Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Taxpayer-Funded Television, Henry "Skip" Louis Gates Helpfully Explains To White People Why They Are Evil

Thanks for the tip Skippy !

We really don't know how we made it so far without you.

Asians: An Entire Race Of Adam Lanzas

26 November MMXIII
This is the interactive dance video game - "Dance Dance Revolution" - that Aspy freak / mass murderer / convenient (nominally) white villain used by the vermin in the MSM to sneer at and blame gun violence on all white people, Adam Lanza,  apparently spent hours playing at a multi-plex not far from his house in Newton Connecticut before gunning down 26 children and women last December 14th.

COTT had never heard of this "interactive" video game before today, when the New York Times published an above-the-fold front page story on Lanza entitled "Chilling New Look At Newton Killer, But No 'Why'."

From the article :

Of course the vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record get all emoticon and warm and fuzzy when they are handed an excuse to put a (nominally) white gun-using murderer on their front page. If only he had been bulllied in school because he was gay - that would have really made their day.

Anyways, consumed by a probably-not-healthy curiosity, we went and looked up this Dance Revolution thing, and this is what we found :

Make note of the way the puny asian kid in this vid not only puts his camera phone away in his backpack between each of his "dance" moves, even though the backpack is inches away and it doesn't look like this video arcade is in Detroit - he not only puts it away he also zippers the backpack closed each time.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday 19 November MMXIII 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Compare And Contrast: SWPL Yoga Flash Mob In Vienna....

Sunday 17 November MMXIII
 SWPL Yoga Flash Mob, Vienna : 

VS. ......Allah Akbhar Yoga Flash Mob, Paris :
Holy Mohammed ! these SWPL types sure are laughable. Photos like these breathe desperately-needed realism into the hilarious cognitive dissonance that infects Vermont, and other all-white enclaves world-wide.

Try talking to a Vermont Obama-voter about the statistical fluke that saw whites in America's least-diverse state voting in the highest percentages for Obama in 08' and again in 2012; while in the state with the largest number of blacks relative to whites (Mississippi where else?), Obama got the smallest absolute percentage of the white vote.

This is a trend that has been going on for centuries now: during slavery times for example, the biggest abolitionist clamour came from 100% diversity-free England (which ultimately became the first nation on earth to abolish the slave trade by law, in 1807 with the passage by the British Parliament of the Slave Trade Act); likewise in Antebellum America, the largely african-free North was a beehive of abolitionist fervor. On this last point COTT highly recommends a perusal of the 1854 tome "A South Side View Of Slavery," by Massachusetts preacher Nehemiah Adams (this book is, gloriously, available on Google books). Essentially, Father Adams had been a rabid abolitionist --- preaching even from his pulpit for a law forbidding that wretched practice occurring thousands of miles from his home state --- until he actually travelled to the Southern States, in 1853, and saw with his own eyes that enslaved blacks were generally a lot healthier, happier and more complaint-free than the northern press had made them out to be. Adams was also astounded to observe that the white man's laws were actually very strict when it came to protecting the welfare of enslaved blacks (and no, not just to protect their owners' property, as "Steve McQueen" [the preening idiot Carribbean-British director of "12 Years A Slave" too vain and thick-headed to call himself "Steven McQueen" or somthign like that] ... would have you believe. The fact is that it was illegal to separate a slave woman from her newborn; many white men were actually sentenced to death after being convicted of murdering a black African in the Southern United States. But don't expect to ever hear that from the lying fabulists at the New York Times.

Consider instead this snippet from Nehemiah Adams's "A South Side View Of Slavery"(1854), page 18 :

But we digress.

The New York Times: You Can Count On Them To Muddy The Past, Present And Future, Since 1854

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The HBD-Denialist Weasels At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Give Us An Inside Joke....

...on the front page of the "Arts" section of today's national print edition.

When I first saw this photo that dominates the ATF (above the fold) portion of today's New York Times' Arts section, I wasn't immediately sure what to think:

Snarky inside joke?

