Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, December 30, 2011

Has A National Newspaper Ever Been As Biased - And As Unashamed About It - As The New York Times?

2nd To Last Day of MMXI-Clk 2 Enlg
Answer :


Back to regular programming soon.

Don't forget to beat the Times' paywall! (See previous posts).

Happy New Year to All COTT readers, and here's to the hope that we all see the start of a reversal in this horrific decline of the West in Twenty-Twelve (which let's face it, "twenty-twelve" has a hell of a lot better ring to it than "two-thousand eleven" does [did], which might be one reason why 2011 sucked for so many people I know, including me). (How else would this blog ever have been born, were it not for a terrible malaise).

Best to all of you for this mercifully last day of HORRIBLE 2011.

I really hope is 2012 is better for everyone, even my (our) enemies. I really do.


- Arturo de Gheaube

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Front Page of The NYT or the Times' Int'l Edition - The IHT - That's All You Need To See To Understand Their Subliminal Anti-Western Agenda

IHT : 29DecMMXI-Clk2Enlrg
Front page IHT today can be seen in greater detail here.

Why are Western elites so intent on the suicide of the civilizations our ancestors built?

Competitive compassion / competitive altruism only explains so much.

There must be a deeper psychosis behind this self-effacing sickness.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Front-Page Anti-White Hatred From The Twisted Civilization-Destroyers At The NYT (Back To Regular Programming Soon)

28DecMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg 
In the meantime, check out this freak-fest front-page feature from the Times of Monday, an incredibly weird puff piece about two white 20 year-old nerds whom the Times features as "borderline autistics," or Asperger's syndrome sufferers.

"Navigating Love And Autism"

Again we see, that the only time the New York Times ever talks about White people on their front page, is when members of that detested majority are either sickly, gay, murderous, dead or dying.

Never mind the fact that ADD didn't exist 15 years ago, and that alcoholism wasn't always a "disease," these sick fuckers at America's newspaper of record are now trying to paint the picture of some nerdy couple's argument over whether or not to get a cat as some deep-probe social scientific analysis of the sickness that all high-intelligent white people are probably infected with.

You're gonna read this article and think: "Is this an article about game and nerds, or nerds and game?" (The part about how the hot but weird chick featured was dating a blue-eyed most-popular high school jock is so telling, that the Times couldn't tell the truth [namely: that hot girls will get top-quality males no matter their weirdness index]).

Also: check out today's front page: did the New York Times place a photo of a Stone-Age Somali rape victim ABOVE possible future US prez Mitt Romney on purpose?

Answer: check back on COTT tomorrow to find out.

Happy New Year. Back to regular programming soon. (promise)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It Still Works ! Beat The Times' Paywall (It's incredibly Easy)

Yes, Amerika's newspaper of record has a paywall that a five-year old with Downs Syndrome could beat.

Here's all you have to do: after exhausting the 20 articles per month that the Times graciously gives non-subscribers, if you feel the need to delve further into the lies and the perfidy, and have been blocked, simply delete in the URL everything after the question mark, including the question mark, then hit enter, and Presto! You will be back into the rose-colored glasses-world of New York Times wishful thinking and Civilization-Destroying, at no cost to you !

Break the law like so :

Then. Press. "Enter"

Untouchables From India Rise Up Thanks To Western Technology, And The New York Times Wants You To Know: They Are Better Than You (So F.O.)

I haven't put my finger yet on where exactly the Illuminati Elite  Competitive Compassion Athletes at the New York Times are trying to lead the world, but the verminous reality contortionists of 42nd Street are making my quest a little easier every day.

The sick propaganda that spews forth from the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record is founded in a NWO universalist ideal, wherein the utopias that previous global ideologies failed to produce are supplanted by a belief system based on the twisted conviction that the sheer moral superiority of "comforting the afflicted" will be enough to succeed where communism, fascism and capitalism failed.

Such a feel-good philosophy cannot exist without a total disregard for human nature and natural differences in group temperament, of course, but that's nothing but a measly concept that the Know-It-Alls at the NYT sneer at with utter contempt.

The New York Times know what is best for humanity, and that is why for the last decade their front page has been plastered daily with images of the Third World a-rising. Practically the ONLY time the NYT publishes a photo of a European male on its front page, is when that despised, privileged, overachieving member of humanity is either dead, a convicted pedophile, or George Bush. Think I'm making this up? Go back and look for yourself through the 400-plus New York Times front pages archived right here on this blog.

Today is no exception to this insidious rule: right there on the front page we have New York Times plus-size communist Lydia Polgreen giving us a wonderfully enriching anti-classist propaganda puff piece entitled "Scaling Caste Walls With Capitalism's Ladders in India" (online it's entitled: "India's Boom Creates Openings For Untouchables").

Polgreen's front-page screamer is the story of an Indian untouchable, Ashok Khade, who overcame that stinky nation's thousand-year-old caste system to dig himself out of the dung heap of his native "Dalits" village, to build a mechanical engineering company that today employes thousands.

Of course, lost upon poor Polgreen and her largish-but-not-in-a-good-way-cleavage in this story, is the fact that the ultimate uplift for this dot-head cow-worshipping villager, came not from his own praiseworthy ability to master advanced calculous, but rather Western mastery and development of the scientific disciplines that wound up making him rich.

