Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Sky Pilot" - Onboard Luftwaffe Cameras Original Footage

This shit never gets old.

Note the way the Luftwaffe pilot waits until he is lined up and right beneath the Boeing Liberator before he opens fire.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Haiti, Again: Like A Confused Kitten Contemplating A Porcupine, The Verminous Reality Contortionists Of Forty Second Street Reveal Their Tragic Cluelessness

...But are they really so genuine in their declared perplexedness about why Haiti is the way it is?

Answer: neh.

Behold this Sunday Times Book Review, entitled "A World Of Its Own - "Farewell, Fred Voodoo," By Amy Wilentz, reviewed by Times communist and chronic HBD denialist Ben Fountain.

This is yet another example of the creepy utopians at the NYT allowing their militant ideology and wishful thinking to trump reality.

In the case of Haiti, the vermin at the Times will do backflips and dance blindfolded on a high wire before admitting what is obvious to their neighbors in the DR and what was obvious to Hesketh Pritchard over 100 years ago: namely that Haiti is the way it is not because of some Jared Diamond-style convergence of environmental factors, but rather because it is, quite simply, filled with Haitians.

From the Ben Fountain review :

You read that correctly. Conformist, cowardly weenies like this Ben Fountain at the NYT  are doing the people of Haiti so much more harm than good, when they insist on identifying the problems that befuddle that Caribbean cesspool as something they are entirely not.

The New York Times and, indeed, the West was not always like this when it came to reporting on politically sensitive subject matter. Pritchard himself actually contributed articles to the Times, but at a time when to tell the truth was not a crime of un-PC.

If it is this hard to find honest reporting on Haiti in the internet era, imagine how hard it must have been to find honest assessments of Haiti for brainwashed hive minders like the child who wrote this thesis for her masters degree at Georgia State:

"Imagining Haiti: Representations of Haiti in the American Press during the U.S. Occupation,
1915-1934", by Molly M. Baroco, Georgia State University (contact: mbaroco1@student.gsu.edu)

Little Miss Molly you see discovered that way back in the day, the New York Times was a big meanie waciss newspaper, because they reported somewhat truthfully on Haiti a century ago.

From her "thesis" :
"From 1915 through 1919, the New York Times editorials were supportive of the occupation and condescending toward Haiti.  Even when the paper briefly became critical of the occupation in 1920, its editorials continued to represent Haitians as an inferior people. By 1921 they had resumed their support of U.S. action in Haiti. In chapter 2, I will examine editorials published by the paper from 1915 to 1921, and demonstrate that in the paper’s persistent defense of American policy in Haiti it used different but related discursive strategies to rationalize the military occupation for its readers. These strategies of rationalization can be identified as paternalism, depoliticization, and differentiation. In its editorials, the paper couched the U.S. domination and oppression of Haiti in terms of a paternal relationship in which the U.S. was a fatherly guide, at once benevolent and disciplinary, to Haiti, its childlike, unruly, ward."
How happy our little pupil Molly must be now, knowing that the NYT has seen the light, and committed itself in this digital age to telling the truth about why Haiti has been become so dysfunctional since all those meanie French wacissts were murdered in a glorious bloodbath of liberation: namely, it's whitey's fault.

If you want to spend the rest of January feeling jaded and cynical, then do read the rest of Molly's thesis. While you're at it, you might as well dip your toes into another famous whitey be bad thesis that we've talked about here in the past: "Princeton Educated Blacks And The Black Community", by Michelle "I'm Wearing A Wig"  Lavaughn  "They Said I Wasn't Smart Enough"  Robinson Obama.


The New York Times: Molding Young Minds Into Monsters Of Leftist Conformity Since 1929

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Attention German Speakers: Please Help Explain This

In these times of universal deceit and dystopia (note: it's dystopian only for the West; the rest of the world is doing about as well as they could be under the circumstances, 50 years after European colonization  ended), and what with the Fraudulent One being re-imposed just 48 hours ago,  it is important sometimes to pay attention to the little things.

