Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Would-Be Portland Bomber: Of Course it Was Entrapment! (Apologizing for Jihad Part 2)

Well, that didn't take long!

Two days after the psychoneurotic cultural marxists at the New York Times published front-page photos of the skinny east-african kid from Oregon (huh?) who wanted to blow up the nice white liberals of Portland at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the apologists at the Grey Lady have come out in force to offer preliminary legal arguments for why Muhamud Muhamud should go free.

In not one but two articles published in today's national edition, the self-loathing leftist losers at the Times make the case for why it is immoral to use creative law enforcement tactics to preemptively take down foreign-born third world scum who want to bite the Western hand the feeds them - who want to bite off the hand that feeds them, we should say...  and the arm, and the head, and the body parts of anyone unlucky enough to be in the vicinity of the hatred radius of these practitioners of the religion of peace.

Now, we at COTT fully agree that the FBI used entrapment all the way to arrest this Allah-Akbar screaming mutation of nature. And we say: Good! A little entrapment never killed anybody! (Of course if it happened to a native born american we might have objections). What's wrong with a little profiling we ask? The Israelis do it, and they haven't had a plane hijacked in decades.

If the TSA has to strip search children and 96 year olds in wheelchairs, then at least let the FBI turn the tables on this insanity by doing a little entrapping here, a little entrapping there.

But we digress...

The Times printed Mud Mud's photo on the front page the other day because they knew that if they didn't they would be called out for it.

But like the good latte leftists they are, forever faithful to their crazy cause of "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable," the Times predictably made up for their sin of putting the mug shot of a poor oppressed east african muslim terrorist on their front page, by publishing five crypto-communistic propaganda puff pieces in quick succession in the National and Op-Ed sections of today's edition.

These pieces are entitled and published as follows:

(1) "Entrapment Is Argued in Defense of Suspect" (p. A19) 
(2) "In U.S. Sting Operations, Questions of Entrapment" (p. A22)
(4) "Where Anonymity Breeds Contempt" (op-ed p. 27)
(5) "Broken Beyond Repair" (op-ed p. 27)
The first two seek to trivialize the danger posed by wanna-be jihadists lured into criminal acts by government law enforcement.

Fair enough, we say. Entrapment is not cool. If you bought tickets from a scrapper outside of Madison Square Garden, and were quickly slapped in handcuffs because the "scrapper" turned out to be an undercover cop, you'd be pissed, and rightly so. Because entrapment is not cool.

However, if from that same scrapper you purchased by your own free will a suitcase full of Soviet-era mustard gas canisters, and then you got busted, you'd be pissed, but you would understand that you deserved it.

In the case of Mud Mud the Portland wanna-be jihadi from far-away Somalia, the Times wants you to believe that the kid was lured into a cheap prank by evil racist FBI agents. He'll get off, the Times seems to imply, because not only is he a "confused teenager," but also these jihadists are all pretty harmless anyway: after all, Richard Reid the show bomber, the Nigerian Christmas Day crotch bomber, all these poor dumb muslim kids were too oppressed (by the West) to get the kind of formal education that would have made them smart enough to figure out how to successfully detonate their bombs. It's our fault, really. No threat here folks. Nothing to see, move along...

Once again, the New York Times is committing a major crime of omission here, by failing to mention a few important background facts about our friends from Somalia, that fine equatorial tourist destination best known to Americans for "Black Hawk Down" and the ever-so-quaint Pirates of the Indian Ocean, the noble oppressed savages who are at this instant holding more than two dozen foreign ships and over 500 crew members hostage. (Amazingly, many of these ships are carrying Western food aid to Africa, as was the case of the famous Maersk Alabama hijacking, when three of Mud Mud's cousins were made good by Navy snipers, while a fourth one now has cable tv and three halal meals a day somewhere in a comfy federal pen in the North East).

Postcard From Somolia 
The Portland Christmas tree would-be bomber is 19. It was born in Somalia. Okay. A reasonable newspaper would have attempted to explain to its readers how it came to be that this creature from the other side of a planet, from a land as diametrically opposed to the United States in all ways imaginable, ended up in the middle of a snowy white suburban  utopia.

The answer to this question that the Times willfully fails to answer or even address is chilling and incredibly relevant to this story, and because they won't tell you, we will: starting in 1993, the United States Office of Refugee Resettlement began to import into the US large numbers of asylum seekers from the 3rd world. The peak years were in the early 1990s,  when in 1992 alone over 130,000 refugees were brought in.

Today, there are about 200,000 muslim Somalis living in the United States. About half of these live in Minneapolis; the rest are spread about in such historically snowy white enclaves as Maine, Vermont, and ... Oregon.

But the United States is not the only nation to benefit from the presence of massive numbers of imported Somalis: there are over a quarter of a million in the UK (70% of which live in London); about 70,000 in Sweden; Norway has 4o thousand, the Netherlands 35, Denmark 30, etc and so on. Ho hum, as Kurt Vonnegut probably would not say.
Figures from the US Office of Refugee Settlement -
Powered by the State Department 
Who knew that Somalia was giving so much diversity to the world?

 In a sane country, the national newspaper of record would have reported not only on these important migratory trends, but also on the political elites who enable these demographic mutations to happen.

But as we have seen, the New York Times does not speak to sanity.

Later in the week, we will comment on the other three articles that the Times published today to atone for their sin of publishing poor Mud Mud's mug shot on the front page. These articles include: (3) a pro-Islam piece; (4) an anti free-speech op ed column; and (5) another anti- capital punishment piece from the always hilarious Times opinion columnist Bob Herbert. 

