Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pigford Scandal Weirdness: In An Incredible Departure From The Norm, The Social Justice Psychopaths At The New York Times Publish A Front Page Article That Actually Casts African Americans In A Negative Light

"U.S. Opens Spigot After Farmers Claim Discrimination"

The Pigford case is one of the most glaring examples of white dhimmitude in the face of political correctness and guilt-based negrophilia out there.

Today we were shocked to see the NYT reporting on this disgusting case without the usual recriminations against the Bush administration or other such reality reversal (although however the article does manage to kinda sorta blame Pigford on GW (read the whole thing)).

From the last lines of the article  :
People familiar with that statement said it was directed in part at Thomas Burrell, a charismatic orator and the head of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association, based in Memphis.
Mr. Burrell has traveled the South for years, exhorting black audiences in auditoriums and church halls to file discrimination complaints with his organization’s help, in exchange for a $100 annual membership fee.
In an interview last month, Mr. Burrell said he had dedicated his life to helping black farmers after biased federal loan officers deprived him of his land and ruined his credit. He said his organization had misled no one, and had forwarded the names of all those eligible and willing to file claims.
“I have never advocated anybody file a false claim,” he said. “I have worked almost pro bono for this cause.”
On a recent Thursday at the Greater Second Baptist Church in Little Rock, several hundred African-Americans listened intently as Mr. Burrell told them they could reap $50,000 each, merely by claiming bias. He left out the fact that black men are no longer eligible, and that black women are eligible only if they suffered gender, not racial, bias.
“The Department of Agriculture admitted that it discriminated against every black person who walked into their offices,” he told the crowd. “They said we discriminated against them, but we didn’t keep a record. Hello? You don’t have to prove it.”
In fact, he boasted, he and his four siblings had all collected awards, and his sister had acquired another $50,000 on behalf of their dead father.
She cinched the claim, he said to a ripple of laughter, by asserting that her father had whispered on his deathbed, “I was discriminated against by U.S.D.A.”
“The judge has said since you all look alike, whichever one says he came into the office, that’s the one to pay — hint, hint,” he said. “There is no limit to the amount of money, and there is no limit to the amount of folks who can file.”
He closed with a rousing exhortation: “Let’s get the judge to go to work writing them checks! They have just opened the bank vault.”

Here is the Thomas "Gibs Me Dhat" Burrell  in question :

More outrageous black gibs me dhat exposed - incredibly for the NYT - in the article : 

The New York Times: Exposing Negro Dysfunction Only When They Have To, Since 1964

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jockeying For A Hard-Earned Third Place In CH's Photo Of The Century Shoot-Out, This Pic Published Today On Page A11 Of The NYT's National Edition Is Going To Blow Your Mind

The NYT published an article in today's national edition entitled :

"A Presidential Pat For Young Scientists"

From the article :

You read that right: as endorsed by the wishful thinking reality-reversers at the New York Times, the BO administration backed by you know who are poised to spend a fifth of a billion dollars in the very near future in an attempt to erase the achievement gap, specifically and insidiously by steering females and minorities into the STEM studies.

This money on top of the trillions that have already been spent through the certifiably insane NCLB plot that requires all humans to be equally intelligent, even though about that Nobel Prize winner James Watson famously sez (God love'im)  - "um, not really."

Problem is, that the only way to effectively comfort the afflicted as per the Times' official social justice role, is to afflict the comfortable down to the ground.

Consider the photo below that accompanies the NYT's article:

I humbly submit that this photo could be added to the great Heartiste's own selection of photos, for his official early-21st century "Photo Of The Century Shoot Out".

Here are those two CH photos :

Exhibit A: The Boston Bombers' carjacked Mercedes with the "Coexist" bumper sticker :

Exhibit B: The "Honey I don't think that dock can hold all of us" wedding party :

With all due respect to the great Chateau Heartiste, I humbly submit photo number 3, showing the Fraudulent One himself in the company of an obese prognathic missing link high school student at a science fair on the White House grounds, alongside a skinny white girl hanging her head in shame for her evil white privilege.

Obese Kiona and Obama hisself appear to be staring down the poor slender white girl, as if to say: "STEM is racist! Math is racist! And it's all your ancestors' fault!", as the poor skinny white girl bows down in officially sanctioned shame. 

