Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crimes of The Times dot com Evaluates The New York Time's Coverage of the Aftermath of the Ferguson Grand Jury's Decision Not to Indict

Wed. 26 November 2014
We have to give them credit for at least mentioning that the Gentle Giant's biological father yelled "Burn this bitch down" :

"Security In Ferguson Is Tightened After Night of Unrest"

From the article :
Mixed signals came from Mr. Brown’s family on Monday. Early in the evening, it issued a statement calling for a peaceful reaction to the grand jury’s decision. But later that night, as the decision was announced, Mr. Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, grew emotional outside the Ferguson police station, yelling, “Burn this bitch down!” 
Of course this tiny bit of honesty from the vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record was largely offset by their failure to make any mention in their multi-page coverage of the Michel Brown shooting, of the strong-arm robbery that set the whole series of events in motion.

That, and this below-the-fold front page puff piece by Times' communist Michael Wines, makes the NYT's lack of objectivity in the matter pretty clear :

"Reaction To Ferguson Decision Shows Racial Divide Remains Over Views Of Justice"

From that article, right there on the front page, just three paragraphs in :
"Paul McLemore, the first African-American to become a New Jersey state trooper, was on the streets of Newark in 1967 when riots following a police beating of a black taxi driver left 26 dead. He spent decades as a civil rights lawyer and years as a municipal judge in Trenton. His wife and children have gone on to enjoy accomplished careers.
“Of course, there’s been a lot of progress” since Newark’s days of rage, he said in an interview on Tuesday. But asked whether a young black man today could find the justice that was believed to be absent in Newark 47 years ago, he gave a response that was starkly different.
“No, period,” he said. “There’s pervasive racism — white racism.
The New York Times stokes the flames of the anti-white racial bonfire they themselves set alight, shortly after current publisher Pinky Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.'s great-grandfather - the funnily-named Adolf Simon Ochs - purchased what has become the most Influential Newspaper in the World in 1896.

We never expected of course the verminous reality acrobats at the Times to report truthfully on the Ferguson case, but again, we do have to give them kudos for being truthful enough to reprint the incendiary words of Michael Brown's father (who btw looks about how old to you? Twenty-nine to 32, I would say, which means that the Gentle Giant who took a .40 caliber shot to the top of his haid (suggesting btw, per witness testimony, that he was charging Officer Wilson head-down, like a linebacker going in for a tackle), was probably spawned by teenage parents).

It's called the "ghetto lottery" for a reason: you can bet the farm that a great deal of this "emotion" coming from Brown fambly and the larger apartment-farm black community that it lived in, has more to do with their aspirations to cash in on their ghetto martyr's death, than actual real-life grievance and sadness.

The simple fact is that American black famblies with large numbers of chirren do not care about their chirren the way people of other races care about their children.  Ask yourself - and be honest - how many single black mothers of five or more children in America today,  if given the choice to secretly choose between a two million dollar settlement, and the loss of one child through an actionable accident or police shooting etc., would NOT go for the two million dollars?

I think you know the answer. 

Blacks in the USA use their powers of fertility to obtain government cheese - we all know this. We've seen youtube videos where they admit it outright.

Black single mothers in the USA treat their children horribly, even in public, we've seen this too. Who reading this blog hasn't been to Walmart and not seen large black American women chastising their chirren in public, often with filthy language and angry uni-brows?

In the video below, Michael Brown's mother and biological father - alongside the barely literate Trayvon Martin fambly attorney Benjamin Crump -  are being interviewed by CBS News. Who do you suppose paid for the Brown's camera-friendly wardrobes? (Including the tie with the image of the Gentle Giant's stenciled on to it)? Who do you suppose paid their airfare to NYC to do the taping? Who paid for their hotel rooms and their expenses while in the city?

What do you suppose their real objectives are when they talk about "change"?

The answer is in the question: Change, and lots and lots of it. 

The New York Times: All The News That's Fit To Print, As Long As It Entails Minority Uplift and Anti-White Bias, Since 1896. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Vermin At The New York Times Publish Darren Wilson's Home Address

Tuesday 25 Nov MMXIV
"A Quiet Wedding For Darren Wilson"

Monday, November 17, 2014

As Ferguson Prepares For A Cat-5 Chimpout, the Vermin At The New York Times Continue To Refer To 300-Pound Criminal Menace Michael Brown As An "Unarmed Teenager"

Monday 17 Nov. MMXIV

Funniest Paradox You May Ever Heve Seen In The Glossy Pages of the NYT Magazine

The reality-reversing vermin of 42nd Street put out their Sunday edition Magazine today, Sunday 16 November MMXIV.

They entitled it "Failure".