Amazing Photo - Sometimes We Like The Times

North Korean Female Soldiers Marching Oct. 10th, 2010 in Pyongyang to Commemorate 65th Anniversary of Ruling Party   - Note the Bayonets and Ankle Bracelets

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Demonization of "Intolerance" : Paving the Way for Sharia Law in Oklahoma

The self-loathing, self-righteous, Western-hating, Islam-loving lunatics with wire rim spectacles at the New York Times seldom reveal themselves for what they really are better than in the fantasy world of their Op Ed pages.

One such example of this holier-than-thou lunacy appeared in today's edition of the Grey Lady's editorials section, on page A22 of the national edition. It is a piece entitled "Intolerance and the Law in Oklahoma," and begins thusly:

"For a few days this month, it was illegal in Oklahoma for a state judge to base a court decision on Islamic religious law or consider any form of international law. It was a manufactured problem; the issue has never come up in the state’s courts. But more than 70 percent of voters in Oklahoma still approved a state constitutional amendment to that effect, apparently persuaded by anti-Islamic activists, and a few cynical politicians, that Oklahoma was about to be brought under Islam’s heel."
The editorials of the NYT are not written by any one Times journalist, and as such are meant to convey the collective philosophy of the newspaper as a whole, one that cannot be contested.

So what we have here is the New York Times defending the inevitability of Sharia law in the United States, and blaming the hated, unenlightened "right wingers" for impeding its spread. Even when by "right wingers," what they are referring to is a solid, 70%-plus majority of Americans.

Ooh, how it must be lonely to be morally superior.

The Grey Lady-Whore claims that Sharia is not practiced in this country, yet. (Try telling that to the residents of Dearborn Michigan). Of course, what the Times fails to mention is that whenever Muslims migrate to historically non-Muslim lands, the customs of Mecca eventually follow. There are fewer than two million practitioners of the religion of peace in the US right now, and though their numbers are growing rapidly thanks to the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, demented asylum laws and poor immigration enforcement, their presence here is a recent phenomenon, and one that is irreversible. Any honest assessment of the situation would result in the fairly obvious conclusion that, based on what is happening in similar circumstances elsewhere (Britain, Sweden, France), large numbers of Muslims within a non-Muslim population will eventually demand Sharia.

But do not expect the Times to be honest.

Consider this out-and-out lie from "Intolerance in Oklahoma":
"Islamic law, known as Shariah, is no threat to our legal system and is not in force anywhere in the United States except within a religious community, in the same manner as Jewish Halakhic law or Catholic canon law."
Notice the way that the psychopaths at the NYT attempt to defend creeping Sharia by confusing the reader with circuitous language: "Except within a religious community" is a blatant attempt to cover up the fact that Islam operates as a political ideology, and not as a religion in the sense of Judaism or Christianity.

In the eyes of the Times, the fact that a majority of Oklahomans would vote to blunt the spread of Islamic influence in their state is "pernicious folly." Because:

"The voters of Oklahoma were badly misled by demagogues into passing a profoundly un-American measure. Now it is up to the federal courts to prevent the hatred from spreading further."

Of course, anyone with enough sense to read COTT instead of the New York Times will recognize where the real insanity roosts.

Cultural Relativism in the Arts Section : Hip Hop vs Mozart

Two photos appeared in the Arts section of today's newspaper of record.

We will reproduce them here, as close as possible to the original sizes in which they were published. Further commentary seems hardly necessary....

More Apologizing for Natural Born Jihadists

"Why Us?" - Portland Residents in a State of Confusion
Since the Portland would-be bomber was arrested by the FBI a few days ago, kicking and screaming "allah akbar" as he was led away to a life of expensive reclusion, the Times has redoubled their efforts to portray old Osman as just a regular Aw-Shucks kind of kid, while at the same time ensuring readers that Muslims in the US are cool and that Islam is a religion of peace (wink wink).

From this predictably weak-willed follow-up story to Osman's take down, entitled "Friends Say Bombing Suspect Appeared Changed of Late" (oh really?), we have excised for you a few choice snippets.

Nothing to see here, folks, Move along.

You see, ole' Moohamood was just :

"...a well adjusted young American teenager..." (1st ¶) ;

"...'He seemed to be in a state of confusion'..." (3rd ¶) ;

"...'He wasn't like that. He was just like everybody else'..." (9th ¶) ;

Of course he was. 

"...Many Muslims in Oregon worried they would face a backlash. And on Sunday, local Muslim leaders emphasized that the case was an isolated incident..." (10th ¶) ;

The evil islamophobes of Oregon need to be watched. 

"...'Osman was very sophisticated'..." (20th ¶);

Just a regular American teenager.

"...'He seemed like a great kid'..." (23rd ¶) ;

"...Some young Somali men in the United States struggle to find a sense of belonging..." (30th ¶) :

It's obviously our fault.

"...'This kid has friends here, went to school here,' said Mr. Alyajouri. 'It's so stupid. Nobody I know thinks that way'..." (final ¶).

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nick Kristof Does It Again

Slick Nick - As a COTT Commentor Brilliantly Pointed Out,
It's Easy to Imagine Him Being Raped While In Prison,
Then Writing An Apologetic Puff Piece About His
 Attacker's Underprivileged Background 
We at COTT read the New York Times so you don't have to.

Every day, we scour America's newspaper of record from cover to cover in search of the ONE, single most stupid piece of propagandist leftist drivel, and comment upon it for your reading pleasure.

Today, once again, the prize of Most Insane Leftist Puff Piece goes to Shifty Nick, that is, Times communist and Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof. (Hey, if Obama could win a Nobel, then surely Kristof deserves a Pultizer).