Which is why COTT is asking anyone from Germany or who speaks good German, to please explain to us the word "verficht" in the context in which appears in the 6th minute of "Der Untergang":

We understand that "verfickt" is a curse word in German.

But how did a slight variation of this word wind up on the side of a box being evacuated from the German Chancellory in screenwriter Bernd Eichinger's 2004 biopic masterpiece?

BTW: "Downfall" should be watched and re-watched very couple of seasons. In so many ways it  evokes themes that are regularly  treated in the ill-ustrious pages of the New York Times.

Why, though, is Cartman saying "Fragile"? :

Diversity In Nederlands - Don't Look For This Vid In The Lying Coverup-Artist Pages Of Amerrika's Newspaper Of Record

From the fantastic and beautiful country that gave us Vincent Van Gogh and his courageous non-conformist great-great-great nephew Theo Van Gogh - an outspoken critic of Islam and mass 3rd world immigration who was shot to death in 2004 by a 26 yr-old, "Allah-Akbar"-screaming "Dutch-Moroccan" who had been imported into Holland as a direct result of the population replacement agenda prosecuted war-like by the globalist cabal who enforces this same mass immigration on Western and only Western countries - we get this today :

(H/t Gates Of Vienna) (they're back!)

Here's the Nov. 2004,  New York Times obituary of Theo Van Gogh:

"Dutch Filmmaker, An Islam Critic, Is Killed"

From the obit :


Forgive us for once again pointing out the obvious, but it seems that white people alone fail to understand this whole clash of civilizations thing.

The New York Times: Failing To Comprehend (To Report On?) The Genuine Danger That The Looming Clash Of Civilizations Represents Since 2004

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama Reboot 2.0: After Four Years Of Furthering Fabulous Fraudulence, The Weenies At The Times Splash A Mighty PrO-Bama Puff Piece Right There On The Front Page, The Most Valuable Publishing Real Estate On Planet Earth

"Change Comes: After 4 Years, Friends See Shifts In The Obamas"

From the  article :

"Though many surrounding the Obamas say she [Moochelle "They Said I Wasn't Smart Enough" LaVaugn Robinson Obama] has changed far more than her husband, mastering a role she initially found uncomfortable, she still treats the job of first lady like a dangerous country through which she must navigate safe passage. The woman who never wanted to live in the bubble now uses it to protect herself, according to friends and former aides, preparing her public activities in 6- and 12-month strategic plans, rarely saying anything unscripted. First ladies are often figures of comfort, but she did not address the Newtown tragedy, beyond two brief letters she published, even though some of her fans were clamoring for the self-described “mom in chief” to do more." 




Later in Times' communist Jodi Kantor's love poem of an article, the one-worldist prObamaite elites at Amerika's newspaper of record reveal very clearly their subliminal yet hideous and sinister plan to launch the Fraudulent One into a stratospheric orbit where no mortal Westerner can ever touch him : 

"Mr. Obama’s entire career has been about getting to the next stage: if he could only become a lawyer, and then a public official, and then a United States senator, and then president, he could create real change. But soon there will be no higher job to reach for, and aides say there is an all-business quality to the Obamas now, a contrast with the sense of possibility that hung over the first inauguration." 
No mention, of course, of how exactly the Invented One was able to ascend to all those celestial places in Western society. Or what exactly he would do to the very civilization that gullibles from places like Vermont (over 60% of them)  gave him a mandate to do. 

The New York Times: Telling Only Half The Story Since 2008. 

The Turd In The Gene Pool,  Created And Sustained By The Verminous Elites Of 42nd Street
(note the out of focus - i.e. "irrelevant now!"  - white Marine in the background)

Django Action Dolls Nixed By Hyper-Sensitive (And Knowingly Complicit) Weinstein & Co., While Basquiat In All His Invented, SWPL Fraudulent Splendor Soars To Record Prices At Auction

The comments here are refreshingly candid. 

