Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Too Spineless To Call A Duck A Duck, The NYT Celebrates The Cuckolding Of The West...

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...and bemoans the fact that it's not happening fast enough, in an above-the fold snivel fest published on today Sunday's front page and entitled :

"A Family, For A Few Days A Year"

From the article :

Not once is the word "white," "mestizo" or even "race" used in this article. Instead, the disingenuous white liberal (DWL) who penned it, Rachel M. Swarms, refers to little Geovany as "Spanish speaking," as though that were the only thing that distinguished him from the Carr's own biological children.  

The weepy white people from Reno have been cleansed
 of any awareness of their whiteness. 

Reading this article, I could not help but think of the little cuckoo duckling in the video below :

The New York Times: Hasn't Called A Duck A Duck Since 1987


Norman said...

Sir :

That is a perfect analogy :

"The cuckolding of the West".

You could have said: "the mud races are winning the BROOD PARASITE" war".

This little mestizo pet will grow up to further dilute white identity, and indeed the homogeneity of whites everywhere.

This is Brood Parasitism at its best (worst?).

More needs to be said about this. Ask Larry Auster what he thinks.


Anonymous said...

"Cuckoo duckling" : that is exactly spot on.

That is exactly what is happening to the West: the white "parents" that are white people are feeling a biological need to take under their wing -literally - totally alien species that have only the survival and welfare of their own species at heart.

Consider Africa: they have traded places demographically with whites sine the 1950s, a time that coincided with the post-War explosion of white guilt, foreign aid, and de-colonisation.

Africa tripped the ONE BILLION mark on the nigometer in 2010. One Billion. They are now fully 33%% of global pop, while whites are down to less than 8% of global pop. In the 1950s, those figures were exactly reversed.

Cuckoo duckling syndrome, indeed.

Bill The Chill said...

What kind of crazy shit is going on on this site?

Where the hell am I, in a biker bar in Jersy or WUT !!??


Anonymous said...

Michael Oher was taken in by a family outside Memfrica. He made it to the NFL.

Mostly though you read about the cuckoo killing the adopters if you know where to look.