The New York Times: Certifiably Insane Since 1956.   

Incredibly Suspicious Anti-Majority (heh) Propaganda From The Verminous Psychopaths At The NYT

It's like the magical 6m number that appears over and over again in the strangest of places,  and the equally magical "11 million" illegal alien figure*, which even though entire regions throughout the United States have become dominated in certain industries - such as residential roofing and gardening services - by illegal mono-lingual Spanish-speaking Mexicans and their numbers grow every year, these fanciful figures have not evolved in the sick and criminal pages of Amerika's newspaper of record in over ten years. Check out, below, what a quick Times search reveals about the famous "11 million" figure.

Meanwhile, the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's evil newspaper of record are sneering at the hated Koch billionaire brothers and their alleged strategy to change the world - in a manner creepily similar to the one the that the Times and her protagonists themselves have been using for decades, in an article entitled:

"Conservative Koch Brothers Turning Focus To Newspapers"

From the article :

Gee, evil conservatives getting together in a secret location to talk about a long term plan to influence public policy.

Where have I heard of a plan like that before?


Meanwhile, a quick Times search reveals how long the Grey Lady has been peddling the "11 million" lie :

The New York Times: Stinking, Verminous, Evil Lying Scum, Since 1896. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Never Have Been A Big Fan Of Conspiracy Theories, But... Consider This :

Seriously, not sure what to think about this :

"The Boston Unicorn"

The New York Times: Promoting Hatred For The Truth Since Jason Blair

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Understanding Boston: "Anyone sane would have understood that allowing Chechins named after Tamerlame, a murderous crippled Asiatic sheep-thief piling heads in heaps during the 15th Century Asia, was a stupid idea"

20AprilMMXIII-HBD Uncle A,
 You Tried To Warn Us
Search, Cotters. Search.

Inform thyneselves.

And don't expect Amerika's newspaper of record to do it for you or  ever, ever mention that Boston muslim brothers bomber #1 was named after a Turkic warlord.

Consider this mainstream offal from the NYT:

"Boy at Home in U.S., Swayed By One Who Wasn't"

From the article :

Note the nazi link-up.

More from the article : an embedded NYT video that features this oppressed Bostonite heaping praise on his murdering dope-smoking Chechen buddy   :

This whole Boston muslim bombers thing has generated some of the most intense and insightful commentary I have ever read on the internet.


Case in point: h/T to : Heartiste :

"One Blessing Of Outbreeding"

The New York Times: They Hate The Internet Because It Exposes Their Crimes, Since 1889.

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Derka Derka!" - The Second Urine-Colored Islamic Terrorist Bomber From Chechnya Has Been Captured And Caged In Massachusetts - The Beedie-Eyed Weasels At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Are None Too Happy

Sick, but true: they were hoping and praying that the perps would turn out to be Timothy McVeigh Jr.-types.

Sorry Salon; Sorry Tim Wse:

Cuz it turns out the Boston bomber was a practitioner of the religion of peace, just as the data told us it would most likely be.

Which in the sense that mathematics and empiric deduction can be used to predict future outcomes, this is practically proof that there is a God after all.

And no, by "God" we do not mean Muhammed the pedophile, Muhammed the dirty-beard creep who wedded his bride Aisha, one of many, when she was six years old.

Which BTW: just three years after his "wedding" with Aisha,  Islam's model man, the "perfect man" according to the Koran and one to be an inspiration and role model to billions of his kinfolk worldwide, the disgusting and vile fifty-year old Muhammed consummated the marriage with his child wife.

This type of shocking info is easy to verify and cross-reference if you have an internet connectino and you are not in China, but you will never, ever see such non-PC propositions in the decrepit pages of the NYT.

Most Muslims worldwide exist today only and uniquely as a direct result of Western munificence and technology. They are like bacteria in a petri dish in an experiment gone terribly wrong; the white scientist in his long white lab coat runs for his life as his clones multiply like a foul-smelling algeae bloom.

The West has created the pre-conditions for its own Downfall.

As a public-policy influencer, the New York Times plays a uniquely pivotal role in the decline of the West.

h/T Hunter Wallace :

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Interesting Examples Of How The Verminous Zion-Facilitating Reality Contortionists At The New York Times Report On The Devolutionary Islamic Terrorists In Our Midst

It's practically like calling a cockroach an oppressed Blattaria facing decades of evil European DDT-style insecticide genocide.

