Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday 14 April MMXV

Monday, April 13, 2015

German "Tin Drum" Author Gunter Grass Dies At 87, And The Victors-Writing-The-History Vermin At Amerika's Newspaper of Record Remeber Him For One Reason And One Reason Only...

Mon. 13 April MMXV
"G√ľnter Grass, Writer Who Pried Open Germany's Past But Hid His Own, Dies At 87"

From the article :
"Mr. Grass was hardly the only member of his generation who obscured the facts of his wartime life. But because he was a pre-eminent public intellectual who had pushed Germans to confront the ugly aspects of their history, his confession that he had falsified his own biography shocked readers and led some to view his life’s work in a different light."
I remember when the first revelations of Grass's involvement with the SS came out in 2006: it was amazing to me to see how apocalyptic the writers at the New York Times became  over the subject. I had barely even heard of Gunter Grass at that point ; of course I was familiar with "The Tin Drum," as it was constantly on the marquees of small alternative movie houses all over Europe, though I wasn't fully aware of the significance of Grass's work at the time. (I dindu nuffin yo hona, day was no interwebs at da time).

More from the NYT Grass obit :
"An intense antinationalist, Mr. Grass viewed his country with emotions that could flare into fear and hatred. Some critics said that the purposely small and weak Oskar symbolized what Mr. Grass wanted for Germany."
"Oskar" is the protagonist in the Tin Drum, a tortured youngster who personifies Germany's self-loathing, which is exactly what the civilization-haters empowered by the vermin at the New York Times want.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sir Walter Scott Shooting: It's Official!: 1985 SCOTUS Ruling "Tennessee Vs. Garner" Clears Officer Wilson (Oops, Slager) Of Using Lethal Force To Stop A Perceivedly Dangerous Fleeing Felon

Sun. l12 April MMXV
It's amazing to think that thirty years ago another another inner city black male (ICBM) criminal named "Garner" (no relation to 'I Can't Breath' Eric Garner, or was he?), was also involved in the exact same type of anti-social criminality that lead to the type of routine misbehaviour among the Black community that has led most recently to the death by cop of Michel Brown, Trayvon Martin, and of course the halo-wearing fight-or-flght and not-too-bright Sir Walter Scott.

I've said it before: in a sane society a man who puts gangster rims on a Mercedes Benz would never be given the benefit of the doubt as is presently the case with Sir Walter.

And I don't even like cars !

What is even more amazing perhaps is the way the American public responds to these events, goaded on as they are the whole way by a distinctly anti-cop and pro-thug narrative such as the one presented by the Verminous Reality Contortionists at the New York Times.

This is what in the 1985 "Tennesse Vs. Garner" case the United States Supreme Court had to say about the lawful use of lethal force in subduing a fleeing subject :
"[The statute] is not, however, unconstitutional on its face. Where the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a threat of serious physical harm, either to the officer or to others, it is not constitutionally unreasonable to prevent escape by using deadly force. Thus, if the suspect threatens the officer with a weapon or there is probable cause to believe that he has committed a crime involving the infliction or threatened infliction of serious physical harm, deadly force may be used if necessary to prevent escape, and if, where feasible, some warning has been given.”

What does this mean? Answer:Officer Slager, who had not had the opportunity to pat Sir Walter down for weapons, could not have known that his traffic stop perp was armed or not. Furthermore, Slager's perp had pretty much given up all his rights by violently attacking a peace officer, and making a run for it to commit what Slager could reasonably assume was another violent encounter with either an innocent civilian or another cop.

Why is the official narrative, as parroted by the repulsive anti-cop, anti-white liars at Amerika's Newspaper of Record, not more along the lines of the famous Chris Rock skit "How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Po-Lice" ? And instead, in furtherance of Al Sharpton's and the Black Grievance Industry's never-ending Dindu defense?

Answer: too sinister to post even on this blog.

Another thing: from "I can't breath" Garner to 1985 Scotus's Garner, why is it that these criminals always seem to have close family relations with other criminals of their ilk ?

How many of you reading here remember the shocking confluence of surnames, when a few years back an angry black murdered 5 Saint Louis (white) City Council members ("Cookie" Thornton), and then just a few months later, another angry black - Omar Thornton - gunned down eight (white) co-workers at a Hartford beer distributor.

Would one not call this a pattern?

Answer: "patterns", like IQ tests, are racist. Step off, nothing to see here peeps. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sickening Hypocrisy From The Creeps At The New York Times Oozes Like A Bad Wet Smell

Sat. 11 April MMXV
The sick, hateful fools at Amerika's newspaper of record have such a pathological obsession with uplifting and portraying African Americans in a positive light no matter what, that very often the sickening odor of their shameful hypocrisy oozes through.

Today on their front page - the most expensive real estate in publishing on earth - the verminous reality contortionists of 42nd street give us the story of Adolfo Davis, a black murderer serving life without parole for a crime committed at age 14, who is currently being considered for early release thanks to the machinations of a horde of white pathological altruism athletes including a Catholic priest.