The Sunday, November 28th, MMX edition of the New York Times was surprisingly devoid of the usual screaming liberal bias that irks us so. To their credit, the Times actually published a photograph on the front page of this Sunday's edition of the 19 year-old Somali-born "refugee" who wanted to blow up all those good liberals at a Christmas Tree party in Portland Oregon, a certain Muhamad Ousman Muhhamed (who cares how this little mutant's name is spelled? - all these Medieval names sound the same to us anyway).

Somali-Born Oregon Resident Muhamad Ousman
Muhammad (Spell Check Does Not Apply) 
The Times only published the photo of this Somalian terrorist / asylum parasite, and on their front page, because they knew that if they didn't, they would be seen as once again covering up the increasingly obvious hate facts of who commits all the attempted terrorism in the USA.  Fortunately for the good liberals in Portland Oregon (78% white as of 2008), the young terrorist wannabes from Africa and the Middle East who attempt to change the demographics of the nation with a single explosion (as opposed to the cultural marxists in Washington, who seek to do so through population replacement on a grand scale), these dim-witted third worlders are not nearly as intelligent as they are evil.

For the do-gooder psychopaths at the Times, though, these poor terrorists are victims, all of them. Victims of their background, victims of the war-ravaged lands from whence they came, as this article on the lower-left of today's Times front page alludes to: The Lost Boys of Sudan (yes, them again). We at COTT have a strong feeling that the Grey Lady-Whore felt obligated to counterbalance the publication of Moohomud Oosmunt Moohoomud's photo, with a feel-good story about a Lost Boy from Sudan who returns in 135$ Air Jordans to his home village of mud huts and TB, in order to perpetuate the myth that it's really not that bad in Africa, after all.

But we digress.

Today's criminally biased zinger comes in yet another op-ed piece from Times communist Nick Kristof, entitled "A Woman. A Prostitute. A Slave." It is the story of an illegal Chinese immigrant woman, who pays thousands of dollars to sneak into the US, and before she can get signed up for free health care for life, gets roped into some kind of a call-girl service operating out of a Times Square office building. Kristof calls it "modern slavery," and laments the abuses that this poor illegal Chinawoman is forced to endure. At the end of his opinion piece he writes : "Nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, it's time to wipe out the remnants of slavery in this country."

My goodness what a deluded, disingenuous white liberal wimp Kristof is: If only there could be a few  evil white Southern men in pickup trucks to make his story hit home!

One can almost hear the wind blowing out of Kristof's sails, as he grapples with the unfortunate (for him) reality that: (1) The pimps behind this ring of prostitutes are fellow, foreign-born Chinese; (2) The majority of the illegal Chinese immigrant prostitutes featured in his story are happy to be in the US, even if it means that they have to sell their skinny bodies to rapacious (no doubt fellow Oriental) men.

Once again, Kristof completely misses the point: he highlights the injustices suffered by these women, or in the case of this absurd puff piece, woman, without ever pointing out that these women are here illegally in the first place.

If you read Kristof's article in its entirety, you'll see why he got sued a few years back trying to blame the anthrax madness of 2001 on scientist Steven Hatfill: he constantly gives unreasonable credence to unsubstantiated claims:
"They beat her with their fists (but did not hit her face, for that might damage her commercial value), gang-raped her and videotaped her naked in humiliating poses. For extra intimidation they held a gun to her head." 
Oh really? Wouldn't a responsible journalist have included in this statement the caveat that this is hearsay, something merely claimed to have happened by the woman? 

Maybe Slick Nick thinks that because he has a Pultizer to his name, he can get away with making unsubstantiated claims of this magnitude. We're not sure. 

What we do know, however, is that Nick and his pansified psycho Pals at the New York Times get it wrong on an impressively regular basis: that a few Chinese women who sneak into the country illegally wind up living a life of hardship - at least by American standards - is hardly cause for alarm, in our book. The real issue here, is that America is being invaded by Third Worlders on a massive scale, all day every day, upsetting the demographic balance that has made this country what it is. 

But we understand that Slick Nick and his ilk can't be bothered with the Destiny of Demographics. After all, that would be "illiberal." 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Downplaying Western Benevolence While Highlighting Non-Existent Achievement in the Modern Arab World

In today's print edition of the NYT, there are two articles that perfectly illustrate the Grey Lady's insidious campaign to demonize all things Western, and at the same time perpetuate the global marxist egalitarianism myth of Third World cultural parity.

The latter comes in the form of a giant front-page feature entitled: "Building Museums, and a Fresh Arab Identity." The former is a deceptively simple obituary published on page A16 of the national edition, entitled "Robert B. Daugherty, 88; Helped Irrigate the Plains."

A Dubious Celebration of Bedouin Civilization
The Times is so hell-bent on advancing their marxist globalist agenda that virtually no story they publish will be spared the sneaky sick liberal bias that inspired this blog. Case in point is "Building Museums" by Times communist Nicolai Ouroussoff, who though supposedly is the paper's chief architecture critic, manages to insert in his discussion of buildings a decidedly global social justice slant.

"Building Museums" tells the story of stinking-rich Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirate, where billions of oil dollars are being spent on the construction of museums. Museums to what?, you may ask.


Don't look to the Times for a forthright answer.

The self-loathing cultural marxist psychopaths at the New York Times are so devoted to their official creed of "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable," that they have expanded the definition of "afflicted" to include the historically underachieving. In the case of Ouroussoff's propaganda puff piece on Western-designed museums in the Emirates, the Times goes to unbelievable lengths to apologize for and explain away the lack of anything culturally significant that emerged from Adu Dhabi in the last 500 years. To its credit, the Times does inform its readers in this article that:
"A little over a half-century ago Abu Dhabi was a Bedouin village with no literary or scientific traditions to speak of, no urban history. Its few thousand inhabitants, mostly poor and illiterate, survived largely on animal herding, fishing and pearl diving."
Granted, the Times could have said "just five decades ago," instead of "a half-century ago," but what the lunatics at the Times want you to believe is that Bedouin achievement is measured in factors of centuries, not mere years.

