Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The New York Times Is Silent As 1300 Tunisians Rampage In Lampedusa

21 Sept MMXI - Click 2 Enlarg
 As Jean Raspail's vision comes true in Italy, where 1300 Tunisians - all of them young Mahometan males in their 20s and 30s - have burned down the Immigration "Welcome Center" built for them by the Italian government, and are starting to really piss off the locals, the NYT and the Western media in general is notably silent.

Remember it was back in only February, after all, that the One-Worlder reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record were gushing about the gentle, noble revolution taking place in that godforsaken strip of sand that fouls the waters of the southern Mediterranean. Remember that? It was the spark that ignited the Arab Spring, and like a pre-orgasmic teenager the Times was redolent with love.

Well, we all see now where the Arab Spring is heading for the followers of the world's favorite pedophile. In many cases, it's heading to Europe, where these young sand bunnies can get a taste of that democratic, anti-racist living that they keep hearing about on CNN and Al-Jazeera, and where they can be pretty sure whitey will take care of their needs.

The fact that Lampedusa is about to reach the breaking point is a pretty major international news story. However, a NYT search for "Lampedusa" yields nothing except more articles bashing Berlu :

Anyway, we at COTT are following developments in Lampedusa closely, you should be too. It's important.

Notice how in the video below, the comments (read them!) are mostly anti-immigrant, even though the London Telegragh chose to title the video "Italian Police Beat Tunisian migrants in Lampedusa Clashes" :

Keep an eye on Lampedusa through COTT or through Italian news. You KNOW that the New York Times won't be telling you about it (except when there's good footage of Italian officials beating Arabs).


Anonymous said...

I have always found it sickening by the way the political left has propagandized itself as champions of the working classes, yet when I examine history I find that it is this very same condescending political class that has treated the working classes with sneering contempt.
I also find that the political left is responsible for the worst acts of genocide in human history, yet there they are preaching at us form the moral high ground!
In the last century the political left has used the working classes like lab rats in their social experiments which resulted in tens of millions of their deaths. Mao refered to these deaths as merely useful lessons. Some champions!
I guess when this multiracial experiment implodes into chaos and the working classes find themsleves totally destitute without even a country to call their own, the over grown leftwing students who are responsible for the ensuing bedlam will have long fleed to somewhere less diverse.

Anonymous said...

Here in Europe there has been nothing on television and virtually no newspaper coverage of the latest developments in Lampedusa.
We can assume that this is yet a further indication of the extent to which news events that might contradict the dogmatic political vision of elites in politics, media and academia are ignored or systematically filtered.
I don't think the NYT or other media outlets actively choose to ignore these things - rather, the reporters and editors tend to notice things that reinforce their worldview, and tend to ignore things that might create cognitive dissonance.
Of course, when the worldview of these elites is fundamentally hostile to the continued existence of indigenous Europeans (and those of European descent elsewhere), we have a problem.

Anonymous said...

Like rats jumping from a sinking ship.

Notice the way that all of them without exception are YMMs - young Muslim males, the worst kind of youth; the worst kind of muslims; the worst kind of males.

Anonymous said...

I only hope that the Carabinieri have extra heavy truncheons, the better to stave in moslem heads.