question that the NYT asks:

"Why do 45 percent of Republicans believe Obama is foreign-born?" 

Well, posits the Times : it might be racial resentment - as the Times implies in the opinions series above.  it might be a lot of things, and frankly I don't really know where the Mulatto Messiah was born, but what I and all of COTT readers DO know is that his occupation of the White House is so utterly and obviously ridiculous that it has to be illegitimate, for that reason alone.

It just don't LOOK right !

To answer their own question, we would like to bitch slap them and say: "Because it is HIGHLY PLAUSIBLE, you sniveling lying elitist Obama enablers!"

Here is a comment I posted to the site "Racial Resentment At Its Roots". Please please visit this site devoted to adulation of Snivel Rights propaganda by a well-paid Ivy League Goebells-type, and post your own comment there.

We look forward to reading the comments of COTT readers posted on the NYT.

"Why does the New York Times continue to refuse to even discuss the plausibility (italics please) of Obama's "otherness"?
Doing so would serve to defuse the birther central argument.
As it is, it looks like the Times is engaging in a cover up, as they fail to point out some of the obvious plausibility points the birthers have on their side:
- Obama's father was a British subject, thus Obama inherited his father's citizenship, thus at least in the case of Britain was a dual citizen with the US ;
- Obama also had Indonesian citizenship under his step-father Sotero's household;
- Obama travelled to Kenya in 1981 using the Indonesian passport.that this citizenship allowed him.
When these  facts come out more regularly in the MSM - as they are bond to do as this debate intensifies and spreads - it could appear that the NYT was covering up along along by not reporting on them.
Therefore: please when reporting on the Obama "otherness" issue, report from all angles and include all relevant facts, please."

The NYT Indicts The Usual Suspects, Is Unashamed About Jumping To Conclusions

"Long Island Serial Killer Gets a Personality Profile"

If only we were allowed to make these kinds of assumptions about the people most likely to blow up an airplane!

From the article:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meanwhile, Over In France, You Have "Piss Christ" Being Defended by the New York Times' Brothers In Arms, Libération, Le Monde et Al...

...after a photograph of the sleazy Puerto Rican artist Andres Serrano was attacked with a hammer by a so-called terrorist group of Christian "intégristes" in the French southern city of Avignon :

From the left-teetering one-world NYT-like newspaper Libé on this taco bunny's so-called "art" :

"I Have No Sympathy For Blasphemy"

Nauseating GLBT-Worship at the New York Times

4/19/11 - Click to Enlarge
"Even On Religious Campuses, Students Fight for Gay Identity" Clearly the New York Times won't be satisfied until everyone is gay.

From the article:

Hmm. So according to this sick monsters at Amerika's newspaper of record, the only good Christian is a gay Christian, or an atheist. Or a high-fertility pregnant illegal Mexican.

Monday, April 18, 2011

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Perpetuating the Tired Old Lie of the (Only) Eleven-Million-Illegals Figure

4/17/11 - Click to Enlarge 
The delusional, disingenuous reality fugitives at the New York Times seem to have lost their Texas Instrument calculators. Since I started paying attention about five years ago, the NYT has continually and obstinately presented to the gullible US public the "fact" that there are some 11 million illegal immigrants toiling about in the land.

Yes, these same Mexican illegals, who with their "legalized" brethren were responsible for the vast majority of the nation's population growth since the year 2000, are in a strange twist of science, math and social justice policy, still limited to the fell-safe number of 11 million today, in 2011, even though the Times themselves admit that there are 1.5 million new "people" pouring into the country every year, and of these, up to one-third or more are "undocumented."

Eleven million illegal Mexicans in the land of the drive-thru?

Um, how bout, more like 20 to 30 million?

In a monster article featured on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record today entitled "America's Immigration Crusader," Times communist and assistant-chief diversity enforcer Jason deParle goes to extreme lengths to vilify some old white guy named Dr. John Tanton - an eye doctor from lilly-white (and dreaded) Petoskey, Michigan (a lakeside place that is 94% white - gasp and horrors!), who single-handedly created a lot of sensible immigration restriction groups including Numbers USA and FAIR.