This reporting is economic dhimmitude and globalism run amok on a whole new scale: the truth is of course that the "illiterate" Bedouins of Adu Dhabi were made rich not by their own hard work but by Westerners' need for oil to power the machines that Westerners invented. Were it not for Western innovation, combined with the Western benevolence that insisted upon returning these lands colonized by the British to the natives, then today these oil-rich countries would be just as backwards as they have been for the past thousand years, stuck in the bleak times of Mohammed the child molester prophet that the practitioners of the religion of peace are trying to impose on the modern world today.

But the Times wants you to believe that the Bedouins of the Emirates are the exact cultural equals of your ancestors who built the cathedrals of Europe, which the Grey Whore would be delighted to see blown up by suicide bombers using rectal cavity explosives (anything to bring down Western Civilization - after all, in the crazy eyes of the Times, we are the comfortable, they are the afflicted).

While Nicolai Ouroussoff and the Pinky Sulzberger-types who pull the strings at America's newspaper of record foam breathlessly at the mouth about the cultural significance of a bunch of Bedouins using the money we give them for oil they wouldn't have otherwise know what to do with to hire Western architects to build Museums to their non-achievement - and this is where it gets amusing - on the very last page of the A-section of today's national edition is a tiny two-column obituary of a man who did more in a single lifetime to change the face of the world than the Bedouins have done in eight hundred years.

You see, Robert Daugherty, who just died at the age of 88, is the man who invented the center-pivot system of irrigation. Anyone who has ever flown across the United States has seen his handiwork in the form of giant green circles on the ground: these are patches of terrain irrigated by Mister Daugherty's simple yet highly effective system, essentially a giant pipe on wheels spinning around in a circle. Not only did Daugherty make a fortune with his revolutionary irrigation system, where it is now used to increase crop yields all over the world, he gave away almost all of his fortune, and started a charitable foundation that has helped fund the Global Water for Food Institute - possibly the only reason that the Times published such a long obituary of the man at all. (Daugherty was also a Marine who served in the Pacific).

Brought to You By the Dreaded Western Mind 

So while the oil rich arabs in the Emirates put on a party of ostentation, the Times waters down the story of Western achievement, padding politely around the truth: there is no clash of civilizations (Sam Huntington was Wrong); all civilizations are exactly equal; achievement is relative; dead white males can need only be mentioned if they gave away their fortune to improving the sort of non-Westerners. 

The people at the Times are a sick lot indeed.

Friday, November 26, 2010

More Paternalistic Lullabying as Haiti Descends Further into the Stone Age

"Death and Dancing Coexist on Haiti’s Tense Streets"

"What has Haitian political heads spinning right now are the billions in international aid that have been promised in the disaster’s wake. Misery is Haiti’s stock in trade, more so now than ever. With every announcement of a further katastwof, or catastrophe — an aftershock, the rainy season, a cholera epidemic, a potential hurricane — the chink chink chink can be heard from across the sea."

Read more... 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Praising Haiti When Common Sense and Honesty Would Be Better

We told you a while back that anything the Grey Lady writes about either South Africa or Haiti is going to be a laugh fest of disingenuous white liberal feel-good wishful thinking.

This article, written by Times communist Anne Bernard and published today, is a case in point of that assertion :

"Suffering, Haitians Turn to Charismatic Prayer"

Times-Approved As Long As You're Haitian

Postcard From Haiti
The mentally deranged utopians at the New York Times never tire of repeating the old lie that a journalist's duty is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. In truth, a newspaper's duty is to inform, but for the morally superior psychos who pen their propaganda in the billion dollar glass tower of the Times across from the Port Authority bus terminal in New Yawk, this mission has been perverted into one of journalistic social justice. It is full-bore competitive philanthropy played out in the pages of the nation's newspaper of record.

By its nature the notion of social justice is marxist to its core, and despite the fact that communist-style egalitarianism has been proven a failed, evil ideology, the Grey Lady just can't seem to let go her love affair with it.

In this most recent, highly photoshopped journalistic postcard from Haiti, Times communist Anne Bernard gushes with do-gooder pride as she dresses up this picture of a failed nation-state with words like fervent, inspiring, charismatic, praiseworthy, and hope-filled. The New York Times: all the news that's print to fit.

What COTT readers will find interesting about this most recent display of the Times' one-sidedness, is how superbly it displays the paper's hypocrisy on matters of religion: Bernard's article is an unabashed celebration of Haitian religiosity. That in and of itself might not seem unreasonable, as we all know how much the Times loves Islam (and indeed any other religion as long as it is not Western Christianity). What is particularly damning for the Times here, is the obviousness of their double standard: the NYT spent months earlier this year attacking the Catholic church, publishing scores of breathless front page articles on the so-called Roman Catholic church abuse scandal. The persistence with which they pursued this non-subject was sickening to behold. We at COTT are what you would call neutral when it comes to matters of the cloth, but to watch America's newspaper of record try so vehemently to bring down one of Western Civilization's most prominent institutions of goodwill (don't think Inquisition, think Schools, Hospitals and Roadways in Africa) was enough to give us a brain ulcer.

So while the Times goose-steps down the road of global cultural marxism, comforting the afflicted (Haitians, Muslims), and afflicting the comfortable (Christians, Westerners), they often find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to comfort a needy group who has the unenlightened tendency to act like the comfortable. In other words: the Times will not, can not, ever say anything impolite about Haitians or why theirs is a failed nation. The Grey Whore will attribute their misery to the usual suspects: the weather, bad government, corruption, the French, etc. Uninhibited by the stigma of hypocrisy, the Times gives Christianity a break, as long as it is being practiced by non-Westerners.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The New York Times is Driving Me Insane

The New York Times is truly a sickening newspaper. It makes me literally ill.