"A Murderer at 14, Then A Lifer, Now A Man Pondering A Future"

Now, we all know that the scum at the NYT bash the Catholic church every chance they get. That's why I nearly choked on my coffee while cringing at this especially disingenuous passage of the article :

"After emerging from the supermax, Mr. Davis signed up for a correspondence course and earned a high school diploma. He became a teacher’s aide in basic education classes, and started mentoring troubled young men, some in prison and some outside, by telephone, working through the Rev. David Kelly of the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, who counsels offenders, victims and families on the South Side.
In a letter to the court, Father Kelly said that of hundreds of youths he has worked with, “Adolfo Davis stands out” for his seeming transformation and desire to help at-risk youths.
If Mr. Davis is released, Father Kelly said, his group will give him a full-time job as a counselor."
That's right, these foul, hateful parasites of the guilty white liberal mind reverently refer to the white priest with the affectionate "Father" before his name not once but twice. Normally father Kelly would be smeared in the repulsive pages of the Times, but here he gets a pass because he's taken time off from molesting young boys to campaign for the release of a dangerous beast back into society.

Oh wait, the beast in question is actually a gifted poet, according to the nation-wreckers at the Times.

From the article (hilarity alert) :

"As part of his therapy in the supermax, Mr. Davis started to write poetry, much of it, initially, outpourings of rage toward his absent parents. “How could you bring me into this world when you knew you wasn’t ready?” one of his first poems asked.
By 2003, his writings, which circulated in prison magazines, focused more on the daily horrors of prison and offered warnings to others: “Young blood, you think it’s cool,” he wrote, but you’ll end up “dead or in the pen.”
In 2005, he even started to forgive his mother, though she never visited him in prison, writing, “I never felt your pain, because I was dealing with my own pain.”
Before the hearing on Monday, Mr. Davis’s lawyers — Patricia Soung of the Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and Rachel Steinback, a lawyer with the civil rights law firm Loevy & Loevy in Chicago — prepared a sentencing memo calling for his release because of his remorse, his growth and his mentoring of others while in prison."
Adolfo David, Poet

 The New York Times : Can It Get Any Worse?

Answer: Yes, And It Will, Since Brunch Last Week

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday 10 April MMXV

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Vermin At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Bust Out The Cupcakes And The Party Balloons In The Aftermath Of The North Charleston Shooting

Thursday 9 April MMXV
The New York Times is a filthy, hateful place, chock-a-block full of One-Worlder types who experience visceral, almost sexual-like pleasure when their first and foremost arch-enemy - the Western White Male - is knocked off his perch and forced to endure South Park-style Diversity Camp.

The latest case illustrating this NYT anti-white psychosis is the North Charleston police shooting of an African Amurrican male of 50 (Oh Lawdy!) years of age, the Honorable Walter L. Scott, gunned down for absolutely no reason by a white cop who had started his work day in the hope of lynching a brother.

Or not.

What the criminally insane reality contortionists at the New York Times fail to tell you about this goodification, is that the dead brother ("cop shot dat kid daid") was not so much condemnable for a lifetime of spawning illegitimate chirren then failing to pay for their basketball shoes,  but rather: for doing this to a Mercedes Benz :

In a sane society, any individual who put rims like this on a Mercedes Benz would be locked up well before that individual had the opportunity to impregnate four different wimmenz with four different last-named future criminals, and before that individual in light of having a very lightweight frontal lobe and a very heavy grievance towards all things Authority, was able to pull a Cat 3 chimpout on a poor Southern cop just trying to do his job.

It's going to get worse before it gets ... worse. And it's never going to get better.

Les Jeux Sont Faits.

The New York Times: Taking The Side Of The Forces Of Anti-Civilization... Since 1898.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bwahhhh Hahh Haaa ! THe New York Times Compares Young Harlem Charter School Vibrants To "The Sound Of Music"

Wed April 8th MMXV
Absolutely hilarious :

 "At Success Academy Charter Schools, High Scores and Polaraizing Tactics"

From the article :
"Indeed, watching the students at Success Academy Harlem 4 walk to lunch, the scene was anything but chaotic. In their blue and orange uniforms — the girls wear jumpers, and the boys shirts and ties — they walked silently in two lines, starting and stopping at the teacher’s command. If so many children walking in formation was reminiscent of the von Trapp children at the beginning of “The Sound of Music,” the orderliness also meant that no time was wasted."

Hilariously, the vermin at the New York Times inadvertently published another front page photo the very day before, that just screams Gibs Me Dat :

(Caption reads: ":Judah Turnbull, 6, came up empty at an egg hunt in Greenwich Village, but another child's father provided a prize to save the day")


Yesterday Tuesday April 7th 2015 above-the-fold front page NYT photo accompanying "At Charters": (caption reads: "Students at Success Academy Harlem North Central, which is part of the largest network of charter schools in New York City") :