Just plain bad editorial oversight?

Or: something more sinister still ?

The NYT Asks: "Almost Human?"
COTT Asks: "WTF?!"

In France a courageous tiny few are talking about it on the gummint controlled airwaves: they are calling it "Le Grand Remplacement," aka the Great Replacement. Otherwise known as "La Subtitution de Peuple" or : no translation needed.

We here at COTT spend as much time gorging on USA-original news info as we do France-original info. And of this we can assure you : in both lands, the GR is well under way. Orchestrated. Complex. Happening. Now.

Consider only if you will simple prime-time television adverts: in the USA it has been quite some time now, 100% impossible to view a major US corporation advert on the television, that does not include some kind of subliminal (or not even!) diversity lesson, be it Flo the Progressive insurance girl, the always all-white home-invasion burglars in the ADT home security ads, the scrawny pathetic white male in the Office Depot commercials,  without even getting into the details or the curious recurrence or such phenomenally anti-white enterprises as "12 Years A Slave" the list goes on and on and on.

What is most shocking here, to me, is that a few years ago I was totally oblivious to the campaign, which make no mistake it is a very, very centralized and orchestrated campaign.

Even as recently as 2004, I remember watching that year's remake of the famous Southern bad-ass movie "Walking Tall." You probably know that the 2004 edition features Dwayne The Rock as the birracial son of an elderly negro and a white woman in a bad-old wayciss southern town, where the Rock puts a major woop-ass on the evil white racists inhabiting the place.

Again, here is the most amazing part (for me) : I happened to watch this film, summer 2004, in the emergency room of a Harlem hospital. I was the only white dude in the room. The blacks were hooping and hollering every time The Rock drew blood from the skulls of a hated whitey villain.

At the time I found it curious, but I did not put two and two together: I did not realize that this film was but a tiny drop in the bucket, of a far vaster, far more enduring campaign of global organized racial animus.

Django, 12 Years A Slave, Mississippi Burning, ... how could anyone not see a pattern here?

Answer: I myself did not, until a mere few years ago. If it took someone like myself well into middle age to see the light, how long (if ever) will it take the average nigga-ball-watching idiot to realize that the entire system has been insidiously rigged against him in the name of an equalist ideology run amok?

The prognathic missing link with the powdered snout featured in the above photo is an actor playing an "almost human" robo cop of some sort for some new Hollywood make-work series conceived by YKW to keep the masses occupied while the final touches on their master-plan is implemented everywhere on earth except China, India, Malaysia ... (for short: everywhere on earth where majority white nations dare exist [Israel excluded]).

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Die Antwoord Strikes Again

Keep in mind that the only reason this blog ever heard of these satanic freakazoids, is that they were featured in the glossy pages of the New York times Sunday Magazine eighteen months ago.

As in :

"The Brilliant Weirdness Of Die Antwoord." January 26th, 2012.

Note the overall theme: it is a giant middle finger to white civilization everywhere.

Go ahead Yolandi, embrace the Dark Side, let it take a massive steaming dump in your ancestral gene pool.

We're the ones who are going to have the last laugh.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bad News For Traditional Sanity In New York : Warren Wilhelm Jr. (aka Bill "de Blasio") Gets Elected Mayor Of New York By That City's Welfare Leeches , And The New York Times Cheers

What can I say? This is bad news for non-minorities in New York City everywhere :

Bill de Blasio, that preening, status-whoring, anti-fascist crusading, competitive-compassion athlete we barely knew existed forty days ago (at a time when ironically he admitted his own ignorance [NYPOst: "He Drew A Blanksy"] of that ultimate SWPL-approved street artist, Banksy, who was busy back then titillating the editorial staffs of the New York Times and the NYPost alike)... Billy de Blasio has been elected mayor of New York City.


