Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Something Very Dark And Ominous Is Afoot: The New York Times Is An Engine of Evil in An Insidious Campaign of Anti-Western Propaganda

Ladies and Gentlemen: something very dark and ominous if afoot in the Western World. The secret agenda of the mainstream media is apparently a lot more sinister than we thought when we first started this blog barely one month ago.

It is starting to appear that The New York Times is up to something more dark, more evil, and more ominous than we had thought; the examples of America's newspaper of record crusading indefatigably in pursuit of undoing all the good that Western Civilization has brought upon the world are increasingly rampant, and cause for genuine alarm.

The mother of all conspiracy theories is occurring right before our eyes, with the Grey Lady clamoring for the demise of the West in every column inch that they print.

Today, Saturday December 11th, MMX, the Times outdid themselves in this most disgusting of suicidal rituals of civilizational demise by publishing not one, but TWO articles, extolling the degenerate art of a long-dead, aids-riddled junky homosexual who died in 1992, whose "art" is currently on display at a taxpayer-financed exhibit at a Smithsonian-affiliated institution, the National Portrait Gallery.

See article here: "As Ants Crawl On Crucifix, A Dead Artist Is Assailed Again," by Holland Cotter.

See more COTT commentary tomorrow. Right now we need to rest, in order to recover from the nauseau that reporting on the Crimes of the Times causes us.

Please check back tomorrow Sunday, when we will also comment on the Time's supine reaction to the Fraudulent One's abdication yesterday Friday, and the surreal moment that ensued, when the nation breathed a collective sigh of relief that a White Guy was once again in charge again in the WH :

The Nation Drew A Collective Sigh Of Relief, As the Fraudulent One
Yielded the Podium To A White Guy About Thirty IQ Points His Superior

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