Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, December 10, 2010

Historical Revisionism in the Fine Arts Section

This is just unbelievable. From the article: 
"There aren't 1,000 inventions on display, but those that are, along with the ideas described, are meant to show that the Western Dark Ages were really a Golden Age of Islam." 
More Lies About Their Ancestors' Achievements
Wait! It gets wackier!! From the article:

" [the] Golden Age of Islam [lasted] a thousand years, in the show’s reckoning,  into the 17th century. During that era, the exhibition asserts, Muslim scientists and inventors, living in empires reaching from Spain to China, anticipated the innovations of the modern world."

The New York Times will do anything to uplift Islam, from advocating for a victory mosque at ground zero to calling a Somali muslim immigrant who scammed the asylum system and then plotted to blow up the good white liberals of Portland an "Oregon Teen" to rewriting history to give underperforming groups  just as many accomplishments as our hated ancestors from hated Europe.

Oh my God, it gets even worse still. From the article:

"The exhibition [shows] Muslim culture rising out of a shadowy past to attain glories later misappropriated by Western epigones." 
I have to admit that I had to look up the word "epigone," but when I did I was hardly surprised by its definition ("an inferior imitator"). The Times wants you to believe that the West is a thieving, inferior civilization that is responsible for 99% of every single technological innovation in the modern world only because we achieved at the expense of others.

The Glories of Islam...
The New York Times: cheering on the losers since 1951.

...And the Lying, Cheating, Inferior Westerners
Who Stole their Thunder. 


Juniper in the Desert said...

This is an outright LIE!! Muslims have STOLEN everything they know about, from the Jewish prophets, and the Torah, Zoroastrian angels, Christian Jesus - "Jesus was a Palestinian"(?????)

They adopted Greek concepts and twisted them to meet islamic "principles"!

No wonder the dopey dhimmis of NYTimes follow them: anyone who is still a lefty/marxist is happy to distort reality and lie about everything! I bet they are still in denial about those that were murdered under Lenin's command!!

Anonymous said...

You have totally misrepresented this article with your selective quotations.

These aren't the NYT's claims about Islam -- they are the museum's claims. And the Times makes that distinction clear. The article is filled with qualifiers like "the exhibition asserts," etc. In addition, there's this paragraph:

"...the show could have been far more powerful.

Instead, it is as manipulative as it is illuminating. '1001 Inventions,' we are told in the literature, 'is a nonreligious and non-political project.' But it actually is a little bit religious and considerably political."

There is also this paragraph:

"The exhibition, though, wildly overdoes it. First, it creates a straw man, reviving the notion, now defunct, of the Dark Ages. Then it overstates the neglect of Muslim science, which has, to the contrary, long been cited in Western scholarship. It also expands the Golden Age of Islam to a millennium, though the bright years were once associated with just portions of the Abbasid Caliphate, which itself lasted for about 500 years, from the eighth century to 1258. The show’s inflated ambitions make it difficult to separate error from exaggeration, and implication from fact."

(Emphasis added.)

You wild claims about this article are either the result of bad reading comprehension or intellectual dishonesty.

Artur said...

To the astute commenter below (anon 8:06): Yes, I realize that my excerpts from the Times article do not make it clear that they do in fact attempt - though lamely - to point out the truth about this extraordinarily provocative exhibit by Muslims. The Times does say that the exhibit is a bit over the top, but deep down we all know that the Times is very much in favor of promoting this type of revisionist agenda, wherein not only can Muslims (please pronounce it properly like Obama : "Mooz-lum") claim that they contributed just as much to the modern world as Europeans, but ALSO, the evil racist Euros stole their genius from them, in a nutshell. You see, this exhibit is so fucking fantasy-land stupid (it originated in London, paid for by the British government, that puppet master of all things suicidal), that there was no way that the NYT could report on it without at least a whimper of protest; but you will notice if you read the article carefully that the Times is very reluctant to express their protest forcefully. At one point the dhimmified journalist even speculates what would happen if there were a similar exhibit to the glories of Western achievement exclusively, but presented in Tehran or Saudi Arabia. But the point is that the Times' "protest" to the extreme absurdity and provocation of the exhibit is not forceful enough; in fact this protest comes through as an afterthought, a subtext. Therefore, even though my selective quotations are misleading, overall we both know that the overall point these quotation made is a solid and truthful one.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, though.