In other words: were it not for British colonization generally of Dark-Ages India (did they have the wheel when we showed up? - we know for sure that the Africans in 1400 did not, nor did the noble Indians of North America [question for another day]), and Western predominance in all things modern specifically, this Untouchable would not be driving a Beemer today, he'd be driving a donkey that he'd probably be related to, and possibly seeing on the side.

From the article :
I know, that last bit (about the donkey) might sound a little harsh. Don't get me wrong: I love Indians. An Indian doctor saved my brother's life. I once had a huge crush on the most gorgeous little Indian princess who had a diamond in her cute little nose.

But let's face it: this anti-Western onslaught is continuing apace. It is hard-core, it is in-your-face stuff, it is too fucking much, and it is only natural that Those Who Can See onslaught back with force-multiplier Ness.

People: it is not 1989 any more. It's not even 1999 any more. It's 2011, the situation is way, Way, vastly, INFINITELY worse than it was before you started paying attention just a few years ago. And it's only going  to get worse. And that is why sometimes the commentary here at COTT can get a little edgy. Because we're sick of the rampant anti-Westernism.

Anti-West is a code word for Anti-Civilization. Blogs like this one stand up to the madness. That's all.

Video from the Times article (Polgreen on the left in pink) :

(Sorry not sure why, it's not letting me embed, Please go here to see this video.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Dunning-Kruger Equation, Childless Middle-Age White Women, And The Dark And Sinister Role Played By The New York Times In The Destruction of Western Civilization

21DecMMXI - Clk2Enlarge
Better bloggers out there will take issue with my pedestrian and circumventional approach to this post. But (spoken with Mexican accent), I ask you neverzeeless :

How many of you were paying attention last week, when a 41 year-old quasi-spinster (i.e.: childless) named Suzanne Hart with a make-work diversity quota job for advertising giant Young and Rubicam was crushed to death in the elevator of her firm's 85-year-old Madison Avenue office building?

You can read about her tragic demise here.

It was a freak accident to be sure - after all, how do you get crushed to death by an effing elevator, between the first and second floors, when all you have to do is jump out of the way of the ascending or descending elevator doors? Do they not show Mission Implausible on cable in New York City?

Could high heels have been a factor? Was she updating her Facebook profile? I mean come one! Pay attention FFS!

Certainly, and sadly, when dragged to her squishy demise, Miss Hart was not tending heroically to her infant twins in the stroller when the Elevator Doors From Hell dispatched her to the unchilded White People Resting Place in the Sky (29th floor). And of course I don't blame the lady for her Bad Elevator Moment (BEM).

Here's my point though: there is something extraordinarily anti-natural, creepy even, about a healthy 41 year-old white woman who pursues a career developing web sites designed to sell Proctor and Gamble soap products, instead of  pursuing a career doing what millennia of Western Civilization and Nature itself has programmed her to do best, namely: creating and nurturing future generations of little creatures that resemble her, so that they too can pursue, for good or for naught, whatever it is that future civilization holds in store for all of our future brethren (God help em').

The New York Times reported gleefully on this poor dead woman's career path and how she rose through the ranks of lilly-white, patriarchal Madison Avenue; the fact that at 41 she had failed in her biological and ultimate calling, was cast by the sinister civilization-nukers of 42nd Street as nothing less than a badge of honor.

But we digress. And from the start. And on purpose. (You'll see like a puzzle it's all kinked). (Linked).

Today, on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record, the New York Times gives another sob-fest of a feature story entitled "Illegal Immigrant's Transplant, Cheaper Over Life, Isn't Covered," penned again with dark and sinister intent by Times communist Nina Bernstein.

Bersntein's puff piece is the story of an illegal immigrant Mexican busboy named "Angel" who, along with about 32 members of his Amerindian fambly living in their "cramped but tidy" Brooklyn apartment, bring glorious diversity and snappy deli service to an otherwise bland and morbid New York City. The problem, though, is that "Angel" has chronic health problems, and needs costly dialysis treatment three times a week, and his doctors say that what he really needs is a kidney transplant, which would cost 100k in the US, or 40k in his magnificent and unfairly maligned homeland of Mexico.

From the article :

Now, even though by law American hospitals are required to provide dialysis treatment to anyone who needs it, regardless of immigration status, this is not good enough for the do-gooder altruism athletes at the New York Times. They want the American taxpayer to stand up and do the right thing, namely: pay for Pedro's kidney transplant (even though it would cost half as much in his native Mexico, and be shouldered by taxpayers there, not here).

When will the competitive compassion athletes at the New York Times figure out that life is not fair, and that the Western World - even if it wanted to - could never through wealth redistribution cure all the ills of the planet's seven billion humans?, the vast majority of whom are a  stupid, surly lot? (I've lived in Africa - nothing personal, but Hey!).