This is a man - can we really call it a man? - this is a creature that hates, I mean really despises, his own kind, and so much so, that he not only changed his legal name from "Warren Wilhelm, Jr." to "Billy de Blasio" - in a gesture of self-hatred designed to distance himself from his high-accomplishment Teutonic father, and side instead with the maternal, female, Mediterranean side of the family... - this is a creature that loathes its European heritage so much, that it not only legally changed its family name, it also married a dark-skinned African American woman five years its senior.

Wilhelm Senior (before the son's betrayal)
As if that weren't the ultimate "F-You, Dad!", Wilhelm went one step further to truly smear the shit in the face of his heritage, by breeding the hybrid offspring freak show with the big-afro© that the New York Times has been editorializing about in glowing terms ever since they became aware of it, about 45 days ago :

Like Father Like... Wuh the F??! 
Imagine the hatred and bitterness you would have to have in your heart to do such a thing to your own father, knowing that there is no greater way to hurt a man than for his own progeniture to betray him.

De Blasio's father was a celebrated WW2 warrior and, after the war, a successful business man. All things, in the snakey-eyes of the vermin at the New York Times, to be suspicious about. 

"De Blasio" before he became evil, in green cardigan

 The New York Times traces "de Blasio's" journey toward self-hatred and siding with the enemy ion this puff piece from last month : "From His Father's Decline, de Blasio Learned "What Not To Do"

From that article :
"Bill physically resembled his father — he grew to be the same height, and both had broad foreheads — but he identified increasingly with his mother, her sisters and their Italian heritage, rather than his father’s German roots. In high school, classmates called him Senator Provolone, reflecting his twin penchants for politics and Italian sandwiches. When he graduated from high school, he asked that his mother’s last name be added to his diploma. He wanted to be known as Bill de Blasio-Wilhelm. " 

This is a cautionary tale of what happens when a beta-fied dweeb succombs to the ultimate evil: namely: being influenced by evil outsiders to hate his own kind to the point of endorsing and even fighting for - Stockholm-syndrome style -  the elimination of his peers.

NYT Criminally Misreports Norway Bus Massacre At The Hands Of Stabby South Sudanese "Refugee"

Here's how the vermin at the Times put it :

"Norway: Man With Knife Kills Three After Hijacking A Bus"

A knife-wielding man on Monday hijacked a bus in western Norwayand killed three people on board, including the bus driver, the police said. The suspect, described as a man in his 50s, was arrested after the attack in Sogn and Fjordane County, the police said. The authorities first responded to reports of a bus accident, and fire department rescue workers were the first to arrive on the scene, said a police spokesman, Odd Arne Solvag. The rescue workers held the suspect until the police arrived. The attacker’s motive was not immediately clear.

And here's what really happened :
"Solberg Shaken As Bus Tragedie Unfolds"
Prime Minister Erna Solberg was promising a full review of “what went wrong” in what she called the “deeply tragic” attack on a regularly scheduled bus route over the mountains of Norway Monday evening. As details continued to emerge, Solberg said her government would probe everything from slow police response time to what caused a 31-year-old rejected refugee to fatally stab two fellow passengers and the bus driver.