Now, of course, the Times in this stupid article calls Dr. Tanton a "racist" on at least six occasions, to discredit him. You see: anti-racism is the new communism, we've all known this for a few years now. Anti-racism is the new religion of the secular humanism that tragically defines the be-all end all ideology f modern white democratic societies, where "equality" and "colourblindness" are more important than merit, innovation, or common decency.

If you go back and look for yourselves, you will see that as long ago as 2004, the NYT was reporting on the tired old wive's tale that the country was home to "eleven million undocumented workers."

But if you look a little further - including by taking a microscope to today's anti- Anti-Immigration piece that features the great Doctor Tanton, you will see that the knut-jobs at the New York Times themselves admit that the numbers can not possibly add up: in other words, there are not "11 million" illegal immigrants in the USA today, there are more like 30 million.

The Times doesn't of course want you to know this. The NYT will always - ALWAYS - be faithful to their mission of comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable.

The NYT is a giant global social justice propaganda machine, fueled by the nuclear core of competitive altruism - an "I'm morally better than you" affliction that seems to only affect Westerners in general, and Upper-West-Side dwelling white NYT-writing elites in particular.

From the article :

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trivializing Inner-City Criminality and Savagery

In addition to making light of the whole crime, the New York Times practically takes the defense of this disgusting savage animal, Emmanuel Sanchez,
4/16/11 - Click to Enlarge 
 who punched his 86 year-old victim in the face during a robbery, breaking her dentures (the poor woman!). 

Friday, April 15, 2011

More "Out Of Africa" Wishful Thinking From The Difference Denialists At The New York Times

4/15/11 - Click to Enlarge
In a particularly laughable article published on the front page of today's New York Times, entitled "Phonetic Clues Hint Language Is African-Born," Times communist Nicholas Wade makes the case yet again for the universality of the human "species."

The article speaks of a new linguistics study by some one-worlder psychopath academic type who claims human language originated with click-like sounds (Starvin Marvin, anyone?) among the bushmen of southwest africa, then spread gradually northwards and eastwards.


Never once does Wade in this monstrosity of "we're all identical" propaganda even hint at the enormous differences in complexity that exist between the different languages used by different groups.

Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, the disingenuous reality fugitives at the New York Times want their one-world Out of Africa fantasy of humanity to be true so so badly, that they will repeat over and over the tired old argument of "there is more genetic variety between individuals of a same race than between races," or some such nonsense. This article is nothing more than another smokescreen to perpetuate such perhaps well-intentioned but foolish views, which our lying eyes tell us on a daily basis cannot possibly be true.

From the article :

Yes, even though we're all equal in ability, some groups are more equal than others when it comes to evil, i.e. the destruction of the environment and the hoarding of resources. No mention here of course that the population of Africa doubled - to one billion - in the last 30 years, or that rampant poaching on that blessed continent has resulted in the quasi extinction of all the once-great mammals. 

From the comments section: 

I would not be surprised if the person who posted the above comment looked like the white chick in the photo below, as she gazes with stars in her eyes at a Ugandan politician who ran for president and lost. And yeah, I know his name is "Tim." 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Again: How To Beat The NYT New Paywall (It Is Laughably Easy)

It's simple, and there are multiple ways of doing it :

1) When viewing an article that is beyond your 20 article-pre-month limit, simply erase the numerical paywall code in the URL, and hit reload - Voila¡ ;

2) Sign in as a different user - for example as a Gmail user;

3) Simply Google "Hoe To Beat NYT Paywall". for many other ways to get through this cheap forty million dollar chain-link fence.


- Arturo

The Times Covers Up The Incredible Social Dysfunction Behind This 25-Year Old Baby Mama Drowns Her Keeds Story

4/14/11 - Click To Enlarge 
In a sane society, the newspaper of record would report - even obliquely - on the fact that the tragic mammy in question - 25 year-old Lashanda Armstrong - was a tiny bit unique, in that her ten-year-old son, La’Shaun, who was able to swim out da' window of his murderous mammy's tax-payer paid minivan to swim to safety while his mama and his three half-siblinglings from a ho lotta differnt man folks, was most likely conceived when Lashanda was fourteen, perhaps even 13 years old. 