Look, I have nothing personal against Senõr Angel either. I'm sure I would leave him a hearty tip if he were bussing my table after a breakfast of eggs, bacon and grits. But the fact is that there are thousands of millions more like him, many with with failing kidneys, the world over. Must the United States really commit to spending billions of dollars in medical care over the lifetimes of these foreigners who are only allowed to reside in the United States because of insane political laxism in the first place? I mean, Pedro - ahem, Angel - is a fucking illegal immigrant for fucks sakes! That means he's a fucking criminal! And WE have to take care of him FOR LIFE, when the Mexican government could do it just as well, and for HALF OFF !

Sorry folks. Excuse my Spanish. But come'on: this stuff is just getting more insane by the day. How can the elitist little weasels at the New York Times not see that there are a scary number of people who read blogs like this one, who know what is going on, and who are aware of and who resist the Great Undertow?

More from the Times' "let's save the illegal Mexican" article :

The New York Times is a sinister institution with a dark and evil agenda  that runs a lot deeper than most people realize. The sneering, hateful Illuminati Elite that guide the Times through the turgid and troubled waters of modern human civilization are determined to create more Suzanne Harts, and when they can't kill them outright (no, I'm not saying the NYT was behind that elevator malfunction), make them irrelevant by tricking them into hating their own kind so much that they refuse - as Hart did - to perpetuate their own line of kin.

Make no mistake:  Amerika's newspaper of record is not a sensible news-reporting organization in any sense of the word. It is a highly sophisticated NWO propaganda machine designed to squash the native European populations of ALL first world countries, and help steamroll over the existing First World-dominated order of things so that the "afflicted" can truly be comfortable, and the "comfortable" truly afflicted.

Readers of this blog: you are the "comfortable," in the eyes of the Times. Class warfare is what is at stake here, and these are the front lines.

More from the article :

Angel With A Fambly Member
BONUS: From the readers' comments to this NYT article (there were close to 600 as of 2am, Thursday 22 December, 2011). These are the words of Those Who Do Not See, and as COTT readers WILL see, they are the vast majority of Times commenters. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Wishful Thinking From The Psychopaths Of 42nd Street: From Feared Felon to Fabulous Bold-Faced Ghetto Hero, The Reality Contortionists At America's Newspaper Of Record Bring Us Antonio Lagarde, Murdering Crack-Head Gangstah Turned Fabulous Fuzzy Teddy Bear Social Experiment Triumph

20DecMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Here we go again: right there on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record, the reliable and ever-predictable diversity enforcers of 42nd Street who gave us Barack Obama, give us today a fabulous tale of blame-the-victim minority uplift entitled "After Drugs And Dark Times, Helping Others To Stand Back Up," penned with the most sinister and occult back-room intentions by Times communist Benedict Carey. Am I being cynical here and making up this Times reporter's name?

Answer: no I am not.

Even though mind-numbing stories of ghetto depravity have been oozing off the pages of New York City's tabloids this week, "Helping Others To Stand Back Up" was nevertheless published as a stunningly dishonest attempt to deny the reality of that city's Color of Crime, a masterfully-crafted and near-perfect inversion of reality brought to you by the wishful-thinking policy diktators in charge of moulding public opinion at the New York Times.

Benedict A. Carey's puff-piece you see, is a feel-good story about a "reformed" career ghetto criminal named Antonio Lambert - featured with Mapplethorpe-style prominence right there on the paper's illustrious front page - who manages to "turn his life around" by (heroically, of course) resolving to stop robbing and killing others, and by evolving from his role as a net drain on society in the form of a perpetually incarcerated felon, into evolving into his (new and improved) role as a net drain on society in the form of a formerly incarcerated violent felon advising past and future felons on how best to escape the allure of drug addiction, criminality, and being a net drain on society. (I know).  


From the article :

You'll note the way the New York Times treats utter congenital stupidity as a "mood disorder," and addiction to crack as a "mental health issue." Ah, the double speak truly knows no bounds in 2011.

Among the other sad but laughably obvious shortcomings in their description of this criminal POS's supposed transformation from ghetto monster to poster child of reformability, the Times fails to place sufficient emphasis on the simple, obvious, biological fact of this "ex-criminal" Lambert's age: namely, 42 years old. After a certain number of years behaving like an angry ape, even the dumbest, hardest, cruelest ghetto gangstahs go through a male version of menopause, wherein testosterone levels drop and along with them ancestral, millennial caveman aggressiveness.

In other words: this gangsta' stopped being gangsta because his balls dried up and his pubes turned grey, NOT because as they would like you to believe he became enlightened while reading the New York Times or by benefitting from Mark Zuckenberg's 100 million dollar gift to uplifting his cousins in Newark.

The same combination of borderline-retard, low-intelligence + high self-concept mental cocktail that leads to higher natural incidences of criminality in the first place, fades over time as the virile inner chimp of the ICBM (Inner City Black Male) itself ages out of the core criminal demographic - this is what has apparently happened to Mister Lambert.

But the verminous little weasels at the NYT want you to believe that Antonio Lambert's decision to stop a life of crime and depravity resulted from the whisperings of some glorious inner angel. One can just imagine the skinny white Times reporters in fashionable eyewear shimmering with awe and admiration as they crafted this description of our beloved bad-boy from the hood:
Just imagine the way the bullied little white boys who write for the NYT deep down get a woody when thinking about the sheer animal dominance of such a creature. Why else would they report it that way?