Here's an excerpt for those too lazy to click on the link : 

Meanwhile, at Sothebys : 

That's right folks, nine million pounds. Like twenty million bucks. 

They keep saying over and over and over how great and unbelievable this Basquiat is, better than Picasso blah blah blah. Yeah, Picasso did some scribbling, but you must know that before his abstract work gained traction Picasso used his classical training - and his undeniable talent - to produce works like this: 

So do you suppose that this turd-hair clown Basquiat could have ever created anything even close? 

Answer: the more you look, the more you will see that this mediocre ghetto idiot is nothing but a sinister invention of the same elites who moulded the equally unremarkable Barry Hussein into the current POTUS. They are both nothing more than inventions, sad byproducts dreamed up out of thin air by an organic cabal of sinister leftists hell-bent on "comforting the afflicted, and killing off the comfortable." 

Make no mistake: this shit does not happen in a vacuum. The evil gloved villains can almost be perceived, pulling the strings from behind the thick red velvet curtain, a diabolical smirk on their ghoulish faces. 

Bonus feature for students of SWPL : a clip from the 1996 Julian Schnabel film "Basquiat", with appearances by all the "greatest" Hollywood actors of the day. 

(Warning : DWL Gag Alert! This film reaches absolute new pinnacles of competitive compassion  afrophilia [CCA], ethnomasochism, and disingenuous white liberal brown-nosing).

White folks wear their status like a crown of thorns. Being at the top of the food chain is a drag sometimes? Those pesky beige people and their inability to take a joke? Our racism (all of us) haunts us the longer it goes unexamined. If you're not working race out, it is the elephant in your room. Quentin Tarantino has never examined either his heart or his sensibilities and thus creates art that is racist and misogynistic. The reason is not that he's an awful person, he's just lazy intellectually and has not worked this stuff out. How do I know this? When Harvey Weinstein is your conscience, you know there is work to be done.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thirty-Five Reasons To Support Gun Control

H/t : Charleston Thug Life blog. (Go there for the comprehensive  list they have meticulously put together).

Friday, January 18, 2013

To Understand What Is Really Happening In Mali, The Former French Colony (1892-1960) Currently Being Overrun By Islamists Emboldened By And Supplied With Matériel From The Western World's Intervention Into Libya Last Year, Check Out This No-Nonsense News Site From France

Fri18 JanMMXIII - Clk 2 Enlrg
From France:

dreux.info (it's in French, but you'll live).

The essential ridiculousness and hypocrisy of France's foreign policy in the Islamic world is handily summed up in this political cartoon :

"Mean" vs. "Nice"
or: Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali vs Lybia, Syria, Chechnya

Fantastic French Defense Ministry footage from Mali, via dreux.com:

"Basquiat", 1996: When DWL SWPL Afrophilia Was At Its Peak

While checking out Sothebys upcoming contemporary art auction, I noticed that the February 13th sale's most expensive works are by the artist Jean Michel Basquiat, who is about as fraudulent as they come :

So digging a little deeper, I came across the 1996 film by Julian Schnabel. This guy and all the famous people in his movie go to knew heights in some of the most repulsive brownnosing I have ever seen :

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hostage Or Activist? France's Own "Newspaper of Record" Plays The Reality Reversal Game

From Le Figaro : 

Hostage Crisis In Algeria: A Frenchman 
Amongst Those Dead 

Le Figaro is the official mouthpiece of France's "conservative" core. Yet even in the land of surrender cheese, the right's so-called newspaper of record is not above playing the globalist "we're a nation of immigrants" game. 

At first glance, the news flash above comes across as inherently contradictory. A Frenchman a hostage? A Frenchman an "activist?" The cognitive dissonance that leaps almost cynically from the page is no accident; Le Figaro is intentionally forcing readers to question the very definition of French identity.

The current showdown in Mali is merely proxy-war elevator music playing in the lobby. Meanwhile  the full orchestra that represents the clash of civilization between West and Everbody Else shakes the rafters while roaring forth to a violent crescendo.