Exhibit A :

"Bombings End Decade of Strikingly Few Successful Terrorism Attacks in U.S."

From the article : 

Exhibit B : 

The New York Times: Praying That The Boston Bombers Are White Guys, Since 1987

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thanks A Lot, Bill Clinton

We've finally found the original video from the 1998 Portland State commencement speech where (at the 14th minute, below), the crowd cheers when Clinton proclaims: "In 50 years there will be no majority race in America" :

Well Billy, after Boston we hope that you are happy with what your treachery has wrought.

The Evil Reality-Reversers At The New York Times Pick The Wrong Day To Publish A Pro-Terrorist Sympathy Puff Piece

Published yesterday April 15th,  just a few hours before the eruption of jihadist violence in Boston:

"Gitmo Is Killing Me" (by accused jihadist Yemenite terrorist Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, currently caged in Guantamano Bay, Cuba).

Additionally, right there on today's front page, the large above-the-fold photograph gives us a solid hint into one of the causes behind the Boston bombings: namely, the uniquely caucasioid malady of minority worship, with a particularly strong strain of the social justice bug enhanced with pathological levels of afrophilia, as illustrated almost eerily in the only black in the all-white crowd below, the imaginary one dreamed up by Addidas.

From "Gitmo Is Killing Me":

"I’ve been on a hunger strike since Feb. 10 and have lost well over 30 pounds. I will not eat until they restore my dignity.
I’ve been detained at Guantánamo for 11 years and three months. I have never been charged with any crime. I have never received a trial.
I could have been home years ago — no one seriously thinks I am a threat — but still I am here. Years ago the military said I was a “guard” for Osama bin Laden, but this was nonsense, like something out of the American movies I used to watch. They don’t even seem to believe it anymore. But they don’t seem to care how long I sit here, either.
When I was at home in Yemen, in 2000, a childhood friend told me that in Afghanistan I could do better than the $50 a month I earned in a factory, and support my family. I’d never really traveled, and knew nothing about Afghanistan, but I gave it a try.
I was wrong to trust him. There was no work. I wanted to leave, but had no money to fly home. After the American invasion in 2001, I fled to Pakistan like everyone else. The Pakistanis arrested me when I asked to see someone from the Yemeni Embassy. I was then sent to Kandahar, and put on the first plane to Gitmo.
Last month, on March 15, I was sick in the prison hospital and refused to be fed. A team from the E.R.F. (Extreme Reaction Force), a squad of eight military police officers in riot gear, burst in. They tied my hands and feet to the bed. They forcibly inserted an IV into my hand. I spent 26 hours in this state, tied to the bed. During this time I was not permitted to go to the toilet. They inserted a catheter, which was painful, degrading and unnecessary. I was not even permitted to pray."
Aw boo-fucking hoo, you nasty, piss-colored Yemenite with a stupid name.

The New York Times: Right Now These Dimmie Scum Are Praying The Boston Bomber Is A White Guy, Since 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Try To Visualize The New York Times Editorial Meeting Where This Story Was Greenlighted For Publication In The March 31st NYT Book Review:

A review of yet another hagiography of Snivel Rights "hero" Rosa Parks, by the laughable-if-it-weren't-so-darn-sad author of the sneering "History Of White People,"  Nell Irvin Painter:

"'The Rebellious Life Of Rosa Parks,' by Jeanne Theoharris, reviewed by Nell Irvin Painter"

From the review:

"Beautiful" Rosa Parks? In the NYT book review? 

She looks like a lot of things but "beautiful" is not the first adjective that leaps to mind. 

The New York Times: They Never Got The Memo on OBD*, Since 1947. 

*The One Banana Difference

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bizarro World Status Whoring: The NYT Publishes A Fuzzy Puff Piece On Australia's "Chopper," The Knife Murderer Whose Life Story Was Made Into A Film That Capitulated Fellow Ozzie Eric Bana Into Stardom (In The 2009 Adam Sandler Flick "Funny People")

Thu12AprMMXIII -Clk2Enlrg

"Australia’s Brand Name for Ferocity, Softened by Time"

What oh what (tf) ever happened to the Times' moral compass?

Did they ever even have one?

