Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, April 11, 2014

COTT In Crisis Mode : Let The Schadenfraude (From the Left) Commence

Friday 11 APril MMXIV 
Our side doesn't have the funding that the mainstream side has.

Our side doesn't have the  propaganda infrastructure over time  that the other side has.

Our side doesn't (yet) have legitimacy in the eyeballs of the television viewers who sensed that something wasn't quite right when they saw this :

...and then as a result of their discomfort with the daily corporate media force-feeding diversity down their malleable gullets, the NGO anti-euros cranked it up a notch, to give us a cripple white guy with not one happy little nappy-headed chirren, but two :

These sickening and quite aggressive displays of anti-white propaganda are becoming more frequent and more insidious.

The vermin at the New York Times helped make this crap possible.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Well, He Was Right About That ...

Monday 31st March MMXIV

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Viking Exhibit At The British Museum : A Surprisingly Fair Portrayal In Today's NYT

Saturday March 29th MMXIV
I have to admit I was expecting the vermin at the Times to be a lot worth in an article with "Viking" in the title :

"Vikings In London: Just Like Family"

After all the evil little mensch at the New York Times don't exactly have an affinity for Nordic types, much less our pre-enrichment ancestors and their jingoistic ways.

That's why this little diddy by Times communist Katrin Bennhold (wink) caught me by surprise.

From the article :

"But the Vikings’ travels took them much farther afield. One gets a glimpse of their impressive reach in the display of a single hoard, buried in the Vale of York in northern England in 927 and discovered only seven years ago. There are precious objects from countries as different as Ireland and Afghanistan, spanning three belief systems and seven languages. Inside a silver cup from modern-day France, fragments of a Russian neck ring and a host of Islamic coins, among other objects, were found. 
“Most people know that the Vikings got around Europe and traveled to North America, but few know that they were instrumental in Russia’s development and in the development of trade and contact with the Islamic world,” said Mr. Williams, the curator." 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Geneva (Swiss) Police Infomercial: The Tentacles of The Agenda Run Deep

This is slightly O/T, but it is yet another tiny bit of proof offered in furtherance of revealing the shocking Agenda to which the vermin at the New York Times are the principal paid media agitators :

Switzerland just shocked her brain-bleached European neighbors, by voting 50.3% to restrict mass immigration to that bejeweled place of snowy peaks and refinement.

Predictably, Europe's medio-elite branded their Swiss neighbors as backwards redneck xenophobes.

Unfortunately for the anti-Population Replacement crowds in Europe, the fact is that the city of Geneva has had an explosion in criminality in the last few years, and, even more unfortunately for the champions of the  Great European Erasure, the Internet (even in Switzerland!)  has made it possible for even the dumbest, most TV-addled Swiss goyim, to read up on what is really going on in their historically isolationist homeland.

A passing glance at the Geneva police crime blotter, will quickly reveal that virtually every single act of criminality in that city on a lake, is today likely perpetrated by a very specific demographic: namely newly arrived illegal immigrants from mostly Northern Africa. In just about every case of purse-snatching, drug dealing, robbery, and criminal violence and aggression of any stripe, the perp is going to be a mid-20s north African male,  on average.

For example: a quick glance at the Geneva (Switzerland) Municipal Police crime blotter for today Friday 28 March, gives us this :

 (Translation: "A 30-year-old homeless man from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in west Africa, was arrested today on charges of theft, narcotics,  and violations of Swiss immigration law.")

If you read through the Swiss Geneva municipal police crime reports, you will see that fully 90% of perps are illegal alien young man from Africa, mostly north Africa.

Therefore, in this context, it is somewhat to not say "highly" understandable, that the Swiss people would vote to reduce the mass importation of non-Swiss into their beautiful neutral country.

And yet, throughout Europe, the Great Replacement Agenda police, are lambasting the Swiss for their racist and xenophobic instincts of self-preservation.


It needs to be understood that the Agenda is deeply rooted within the institutions of the nations that it targets.

Whence the video subject of today's COTT posting :

The New York Times: Maybe Not For This Particular Post, But Otherwise: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Monday, March 24, 2014

COTT: Intermission Over

March 24th MMXIV
The news desk at Crimes of the Times has been shut down for the past three weeks.

In those 21 days, the verminous reality manipulators at America's newspaper of record have turned up the dial on their propaganda reactor to "11".

Like the sickly, reptilian parasites they emulate, the vermin at the NYT are confident in the success of their infection of the host; unmolested they pile new lies atop old ones, untouchable in their sinister ability to smear anyone or anything that contesteth their word with the hate-term "hater."

Please stand by for new programming.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Charles Blow: "Accept Progress, Accept Diversity, Otherwise You Are A Hater"

Sat. March 1st MMXIV
One glance at the glaring, stupid, prognathic mugg of this hateful professional race-hustler tells you everything you need to know about "NYT Columnist" (lmao) Charles blowfish Blow:

Today this disgusting race-baiting racist Blowfish published yet another article in the sanctimonious pages of Amerika's "newspaper of record," entitled: "Father's Sons And Brothers Keepers."

Get ready for some shite, because Blow's article goes in part like this:
"When there is an empty space where a father should be, sorrow often grows. The void creates in a child an injury that the child is often unable to articulate or even recognize.
And what children miss at home, they will often seek in the street, to ill effect.
Many boys with that empty space lash out and act up, trying to be seen, searching, as people do, for love and affirmation, wanting desperately to be validated. And too many of us, in turn, see them as menaces rather than as boys struggling — often without sufficient instruction and against a tide of systemic inequity — to simply become men. In such a warped world, basic survival can become a metric of success.
[Emphasis by COTT] 

Sickening, repulsive, blame-shifting relativism that in a sane society would be punished by forced deportation to a re-education camp, or worse (better?).