Terrorist Munt Ahmen Ghailani - Almost
 Walked Free From Terror Trial,
and the Times is Cool With That 
In an astonishing, irresponsible and downright shameful opinion piece entitled "Don't Agree With Verdict? It's injustice!," Times camrade Clyde Haberman oozes sympathy for Islamic Tanzanian terrorist Ahmed Ghailani, the first and only Guantanamo detainee to be tried in civilian court as per the wishes of the Fraudulent One and against the wishes of the majority. Of the 285 terror-related charges levied against this verminous specimen from a far-away land, it was found not guilty of all but one - conspiracy to bomb a government building. A slap on the wrist for a creature it would be pretty safe to make predictions about, one who in a sane world would be universally reviled for participating in the killing of hundreds - including its own kind - and for costing taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars to be housed, fed, cared for, and provided free legal services.

But the New York Times does not speak for sanity: they think of this POS as a hero from an oppressed land and a martyr in the noble fight against Western exceptionalism.

It makes us sick here at COTT to think that we breath the same air as this murdering Tanzanian mutation of nature.

But when it comes to hating, the New York Times just can't seem to focus their rage on a reasonable target. In the case of the much-condemned Ghailani verdict, Haberman attempts to belittle a Republican congressman who expressed outrage at the relatively short sentence.
"What troubled the congressman — and, for sure, others — was the jury’s surprising verdict of not guilty on all charges save one that the government had brought against Mr. Ghailani for his role in the terrorist bombings of American Embassies in East Africa that killed 224 people and wounded thousands in 1998.
Many New Yorkers and other Americans, perhaps most, would surely have been happier had the jurors not acquitted Mr. Ghailani of the scores of murder counts against him. But the single finding of guilty was hardly small potatoes."

You really have to read those two paragraphs twice to get a sense of just how desperately the Times attempts to push through their War on Common Sense at any cost.

It's almost like they know how ridiculous it is to even take such positions, but their Bigger Agenda must always go before honest reporting or even logical thinking.

Haberman writes this unbelievably insipid bit of reasoning, exposing himself for the twisted delusional white liberal he really is, secretly in love perhaps with the hirsute Ghailani:

"Mr. Ghailani, 36, faces a sobering 20 years to life behind bars.
Is there anyone who seriously doubts that the only way he will leave prison is using a walker or lying in a box?"

Excuse me Clyde?, you lying criminal?! With sick liberals like you to do their his bidding, and with time served, Ghailani could easily be out within five years. Lockerbe Bomber anyone?

Like a mischievous school boy who can barely contain his delight as the teacher mistakenly scolds a hated rival for his pranks, the simple minded, criminally delusional Haberman jumps for joy that, yet again, that the enemy won. 

But it gets worse! 

At the end of the article, Clyde-boy makes a perverse reference to other famous New York murder trials, including the shooting death trial of Belarus-born NYPD rookie cop Russel Timoshenko by the three charming individuals pictured below. 

While lambasting the simple minded right-wingers who did not see the wisdom in practically setting this terrorist free, Haberman writes that "...those who cry injustice when verdicts displease them"...are a common, unfortunate reality among less enlightened New Yorkers.  What is simply unbelievable, though, is that the "injustice" Haberman is referring to in the Tomoshenko case, is the injustice of an early mistrial in the case that almost set the murderers free, an outcome that Haberman and the Times would have considered a true victory.

or - 
Guess Whose Side the Times Took ? 

Check out this very sensible New York Post take on the Ghailani case: after having read the Haberman piece, it will feel like you just emerged from the smashed rear window of a submerged car.  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Further Lamentations on South Africa's Refusal to Conform

The crazed cappaccino-chugging communist capos at the New York Times commit their Crimes Against Common Sense and Western Civilization as much by misinforming as by not informing at all about hate facts they find inconvenient and would like to wish away.

Today's demonstration of the Grey Lady's continued journalistic perfidy comes in the form of yet another paternalizing propaganda puff piece by South Africa-based Times correspondent Celia Dugger, a video segment entitled quite simply "Affirmative Action in South Africa." With the possible exception of sports scores and currency exchange rates, virtually every single news item excreted by the Times that has to do with South Africa or, say, Haiti will be filled with as much disingenuous liberal wishful thinking and willful omission of reality as a Cat in the Hat encyclopedia.

The New York Times works overtime to snamboozle its readers into swallowing the tired old lie that all people are exactly the same, and that there is a place in heaven for those who devote their lives to uplifting the historically disfavored.

COTTers will know by now, after reading just a few posts on this brand new blog, that the malady of Western liberalism so forcefully endorsed in the pages of America's newspaper of record is rooted in a condition that is unique to people of European descent, namely competitive altruism. No other ethnic group devotes as much of their energy to ensuring the happiness of other ethnic groups as white Europeans. How many Chinese really care about the future of ethnic Tibetans? How many Iraqis have set up organizations to pay for cleft palate operations in South East Asia?

Highly Unlikely Her Surgery Will
Be Paid For By Chinese Donors
In one of today's video segments published in the cyber pages of the criminally liberal newspaper of record, Dugger takes us to the University of Cape Town, South Africa. There, she reports upon the sinful lack of progress in Africa's most prosperous (for now) nation to behave exactly like her home  country. Dugger is clearly aghast that South African blacks have not yet lived up to their full potential, and without saying so outright, blames you know who on this rather predictable dysfunction.