Of course the "Frenchman" activist killed in Mali is no Jaques-Arthur; his name, of course, is Mohammed Merah* .

(*Or something like that)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can You Identify This Charred Cockpit Instrument Panel ?

Hint 1: it was from a super-fly aircraft that was not produced as a result of the new-age mission of Bolton's NASA.

Hint 2 : The crash that produced this twisted wreckage occurred fewer than fifteen years ago.

Hint 3: The crash caused more than one hundred casualties, including four on the ground.

Hint 4: The first three hints should be enough for even an Obama supporter to solve this puzzle in fewer than ninety seconds.

Monday, January 14, 2013

From Nola.com, behold this guy :

Here's his story and that of the poor Amy Biehl-style NY chick who shared a seventh ward apartment with this 39-yr-old animal's ex coalburner "girlfriend" : 

New York woman beaten, strangled in 7th Ward: Friends and family search for answers


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where The Times Excels... Contrasted With Where They Fail So Pitifully...

From today's Sunday Times :

Where They Excel :

"Two Men, One Sky: A Flight To The Finish"

Where They Fail Miserably :

"Gifted, Talented And Separated"

If only the Times stuck to articles about hang-gliding, para-sailing and the like, subjects where the whole DWL "social justice" agenda of the Times crunches through in such a ham-handed way, then there would be no need for this blog.

Thankfully, the times still employs dudes that write about sports such as hang-gliding, see above. Or better, see the non-NYT vid :

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Full Jacket Historical Revisionism: The Rabid Reality Reversers At The New York Times Let Slip A Big One

As advertised on the front page of today Saturday's national edition - again, that which would be the most expensive publishing real estate on planet earth - the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record published a review of the new, expanded World War Two Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. You can see the preview of the Times' NOLA WW2 Museum on their front page at right, at the bottom of today's broadsheet. It's the first picture (part of a yellowish aircraft) directly below Afghan prez Karzai, who himself is pictured on the front page right Below The Fold, in the presence of Barack Obama, PBUH.

Of course, as we have seen in previous posts, there is more to what really happened in WW2 than that which is presented in the criminally misleading pages of the NYT. The dictum "History Is Written By The Victors" has never been more egregiously exemplified than by the gloating, triumphant, reality-inverting  wordplay of the traitorous and civilization-destroying eunuchs at Amerika's newspaper of record.

Take for example this bit of mischief that Times communist Edward Rothstein saw fit to report in his review of the new, expanded New Orleans WW2 Museum, entitled "A Big Exhibition About an Even Bigger War - National World War II Museum, in New Orleans, Expands"  : 

From the Times review : 

What is really telling in this Times review of the new New Orleans addition to its own WW2 Museum, however, comes at the end of the piece, almost as though it were a slip-up by Times communist Eddie Rothstein :

The Times and their revisionistic, policy-twisting kommissars make it clear in this didactic statement what we already know : the six million figure no matter what can never, will never be questioned; however the far greater and more horrifying figures of the many more actual civilians that were German, Eastern Europeans, Slavic and Soviet who died as a result of Allied war crimes will never be discussed, of course. They are not even on the table to discuss. 

It is funny with what condescending flippancy this Times journo actually dismissed the whole thought: "Oy (*sigh*) .. maybe half a mil murdered. No biggy". 

The New York Times: Living The Lie Since 1939 . 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fri11JanMMXIII - Clk2Enlrg 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can You Spot The Curious Common Theme In These Two Front Page Photos ?

Question: What is the common thread in these two front page photos, in the NYTs' national edition published today Thursday 10 January 2013, and in the NYT's Global Edition - the International Herald Tribune, also published today Thursday 10 January 2013?

The first - depicting all-white Jersey victims of yesterday's ferry accident at Pier 11 -  is from the national edition of today's newspaper of record ;  the second photo - depicting a white Aussie grandmom protecting her five (five!) grandchildren from a fire in  Tanzania in Australia - is from the "Global edition" of the New York Times, namely the IHT or "International Herald Tribune".