It's an entire magazine devoted to inventions ranging from AC-DC current, to the Stirling Engine, to the Stanley Steamer automobile (which achieved a land speed record using a steam engine as early as 1906 (120mph or something crazy like that), to the great airships of the 1930s (without of course ever mentioning that the only reason the great Hindenburg crashed in New Jersey in 1937 - was because the FDR administration had outlawed export of vital  helium reserves to Hitler's booming Germany - but that is a story for another day).

Here's the hilarious part: a lot of COTT readers don't know that as recently as the turn of the century, a large percentage of the burgeoning automobile industry was dominated by steam-powered and electric-powered automobiles. In fact, if you go back and look at adverts from late 19th-century publications, the vats majority advertising personal self-propelled automobiles were electric cars, followed by "external  combustion" steam-powrered cars (such as the great Stanley Steamer, followed later by the Henry Ford Model T "internal combustion" vehicle (the first copies of which were all delivered with a copy of Ford's own "The International Jew" in the glovebox).

In fact, the "Stanley Steamer" was a steam-powered automobile that competed head-to-head with the  "internal combustion" Ford Model T up until the late 1920s.

Many COTT readers - including myself - do not know that electric vehicles were more commonplace from 1898 to around the end of the First World War, than internal - or even external -combustion automobiles.

I did know until recently, in fact, that a steam-powered aircraft flew - in France - many years before the Wright Brothers historic flight at Kitty Hawk - I'm talking here about the very first aeroplane, enshrined as it is to this day in the Paris Musée des Arts et Métiers (which also includes one of only four Foucault's Pendulums in the Paris capital - the others being located at the (currently-under-renovation Panthéon), the Musée des Arts et Scienes , and the cathedral at St. Placide - not far from Saint Sulpice, on the Left Bank). [Of course the most fascinating of the current Foucault's Pendulum, still in operation to this day, is at the amazing  Deutsche Museum in Munich]. 

So here's the hilarious paradox: the NYT devotes their today's, Sunday 16 November MMXIV Magazine, to "Innovations." Or rather: "Failures."

The two or three parts I always read in the NYT Sunday magazine is the "Lives" piece on the  reverse-side of the rear cover (it is usually written by a lesbian, or some other freak seeking legitimacy - today it was penned by Ukrainian immigrant / Jersey quota student, named Lev Golinkin).

The take-home message from today's Sunday Times magazine really comes though from "Talk" column, which features "Hunger Games" lesbian producer Nina Jacobson.

This little bit of the "interview" by Times' commie Taffy Brodesser-Akner is particularly telling:

"You have also acquired the rights to the hit novel “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” What do you think of the notion that movies with female protagonists are risky box-office bets?" NYT 
"Since I’m not allowed to swear, I’ll say I think that’s a lot of bullpucky. I don’t understand why people still behave as though making movies with female protagonists is risky, given that — hello — we do make up over 50 percent of the population, and we go to movies."
"So do you have any idea why this idea persists?" NYT
"Too many white men in positions of power?"(NJ)

What is hilarious is that virtually the entirety of the rest of today's Sunday NYT Magazine, reports on and documents innovations made far and wide by white males, 100% exclusively.

Whence then this hatred, the absolute detestation of the White European Male?

Answer: Sometime around 1892?

The New York Times : Waging War on the White Male Since 1892.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rwandan Orphan Who Spent His Childhood Living And Scrounging For Food In A Landfill And Who Was Rescued By White Female American Competitive Compassion Athlete Is Now A Full-Scholarship Harvard Freshman: Another Shining Example of Amerika's Newspaper of Record Observing The World Through The Wrong End Of The Telescope

The racist reality-reversing vermin at the New York Times have their forked tongues thrust so far up
the proverbial anus of the African that sometimes - very often in fact -  their negrophilia reaches comic heights.

Such was the case recently in a deliciously revealing puff piece published on 22 October of the front page of the NYT's national print edition entitled: "From a Rwandan Dump To The Halls Of Harvard."

From the article, by Times' communist Michael Wines :

"Mr. Uwayesu moved into an orphanage run by Esther’s Aid, then, with two sisters, into the compound where Ms. Effiong lives while in Kigali. Throughout his schooling, he worked at the charity, which since has opened a cooking school for girls and is building a campus for orphans.