From the article :
 But before any real conversation could get started, the man better known by the nom de guerre Chopper wanted to make something perfectly clear: the number of murders attributed to him — roughly 19 at this point — is grossly exaggerated.
“Look, honestly, I haven’t killed that many people,” he said matter-of-factly before finally settling on a number that he said felt more accurate: “probably about four or seven, depending on how you look at it.”
In his 58 years, Mr. Read has been many things to many people: beloved son, husband and father; perhaps the most feared criminal in Melbourne’s notorious criminal history; an exuberant painter; the king of Australia’s most dangerous prison; and one of the country’s best-selling contemporary authors, including of children’s books.        

Cops In Schools; No Mention Of The Obvious


"With Police in Schools, More Children in Court"

Monday, April 8, 2013

France, As In: "Le Changement De Peuple": The Verminous, Agenda-Driven Weasels At Amerika's Newspaper of Record Rub Their Grubby Hands Together In A Victory Lap Puff-Piece That Basically Says: "We Came, We Destroyed, We Left"... Behind Entire Battlefields Of Confused, Broken Societies

"Foreign Clergy Move To France To Aid Priests"

From the article : 

Translation: The sick, sickly civilization-wreckers at the NYT are fine with religion, as long as said religion is not being practiced by white Euros, in which case the whole weight of the so-called Catholic Church abuse scandal, and other relative misdeeds attributable to the one institution that has done more good by building and running hospitals schools and other institutions of human betterment, must be driven home 24/7. 

The hypocrisy of the elitist do-gooders at the NYT knows no bounds when it comes to discussion of the Catholic Church. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Paul Du Chaillu: The First European To Exhibit African Gorillas


From today Sunday's New York Times Book Review: 

"Planet of the Ape: Between Man And Beast, by Monte Reel"

And on the cover no less ! 

We talked about this De Chaillu dude not too long ago, because his role in familiarizing Europeans with the higher primates that whites did not even know existed until the mid-1800s, contributes a lot to understanding the mindset of Euros in the midst of the Darwinian Revolution. 

From the perspective of this blog and other Southern nationalist sites such as Hunter Wallace's OD, de Chaillu's contribution to Western justification for slavery - even if it came relatively late in the game (de Chaillu lived from 1831 to 1903) - cannot be overstated. 

Naturally the New York Times makes the very first chronicler of african mountain gorillas out to  be nothing more than a circus performer and a bumbling opportunist, in their review of this book on De Chaillu written by Monte Reel of the Washington Post. 

The fact is that Euros were as confused back then as they are today when it comes to grasping the reality of their own hierarchical exceptionalism. 

To truly understand De Chaillu's gorilla exhibits in the context of slavery in the New World, one must read not "Of Inhuman Bondage" by America's pre-eminent "specialist" on slavery, David Brion Davis, but rather Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent and his review of the DBD mega-tome. 

From the Times' Book Review: 

Du Chaillu was a young explorer of part-French extraction, son of a trader, poorly educated but a good marksman, who emerged from Gabon in 1859, after a four-year hunting expedition, with 20 preserved skins of a kind of massive ape, known to the local people as njena. The animal soon took its familiar name, gorilla, by loose borrowing from the ancient Greek account of a voyage by Hanno the Navigator, who claimed to have seen some big and hairy people along the African coast and called them Gorillae, though almost certainly they weren’t actual gorillas. Science now recognizes two species, the eastern gorilla (of which the famously endangered mountain gorillas are a subspecies) and the western, which includes those individuals that fell to Du Chaillu’s gun. But such modern taxonomic dicing is far removed, in time and spirit, from the tale of scientific buccaneering and creationist discomfiture that Reel, a former correspondent for The Washington Post, tells in this intriguing book.

Un-shining A Spotlight On Juvenile Minority Criminality : The New York Times Descends To New Depths Of Journalistic Status-Whoring Trickery And Deceitfulness In A Front Page Propaganda Puff Piece About A 90-Year Old Black Granny Carjacked In Georgia By "Un-Thinking" Youth Assailants Whom The Times Insidiously Fails To Describe

The other day my local coffee shop was sold-out of NYTs, so I picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal instead.

What struck me most while reading the WS Journal instead of my usual daily masochistic dose of NYT fun-house diversity enforcement, was the Journal's almost total lack of social justice-style reporting, the tiresome SWPL kind of minority-uplift drivel that appears in practically every single one of the Times' published articles.