Answer: the only time - the only time the verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times ever publish photos of white people on their front pages, is when said Euro-majority whites are either prostrate or somehow diminished, as in today's double example.

The New York Times:  Rhymes With Death To Whitey Since 1982.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mon7JanMMXIII- Click To Enlarge

Pitiful Pandering To A Sniveling Affirmative Action Bad-Book Promotion On The Very Front Page Of The Book Review Of Amerika's Newspaper Of Record

"Northern Passage", by first-time AA novelist Ayana Mathis, reviewed for the NYTBR by Isabel Wilkerson.

Thinking - wrongly - that people on the right-thinking right like COTTS readers aren't paying attention anymore, the verminous reality contortionists, the sniveling competitive compassionates at Amerika's newspaper of record try to fly past us front page praise for the decidedly mediocre first-time novelists of the likes of Ayana Mathis, in a scheme that in a sane society would be readily known as "comforting the afflicted on steroids."

This type of disingenuous praise is akin to awarding Michelle Obama a Pulitzer for her Princeton "Whitey Be Bad An Sheeit" dissertation, the whole sad and pitiful all of it which can be read  here: "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community by Michelle LaVaughn Robinson".  

From the Times' front page "Northern Passage" review:

It is curious to note that in today's Times Book Review, not only did the One Worlders of Forty Second Street devote their entire front page  (the most expensive real estate in the publishing world) to a never-before published first-time African American female and budding grievance novelist, they also gave us a juicily biased review of a far more important - if disastrously slanted - historical work by Harvard historian Bernard Bailyn, "The Barborous Years - The Peopling Of British North America,  The Conflict Of Civilizations, 1600 - 1675." Of course for the swine of the Times, Bailyn's history of early European settlement of North America does not sufficiently expound upon the inherent evils of those founding ancestors of ours, while at the same time also failing to extoll the noble savage virtue of the native indians and the wheelless black africans brought to the new world so the three groups could "make a new world together," in the words of the clueless reviewer of Bailyn's "Barbarous Years,"  Times Book Review contributor Charles C. Mann.

From Mann's review of Bailyn's "Barabarous Years" :
As the title indicates, the story is as grim as it is fascinating: a group portrait in tones of greed, desperation and brutality. In recent years conservative writers dismayed by historical revisionism have flooded stores with books extolling the character and sagacity of America’s founders. “The Barbarous Years” is not one of them.
Um, there goes the New York Times, in a lie as sickening as it is blatant, trying to make the reader believe that history has recently been re-written in favor of "America's founders," and not rather to the benefit of people who look like this :

The New York Times: Won't Be Happy Until The Losers Are Made To Be Winners, And The Winners Are Made To Be, Well... Dead Or Extinct

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Big F.U. To The Same Status-Whoring Gun Control Hollywood Hypocrites Who Are In Bed With The Verminous Reality Contortionists At The New York Times

H/T : Charleston Thug Life.

The Times Chimes In The New Year With Front Page "Demographics Is Destiny" Puff

1JanMMXIII - Clk2Enlrg
Expect a lot more of this in 2013 :

From the article : 

Jersey Garcia, a 37-year-old public health worker in Miami, is in the first generation of her family to live permanently outside of the Dominican Republic, where her maternal and paternal grandmothers had a total of 27 children.
“I have two right now,” Ms. Garcia said. “It’s just a good number that I can handle.”
“Before, I probably would have been pressured to have more,” she added. “I think living in the United States, I don’t have family members close by to help me, and it takes a village to raise a child. So the feeling is, keep what you have right now.”
But that has not been easy. Even with health insurance, Ms. Garcia’s preferred method of long-term birth control, an IUD, has been unaffordable. Birth control pills, too, with a $50 co-payment a month, were too costly for her budget. “I couldn’t afford it,” she said. “So what I’ve been doing is condoms.”