What this a-hole Blow is saying here, essentially, is that: if young black males (BMs) act up and kill some bitches, rape some bitches, ax-identally shoot some bitches, well, it's not really their fault. The Devil (whitey) made them do it, and therefore you should just chill the eff out. And spend a couple trillion more dollars to uplift the Knee-Grow to his rightful place in society. Nomesane?

That in a nutshell is what this sickening fraud, this fraudulent Charles Blow, is saying in the Op-Ed pages of the so-called most relevant newspaper on planet earth. 

Instead of addressing the core issues behind criminality in the US in 2014, instead what we get in this sick sick sick USA, is a Negro apologist at his pulpit at the so-called newspaper of record, blaming everything and everyone but the real perps, for out-of-control young BM criminality.

The fact that the NYT is so up-to-their-necks complicit in this duplicity, should make the Sulzies scared as hell about the inevitable future day of reckoning.

It can not come fast enough, for this impartial observer.

The New York Times: Empowering low-wattage race hustlers like Charles blowfish Blow since the Jason Blair Affair.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Obama Invites His Sons To The White House; The NYT Gets Giddy With Brotherly Love For This Presidential Act Of Racial Unilateralism

Without a soupcon of irony or the tiniest morsel of self-consciousness, the verminous and sinister anti-white weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record published a story today that was announced on their front page - the most expensive publishing real estate on planet earth btw - with a photo of Obama in the White House surrounded by several young African Americans who could all have been his sons, according to the president.

"Obama Starts Initiative For Young Black Men, Noting His Own Experience"

Holy Ye Gods what a terrific sham.

Obama and his sons.

Any educated person even remotely familiar with the history of Haiti, for example, knows by now that platitudes and make-believe are not the answer to attenuating the misery in that godforsaken place. Or any place where Obama's sons are in the majority.

Seeing Obama today surrounded by his sons, with the promise of another 200 million Federal (white taxpayer, mostly) dollars to uplift them (Bloomberg gave 100 mil of his own denero to uplift negroes and hispanics in New York ; Zuckerberg gave one hundred million of his own hard-earned (snicker) Fscebook dollars to the all-Negro Newark public school system, and the list of verminous self-facilitating morality athlete status whores goes on and on and on...)  is a forceful reminder of the 2007 quote to a London newspaper by Nobel prize-winner James Watson, who said (thereby ending his lifelong career at Cold Harbor) that:  public policy focusing on Africa will always be wrong and misguided until we recognize that Africans have an overall different cognitive ability.

It is not a mean thing to say, it is fact. It is reality. Like a drug addict who refuses to admit his own addiction, as long as the West continues to deceive itself about the very real biological nature of the achievement gap, absolutely nothing good will ever come of these so called up-lift programs for minority youth.

The iron gloves of PC One-Worldism indoctrination must be cast off once and for all, if anything is going to change for the better.

Public policy in the West cannot continue to be formulated under this Nansy Pansy, utopian wann-a-be, psycho egalitarian wishful thinking.

From the article :
“It doesn’t take that much, but it takes more than we are doing now,” Mr. Obama said.
“We will beat the odds. We need to give every child — no matter what they look like, no matter where they live — the ability to meet their full potential.”

He also challenged black men to do better themselves, and said they must not make excuses for their failures or blame society for the poor decisions they have already made.
“You will have to reject the cynicism that says the circumstances of your birth or society’s lingering injustices necessarily define you and your future,” Mr. Obama said.
“It will take courage, but you will have to tune out the naysayers who say if the deck is stacked against you, you might as well just give up or settle into the stereotype.”
“Nothing will be given to you,” he said.
Absolutely, positively, cringe-worthy shit.

And yet, for the vermin at the New York Times, front page news.


The New York Times: complicit, guilty-as-charged in the decline of the West, since 1898.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Flash Mob In Duh Hood Goes Insanely Violent

Friday 28 Nov MMXIV 

Oops. Wrong country.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Henry "Yo Mama" Beer Summit Louis Gates's "The Root" Vs. Historical Reality

Monday 24 February 2014 
Harvard's own Henry Louis Gates's "The Root.com" published an article today entitled "How Many Slave Narratives Were There?"

The Root is a black-empowerment website that is fascinating to visit, especially for the comments, as it reveals the utter fantasy-land that politically corrected modern blacks live in today.

The message that "Dr. Gates" is sending out to his fellow African-Americans, is that whites are and always have been hopelessly evil, and that American blacks were in fact the endlessly more intelligent, resourceful and morally incorruptible betters of the white devils that held down the negroes out of pure sadistic jealousy and spite.

Henry Louis Gates is one of the only voices on The Root that does not sound like an aggrieved and none-too-bright adolescent waxing liberation theology after a stint in diversity bootcamp, but I guess from a Harvard professor and PBS darling we should expect no less.

Go to The Root and take a look at the comments there. You will see angry Afro Americans seething at the whites they have been indoctrinated to hate and I mean Hate.

From Gates's "How Many Slave Narratives," for example, they were fed this by Harvard's top African American A.A. hire :
A Best-Seller Once More
I have to pinch myself every time I’m told that the book 12 Years a Slave is holding steady onthe New York Sunday Best Sellers List (incredibly, it was No. 3 last Sunday on the combined e-book/print non-fiction list). After all, Solomon Northup published his memoir 161 years ago, and it and the genre to which it belongs, the African-American slave narrative, were largely forgotten, devalued as literature or dismissed as valid historical evidence, until the first generation of black studies professors insisted on teaching them in the 1960s and 1970s. Even then, there were skeptics who felt that the slave narratives had little to no literary value, that if they were useful at all, it was for historical research, no different than sifting through a box of old newspapers and correspondence. Now, Northup’s autobiography is making the papers, and I say, if it took Steve McQueen’s brilliantly conceived film adaption to get people reading, amen.