Answer: because they are envious ofthis noble savage, this blank slate who holds the shining promise of betterment through NYT-led social engineering.

But then, Antonio "turned his life around."

To the bespectacled uni-testicled elites at Amerika's newspaper of record, such momentous achievements (NOT behaving like a murderous felon) are worthy of Nobel-Prize style praise and five-star medals of valor, whenever they are perpetrated by members of the Times' coddled and beloved pet protected groups.

Somehow, the verminous little weasels at the New York Times fail to see the hypocrisy of their competitive-compassion and their paternalistic double standards when they are put into print for all to see.

A New York Times Hero: Past And Future 
Ghetto Terrorist Antonio Lambert (from today's front page) 

While the do-gooder one-worlders at the New York Times were parading their front-page prodigy around, showing the world how far the ghetto has evolved from the proverbial Stone Age, some rather more significant human events stories were making the rounds in the Big Apple:

"No Bail For Man Accused Of Burning Woman Alive"

HOW IT IS: Jerome Isaac : The Face of Crime in NYC 

HOW IT IS: Lamont Pride, Failed Mutation of Nature 
Who Shot 47 Year-Old NYPD Officer Peter Figoski in the Face. 
The Dead Cop is the Father of Four Girls, Two In College. 

HOW IT IS: The Brooklyn Criminal Judge Evelyn Laporte, 
Who Let Cop Killer Lamond Pride Walk, Despite His Warrant From NC. 
The attached article by Times communist Jim Dwyer explains why it's racist to 
blame this judge for letting Mister Pride walk. 

HOW IT IS: Dead Cop Peter Figoski, 
Killed By Career Vermin Lamont Pride. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Xenophobic Campaign Posters from Switzerland's Leading Political Party, The UDC Or "People's Party"

Much to the displeasure of the sinister elitists at the New York Times, right-minded rightist political parties throughout Europe have been making serious gains throughout the Old Continent of late. From Finland to Italy to France to the Low Countries, the proles are starting to wake up to what thirty years of ultraliberal self-flagellation has made of their ancestral lands, especially in terms of the insane demographic shake-ups that have transformed many city-centres into Londanistans

The poor Germans, meanwhile, though arguably the natural would-be leaders of any "United (against a Third-World Metamorphosis) Europe," are forbidden from showing even an inkling of nationalistic self-concept, and thus have no fun new right-wing parties to talk about. 

As we already know, the global Population-Replacement Program (GPRP - let's go ahead and give it an official acronym) applies only to those nations outlined in blue in the previous COTT post regarding Google Street View. Namely: Western nations. Namely: nations still shamefully lacking in proscribed quantities of diversity. Namely: nations with just too darn many white people in em' (for now). 

In Switzerland, the UDC or "People's' Party" is the most popular political organization in that land of fifty-thousand dollar chronographs and ancient traditions of benevolent isolationism. 

The UDC of course came to the attention of the verminous reality fugitives at Amerika's newspaper of record about four years ago, when crime rates in Geneva were going through the roof, and the traditionally soft Swiss people were awakening to the alarming fact that the near-majority of crime (especially violent) was committed by extra-Swiss. (Go to the Geneva police department's official web site, and read up on who is committing all the crime here) (it's in French but a simple Google translate click will soon make it clear that the spelling of Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria differ by only a few letters from the francophone counterparts). 

Of course, when it comes to Europeans standing up to the GPRP locomotive, the New York Times and its ilk have only words of sneering derision. 

Case in point, from 2007, on the leader of Switzerland's UDC, Christoph Blocher : 

from the article : 

Oo la la. So without further ado, some of the UDC's and Mister Blocher's most recent posters : 

And a curious photo of the UDC's leader, 
the despised (by the NYT) big-pharmo industrialist
 Christophe Blocher : 

Something Curious About Google Street View

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, the population-replacement agenda for every formerly euro-majority nation on earth is continuing apace. It's speeding up, even. Emma West noticed it, and wound up in the thought-police gulag. So be careful who you share your opinions with.

Google Street View is an amazing tool. Two years ago it hardly existed. Today, there is hardly a main thoroughfare on earth that has not been photographed by a Google Prius with a camera on top.

Well, that's not entirely true. Google hasn't explored deep into the hinterland of Congo, for example.

I wonder why?

Except for Japan (and a bit of Brazil), it looks like Google Street View is limited almost exclusively to the Western World (they have made some unexplained forays into Mexico, for example) :

Blue indicates extensive Google Street View coverage. 

Compare to:
Nighttime View Of Earth From Space (the bright spots are NOT lit with candles, Ed. Note)

And Now For Something Completely Different

19 DecMMXI - Clk2Enlrg
To give COTT readers a break from the usual bad writing of Amerika's favorite NYT-bashers, today we bring you a letter from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahou's chief adviser to the verminous little eunuchs of the New York Times Op Ed department (hat tip Juniper in Le Dessert):

Dear Sasha,

I received your email requesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu submit an op-ed to the New York Times.  Unfortunately, we must respectfully decline.

On matters relating to Israel, the op-ed page of the “paper of record” has failed to heed the late Senator Moynihan's admonition that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that no one is entitled to their own facts.

