Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Today is Christmas! Remember the Neediest!"

So says the New York Times with a green banner printed at the top of today's Christmas edition.

This phrase - "Remember the Neediest" - is the creed behind which the psychopathic cultural marxist reality dodgers at the NYT justify their massive propaganda campaign against the winners (the rich, Western Civilization), in favor of the losers (the poor, the third world, practitioners of the religion of peace, etc). The crazed nut-witts at the Times are very clear examples of the danger of excessive competitive altruism: they want so badly for the halo atop their pointy heads to shine that they lay to waste the common sense of the morality they claim to espouse.

Sometimes exposing the criminal liberal bias of America's newspaper of record is a cinch, because they just make it so easy.

You Have to Read Between the Lies
Consider the content of today's Christmas edition: in addition to the appeal for the needy (reasonable enough, right?) evidence abounds from Page One of the Times' sickeningly subversive agenda. Just look at the photos the Times decided to print on today's front page: a large picture of a family of Kenyans (no father in sight) studying by solar-panel light; a medium-sized pic of a mestizo child dressed for church in Queens; and a small picture of two elderly Jewish couples.

If you were thinking "WTF," our reply would be: "Yes, precisely."

Please allow us geniuses here at COTT to analyze the rather insidious message(s) behind the crazy content of today's NYT front page.

First of all, the size of the photos you see on the front page of the NYT as pictured above is representative today of the relevance  the NYT attributes to each subject. Therefore, in the article lovingly entitled "African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power" (from NYT series "Beyond Fossil Fuels"), we have the largest photo on the whole page, and the New York Times telling the story of a village in Kenya that is worthy of the highest form of praise and attention because this village of Stone Agers is nobly and courageously using cheap Chinese-made solar panels to light up their mud huts and recharge their sail phones. You see, there is nothing more thrilling to the twisted minds at the Grey Lady than when an opportunity to show you how non-racist they are is made even better by the chance to talk about how committed they are to climate change (all the while hinting ever so subtly that your ancestors are to blame for holding back the kind-hearted noble savages of the dark continent, yes, and for global warming, too).

From the article:
"My main motivation was [being able to charge] the phone, but this has changed so many other things," said Ms. Ruto one recent evening as she relaxed on a bench in the mud-walled shack she shares with her husband and her six children." 

Six children? In a mud hut? And the New York Times is talking about cell phone chargers?

Now, in a sane society, an honest newspaper that was not muzzled by the strictures of political politeness would have devoted the rest of the article not to the frivolous pursuit of clean energy in parts of the planet still living in the Stone Age, but to the scary scary reality of the sky-high birthrates of a billion people too stupid to figure out how to feed themselves.

For the Do-Gooder Holier-Than-Thou Liberals at the
New York Times, This Primitive Kenyan Represents All
That Is Holy And Good in the Fight Against Global Warming 
Africa's demographic incontinence is far and away a billion times more of a crisis than the "heat-trapping gases" they love to pontificate about, but the New York Times does not want you to even think about the looming Global Population Disaster, which is a ghastly, gargantuan Malthusian nightmare-in-waiting, wherein the Africans themselves have the most to lose and will be the first to suffer from it, but the NYT is too busy buffing their own halo to report the truth in this area. Instead, they print stupid, sophomoric do-gooder articles on human uplift that suggest that the noble poor of Africa are finally enlightened enough to embrace progressive causes and emerge from the misery that your racism (and the racism of your evil ancestors) has put them in.

When I first saw the front page of today's New York Times, I immediately knew that something dark and sinister was afoot: further reading confirmed this.

Why would the NYT print the photo of two elderly heterosexual married couples on the front page of their Christmas Day edition?

The NYT never, ever publishes a story that depicts normal married people in a positive light; the reason that they did so today - Christmas Day - is that the married couple in question are ancient, soon to be dead relics of a society that the psychopaths at the Grey Lady cannot  wait to see disappeared.

Don't you get it?

The New York Times wants you to be gone, so that the less fortunate, the dispossessed, those who historically have been under the yoke of Western Exceptionalism can take over the reigns of Civilization.

The Times won't be happy until your kind and mine are no more, it is as sad and as simple as that.

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Anonymous said...

I too noticed the strange pairing of a giant photo of a noble african savage in the wilderness of Kenya, a photo of a HIspanic kid in Queens, and a soon-to-be-dead Jewish couple in Brooklyn: you are right : the New York Times s an insidious propaganda publication.