Of course no mention here, of the fact that : (A) Solomon Northrup's book was likely ghost-written by a white abolitionist and that (B) Solomon himself only wound up in that situation because he conspired with another sneaky white guy to get himself sold into slavery for personal profit. It happened back then, much as it does to this day (read: Duke Lacrosse, Columbia University, and myriad other race hoaxes).

More importantly: Dr. Gates (sorry, "Yo Mama" Dr. Gates) fails to mention in his The Root piece that most important archive of the so-called Slave Narratives, the wonderful 1936 - 1938 Works Projects Administration's own Slave Narratives Project, which consisted of six thousand young bespectacled white college types interviewing the several tens of thousands elderly ex-slaves still living (comfortable, relatively-speaking) lives in the American South, and the fact that the vast majority of these African American ex-slaves old stories that sounded a lot like this:

 Source: Library of Congress

That's right: an honest assessment of the Library of Congress's Slave Narratives reveals that the majority of interviewed slaves spoke longingly of their slavery days.

This is in stark contrast to this Whoodi Goldberg-narrated You Tube propaganda ditty :


Check out Steve Sailer's own take on the deeply verminous Hollywood outpouring of love for the ever-so-deceitful film by Steve McQueen  ("the african-british director did not have the good taste to choose the name 'Steven McQueen' to avoid confusion").

"Skin Game, the 1971 movie that, BTW,
 has unexpectedly turned out to be one of the
major influences upon this decade's Oscar contenders"

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Charming, Civilized, and Very Well-Spoken Sons of France's Second Generation Of North African Immigrants Get Polite With the Po-Po

Saturday 22 Feb. 2014 

Yesterday, a 19 year-old Allahu Akhbar in a banlieue north of Paris had his right hand amputated (how Islamically Ironic), while participating in an ambush on firefighters lured by a false alarm.

This kind of thing happens all the time in Europe:


Take a good look at that third video : it is eerily reminiscent of Raspail's "Camp of the Saint," with 'reminiscent' probably not being the right word choice here, because the SHTF thing hasn't happened yet, it is going to when the tipping point is reached, when YKW get their way and the tipping point in their population replacement plans are achieved, and there are hardly any more white women left having kids.

Considering that "Muhhamed" became the most-popular name for newborns in Paris, London, and Berlin as far back as 2010, this tipping point is not far off.

Biathlon Shooting For Beginners

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday 17 February MMXIV - Sorry About The D-Lay ...

...in postings.

It is quite hard to do a daily blog about an institution as hateful and as horrible, and with such a sick, perverted, genocidal agenda...  as the New York beta Times.

A sickening newspaper that under the guise of printing "All the news that's fit to print," and of being an entire peoples' "newspaper of record," is actually a demonic institution of hate organized and choreographed to put down one very specific democratic, while uplifting and comforting All The Rest.

The New York Times is getting thicker (literally) and more brazen as the Day Of Reckoning approaches.

One day it will be written: the Death of The West, Spengler-Style, was made possible (or swiftened?) by the verminous, traitorous, anti-civilization Mongrels of Forty-Second Street.

May that Day come swiftly.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mission Accomplished Speech - 19 Months After 9/11

How incredibly quaint this speech now appears :

Most Repulsive Interview You Have Ever Seen

Thur 13 Feb MMXIV
Sickening, disingenuous drivel, fantastically anti-euro to its core :

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Delightful Retribution: Ex- Nola Mayor Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin Found Guilty on 20 of 21 Counts

The vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record think it's not fair, but we know better :

"Nagin Guilty of 20 Counts of Bribery and Fraud"

From the article : 

NEW ORLEANS — C. Ray Nagin, a former corporate executive who became mayor in 2002 pledging to modernize city government and instead became an emblem of government dysfunction in the months and years after Hurricane Katrina, was found guilty in federal court on Wednesday on 20 counts of bribery and fraud.
The verdict marks a dubious milestone in a city long associated with an ethically loose style of politics: It makes Mr. Nagin the first New Orleans mayor to be charged, tried and convicted of corruption.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Military Recruiter Pep Talk

what is wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prélude à un désastre papal

From French media, weekly magazine "l'Express" :

"Colombes de la paix, un travail pénible"

Cheerios Super Bowl Ad... They Did It Again

In light of what happened last time, it is amazing to think that General Mills has chosen controversy over peace in this instance.

It's like people screaming at each other in two different languages on a sinking ship, trying to get the life boats in the water :

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crass Exploitation Of Jewish "Monopoly On Suffering," Or Something Even More Sinister ?

"Holocaust Told In One Word, Six Million Times"

Not sure if it's pure chutzpah or the more plausible option: these a-holes just don't get it.

Nobody believes in "Shoah Exceptionalism" anymore.

There is an entire movement in France behind that country's Richard Pryor-French equivalent, the comic Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala, who invented the "quenelle" ( a sort of upside-down nazi salute), and describes it as a gesture of "résistance" against the powers-that-be.

The fact that Amerika's newspaper of record would even be capable of publishing a major front-page story in their Sunday national edition about some creepy ex-Queens math teacher freak who managed to talk a Jerusalem publisher into producing a 1250-page book consisting of only one word - "Jew" - repeated six million times, is an indication of pure desperation. The myth of the Great Purge, and the Monopoly Of Suffering that comes with it, can not stand unchallenged much longer, in this age of instantaneously cross-referenceability.