Even though both of these newspaper powerhouses are driven by a common post-modernist liberal agenda, the Grey Lady is clearly the more guilty offender when it comes to "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable," at the expense of a very specific demographic.  And we already knew that the liberals' own ideological untouchables are women and minorities. Period.

Exhibit A presented to support this assertion is a front page "human interest" story published on Saturday, April 6th MMXIII, and entitled
"Payment For Act Of Kindness: Two Days In Car Trunk At 89".

It is the story of a very old black woman - one Margaret E. Smith from Lincoln, Delaware of all places - who not long ago was carjacked by a couple of "youths" who forced her to spend two days in the trunk of her Buick LeSabre.

An instance of extreme juvenile criminality, to be sure. But worthy of a front-page appearance in the most expensive publishing real estate on Planet Earth? Even though we have other youths such as De'Marquise Elkins - who murdered an infant with a guinshot to the face in shooting infants in the face who barely get mentioned in the illustrious pages of the NYT?

We don't think so.

The Times' article on baby slayer De'Marquise gets barely a single paragraph, while their sensationalist hagiographic front-pager painting a heroic picture of l'il Miss. Margaret goes on for a full five pages.

From the Times' front page article on Smith :
LINCOLN, Del. A steel-haired woman, 89 years old and an inch short of five feet, sat on a pillow in the driver’s seat of her Buick LeSabre, just thinking. Parked outside a convenience store on one of the last days of winter, she was considering a pre-Easter treat for herself: an ice cream cone. Butter pecan.

Two girls, 15 and 14, appeared at the window, calling her “Miss” and offering to pay for a ride to the other side of town. Her inclination was to say no, but her strong belief in offering kindness to strangers won out. She said yes, of course, and no need to pay her.

Uncertainty soon joined the ride, as her passengers directed her to one house, then to another, and another. Then, according to the police, they snatched her keys, causing a tussle between two girls and a small woman three times their combined ages.
Youth won out. They locked her in the trunk.      

The most amazing part of this story is not the depraved nature of the violence itself, but rather the fact that there is a virtual 99.99% statistical certainty that this poor little old lady's attackers were individuals who resembled her genetically, quite a lot.

Everybody knows chances are - and by a long shot - that Driving Miss Margaret's carjackers were:
Not Asian.

Not Hispanic.

Not Native American.

Not Jewish.

Not Russian Immigrants.

And certainly not white.

Backed by simple, easy-to-verify statistics, the chances are extremely high that Miss Margaret's attackers were African Americans just like her.

And yet the sickly individuals at Amerika's newspaper of record cannot even bring themselves to suggesting this obvious reality.


I'm thinking now that the New York Times, by not even hat-tipping to this obvious possibility, is perhaps the biggest story of them all, in this story.


Here's where it gets downright comical: the Times published Miss Margaret's sweet-looking portrait right there on the front page. On page 16 inside where the story reprised, however, the verminous reality contortionists at the Times published three photos of evil-looking whites in orange jump suits to counter-balance the other photo of Miss Margaret, who is pictured above them on page 16, inside her humble abode in Delaware, with pictures of Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ adorning the walls. {Reminder: in the sickly hive mind of the New York Times, adherence to religious beliefs is always sneered at and ridiculed when adherents are not minority and female; the disgusting maggots at Amerika's newspaper of record will always and most hypocritically spit on the Catholic Church and Christianity in general, unless those living religiously are, say, illegal immigrant famblies from Mexico, for example, in which case their attendance of Sunday services makes them respectable and responsible "church-going" believers}.  

Miss Margaret: 90 Years-Old, Carjacked By Youth
Who Look Like Her, Pictured Saintly 
The New York Times is a disgusting elitist NWO institution of criminal disinformation,

Here's the Times puff piece involving criminals from a wholly different crime, published on the same page as the saintly Miss Margaret, to further confuse the gullible reader :

"Less Culpable, But With Longer Sentences"

The mugs below were published directly below the saintly picture of church-going carjack victim Margaret E. Smith, above, to subliminally suggest that it was evil whites and not feral negro youth who attacked her, carjacked her, and threw her in a trunk.

The New York Times: Bring It On, Bitches !