By willful omission, the New York Times fails to report on the really bad situation in South Africa today, 16 years after Apartheid: the highest rate of AIDS infection on the planet, the plague of murder of over 3000 white farmers to date, the ongoing descent into criminality and general barbarism, the unravelling of infrastructure across the board, etc, etc etc.

Reporting on failed affirmative action policies in South Africa without talking about the truth of the disintegration of that sad nation is akin to talking about cholera in Haiti without mentioning the January 12th earthquake.

Kind Of A More Pertinent Thing To Report On
 (Watch Video Here) 


Monday, November 22, 2010

More Wishful Thinking Drivel From Nick Kristof

Oh, how a comment like this one from the good ole' days of pre-Obama America seems ever-so-quaint today :

"In January we'll have a new president. We hope it will be Barack Obama. And he should immediately undo all the hypocritical and anti-women policies that he can do with a stroke of his pen. And just as the Bush administration started out on a wrong foot, Obama can start out on a right one. Then he and Michelle can go out dancing and celebrate for all the women of the world."

Keeping the Natives Plump 
The above comment was written in October, 2008, in response to this article by Shifty Nick entitled: "Can This Be Pro Life?", in which our fuzzy do-gooder friend at the New York Times laments the way Western aid is distributed in Africa. Specifically, Kristof finds abhorrent the terrible paradox that arises from the insanity of promoting population growth in Africa with tanker loads of free food (the ones that don't get rerouted by Somalians), while at the same time restricting the supply of birth control to the noble savages of the Dark Continent. 

It's funny the way that Kristof in his diseased wishful thinking uber-liberal mind wants it both ways, thereby perfectly representing the hypocrisy of the proclaimed utopianism of his employer. The halo over Kristof's head grows brighter when he proclaims that Western aid to Africa is good; it positively radiates when he attacks the Bush administration for restricting birth control to that cutest of continents; and it becomes blindingly bright when Brave Nick doth dare to suggest that African women should abide by the same moral guidelines as those that work so well in the hated West. Poor Nick is either too blinded by his wishful thinking, or too dishonest to simply admit that not all people the world over are exactly the same, and that women in Africa are the victims not of evil Western interventionism, but of the customs and abilities of their ancestors, and that no amount of outside help can change the intrinsic nature of certain groups. 

Nicholas Kristof: a poster child for all that is wrong with New York Times-style global liberalism. 

Nick Kristof Doesn't Even Try To Hide Whose Side He's On Any More

..."Meanwhile, American Jews sometimes support nonprofits that actually make peace for Israel less likely. A few days ago, the Hebron Fund had a gala fund- raiser in Manhattan, and some of those who attended probably thought that they were supporting Jews trying to live peacefully. In fact, the Hebron settlement is notorious for extremism and violence against Palestinians. (The settlers disagree, saying that the problems arise because Palestinians want to kill them.)...
One of the most admirable Muslim practices is zakat, or alms-giving, whereby the wealthy often give 2.5 percent of their assets to the poor each year. But prosperous Muslims often donate in a very unbusinesslike way; if the money were used to support schools or proven poverty-alleviation programs, it could have far greater impact."
Rest of article...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Is This Insanity Happening in La Douce France ?


Don't expect the New York Times to report on this with honesty or any kind of forthrightness.

Instead, the Grey Lady will be writing things like this.

Peeking Inside the Diseased Mind of A New York Times Op Ed Columnist

"A Long Road From ‘Come by Here’ to ‘Kumbaya’"

Nearing 40 and nearly broke, ousted from his last job as an English professor, a folklore buff named Robert Winslow Gordon set out in the spring of 1926 from his temporary home on the Georgia seacoast, lugging a hand-cranked cylinder recorder and searching for songs in the nearby black hamlets.


Taking a Feeble and Boehn-Headed Swipe At Pelosi's Successor

The New York Times is feeling the pain as an undeniable change of heart is sweeping over the Hoax and Change crowd.

Like an angry parent scolding a misbehaving toddler, the newspaper of record has a difficult time concealing their impatience with free-thinking people who have the audacity to not leap like lemmings into the abyss of left-wing madness that is so carefully cultivated for them.

Hey, It Has To Be Big to Get to San Francisco
Without Refueling 
In the same way that Jim Jones became angry when a minority of his followers resisted drinking the Kool Aid, the Times throws a tantrum when the silly children of the United States refuse to march in lock-step with their agenda of global marxist egalitarian anti-westernism.

In this latest demonstration of the Times' displeasure with current resistance to their Big Plans for us, communist capo reporter Jeff Zeleny (Heil!) goes to great lengths to try to smear the new Speaker of the House John Boehner, who I know nothing about and really don't care to.

The title of Zeleny's article kind of says it all: "Incoming Speaker Takes Commercial Flight, But Skips the Pat Down."

Yeah, so?


After all the condemnation about Pelosi's personal use of a giant military jet, it was only natural that Boehner would opt out of  going down a similar road. Praiseworthy enough. That the second in line to the Presidency would be spared the indignity of having his nuts fondled by the high-school dropouts at the Gestapo Security Administration would seem an obvious and deserved courtesy to any rational observer, but for the psychos at the Times it is a pitiful excuse to swipe lamely at the detested Tea Partyer, and at the same time attempt to justify Pelosi's excesses :

" At a Capitol Hill news conference after Election Day, as Mr. Boehner began laying out the changes he would make when he becomes House Speaker, he announced that he would continue to fly commercial airlines (usually Delta) back to Ohio. It was a not-so-subtle dig at the outgoing Democratic speaker,Nancy Pelosi of California, who had been criticized by Republicans for flying military airplanes when she returned home to San Francisco." 