From the article :

The book, more art than literature, consists of the single word “Jew,” in tiny type, printed six million times to signify the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust. It is meant as a kind of coffee-table monument of memory, a conversation starter and thought provoker.
“When you look at this at a distance, you can’t tell whether it’s upside down or right side up, you can’t tell what’s here; it looks like a pattern,” said Phil Chernofsky, the author, though that term may be something of a stretch. “That’s how the Nazis viewed their victims: These are not individuals, these are not people, these are just a mass we have to exterminate.
“Now get closer, put on your reading glasses, and pick a ‘Jew,’ ” Mr. Chernofsky continued. “That Jew could be you. Next to him is your brother. Oh, look, your uncles and aunts and cousins and your whole extended family. A row, a line, those are your classmates. Now you get lost in a kind of meditative state where you look at one word, ‘Jew,’ you look at one Jew, you focus on it and then your mind starts to go because who is he, where did he live, what did he want to do when he grew up?”
The New York Times: Dangerous Official Propaganda, Since 1896.   

"Generation War" : Germans Were People Too, But The 'Germany Must Perish' Vermin Crowd At The New York Times (We're Talking To You A.O. Scott) Can Not Countenance The Thought Of Ordinary WW2-Era Germans Being Depicted As Anything But Monsters, Monsters, Monsters

... OMG this whole thing is so not over yet :

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is The Times Becoming A Parody Of Itself ?

The New York Times appears to have entered a far-away realm of radical left-wing buffoonery in which it is completely immune to even the slightest whiffs of humor or self-deprecation.

IOW : Ever since the 2003 Jayson Blair scandal, it seems increasingly like the positively diseased minds at Amerika's newspaper of record have chopped off their proverbial right ear, making them tone deaf in essence to any voice whatsoever that does not tow the pro-progress, anti-tradition line.

The New York Times is like the rich doctor's daughter date who gets good and boozed up with you at the sports bar, but then refuses to make out after she discovers that you didn't march against Apartheid while in college.

Anything that goes even a little against the grain of their progressivist, anti-racist, pro-feminist worldview causes the discussion with them to slam shut like the giant 500-ton cast iron door of an underground bank vault.

It is official : the NYT is the most humourless publication on Planet Earth.


A case in point would be a hilariously sycophantic propaganda puff piece published in the national print edition of today's Sunday Times Magazine entitled "An Actor's Gold Mine" by Times communist Daniel Bergner.

I started reading this article today not sure (I thought) of who this  "famous actor" that the Times was writing about - a one Jeffrey Wright" - was at all. I had never heard of him (I thought).

So I read on, amused as always by the predictable and incredibly transparent brown-nosing that always accompanies anything whatsoever the vermin at the Times write about when the dateline says: "Africa." In the case of "Gold Mine," that dateline: "Africa" story brought us to Sierra Leone, where a  Hollywood bigwig I thought I'd never heard of (Wright himself) was working to improve the lives of his people blah blah by building a sustainable blah blah gold mining model blah blah in minerals-rich S.L., blah blah etc ad infinitum.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks :

"When he finished filming “Ali,” instead of returning home to New York, Wright flew with Marafono to Freetown. That trip had no clear purpose. Wright saw acting as his calling; he’d given luminous performances as a gay nurse who tends to the homophobic Roy Cohn in Tony Kushner’s play “Angels in America” and in the title role in Julian Schnabel’s 1996 film “Basquiat.” But his experience working on “Ali” left him feeling tainted. As the two men toured Freetown, Marafono was greeted as a peacemaker and called “Father of the Nation” on the streets, where many of the buildings were burned-out shells. At a bedraggled camp for the war’s amputees, Wright encountered a girl, no more than a toddler, whose forearm had been chopped off by soldiers. “How do you process that?” he asked me one night last spring as we drove past a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, where a spate of maimings had occurred. “I couldn’t. It was very difficult to see that and not say, Is there something I can do here that can be helpful to her, to this place?”

"Oh snap!", I thought, they're talking about the guy who played Basquiat in the 1996 movie of the same name! Which Btw was one of the most poorly-acted movies I have ever seen. David Bowie plays Andy Warhol, even Courtney Love makes an appearance.  (Think I'm being unfair? Consider this scene :

...No matter your views on the "genius" of Basquiat, all can agree that this is one very, very poor, pretentious little film).


So this mountain of Hollywood mediocrity Jeffrey Wright - who like the half-Haitian Basquiat himself btw is more genetically European than African (but not by a lot) - catches the Bono bug and decides to go help his co-ethnics in the motherland, settling on Sierra Leone (it of "Blood Diamonds" fame), where he attempts to establish a gold mining operation.

The only problem is that today, nothing works in Africa - especially those parts of the motherland historically farthest removed from European influence. And though neither Jeffrey Wright nor the spineless Times' journo sent to cover Wright's gold-digging  - a one Daniel Bergner (wink) - have not the balls to admit it, the fact is that post-Colonial Africa is a shambles of a place that is utterly dependent on Western Food Aid, on the one hand, and, on the other, a place that suffers not so much from the "legacy of colonialism," but rather from the absence of colonialism.

Western colonialism, that is. Because even though the criminally hypocritical One Worlders at the New York Times never mention it, everybody knows that the biggest colonial power in Africa today  is the Han Chinese, who are about one thousand times more racist towards blacks than white Euros, and about one million times less inclined than white Euros to use their time on the Dark Continent to uplift the negro be it through religious missionary work or the construction of clinics, schools, hospitals, roads etc you get the picture.

But the weasels who green-lighted the publication of Bergner's piece on Wright did not mention Chinese influence in Africa one single time. 