A case in point was your decision last May to publish the following bit of historical revision by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas:
It is important to note that the last time the question of Palestinian statehood took center stage at the General Assembly, the question posed to the international community was whether our homeland should be partitioned into two states. In November 1947,the General Assembly made its recommendation and answered in the affirmative.  Shortly thereafter, Zionist forces expelledPalestinian Arabs to ensure a decisive Jewish majority in the future state of Israel, and Arab armies intervened. War and further expulsions ensued.

This paragraph effectively turns on its head an event within living memory in which the Palestinians rejected the UN partition plan accepted by the Jews and then joined five Arab states in launching a war to annihilate the embryonic Jewish state.  It should not have made it past the most rudimentary fact-checking.

The opinions of some of your regular columnists regarding Israel are well known.   They consistently distort the positions of our government and ignore the steps it has taken to advance peace.   They cavalierly defame our country by suggesting that marginal phenomena condemned by Prime Minister Netanyahu and virtually every Israeli official somehow reflects government policy or Israeli society as a whole.  Worse, one columnist even stooped to suggesting that the strong expressions of support for Prime Minister Netanyahu during his speech this year to Congress was "bought and paid for by the Israel lobby" rather than a reflection of the broad support for Israel among the American people.

Yet instead of trying to balance these views with a different opinion, it would seem as if the surest way to get an op-ed published in the New York Times these days, no matter how obscure the writer or the viewpoint, is to attack Israel.    Even so, the recent piece on “Pinkwashing,” in which Israel is vilified for having the temerity to champion its record on gay-rights, set a new bar that will be hard for you to lower in the future.

Not to be accused of cherry-picking to prove a point, I discovered that during the last three months (September through November) you published 20 op-eds about Israel in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune.   After dividing the op-eds into two categories, “positive” and “negative,” with “negative” meaning an attack against the State of Israel or the policies of its democratically elected government, I found that 19 out of 20 columns were “negative.”

The only "positive" piece was penned by Richard Goldstone (of the infamous Goldstone Report), in which he defended Israel against the slanderous charge of Apartheid.

Yet your decision to publish that op-ed came a few months after your paper reportedly rejected Goldstone's previous submission.  In that earlier piece, which was ultimately published in the Washington Post, the man who was quoted the world over for alleging that Israel had committed war crimes in Gaza, fundamentally changed his position.   According to the New York Times op-ed page, that was apparently news unfit to print.

Your refusal to publish “positive” pieces about Israel apparently does not stem from a shortage of supply.   It was brought to my attention that the Majority Leader and Minority Whip of the U.S.  House of Representatives jointly submitted an op-ed to your paper in September opposing the Palestinian action at the United Nations and supporting the call of both Israel and the Obama administration for direct negotiations without preconditions.   In an age of intense partisanship, one would have thought that strong bipartisan support for Israel on such a timely issue would have made your cut.
So with all due respect to your prestigious paper, you will forgive us for declining your offer.  We wouldn't want to be seen as "Bibiwashing" the op-ed page of the New York Times.


Ron Dermer
Senior advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Bonus: some Christmas levity from Bill Maher (with French subtitles, don't ask why) :

Friday, December 16, 2011

16DecMMXI- Clk2Enlrg

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bahrain Journal: Limp-Wristed, Lisp-Lipped Nicholas Kristof Scores Another Epic Fail In His Total Miscomprehension Of Where The "Arab Spring" Is Headed

What is it with lefties and their insistence on bringing white-bread style democracy to everyone?

Why do they not realize that deep down this is insulting to Islamic nations, which are founded in the Koran, and not in some cheap notion of universal egalitarianism. Could it be because DWL leftist do-gooderism is motivated by such a powerful sense of moral superiority, that people like the NYT simply just can't help themselves? They know what's best for the world's 1.4 billion Muslims.

Take a look at the video below, featuring New York Times HBD-denier in chief (tricky) Nick Kristof, shot while he was last week in Bahrain, a sand-dune nowhere sprung from global irrelevance and made fabulously wealthy by Western innovation and intervention in general, and American goodwill and naivieté in particular (the U.S. Navy's fifth fleet is based there).

At another anti-secular, anti-Western, pro-Sharia popular protest that poor Nick thinks represents an "Arab Spring" that is going to turn the nations of the (pedophile) Mohammed-following practitioners of the religion of peace into suburban Connecticut overnight, Bahrain's Islamic youth throw stones at US-financed and supplied riot police, resulting in a barrage of tear gas raining down upon their nappy (and for the women, veiled) heads.

In his Big Gay Al accent that can only make you wonder how he possibly managed to impregnate the mother of his 16 year old son, Times uber-lefty Kristof explains that throwing stones by Muslim youth is "A common act that hugely undermines their cause."

I submit, Nick, that it's the other way around: the Islamists' cause is defined by their rock-throwing, not undermined by it. Haven't you been paying attention?

With mainstream Western media represented by spineless little eunuchs like Nicholas Kristof, I give Western Civilization another decade, max.