"My life changed because of her,” he said.
"He would not have been able to compete for a spot in an American university without outside help, however. After high school, he applied for and won a seat in a yearlong scholars program, Bridge2Rwanda, run by a charity in Little Rock, Ark., that prepares talented students for the college-application process.
"For roughly the past decade, Harvard’s international admissions director has personally scoured Africa for potential applicants each year.
Like most top universities, Harvard chooses its freshmen without regard to their ability to pay tuition. But until this year, the Cambridge campus had only one Rwandan student, Juliette Musabeyezu, a sophomore.
"No more. Of the 25 or so African applicants who made this year’s cut, three are from Rwanda, including a second Bridge2Rwanda scholar.
Not bad for a little country that is home to barely 1 percent of Africa’s billion-plus population. A photograph of Rwanda’s Harvard contingent appears on Ms. Musabeyezu’s Facebook page.
The caption reads: “My people are finally here.”
The Times utterly and sadistically leaves out the bigger picture here, which is that while a tiny fraction of black africans can overcome their Stick-Age genetic proclivities to live among us in the West, apart from AIDS and Ebola, the vast majority of sub-Saharan blacks are utterly incapable of producing anything more productive than a begging bowl, with the exception of course of more l'il africans and more begging bowls.

On a macro level - that is to say, if the swine at the Times were viewing the world honestly, that is to say through the correct end of the telescope - Africa is doing exceedingly well, thank you very much. They rolled over the one billion mark on the Afrometer almost half a decade ago, and if current projections are even a little accurate and ebola doesn't do its evolutionary job, black Africans will outnumber the members of every single other racial group on the planet within our lifetimes.

It cannot be repeated often enough, that in 1950 the world was about 1/3rd European, demographically speaking, and about 7% black African. In 2050, those figures will be the same, only reversed.

With a massive helping hand from the treasonous, suicidal vermin at the New York Times and the competitive altruism athletes who are their cult-like followers, the White Man's Burden is doing quite well down there on the Dark Continent. Thriving, even, one could say ; their numbers have never been stronger, their young men healthier, their young women more fertile and better fed (merci USAID), and there have never been so many literally of them on the fence :

Destination : Europa. 

Mission : Le Grand Remplacement 

Chances of Success: High and Getting Better 

Chinese Stealth Fighter: In Typical Make-Believe "All Things Being Equal" Style, the Vermin at the New York Times Give The Chinese Credit For "Developing" Their Very Own F-35

Tuesday 11 Nov. MMXIVThe 
The ravenous reality reversers at Amerika's newspaper of record have a love affair with all things non-Western.

When it comes to China, the competitive compassionate liars at the New York Times never condemn Chinese neo-colonialist exploitation of black Africans, their outright racist hatred of blacks in general, the fact that they execute about 13 people every single day, and in the case of all things modern, the fact that apart from chopsticks and firecrackers, everything even slightly advanced is produced in China - poorly - with technology stolen from the West.

The latest example of this cultural relativism fraud is a puff piece published on page B3 in the Business section of today's national print edition entitled:

"With A Stealth Fighter, China Tries To Gain Attention"

From the article :

"By exhibiting a stealth aircraft at the show, China wants to show just how far it's arms industry has come, experts say. The United States is the only country with operational stealth planes, and Lockheed Martin the only company to have successfully exported one, the F-35."
The Chinese copy, spy, steal, and secretly are super-jealous of the West, okay the White Man that's right I said it.

When the topic of Chinese "innovation" comes up, instead of publishing something like this :

...a more accurate image of Chinese expertise is better reflected in something like this :

What is remarkable about the bottom picture - a 15-story apartment building that toppled over in 2009 - is how prophetic it makes the words of the great Jesuit priest and 16th-century sinophile and early Christian missionary to the Far East, Father Matteo Ricci.

Consider this remarkably prescient comment made by Steven Farron, in an article from 2009 entitled "Why The West Dominated," where Farron himself is quoting from the works of Ricci :

“When they [the Chinese] set about building, they seem to gauge things by the span of a human life
Whereas, Europeans in accordance with the urge of their civilization
seem to strive for the eternal. This trait of theirs [the Chinese] makes
it impossible for them to give credence when we tell them that many of our buildings have withstood the elements for a hundred years and some even for one or two thousand years "
[T]hey do not dig into the ground to build up foundations, but merely
place large stones on the unbroken surface of the ground; or, if they do
dig foundations, these do not go deeper than a yard or two "
[M]ost of their buildings are constructed of wood, or if made in
masonry they are covered in by roofs supported by wooden columns.”
(pages 19-20*)
*Farron is quoting from a book published in 1953 entitled "China in the 16th Century: The Journals of Matteo Ricci, 1583 - 1610"

The New York Times personifies the West's lack of a spine when it comes to standing up to the Chinese, who flood the display shelves of our stores with crap inferior products (all based on original Western design) and who poison us and the rest of the world with their disgusting farm-raised seafood. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882  was signed by then-president Chester Arthur for a reason, but he could not possibly have seen back then that the treasonous policies of our current elites - as endorsed if not to say dictated by the editorial page of the verminous reality contortionists of 42nd Street - would to everything to encourage, rather than counter, Sino-Supremism.

The New York Times: Taking The Enemy's Side With Gusto, Since 1892.