Of these crimes we expect the Times, to commit them. The one thing that I will never be able to countenance, is the way the horrible little haters at the NYT seem to be possessed by a hatred for white men that is so powerful, so irresistible, that they cannot help slipping into an Afro-centric puff-piece such as "Gold Mine" a little racist jibe or two, in this case towards the end of the article :

Two days later, the three-person delegation swooped in, circling in a bright yellow helicopter above the parcel. The chopper landed, and soon a meeting was held at an open-sided hall in a town where the sole proud piece of machinery was a hand-powered water pump. Wright presented Jibila with a bundle of kola nuts, signifying life. “We’re a small company, but we have big ideas,” he told the convocation of chiefs and of Bundu women led by a witch in a carved wooden helmet with a mane of orange, blue and white yarn. One of the three visitors, pink-faced, tall and bulky in a dress shirt and bluejeans, said solemnly, “Our trip would not be complete without paying homage to you, Mr. Paramount Chief.”
Jibila turned to the three visitors. “Use your helicopters and bring your machines!” he commanded. “I am an important chief, and I want development fast-tracked! Go as hard as possible! We are impatient! Don’t even sleep!" 
Later the pink-faced man told me that he was satisfied. It appeared that Wright would have his partnership. But weeks went by, then months. In late October, while Wright watched a screening of “The Hunger Games” in Manhattan, his phone vibrated constantly, calls coming in from the Taia staff, huddled in a spot with cell service and anxious to know if at last he had a commitment. He didn’t. The price of gold had taken another dip. With values so unsteady, his would-be partner was hesitant. Wright has begun wooing another set of investors.
The New York Times reporter Daniel Bergner's calling a white male mining executive "pink-faced" not once but twice in this article, is akin to me referring to Bergner as "hook-nosed and beedy-eyed".

The only difference is that I would never do that, except by way of comparison.

The New York Times: They Seem To Have A Big Problem With The Pink-Faces, Since 1896.

The Incredible Story of Silk Road's "Dread Pirate Roberts," a.k.a. White Boy From Austin Ross Ulbricht

Sunday 19 January 2014
It is a rare occurrence, but sometimes the New York Times gets it right.

"Eagle Scout. Idealist. Drug Trafficker?"

From the article :

Ross Ulbricht and Dread Pirate Roberts have other similarities, including a fondness for the Ludwig von Mises Institute, part of the Austrian School of Economics, which was celebrated by Mr. Ulbricht on his Google+ page and by D.P.R. in Silk Road pep talks.
This could be a coincidence. It could also be a coincidence that neither man nor pseudonym seemed motivated by greed. Mr. Ulbricht’s lifestyle was one notch above that of urban couch surfer. And the primary goal that D.P.R. professed was to unshackle humanity from what he regarded as economic tyranny. If a handful of miscreants — and yes, a few of their unfortunate roommates — were killed along the way, that is a shame. But Silk Road was like a tunnel under the gulag, and D.P.R. was digging for the sake of humanity.

The Vermin At The NYT Get Caught At Their Own Game Of Cultural Relativity In A Sickening Display Of Front Page Sycophantic Hypocrisy

Saturday 18 January 2013 : Pls
Note Jack Monroe, "The Guardian's"
Favorite Poor Person, Right There
On The Cover   
(This one is going to be easy)

In a front-page ATF* article published in today Saturday's Newspaper of Record, the mischievous little weasels at the New York Times drew attention to the drought-like conditions happening right now in California.
{*above the fold}
"Drought Grows Worse In California"

Needless to say, any and every climate-related story published in the pestilential pages of the New York Times will be used to bolster the preposterous claim of planetary "climate change," that politicized SWPL staple that to the sane among us is otherwise in and of itself rendered moot by the very fact that the biggest, most disgusting polluters on planet earth today (China, we want our clean air back) (and our ideas too, please), are officially off-limits because they do not align with the New York Times' pre-fab notion of "white privilege" evildoers.

So it's really dry in California, it's so bad that Jerry Brown made it official last Friday.

It's so bad that you have Catholic priests asking their parishioners to pray for rain. (laugh track).

No, seriously.

From the article :

Clergy of all faiths have been exhorting the faithful to pray for precipitation. “May God open the heavens, and let his mercy rain down upon our fields and mountains,” Bishop Jaime Soto, the state’s Roman Catholic conference president, said last week. The Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations followed suit by announcing that area mosques would offer the traditional rain prayer, Salatul Istisqa.
Salatul Istisqa, the "traditional rain prayer" of California. Isn't that nice.

What are the chances that the disgusting little weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record would have brought up the whole Catholic Church hocus pocus thing if that inclusive organisation weren't presided in Cali by this guy :

What are the chances the status-whoring diversity komissars at the Times would have mentioned the Catholic Church at all - and not for just another sneering article on the so-called sex scandal - if that inclusive organisation had not been one-upped by their religious equals, the practitioners of the religion of peace with their call for Salatul Istisqa, which sounds a lot like taqqyia, but then again everything sounds like jihad when you're talking about ISlam.

The New York Times: Who Needs Enemies When You Have Vermin Like This Dictating Public Opinion, Since 1907.

Monday, January 13, 2014

FDR's Depression-Era WPA (Work Projects Administration) "Slave Narratives" : Definitive Proof That Slavery Werent So Darnded Bads After Alls

Monday  13th January 2013 
FDR's Work Project Administration's "Slave Narratives (1933-1939)" : An Absolute Must-Read

From the Library of Congress Record, a sample from Georgia:

Sample Interview From Georgia

Ex-slave, 78 years.

"Dey says I wuz jes fo' years ole when de war wuz over, but I sho' does
member dat day dem Yankee sojers come down de road. Mary and Willie
Durham wuz my mammy and pappy, en dey belong ter Marse Spence Durham at
Watkinsville in slav'ry times."

"When word cum dat de Yankee sojers wuz on de way, Marse Spence en his
sons wuz 'way at de war. Miss Betsey tole my pappy ter take en hide de
hosses down in de swamp. My mammy help Miss Betsey sew up de silver in
de cotton bed ticks. Dem Yankee sojers nebber did find our whitefolks'
hosses and deir silver."

