Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, December 31, 2010

Cheering on the Demise of the West As We Race to the Edge of the Cliff of Civilizational Oblivion

The Arena Culture, by David Brooks, was published on the last day of 2010 in the OpEd section of the New York Times.

The Times just had to slip in one last little bit of post-Western, NWO wishful thinking before the start of another exciting year of historical relativism.

From the article :
"But occasionally brave philosophers do leap out of their professional lanes and illuminate things for the wider public. Hubert Dreyfus of Berkeley and Sean Dorrance Kelly of Harvard have just done this with their new book, “All Things Shining.” They take a smart, sweeping run through the history of Western philosophy. But their book is important for the way it illuminates life today and for the controversial advice it offers on how to live." 
Times Communist David Brooks 
It's almost like Brooks here is slapping his fellow liberal elitists on the back, saying "Job well done mates, we've really pulled the wool over their eyes." At the same time, Krugman seems to imply in this yet-another NYT anti-Western puff piece that sneers haughtily at the (I-agree) stupidity of Western celebrity worship and team-sports adulation, that the secularism brought about in Europe and the Rest of the West is a good thing, a suggestion which not-so-thinly veils the further implication that the West needs to Step Aside.

Of course, the glaring omission in this disgusting mind-twister of an opinion piece is the truth that non-Western peoples - particularly Muslims - are more religified today than they have ever been, and that a lot of this new religious fervour in the Turd World is the result of a global social justice agenda perpetrated by the self-haters at elitist policy-making institutions like America's newspaper of record.

The West has lost its religion, and the munts of the Turd World have found theirs, and the NYT - while sneering at religiosity as long as it is practiced by Judeo-Christians - is on a campaign to demonstrate how noble it is when the unenlightened noble savages of the Earth are themselves firmly rooted in their religious belief, a lot of which is downright Dark Ages-backward.

In other words: Krugman is delighted that the West is rudderless, lost, and in love with giant savages with barely legible tattoos on their dark biceps mindlessly chucking an inflatable ball over long distances of shellacked basketball court.

It brings to mind the question - and this is slightly out of context - "Does lack of pain imply pleasure?"

In this case in particular, "pain" is the gradual destruction of all that one holds dear, through dark and nefarious forces difficult to pinpoint, in our case the decline of the West at the hand of evil do-gooder white liberals who have not yet grasped the fact that their own kind are the most morally righteous and motivated on earth, and that of non-whites, who if they had the power that whites have had for a couple hundred of years would no doubt be a thousand times less moral and missionary in their zeal than non-whites.

It's all so effing sad, sometimes I want to just give up. How could the smartest people in America so willfully and fervently be advocating the demise of the very civilization that produced every single innovation in the modern world - EVERY, SINGLE, ONE, without exception? How is it possible for a civilization to survive if the intellectual elites continue to cheer on the losers, begging for conditions that facilitate the fertility of the stupid, while sneering at and condemning at every turn the ancestors of the inventors of light, flight, the internet, and indeed the very liberalism that sends do-gooder white liberal missionaries (read: "Peace Corps") to the heart of the jungle to improve the lives of proto-humanids stuck in the Stone Age?

Yee, COTT reader, I ask you this.

All answers are welcome, because we are thoroughly mind-boggled by the doings of the Euro-bashers at  America's newspaper of record.

As they say in French: "Toutes les idées sont les bienvenues!"


Marco De Boursin said...

Why, indeed, does the NYT so hate the West, and so adore the Turd World?

I have long been baffled by this.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are getting shorter. You should write more.

Anonymous said...

"It's almost like Krugman here is slapping his fellow liberal elitists on the back..."

Krugman? Don't you mean David Brooks?

Anonymous said...

David Brooks appears to have my
genetic conviction as his views of spectatorials, match mine to cutting edge accuracy of status quo cloning a reptilian gazing society with a testicular complex,and I often wonder if same is a scaled up version of the seminal seed (ball)competing to fertilize the ovum !. peter brooks mudgee.