Erna Solberg called Monday’s attack by an asylum seeker “deeply tragic” but said it was “too early” to draw any conclusions. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no
“This incident is deeply tragic, it must be safe to travel in Norway,” Solberg told state broadcaster NRK Tuesday morning. “Now we will help those closest to the victims, the local community and the employees of the bus company in the manner they deserve.”
Solberg said it was “too early to draw any conclusions” about the reasons for the attack and the slow emergency response to it. “We must use some time to see what went wrong in this connection,” Solberg said. “But there’s one thing this government is clear about: Police staffing must increase.”
Arrived in Norway last spring
Immigration authorities confirmed on Tuesday that the 31-year-old man from South Sudan who stabbed to death two fellow passengers on a Valdresekspressen bus and its driver arrived in Norway in April. He had first sought asylum in Spain and then traveled on to Norway, where his application for asylum was rejected in June.
Ingeborg Grimsmo of immigration agency UDI (Utlendingsdirektoratet) told NRK that the authorities ordered he be sent back to Spain, his first port of entry in Europe. Nearly five months later, the man who’d been staying at an asylum center in Øvre Årdal since August 26 was still in the Sogne region. Grimsmo said she didn’t know exactly when he was to be sent out of the country, since that’s in the hands of the police and linked to their capacity to arrange deportations.
Website vg.no reported that he was set to be flown unescorted to Oslo on Tuesday and then on to Spain. Instead, he boarded the bus the night before and unleashed his attack. Police received their first alarm of what initially sounded like a traffic accident involving the bus shortly after 5:30pm, and it was handled by the station in Leirdal. Police headed out immediately, according to local officials, but opted to drive via the main E16 highway over the mountains instead of a shorter route along the fjord. They reportedly feared that repair work in a tunnel on the fjord work would cause delays.
‘Blood everywhere’
It thus took police well over an hour to arrive at the scene, by which time the bus driver and two passengers were dead. The assailant who initially forced the bus to stop had stabbed to death the bus driver, a 19-year-old Norwegian woman and a Swedish man in his 50s during his roughly hour-long attack. He was eventually apprehended by firefighters called to the scene from Årdal, who arrived at the scene before police.
Other motorists who’d stopped to help after seeing the bus stopped by the side of the mountain road were met by a gruesome scene, with one witness telling NRK there “was blood everywhere” and the body of one of the victims was lying on the steps leading into the bus. The 31-year-old assailant threatened them as well, wielding his knife and behaving in what they called a “desperate” manner. They then were forced to back off, until police arrived.
No earlier reports of trouble
Grimsmo of UDI said she’d had no reports that the assailant had been in trouble before, nor could she offer any information about his mental health. He initially had been placed in an asylum center in Oslo before being transferred to Årdal last summer. “Everyone gets an offer of a place to stay for as long as they are in Norway,” she told NRK.
Warnings have long circulated over the mental health of traumatized refugees who arrive in Norway and often are placed in remote locations around the country. Solberg’s government, like the left-center government before it, will be challenged to account for how refugees are treated and what precautions are taken to ensure their safety and that of those around them. Asked whether the 31-year-old from South Sudan had undergone any sort of examinations regarding his mental state, Grimsmo said she had no overview and wouldn’t be able to share such details if she had them.
Asked how immigration authorities follow up on the cases of asylum seekers, Grimsmo said it was “always a question of capacity” and “impossible to foresee this type of thing. We do our best within the framework we have. There will always be a question of whether we could have done more.”
Black armbands
Tor Brekke, who works with refugees and asylum centers housing them, told NRK that there were no records of any trouble with the man from South Sudan and no sign that he was “aggressive or mentally unbalanced.” He was said to have taken part in obligatory programs for refugees and raised no concerns among staff at the center. He said staff are trained to be observant and report any signs of health problems.
The asylum center in Årdal was set up just last summer and arranges housing for 150 refugees in a decentralized system, placing them in various residences around the town instead of in an institution. Grimsmo said UDI would be offering more support for the staff in Årdal because the bus attack “is a strong and uncomfortable experience for them.”
Bus drivers all over Norway were urged to wear black armbands on Tuesday, to honor their slain colleague, while debate over rose over how to improve security on board the bus lines that are a major means of transport in Norway. The head of  employers’ organization NHO Transport was already organizing a meeting among various bus operators to discuss safety issues.

 The West (white people - mostly the US) just spend 500 million dollars to organize the election that created North and South Sudan.

The West (white people - mostly the US) have been creating with donated technology and medicine the very women who birthed this stabby Sudanese in Norway 31 sad, misguided years ago, and keeping them plump fecund with donated food to support their record-breaking fecundity.

I think it is safe to say that the stabby sudanese featured above was a direct - direct - creation of the tragically misguided white western liberals influenced so egregiously by the evil anti-whites at the New York Times.