"Miss Marzee, she wuz Marse Spence en Miss Betsey's daughter. She wuz
playin' on de pianny when de Yankee sojers come down de road. Two sojers
cum in de house en ax her fer ter play er tune dat dey liked. I fergits
de name er dey tune. Miss Marzee gits up fum de pianny en she low dat
she ain' gwine play no tune for' no Yankee mens. Den de sojers takes her
out en set her up on top er de high gate post in front er de big house,
en mek her set dar twel de whole regiment pass by. She set dar en cry,
but she sho' ain' nebber played no tune for dem Yankee mens!"

"De Yankee sojers tuk all de blankets offen de beds. Dey stole all de
meat dey want fum de smokehouse. Dey bash in de top er de syrup barrels
en den turn de barrels upside down."


For more Library of Congress Slave Narratives, go here. 
An example of what you'll find : 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Reverend Requeemed Everest Esquire Dr Joyce Watkins, Phd., Wants You To Know: They Really Did Use Negro Babies As Alligator Bait

Note: this is from the dude who teams up with Harvard "Black Studies" professor Henry Louis  "Yo Mama" Gates, he of Beer Summit Fame, on a site called "The Root" :

"Did You Know That Black Babies Were Once Used As Alligator Bait?"

This video is shocking and hurtful to watch, but an important part of black history.  We bring these things to you because there is a reason that they aren’t taught in the school system.  Over hundreds of years of slavery, there are countless untold stories about unbelievable amounts of suffering, and the pain is not diminished by silence.
Keep studying black history, you’re going to find a lot of things out that your teacher never taught you.  Also, please be sure to share this with your children and anyone else who wants to know.  The Internet era is an opportunity for black people to regain the history that has been stolen from us. Watch the video all the way through, no matter how painful it might be, and then take a second to wonder if you think that we deserve reparations.
As a Finance professor, I can tell you that, without question, African Americans deserve reparations more than any other group in the history of this country.  A plan is implementable if we choose to move forward….but we have to give our politicians a little “shove.”

Did Somebody Give Michelle Obama A Writing Job ?


Black Children Should Be Home-schooled; Here’s Why

by Yolanda Spivey 

Experts are stating that homeschooling for most Black children may be the best alternative to public schooling. While children of all racial backgrounds suffer from a plethora of problems as it relates to going to public schools, racism is a main reason why Black children benefit the most from being schooled at home.  In a recent study conducted by Antonio Buehler, a homeschooling expert, he identified the top reasons why Black children will benefit from homeschooling more than any other ethnic group. Here they are:

1. Politicians sacrifice the black community over and over again.
The Black community continues to be worse off than other racial groups in America.  Due to the flawed and deliberate destructive government policies, Blacks suffer from high incarceration and poverty rates.
2. Public schools are still segregated.
Black and Latino children schools are the worst in the country.  A study showed that more than 50% of Black students drop out of high school which is disastrous because as adults, they usually find themselves in economic poverty or in prison.
3. Public schools expect less from black students.
It’s expected for Black children to have a low performance rate in schools compared to their White counterparts.  The American dream usually does not apply to Black children and instead, they are constantly not treated equally in society which often affects them in the public school arena.
4. Private schools are not a solution.
Most private schooling still have stereotypes against Black children. If a family is socioeconomically depressed they will go to private school through a scholarship or voucher program, and throwing a financially depressed child into a rich school often has its own problems.
5. Homeschooling solves a huge number of educational problems for black kids.
Homeschooling is quite beneficial when it comes to Black children.  It allows them to develop their own individualistic ideals and gives them self-worth. Antonio Buehler states, “When they learn to read they can do so in a way that is relevant to them, and not in a way that is prescribed by bureaucrats and special interest lobbyists. When they learn math they don’t have to deal with a teacher who assumes the least of them. When they study history, Black children can learn about all the inspirational men and women who aren’t prioritized in the Euro-centric curriculum of public schools. Instead of being told how stupid they are or how little is expected of them, they can be free to develop their unique talents to the best of their abilities.”

Monday, January 6, 2014

Walmart Anthropology 101

Saturday, January 4, 2014

NYC : De Blasio's First Big Challenge As Mayor - Are The Kinks In His Ideological Armor Starting To Show Already ?

Saturday 4th January MMXIV 
Apart from the wishful-thinking competitive compassionate vermin at the New York Times, the entire planet seems to be unanimous in their prediction that Bill de Blasio's tenure as NYC mayor will end in disaster.

Is this a valid prediction?

Well, everyone knows that the United States has at appx 2.3 million the largest per-capita prison population on Planet Earth.

The US prison population has roughly quadrupled since the early-1980s, and this incredible uptick in incarceration rates has coincided with a net decrease in urban criminality nationwide.

Anyone who denies this trend is either: 1) an advocate of minority rights, or : 2) suicidal to the core.

That a vast, institution-wide system for locking up mostly young ICBMs ("Inner City Black Males") could translate into a  net reduction in violent crime nation-wide, is like kryptonite to the do-gooder liberal wishful thinkers embodied by Warren Wilhelm Jr. (aka Billy de Blasio).

Even though NYC's first and last Jewish mayor Michael Bloomberge sunk 650$M of his own money into improving NYC for all, including a solid 30 million bucks spent explicitly on a program designed  to uplift the lives of "poor black and latino men of NYC," the fact remains that wholesale denial of group differences in Ability and Criminality is a sick trait that persists among our elites on both the Left and the supposed "right" of the political spectrum.

Here's where it gets interesting:

The New York Times' own Bottled Water Girl, Dasani, played a center-stage role in Wednesday's inauguration of Billy de Blasio (um, Warren Wilhelm Jr.), in City Hall Plaza.