Now, forgive me for sounding overly cynical in the wake of a river-tragedy: But c'mon, would it not be normal and sane and healthy, in a sane society, to inquire just a little further into reasons behind the death by mammy-cide of these three poor little chirren, whose mammy was first impregnated at the tender age of fourteen, (and possibly even 13), and then egged on and encouraged by a sick society to continue to reproduce more illegitimate offspring of so many diverse and unrelated baby-daddies? 

I know it might sound a little heartless, but is this not at least a question to be axed? 

How can a modern society survive, when 13 year-old girls are not only taught that it is perfectly okay to have sex and sheet and reproduce early and without any matrimonial ties whatsoever, but also, that to engage in such wild, feral bevaviour will result in a guaranteed federal stimulus check, that will allow said teen-baby machine to purchase a sail phone, a sofa set, and even a mini-van complete with multi-CD changer and the ultimate option to use taxpayer-financed gasoline to  drive said minivan  into the Hudson or any other suitable body of water wit dem keeds in it. 

How is this possible, for a modern society to survive in these circumstances ? 

Answer: Can't. Won't. Shouldn't. 

Society can have a Space Program or a coddled minority population. It's one or the other, but not both. 

"Woman Tells Of Boy's Pleas After Four Drownings

The Child on Top Was Named:
"Lance Pierre." Did Laushaunda Realize The
Incredible Irony Of "lance-pierre" Meaning "Slingshot"  in French?
We're Guessing, No. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to Beat the NYT New Paywall (It's Laughably Easy)

4/13/11 - Click to Enlarge 
In the same way that the New World Order-loving scoundrels - they of treasonous intent and perfidious motive - at the NYT purposefully get it wrong day after day when it comes to all issues domestic and planetary, it looks like their ill-conceived plan to make readers pay for content online is going to be a disastrous failure; here at COTT, we posit that this terrible business decision reflects upon their continued estrangement from reality. Like a supertanker filled with disingenuous, utopia-craving wishful thinkers, and other assorted fools, the Ship of State is now in the hands of a misguided captain and his cronies, where on the bridge there is no longer a compass: the old ship compass, it was reasoned, contained dangerous levels of mercury, and therefore it had to be thrown overboard, for the safety of the hordes below-decks. (Though not before it was carefully placed in a haz-mat containment device, the 8 million dollar cost of which the entire population of the ship agreed upon by vote, even though this meant they would have to go without food or fuel for six months).

After jettisoning the mercury-contaminated-vesseled compass over the supertanker's rail and into the sea, where it could cause no more injury, it was decided that henceforth, the crew would NEVER again rely on such a shameful piece of precision modern technology, polluted as it was not only by that toxic element mercury, but also by the equally toxic legacy of the people who exploited other, less fortunate peoples, in the rush to discover the poisonous element. The ship's crew learned one night during a Diversity/Sensitivity Training Seminar in the now-foodless galley of the supertanker, the shameful story of how mining for silver and other precious metals left trace amounts of mercury in the muddy, rocky landscape surrounding lots of indigenous peoples in South America and elsewhere, and that this was bad.

So bad, that mercury had to be outlawed.

Meanwhile, it was decided that the ship would no longer be guided by the readings of a polluted device with an evil oppressive history: henceforth, the elite members of the captain's staff on the bridge decided, the ship's coarse would be decided by the hordes of passengers belowdecks. One of the captain's men would be present when these people used an African Ouija-Board style device to determine the direction of the ship based on a series of dominoes. The captain's men would be armed with Glocks and Tasers, just in case.

But I digress (forgive me for that).

Here is how to beat the NYT paywall: either simply sign in as a different gmail user, or do what thee people recommend, right here.

Or, just simply Google: "How to beat NYT paywall."

As we are early into the game of the NYT trying to "adapt" (read: "save their skin") from all of the changes happening everywhere, the situation will evolve.

My guess is that, as much as I hate the NYT, I will never, EVER have to pay them money to view their online content, which I spend hours doing, to post it here - "We Read The Times So You Don't Have To."