It looks like this is the second time in recent years that this particular bus route has been the object of a vicious massacre by non-Norwegians :
"The attack marks the second time the express bus between the towns of Aardal and Tyin has been hijacked. In 2003, a mentally disturbed 26-year-old Ethiopian man seized the bus and stabbed the driver to death." 
And the source for the above quote if from England's rather mainstream "Telegraph," no less.

Monday, November 4, 2013

NYC Marathon: While The Times Proclaims That "Security Wins" (id est: Beefed Up Copper Presence After Boston Marathon Diversity Training), What They Really Mean Is: "HBD Wins Again"

How is the winner's roster of the 2013 New York City Marathon anything but a giant exhibit in a glossy HBD-realism brochure?

Answer: the top ten male runners were all skinny east Africans (okay, there was one skinny dude from Japan) :

Likewise, the fastest female runner finished thirteen minutes- that is light years in marathon timing - behind the very last male runner in that group's top-ten finishers.

The whites can't keep up with the blacks, and the womenz can't keep up with the men.

What are the diversity kommissars at Amerika's newspaper of record to do?

Answer: muddy the waters with talk of: "At Marathon, Security Wins".

In a sane society, the New York City Marathon would be an ideal venue for a  nation's newspaper of record to honestly discuss issues of innate human ability across ethnic and gender lines.

The East-African Leaders of the Pact, Including The
Dude in the Front, Whom the Geniuses At the NYT Refer to
As A Brooklynite 
Instead, the evil, lying, wishful thinking little weasels at the NYT do everything in their power to divert attention away from the obvious, namely: that East Africans are the best long-distance runners on the planet not by accident, but by design -  the result of tens of thousands of years of genetic selection endured by their ancestors.

Despite its obviousness to any clear-thinking person, such an observation is verbotten in the cubicles of Amerika's newspaper of record, for it delves too closely into the minefield that represents for them, questions of evolved ability and how they differ between population groups.

The New York Times: A Marathon Of Lies, Since 1924

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Flash From The Past 1953 : The Ryan X-13 VTOL, Precursor To The Harrier Jump Jet


The New York won't be reporting any time soon on the upcoming anniversary of the development of this hats-off mind-blowing aviation technology from 60 years ago for chrissakes.

Imagine for an instant if you will, what the city of Dubai - the city that currently holds the record for tallest building in the world, as well as biggest artificial ski slope  - think for an instant what now-oil-rich Dubai city looked like, when this aircraft was being developed in Cali in 1953.

The New York Times: Don't Expect Them To Tell You The Best Parts About Western Civilization

Friday, November 1, 2013

Yoko Ono : Creepy, Untalented, Alien Interloper Whose Performance Here Perfectly Summarizes Asian Monkeying And Debasement Of The West

Holy Christ there is something so simian and awful about this Yoko Ono.
Sometimes I think she is like some kind of sickly angel of death sent to put into motion the Spenglerian Death Of The West.

The Hideous, Evil Vermin At The New York Times Reproduce Weimar-Republic Degeneracy With Ever-Increasing Aplomb

This time, let's hope that the snap-back of the bungee cords happens with such violent force, that they will be recalibrated once and for all.

One can only dream.

In an article whose abbreviated title ("Stanford's Full Moon, and Flu") was advertised in the bottom index on the front page today of Amerika's Newspaper of Record, the sick, evil, hateful little swine at the New York Times gave us, on page 14 of the National Section :

"Welcomed With Kisses, Stanford Freshman Risk the 'Kissing Disease'".

Here are the photos that accompanied that article :

Yes, you saw that right. And in the order in which they appeared in the article in the print edition of today's national New York Times.

Knowing that they have the winds of conformity in their sails, it's like the evil, hateful, jealous, demonic vermin at the New York Times have decided to go full-on "fuck You Goyim" mode, believing as they do and possibly rightly so, that nothing stands in their way any more to completely destroy the traditional West.

The New York Times: Anti-White With A Vengeance Since 1898