De Blasio's idiot appointee for "NYC Public Advocate," a one feisty Laetitia James, strode up to the the podium with young Dasani the bottled water girl in tow, and declared :

But here's where it gets interesting :

The whole anti-progress anti-white anti-civilization tone of this whole stupid inauguration was so stupid and so over the top, that even the vermin at the NYT condemned it :

NYT Calls Deblasio Speechers "Graceless and Smug" :

"Mayor De Blasio Looks Forward"

From the article :

"Mayor Bill de Blasio took charge of New York City on Wednesday with a forceful Inaugural Address and pledged to begin the head-on attack on “the inequality crisis” as he had promised. He repeated the bullet points from his campaign, but insisted that progressive talking would now give way to progressive governing, without dilution or dithering. “We won’t wait,” Mr. de Blasio said again and again. “We’ll do it now.”
Mr. de Blasio’s words carried an indictment: the city had become unjust and unlivable for too many of the poor and working class. But he tempered this complaint, as he should have, with a New Year’s Day call to civic unity and optimism. “We will succeed as One City,” he said.
Too bad the speakers on stage with him didn’t get the unity part, marring the event with backward-looking speeches both graceless and smug. Worst among them, but hardly alone, was the new public advocate, Letitia James, who used her moment for her own head-on attack: on the 12 years of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In doing so, she made a prop of a 12-year-old girl named Dasani, who had to hold the Bible and Ms. James’s hand as Ms. James called for a government “that cares more about a child going hungry than a new stadium or a new tax credit for a luxury development.”
Dasani was profiled in a recent series of articles in The Times illustrating how bad things get for homeless families in the shelter system. Ms. James turned her into Exhibit A of an Inauguration Day prosecution: the People v. Mayor Bloomberg. So did the pastor whose invocation likened New York to a “plantation,” and Harry Belafonte, who strangely laid the problem of America’s crowded prisons at the feet of the former mayor, an utterly bogus claim, while saying Mr. Bloomberg shared responsibility for the nation’s “deeply Dickensian justice system.”
Wow !

You know things have to be extreme-leftward when even the vermin at the New York Times are saying it's so !

And don't forget : it was Andrea Elliot at the NYT who created the whole Dasani-the-bottled-water girl in the first place.

Could it be that the competitive altruism psychopaths at Amerika's newspaper of record are starting to finally understand that low-ability people having giant broods of 8 or 10 chirren is a very, Very, VERY bad thing indeed for society?

The New York Times: Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Since 1896.

Friday, January 3, 2014

As A White Blizzard Barrels Down On NYC, Wilhelm Warren Jr. aKa Billy De Blasio With His Five-Years-His-Senior Lesbian Wife Who Happens To Be African And His Two Hybrid-African Hybrid Chirren Hunker Down For What Will Likely Be The Most-Watched, Most Stupidest Mayoral Tenure In All Of New Amsterdam History

Friday  January 3rd MMXIV
The vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record have a hard-on for this filthy little status-whoring worm Billy de Blasio aKa Warren Wilhelm Jr. like we have not seen since the days of the equally inept, race and class-divisionist David Dinkins dare I utter his detestable name .. ?

Billy de Blasio is the worst kind of human out there - a six-foot five Aryan from praiseworthy heritage who chooses to take a dump in the proverbial genetic punch bowl, then spend his entire life endeavouring to raise up and advocate for his human lesser-privileged.

It is almost amazing that W. Wilhelm Jr. is not a member of the Tribe, because he has devoted himself so thoroughly to out-Tribe Uplift that the wording of his entire political playbook seems almost suspiciously lifted from the playbook of Our Friends the You Know Who, the greatest Playbook Writers in the Short History of the Twentieth Century.

Hail, Billy de Blasio, aka Wilhelm Warren Jr.: the liberals, the envious, the mediocre have given you a mandate to thoroughly eff-up a great American metropolis.

Please commence, so we can start chronicling the Fiasco.

The New York Times: Waiting For A De Blasio, Since 1896.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Grand Remplacement In Diabolical Acceleration: A Kwik Look At The First Two Births Of 2014 In France

Get ready to get bummed : 

The first newborn in France this year is sneakily named "Maria" by the French press. 

I had a sneaky feeling that this was some kind of sick and cynical diversion, and sure enough, Maria's parents are named Siwar and Ahmed. 


Here is a photo of the little islamic bundle of joy : 

 Here is a photo of Maria's father :




France's second birth of the New Year comes to us from Nantes - a city which is technically in Britanny, the land of hardy seafarers, striped blue-and-white mariners' sweaters, and dramatic lighthouses on the Atlantic coast. 

Here is a photo of little Milina, her parents Likiba and Nabelle, and her three siblings : 

Li'l Milina et Famille of Bretagne 
We're pretty sure that the psychopaths in the French media will be equally enthused when this African mother produces another four to six little Milina's - whose middle name is "Madiba" no less, in homage to the great man from South Africa - just to keep up with her high-fertility neighbours. 

Non-white births started outnumbering indigenous French births as far back as 2010. 

What this means is that every year that number is going to keep increasing - I would not be surprised if non-whites comprised 65% of all "French" newborns in 2014, a figure that is, hélas, irrecoverable. 

Days of terrible mediocrity await not just France, but Europe in general, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. 

It is a sad, depressing state of affairs. 

The New York Times: Making The Great Replacement Possible, And Cheering It On, Since 1896. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Friday of MMXIII

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The New York Times Responds To TWA Flight 800 Truther Movie

Wed X-Mas Day MMXIII
So 17 years after the fact, the vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record essentially admit the plausibility of a friendly fire missile strike on TWA flight 800.