For some reason, the Times updated this article on nytimes.com a little while ago, and left out these words which appeared in today's print edition:

" In a time of economic difficulty, it was  a not-so-subtle dig at Ms. Pelosi, who has access to a military jet large enough to avoid refueling for her flights home to San Francisco." 

Oops. With that single sentence, the Times puts its lefty foot in its mouth, at once confirming the reasonableness of Boehner's actions, and attempting to justify Pelosi's. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

New York Times-Style Obfuscation from the Communist News Network

This story is not from the lying pages of the New York Times, the verminous so-called "newspaper of record" that we here at COTT are dedicated to bashing on a daily basis, it is from CNN, but we just couldn't resist posting it for you. 

Countries Most "Welcoming" to Asylum Seekers?

Note the Quotation Marks in "Welcoming"
Gee whiz, I wonder what all these countries have in common?

Ahh!, thank goodness CNN answers that question honestly and appropriately: what these countries all have in common is that they don't let in enough asylum seekers.

The New York Times and the Communist News Network: birds of a feather who flock together in the atrium of criminal liberal delusionalism.

Missing The Point About the Pat-Down Madness

Pat-Downs at Airports Prompt Complaints

The NYT Thinks She Deserves It 
Complaints? How about howls of rage worthy of a revolution in the making?

This article in today's Times by communist NYT reporter  SUSAN STELLIN completely misses the point about public reaction to the new TSA procedures. 

But then, the Grey Lady has a mission, and that is to disinform, slyly mislead, publish all the news that's print to fit, and further at any cost their agenda of global marxist egalitarianism. 

The Times takes special delight in goose-stepping down this road when it can be done at the expense of hated normal people like the lady picture here. 

Of course to talk about these nazi-like illegal searches without bothering to mention the cause of the madness is more willful omission of the facts by our devious friends at America's newspaper of record. 

If only the Times would write a little less like Pravda with a death wish, and a little more like the brilliant Steve Sailer, its readers would be informed instead of being bamboozled. 

Wouldn't it have been nice if for once the Times manned up and reported the truth:

1) Islamic terrorism growing like a cancer in the Western-enabled Turd World  is why this crap is happening ; 

2) Profiling is the answer, everybody knows it, El Al uses it and it works, the body-scanning machines are useless anyway, and groping 96 year-olds in wheelchairs serves only to send a very clear message of dhimmitude to the practitioners of the Religion of Peace. 

But the New York Times will not report the truth, because to do so would interfere with their sinister campaign of mischievously misreporting the news so that a New World Order with a diminished and humiliated West can be achieved. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Auto-Flagellation By The Crusading White Liberals At the NYT

Your devoted New York Times bashers here at COTT are feeling too ill to even comment on this Times article.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Righteous Whining About Apartheid

Celia Dugger is the less-better half of a husband-wife propaganda team that operates out of South Africa on behalf of the New York Times; Barry Bearak, her husband, is the other half.

In today's Times, Ms Dugger keeps the hate alive in South Africa with this article about a long-deceased black photographer who took pictures to make the Apartheid regime look even worse than the Western media was already working overtime to do.

As usual, Dugger goes the extra mile in this constipated puff piece to extoll the virtues of ordinary blacks, while never missing even the most trivial opportunity to cast the whites of South Africa in a hateful, negative light.

See the scarlet COTT commentary below on the Times' latest installment in their never-ending campaign to rewrite history. Until then, Ms Dugger's own inflammatory reporting is highlighted in bold. 

Keeping the Hate Alive in S.A.

Homecoming for Stark Photographs of Apartheid

By Celia Dugger 
JOHANNESBURG — When he was only in his 20s Ernest Cole, a black photographer who stood barely five feet tall, created one of the most harrowing pictorial records of what it was like to be black in apartheid South Africa. He went into exile in 1966, and the next year his work was published in the United States in a book, “House of Bondage,” but his photographs were banned in his homeland where he and his work have remained little known.

    In exile Mr. Cole’s life crumbled. For much of the late 1970s and 1980s he was homeless in New York, bereft of even his cameras. “His life had become a shadow,” a friend later said. Mr. Cole died at 49 in 1990, just a week after Nelson Mandela walked free. His sister flew back to South Africa with his ashes on her lap.
    Mr. Cole is at last having another kind of homecoming. Thelargest retrospective of his work ever mounted is now on display at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, built in the neo-Classical style almost a century ago in an era when South Africa’s great mining fortunes were being made on the backs of black labor. It is a collection of images that still possesses the power to shock and anger.
    “How could white people do this to us?” asked Lebogang Malebana, 14, as he stood before a photograph of nude gold-mine recruits who had been herded into a grimy room for examination. “How could they put naked black men on display like that?”
    Mr. Cole conceived the idea of his own portrait of black life after seeing Henri Cartier-Bresson’s book “People of Moscow.” He got this particular picture by sneaking his camera into the mine in his lunch bag, under sandwiches and an apple, Struan Robertson, who shared a studio and darkroom with Mr. Cole, recounted in an essay for the book that accompanies the exhibition, “Ernest Cole: Photographer.”
    On a recent Saturday afternoon at the museum here in a crime-ridden downtown that long ago emptied of white people, three visitors wandered through cavernous galleries lined with Mr. Cole’s work. Lebogang, an eighth grader, had drifted in from a nearby single-room apartment that he shares with his mother, who is a maid, and his younger brother. His father is in jail. “It’s very sad,” he said as he lingered over the black-and-white images.
    Jimmy Phindi Tjege, 27, who like many young black South Africans has never held a job in a society still scarred by apartheid, had come to the exhibition with his girlfriend, Nomthandazo Patience Chazo, 26, who works for the government and has a car. They had driven from their black township, Daveyton, about 30 miles away.
    Ms. Chazo was struck by a photograph of four hungry children scraping porridge from a single pot set on a concrete floor. Mr. Tjege singled out another picture, one of a serious boy squatting on the floor of an unfurnished schoolroom, clutching a chalkboard, with two tears of sweat running down the side of his face.
    This Photo Is Cropped To Mislead, and the Times is
    Cool With That  
    “I feel angry,” Mr. Tjege said, as he gestured to the rest of the gallery with a sweep of his hand. “This room is full of anger.”
    Mr. Cole’s captions and photographs are imbued with wrenching emotions.
    Next to a photograph of a maid holding a white baby girl whose lips are pressed to the woman’s forehead, the caption says: “Servants are not forbidden to love. Woman holding child said, ‘I love this child, though she’ll grow up to treat me just like her mother does.’ ”
    The caption for a picture of a hospital ward where the floor was crowded with sick children reads, “New cases have their names written on adhesive tape stuck to their foreheads.”
    A series of images of tsotsis, young black gangsters, picking the pockets of white men is accompanied by a caption that reads: “Whites are angered if touched by anyone black, but a black hand under the chin is enraging. This man, distracted by his fury, does not realize his pocket is being rifled.”
    The son of a washerwoman and a tailor, Mr. Cole quit high school in 1957 at 16 as the Bantu education law meant to consign blacks to menial labor went into effect.
    When he was 20, the apartheid authorities deemed his family’s brick home and the black township where it sat as a “black spot” and bulldozed them into rubble.