The New York Times Literally Digs Through The Garbage In Search of Dirt On the Marines, While In An Act Of Hypocrisy Incredible Even For Them, Uses The Same Military They Hate In Order To Prop Up The Legitimacy Of The Usurper-In-Chief

15DecMMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg
Right below a photo published at the top of today's front page that shows Obama greeting a giant crowd of Marines at Fort Bragg Air Force Base, the verminous little weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record had the nerve and effrontery to publish a story entitled "Junkyard Gives Up Secret Accounts Of Massacre," sneakily and with dark, sinister purposefulness  penned by Times communist  Michael S. Schmidt.

So, on the one hand the Times uses the Marines to show what a swell guy our half-Kenyan Kommander in Chief is, right before literally digging through steaming heaps of garbage in an Iraqi dump to dig up dirt on the same Marines they use to make Obama look legit.

Seriously, that's what the NYT did: dig through Iraqi garbage in search of damning evidence of the US Army's armed reaction to a hostile, martrydom-loving, RPG-to-the-teeth armed Islamic scourge before being  handcuffed by suicidal rules of engagement later in the war. And since he who seeks, finds, creepy, treasonous Times journos unearthed piles of secret documents containing sensitive info related to American so-called atrocities in Iraq, that Stone-Age shit heap wrenched by Western innovation in general, and American intervention in particular, from backwardness and a bleak and largely worthless existence. And of course the Times promptly released the juiciest bits of damning, anti-military evidence to their eager corps of America-hating, diversity-enforcing New York Times readership. Seriously, you should read the sanctimonious, morality-competing, self-value-enhancing ("I'm better than you because I hate the Marines  and love the common Iraqi more than you, dude") and highly predictable thoughts expressed by Times readers in the comments section of this article.

Obama Turns His Back On White Marines He Will Later Spit On At Fort Bragg,
While First Tranny Michelle Robonson-Obama Looks On, Sort Of 

As the New York Times congratulates themselves for exposing state secrets, à la Wikileaks, without apparently even being aware of how hypocritical they appear by using the very Marines they attack to legitimize the Usurper in Chief, we at COTT can only SMH.

From the article :

By quoting from transcripts of actual testimony at military tribunals,  the article goes on to make the Marines sound thoroughly stupid, while making the Iraqis appear perfect models of virtue, stunted in the development of their glorious civilization by unenlightened murderous jarheads.

The New York Times: Getting Worse Since 2009.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The New York Times Covers Up Hard Core Diversity In the White House Kitchen

In a propaganda puff piece published today in the Dining Section of Amerika's Newspaper of Record by the four-eyed diversity enforcers of Forty-Second Street, we have the story of what is going on in the White House kitchen, namely out-of-control minority-uplift.

I was quite surprised when I stumbled across this article in today's "Dining" section,"Overnight Makeover For A First Kitchen", because practically nothing in the wording of the article's title or the subsequent first paragraph, made clear that this was a story about the main kitchen in the White House.

No doubt the New York Times was vague on purpose in the wording of this article, because most Americans would be shocked to learn that  this is what the average White House kitchen staff looks like :

The head White House chef - Tommy Kurpradit - is featured second from left in the photo above (in black gloves, next to the rabbi). I'm too depressed right now to Google where this guy was born or what his origins are, but from the article we get this :

Sooo. call me a xenophobe, but it looks like we have a foreign-born Buddhist working as head chef in the kitchens of the White House.

You know that the New York Times would love this guy even more if he were transgender, better yet a transgender convert from Buddhism to Islam, with a white lesbian wife caring for the couple's adopted african infant.

Consider the Faces on the Front Page of Today's Newspaper of Record....

14 Dec MMXI - Clk 2 Enlrg 
Yes, it's part of a sinister pattern, a dark and evil agenda to portray the Newtons, the Einsteins and Oppenheimers, the Shakepeares and the Robespierres of the civilization that invented everything from the printing press to Facebook FFS, as horrible and sick individuals, while at the same time portraying the non-Euro masses as the victims of European hegemony.

Today's NYT front page is no exception: we have on the upper left a photo of a poor victimized boy from Yemen walking in rags aimlessly about in the Stone-Age ruins of that un-evolved nation; we have Eric "My People" Holder pontificating about the evil majority in the United States conspiring through proposed voter-registration legislation to deny the noble blank-slate savages of the USA their god-given right to re-elect the Chosen One for a second term; and of course we have the one and ONLY image of a white male, in the form of the child-rape creepazoid Sandunsky, that most disgusting and universally reprehensible of creatures, for whom no one could possibly have an iota of sympathy, featured front and center right there midway between photos of the Times' beloved and protected pet minorities.

The New York Times will never, EVER publish a front-page photo of an average member of the decent majority, unless that individual is either sick, diseased, criminal, or repulsive and horrible in some way or another.

The New York Times: Perpetuating A Frontal Assault On All Things Western Since 1987.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Is Rather Amazing: A Moroccan Named "Nordine Amrani" Uses Grenades And An AK-47 To Kill Five People in Liège, Belgium Today; While In Florence, Italy, A So-Called "Right-Wing Extremist" Kills Two African Illegal Immigrant Trinket Peddlers From Senegal Before Committing Suicide: French National TV "TF1" Uses The Latter Killing To Re-Hash Images of Anders Breivik And Other White Male European Killers, Without Ever Talking About The North-African Origins Of The Liege Killer

If you thought the anti-majority population-replacement propaganda was bad here in the USA, and at the New York Times - Amerika's Newspaper Of Record - in particular, take heart : it is even worse (a lot worse) in the Old Continent.

