Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Europa: Summer 2014 : Something Deeply Sinister Is Afoot in the Birthplace Of Modern Civilization

Thur 4 September 2014
 In even the smallest, most out-of-the-way tiny bourgs of third and fourth-tier cities such as Eindhoven in Holland  or the even smaller Dutch berg of Eersel,  over the din of  compact-auto  traffic and  the comings and goings  of ordinary  European citizens in their tiny cars  or in their tramways and on their electric bicycles,  one can actually hear  the call to prayer  from the discrete-for-now minaret that seem to be  discreetly ( again, for now)  just about everywhere you go in small town Europe today.

 I just finished a  four-day visit to Eindhoven - the 5th largest city in the Netherlands -  and I can assure you without being alarmist  that approximately one of every 20 women at least is veiled, and by my own non-scientific count,  one of every 10 or so cyclists is African as well.  And by African:  I do not mean the African-American type,  but rather the  licorice-dark  sub- Saharan variety.

 Summer 2014,  is a fascinating and yet uniquely  sad sad place to be.  It is like the locals do not even realize,  that they are being soft-genocide; race-replaced.

At one point in my stay here I asked an elderly couple for directions to the Eindhoven train station; they sadly had the unfortunate  duty of informing me that the place was to the left, turn there "when I got to the mosque."

I played the dumb American tourist, with: "What?, A mosque in small town Holland?". Their reply was a resigned - even amused. alas -  but telling snort: "We  never asked for it!"

In conclusion:  I can say with pretty decent authority, that the Europe my ancestors came from  hundreds of years ago,  and the Europe where I myself lived for almost 3 decades between 1984 and 2004,  is in the throes of a  radical and unprecedented demographic transformation.  There are evil, sinister forces at work behind what is happening  in all of Europe today,  to deny this  is the absolute worst kind of  head-in-the-sand  wishful thinking, to call it "thinking" at all.

 I hate - repeat Hate -  to be an old  alarmist,  but it is becoming increasingly clear that what was not fully and permanently  destroyed by indiscriminate Allied bombing  from 1942 on,  the sinister and evil work  of transforming/destroying  Europe as we know it today  is continuing apace  through suicidal  and intentionally deformative  public policy dictates  mandated and enforced by what is perhaps the most evil and destructive  Organization ever devised, namely:  the European union.

 Practically the only time one here sees any large groups of ethnic Euros, is when said groups are all retirement, read: post-child-bearing years.

Meanwhile the veiled ones, are the young ones, the mosque-goers, the dark-skinned "paper Europeans" as they are sometimes called,  bringing with them from their primitive homelands all the backwards customs that prevented them from developing the wheel fir chrissakes  - never mind an advanced science-friendly written language, a decent system of building and maintaining Western-style civilization and infrastructure as we used to know it, etc etc etcv.

I suppose that one of the most disturbing trends in European countries today, is the absolute failure to recognize the threat of the demographic shifts that are afoot here.

They have  beautiful market squares,  and the best electric bicycles in the world, but they appear to be completely oblivious of the real danger that the Population Replacement Agenda legislated in Brussels and Strasbourg seems to represent.

As if this dateline: Eersel Netherlands COTT post is not depressing enough, I ask you to consider this: in twenty short years - in hindsight that would put us about where we were in 1993 - where to you suppose Europa will be in 2034?

If the present is anything to use as an index, and unless something absolutely monumentally transformative occurs, I am afraid that I may not be being alarmist after all.


Christian Identity Forum said...

We have an identitical situation here in Australia. Our once white country is growing darker every day. I remember when I could walk for miles and miles and not see a single non-white. But now all I have to do is step outside my front door, and there will be an Indian or an African or an Asian. Our roads are now filled with brown-skinned Muslim women driving four-wheel drives.

Anonymous said...

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