    Somehow, pretending to be an orphan, Mr. Cole had by then already managed to persuade apartheid bureaucrats to reclassify him as colored, or mixed race, despite his dark skin. His fluency in Afrikaans, the language of most coloreds, probably helped. His ability to pass as colored freed him from laws that required blacks always to carry a work permit when in “white areas,” and this mobility proved crucial to his photography.
    Joseph Lelyveld, a retired executive editor of The New York Times who was The Times’s correspondent in Johannesburg in the mid-1960s and worked with Mr. Cole, then a freelancer, described the young photographer as a wry, soft-spoken man.
    “His judgments could be angry, but he had an ironic, almost furtive nature, conditioned by what he was trying to pull off,” Mr. Lelyveld, who remained a friend of Mr. Cole until his death, said in a telephone interview. “It wasn’t easy to be a black man walking around Johannesburg with expensive cameras. The presumption would be you stole them.”
    In the mid-1970s, when Mr. Cole was destitute and homeless in New York, Mr. Lelyveld said they went together to a cheap hotel where Mr. Cole had left his negatives and the photographs he had of his mother, only to discover they had gone to an auction of unclaimed items.
    For years rumors circulated that a suitcase of Mr. Cole’s prints had survived somewhere in Sweden. David Goldblatt, a renowned South African photographer, had heard they were with the Hasselblad Foundation there. When Mr. Goldblatt received the Hasselblad Award in 2006, and traveled to Gothenburg to accept it, he asked to see them. He said he was agape paging through the images, saying, “They can’t lie in a vault.”
    Later, when he carefully studied scans of them at his home in Johannesburg, Mr. Goldblatt, now 80, said he began to realize that many of the photographs in “House of Bondage” had been cropped severely to enhance their impact in a powerful anti-apartheid polemic. But the full frames showed Mr. Cole’s artistry.
    “He wasn’t just brave,” said Mr. Goldblatt, who has been photographing this country for more than a half-century. “He wasn’t just enterprising. He was a supremely fine photographer.”
    For example, the picture of naked mine recruits photographed in a line from behind, their arms outstretched as if they were being held up, had a water basin on the wall at the end of the line. It was almost entirely cut out in the book.

    “Cole was careful to include the basin, and the basin is like the full stop or exclamation mark in a sentence,” Mr. Goldblatt said. “It just brings another dimension. It makes it banal. It’s not just dramatic, it’s banally dramatic. This is the kind of thing photographers live by, these details.”
    Next year the exhibition, organized by the Hasselblad Foundation, will travel to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Mamelodi, the black township outside Pretoria where Mr. Cole’s family still lives. The foundation is now planning an American tour that probably will include San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta and New York.


    As one commenter points out in the comments section below, the Times obviously wants its readers to breeze over the fact that the photo of the blacks with their hands in the air is deceptively cropped - it is in fact a harmless medical examination. What is particularly insidious about the reporting of the New York Times is that they had the opportunity to elucidate the ambiguity of this image, but instead of highlighting the fact that the black photographer himself included in the original photo the image of the water basin that confirmed the banality of the scene, the Grey Lady chooses to willfully omit important facts so as to enhance the  race-baiting. 

    In summary: a black photog snaps harmless pics of fellow blacks; 20 years later, a white organization comes along to show his photos to other blacks in South Africa. The whites deceptively mount the show to make the photog's work look like an indictment of apartheid and little else. New York Times comes along, sees the ambiguity, fails to report on it. 

    Does that sound right to you? 

    An industrious New York Times hater will discover that the Grey Lady has a lot of allies when it comes to furthering their agenda of global marxist egalitarianism. 

    Example: the state-sponsored gallery in question - the Johannesburg Art Gallery -engages in hysterical self flagellation on the page that describes the show. How could the Times not feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they know that they can rely on fellow communists to regurgitate such predictable diddies as: 

    In the 1980s and 1990s, the pictures turn to focus on brutal murders, demonstrations, violence and the brutality of imprisonment, as well as the fight for freedom. Rounding off the exhibition, are those pictures taken in the early part of the 21st century. They show South Africa recovering, and the development and freedom now being experienced – but don't gloss over the work that still needs to be done and the inequalities that remain prevalent.