The Subversive Sneakiness and Cynical Sneering of the New York Times Knows No Bounds

Seriously, this shit should be illegal.

Take a look at the photo below, published in accompaniment of the article entitled "Frankly, My Dear, The Windies Do Live For This," on page A14 in today's National section.

Do I need to even ask what is wrong with this picture?

Comments to follow, depending on which comments we get.

Obama Appointee and Fellow African American NASA Director Gives Away Our Shuttle Fleet on Anniversary of Foreign Cosmonaut Achievement, NYT Breaks Out The Balloons and Party Whistles

NASA Chief Bolden
"Nasa Chooses Space Shuttles' Retirement Homes"

Note the choice of words by Times communist Kenneth Chang: in addition to his exotic last name, Change gets extra points with the population replacement enthusiasts at the New York Times for phrasing the demise of the shuttle program in terms reminiscent of the demise of NWA's.

Chang could have used "museum," or "institutions," or a host of other words to describe the shuttle's future career as a museum piece. Instead, at the egging on of his post-Western colleagues at Amerika's newspaper of record, Chang purposefully chose "retirement home." The semantic subterfuge is sneaky beyond devious: the Times is preparing the planet for a post-Western future. The people who created every modern aspect of civilization - every. single. one. -  will be watching daytime tv in retirement homes very soon, thank you very much. Please step aside to make room for the people of the future.

From the article:

Yeah Yeah, We Know 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Embarrassing Third-World Worship at the New York Times

In a front-page puff piece of unadulterated xenophilia entitled "At Ghanian Funerals, A Time To Dance and Worship," the New York Times embarrasses themselves today even worse than they did yesterday with their voodoo-worship piece, which you read here.

NYT - Approved√
As Africa descends anew into the Stone Age from which it was pried by Western intervention, the wishful thinking reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record are firing up the after-burners on their propaganda machine to make it appear that the rise of Islam in the Maghreb and Ivory Coast is a beautiful thing, while reminding us every single day how evil and undesirable Christianity is (unless it's being practiced by illegal Mexicans, in which case church-going is presented as a sign of stability and responsibility).

It's really starting to feel like the left-wing psychopaths at the New York Times are increasingly feeling the heat of mass defection from the enforced and prevailing liberal dogma that is politically safe to adhere to, but that more and more people are seeing as the sinister campaign of global anti-Westernism that it really is.

From the article:

More cultural relativism from the freakazoids at the NYT. Yes, the Irish can't throw a funeral party like these ghanians. It might not be as wonderful and as enriching as haitian voodoo, but the ways these ghanians get together and dance all night is really something that us boring bland Americans could never replicate. 

A closer look at this articles reveals that these Ghanian funeral-goers are actually engaging in incredibly uncivilized behaviour, reminiscent of over-the-top stupidity that one sees in Africa all the friggin time. Turns out these "funerals" that the NYT goes to such great lengths to report positively on, are nothing more than money-making scams based on the excuse of some ghanian somewhere dying.

In a sane society, the newspaper of record would be frowning upon the exhibition of such alien and morally questionable behaviour. But precisely because of propaganda machines like the NYT, this is not a a sane society; this is a society where up is down, left is right, right is wrong and down is up.

Third Worlders and their primitive religions will be boosted and uplifted at all costs. Meanwhile, anything Western or traditional will be relentlessly lambasted, mocked, and sneered at.

Case in point:


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Christian Dictator Of Ivory Coast Has Been Captured By The Western-Enabled Islamic New Guard In West Africa's Most Stable and Prosperous Nation

Funny how the New York Times plays
4/12/11 - Click to Enlarge 

down the religious rivalry inherent in this African conflict. 

They keep saying over and over that Gbagbo lost, and that his rival Oouttara won. 

What they won't tell you is that Bagbo and his followers are Christian Southerners, while Outtara and his goons are mostly Muslim, mostly outsiders from the North. 

Ahh! The New World Order - don't you just love it when social justice is carried out on a global scale !

They NYT Sez: "Let Them Inherit The Earth"