Things are boiling to a head in the land of our orthodontistically and hygienically-challenged (but otherwise lovable¡!) ancestors: Whilst on the one hand we have Youtube Starlette and political prisoner Emma West locked up for the holidays because she let loose an anti-invasion tirade on a Croydon tramway -  even though the four girls from Somalia who curb-stomped a white girl in London while screaming "Kill the white slag!"  were let go days later by a spineless London magistrate for reasons that he will likely come to regret (since the laddesses were Somali muslims and drunk, and since alcohol is fobidden among the practitioners of the religion of peace, goes the hair-brained reasoning of this despicable dhimmified judge, the girls in his opinion were not subject to the five years prison time for assault that the law otherwise proscribed), on the other hand we have a cultural enricher named Nordine Amrani, no doubt of Moroccan descent - as in Born There  (if any of my own personal dealings with folks named "Amrani" mean anything) -  killing innocent Belgian teenagers and old women on the town square with grenades and AK47-fire in wonderful Liège, Belgium.

What's interesting about Nordine's rampage for me, is the way that it was reported on the French nightly news, on TF1, the Dan Rather of French news. Keep in mind that TF1 is the only privately-owned network on the French airways.

Check out the coverage of Nordine's rampage yourself, from tonight's TF1 evening news :


In France the nightly news lasts about 50 minutes, without commercials (that's cool of them). But what they offer in commercial-free coolness, they make up for in blatant leftist, and now dhimmified blindsiding. Here's what I mean:

In addition to the deadly attack in Liege today, there was another violent, "random" attack in Florence Italy, where an unhinged white dude shot up and killed at least two illegal immigrant Senegalaise trinket merchants in the town square of that glorious city.

Here's where it gets interesting: if you watch the TF1 coverage of the carnage, in both cities, ninety-five  percent of the video footage features white European males, with a disproportionate amount of screen time devoted to the blond-haired blue-eyed face of the Left's poster-boy for right-wing extremism, Ander Breivik.

I know, right?

Two months back, TF1 is the same channel that offered disgraced Dominque Strauss Kahn a live platform on which to offer the nation that he was likely to win the presidency of an apology for getting sucked off by a mud-hut Guinean asylum cheat maid/hooker in the Sofitel Hotel in the Manhattan. That interview was noteworthy by DSK's closing remarks, when despite globe-stopping charges against him, he felt it necessary to prove his relevance - DSK knows best, after all, right? -  by pontificating about what he was sure Europe needed in the midst of the euro crisis ("more Europe") and in the midst of the country's unemployment and confidence crisis ("more immigration"). It was a shocking sight to behold, that this disgraced frollicking Israelite globalist elitist, with a libido so out of control that he could not even resist the urge to face-copulate with a Stone-Age potato-nose butt-ugly enough to stop a clock and possibly set back horlogery by fifty thousand years ... what was most intriguing about this disgusting interview was that TF1 was complicit in it in the first place.

But then, after today's events, and TF1 totally deflecting attention away from what is really happening and who the real villains are, I suppose it's not so surprising after all.

It will be interesting to see in the coming 72 hours how the New York Times - my favorite object of ridicule - talks about the Liège and Florence killings.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shameful Artistic Affirmative Action from the Disgusting, Lying Diversity-Enforcers at the New York Times

Just for starters: as I was perusing the lying pages of Amerika's newspaper of record the other day, something in the "Arts" section caught my eye. It was not hard to do (catch my discerning eye), seeing as how it was emblazoned upon the entire top half of Friday's "Arts" section.

It was an incredibly simplistic and childlike piece of art. I did a double take, thinking, "WTF? "

Behold to what I speak  "A Griot For A Global Village" :

Now, for the verminous newspeak One-Worlders at the New York Times, it is imperative that (c)Rap Music gets as much coverage as Beethoven, and the dung-walled huts of Africa get as much prasie as the skyscrapers of Manhattan or the neo-classical monuments of Paris, because after all, all people and all cultures contribute equally to the betterment of mankind, the New York Times says it is so so hey, it must be so, right?

Seriously, when I saw this collage-scribble, it didn't take me long to figure out what the NYT was trying to do.

In the next section, they had a giant article about some (c)rapper named Esquire, performing his (c)rap, right above an article about a chamber orchestra group, whose photo was one-tenth the size of said (c)rapper.

The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper: worse: it is supposedly the "newspaper of record" in this land.

Wake up Western Civilization!: your enemies are working overtime in your own camp !

Back to regular posting tomorrow.

On The Western-Engineered African Population Explosion (back to regular posting soon)

(comment to altright.com) :

Dear Richard : 

Two things : 

1) Next time you put out a podcast, please spend 30 bucks for a microphone and get the audio right, as in: pls make it a little better. 