The more you learn about TWA 800 the more obvious it will become that it was, in fact, an accident.

The biggest part of the story though is of course the cover up, and what its gradual unravelling will mean for the validation of greater truther movements, such as Bldg 7 and Obama's ineligibility under the dual allegiance clause.

I can tell you this is what probably happened: as there were verifiable live-fire naval manouvers in the area on July 17th 1996, a surface to air missile was launched - perhaps in an exercise designed to intercept  another, second missile - and as the navy personnel who'd launched it realized that they had lost control of their missile(s), they hit the self-destruct button. But the missile was too close to TWA 800 when it exploded, and the shock wave "unzipped" the jumbo jet. That's when the navy guys on the ships below said "oops" then gunned their vessels away from the crime scene at 30 knots, which is damn fast.


Here's a thought: if the above theory is true, then there are many former and active Navy personnel who have some very powerful incentives to keep quiet.

What if a very wealthy reader in the alt-rightosphere could finance a very large reward - say 1m$ or more - for information to disprove the official, ridiculous "spark in the center wing tank" theory?

Certainly such a man must exist, and such a plan could be pulled off.

Crazier things have happened.


TELEVISION REVIEW (published July 13, 2013)

Plenty of people were unconvinced by the official explanation for the explosion of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island 17 years ago, which killed 230 people. And not all of the skeptics have been willing to let go of their unease as time has gone by.

Follow @nytimesarts for arts and entertainment news.

" On Epix on Wednesday, the anniversary of the crash, some of the more credible doubters take their best shot at proving that a missile or missiles brought down the plane. This isn’t crackpot conspiracy theory stuff; the documentary is as serious and somber as its title, “TWA Flight 800.”The film is certainly successful at rekindling any misgivings you might have had about the original government finding, which attributed the explosion to fuel tank vapors. It presents witnesses who are still adamant that they saw a flare or missile ascending toward the plane just before it blew up. And it relies heavily on several people who were directly involved in the long investigation, who talk about evidence that they say was tampered with, and other odd goings-on.
Kristina Borjesson wrote and directed the film, but its main catalyst was Tom Stalcup, a physicist who has been conducting his own investigation of the crash since shortly after it happened. Without Dr. Stalcup’s level of expertise, it’s hard to know which information and accusations here are new, and which are merely revisiting unresolved concerns. But the accumulation is certainly formidable.
The film ends with a lengthy list of officials who declined to be interviewed, which leaves it one-sided, and it doesn’t go beyond merely asking that the crash get another look: the intent is not to explore who might have fired any missiles that were fired.
These days, though, the real question is, who would have the credibility to conduct the reopened investigation that Dr. Stalcup and others seen here want? The agencies involved in the original one come off poorly in this film, and it’s hard to imagine any entity that would command the authority that could put the Flight 800 case to rest." 

The New York Times: Shameless, Verminous, Lying, Perfidious, Hateful... And All That Before Eleven A.M., All Day Every Day 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Flash From The Future: New York Times' Bottled-Water Girl, "Dasani," Makes Headlines From The Future In The Big Easy :

Tuesday 17 December 2013
The vermin at Amerikas's newspaper of record told us that she with her "luminous eyes", would become a Supreme Court Justice one day.

An asteroid from the future with a newspaper attached, however, just crashed into our office. And this is the story that we saw on the front page :

(Note: the New Orleans home that future-Dasani lives in with her offspring, located (per the article) in the 2300 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard, is 100% newly-built post-Katrina federal section-8 housing, constructed to the highest standards). 

(A simple Google Street View search reveals that, this ain't no homeless shelter housing ) : 

Future Dasani's Pubilc Housing : Looks Pretty Comfy To Me
And yes, the New Orleans "Grandma" in question is in fact a thirty-eight year old, with a two-year old grandson. 

And yes, that means that this future-Dasani was just thirty-six when her first (?) grandson was born. A grandson at 36! While living in public housing. 

The New York Times: Not Just Oblivious To, But Actively Instrumental In, The Incremental Breakdown Of Western Civilization Wherever It Raises Its Ugly Head, Since 1945. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Violent ICBM* Primate You Won't Be Reading About In The Sanctimonious Pages Of The New York Times...

Saturday December 15th 2013
...Where the type of stop-and-frisk policy used with considerable success in NYC to clamp down on such violent antics as those featured below have been under attack by the Times for years now.

(They are too busy creaming their Armani pants suits with breathless remembrances of the (ex-) terrorist they sickeningly refer to as "Madiba").

Even Paul Simon (or should we say: "of course Paul Simon") was allowed to pen yet another sanctimonious Mandela-worship puff piece in today's "Arts" section :

"Remembering Days Of Miracle And Wonder"

But we digress.

Check out the individual in the Bait Car video below. This person who like a wild invasive species is actually defined by the negative impact he has on society (multiple felony convictions, propensity to violence, multiple lengthy prison terms), is a member of the exact same protected class to which belongs "Supreme," the practically fictional step-father figure featured in the NYT's five-part, 29,000-word "Dasani the angelic bottled water girl and her seven siblings" series, aka "Invisible Child," by Times communist Andrea Elliot. (Again: Is it possible that the competitive compassion athletes at the NYT were really oblivious to the irony of the phoniness that calling their series "Invisible Child" represents, when everyone is aware of the South Park-style phoniness that was exposed after that other DWL uplift organization - Jason Russel's "Invisible Children" - put the "Kony 2012" video online to viral ridicule?)

There truly is no telling with the New York Times.

The New York Times: Since 1915, Powered By ADL, NAACP, SPLC, and SWPL, Since The Day Pinky Sulzberger's Ancestors Picked It Up For Peanuts in 1896.

*ICBM = "Inner City Black Male"