Your promo window for Radix is intriguing and I want to see you succeed. Getting the audio right is not that hard to do, and showing your commitment to doing this professionally, would make a big difference in the overall appeal of your message; 

2) I would like to see a lot more references on this site (and indeed, in all of the alt-right blogosphere) made to such things as cargo cults, the vast amount of race-realist science that was accomplished in the early part of the 20th century, and the total refutation of  HBD by such establishment-approved HBD-deniers as Jared Diamond and Stephen J. Gould, whose time came (and went, thankfully) right around the Sixties. Hail the Internet, for waking up a lot of shmucks like myself to what otherwise we might never have read about or even been made aware of in the age when print versions of this nation's "Newspaper of Record" consist of the criminal, disgusting, lying New York Times. 

Here's the deal as I see it: forty years before Uncle A. went too far and screwed up a perfectly sensible agenda, i.e. the desire to prevent Nordic Man from going through another Fall Of Rome, by putting a stop to the out-of-control pendulum swing that was destroying Western world predominance through nefarious influences such as communism, entarte kunst, minority control over the white western banking and political systems and semitic ethno-solidarity, our ancestors in the West were rather reasonably wondering long and hard about Why the West Prevailed. Before they understood the natural hierarchy of humanity, before they could make sense of why every achievement in the building of civilization to that point was attributable to a white male named Edison, or Euclid, or Shakespeare or Plato for that matter, they were asking honest, sincere, and somewhat clueless questions about the Hottentont Venus and why she and her kind had such  monstrously large posteriors ("steatopygia" tiny.cc/bi1rl), and why they were living in dung-covered huts, sans the wheel, when the white man showed up from Portugal in the 1400s to rescue them from the Stone Age. 

These were not questions designed to disparage or humiliate non-whites: at the time, they were honest questions whose purpose was to answer the age-old question of: Why the West Prevailed. 

Here's my point (because I know this gets complicated fast) : whenever I see yet another news report about the minority achievement gap in academics, whenever I read yet another article in the NYT about the discipline gap, or the this or that gap, my first thought is the  graphic images that emerged from the race-realism literature of the late 19th-century. 

More specifically, when reading about African American pathologies, my first thought is of  19th-century anthropological studies (from among others the now-vindicated George Samuel Morton) that depict a white skull, next to a negro skull, next to a gorilla skull, and the corresponding variances in prognathousness and degrees of slope of skull. (These  numbers align with scary predictability to differences in white-black test scores). 

I'm not saying this to be a dick: in the same way that pre-PC Morton poured beans into the skulls of dead europeans, Africans, and ourangatans to measure variance in cranial capacity of different races, and noted significant variances in brain size among the races, I'm saying it in an exercise of pure and unadulterated race-realism. 

The fact is that there is solid, irrefutable evidence of  differences in group behaviour based on biology, this evidence has been systematically since WW2 stamped out in the name of the insane and illogical ideology that governs all things Western, i.e. universal egalitarianism, and this really is at the heart of our race-realism debate. 

Tonight I had a scary encounter with two young ICBMs (inter-city black male). Upon closer inspection, I realized that this specimen of humanity had a skull shape markedly different from my cousins and cousines. Where in our family, most of the men tend to have a double chin, this negro and his scary-looking partner had a remarkably different skull shape. Namely: most ghetto blacks that I see here in New Orleans have a tip of the chin that is most often BELOW the point on the neck where chin meets head. 

In white guys, the tip of the chin is normally ABOVE the point where the skin of the jaw meets the neck. 

What is my point? 

Answer: these obvious morphological differences used to be taken for granted, in the heyday of so-called "scientific racism" of the early part of the century. 

This early "scientific racism" was based on strict observation and common sense; in a way it predated the insane and illogical egalitarianist mantra to come. That mantra would probably have come even without the lightning-fast Crazy-Glue ideology-maker of the fratricide wars of World War Two. 

Nordic man, who is responsible for every innovation of note, every kilometer of roadway, every gleam of electron-controlled electricity, every ticking watch the world over, is under siege. The world is on the precipice of a terrible return to the Dark Ages. It is blogs such as this that bear the responsibility of telling the world what really is happening. 

Consider our ancestors in the Roman Empire: Euclid predicted in 300 BC a solar eclipse with fantastic accuracy. One thousand years later, the wealthiest and most powerful members of the European Elite were insisting the planet was flat. 

Race Realism today is a repeat of the "world is flat" paradigm. Negroes the planet over - though while on average they are only 17% white in the USA - continue to be a dangerous plague upon Nordic Man's achievements, not because of their innate ability as a group  for violence and destruction, but because their competitive-compassionate white enablers continue to do everything in their power to increase their numbers and influence. Africa hit one billion in 2010. One billion. If for some reason Nordic Man had never shown up on the Dark Continent, and had never been able to send trillions of dollars in food aid and other assistance, it is likely that the population of Africa in 2010 would not be much different from what it was in 1400 AD: NAMELY : about 40 million for the ENTIRE CONTINENT. 

Thanks gullible white people: you've increased the population of a continent of human cockroaches by 2000% !  

Let's see more talk on alternativeright.com about cargo cults, non-white morphology, and the parallels to be drawn between the fall of Rome and the upcoming Fall of the West. 


- Arturo de Gheaube