Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beating the Truth Over the Head With a Very Large Stick

In yet another attempt to pull the wool over Westerners' eyes on the touchy subject of the religion of peace and its sore-thumb status in those welcoming lands where Mohamed is lionized but the local cult is derided as quackery, the New York Times published on page A18 of today's national edition this devious little article, sickeningly entitled "Swedes Vow to Remain Tolerant After Suicide Attack."

It is funny the way this article was published - possibly by mistake - right below a photo of a boatload of Muslim asylum seekers being thrashed about in rough waters off the coast of Christmas Island (Gasp!), Australia. The Times wants you to believe that non-Western immigration and the population replacement agenda that drives it is a net plus for those countries where too many people remain unenlightened, and where the joys of non-Christian third world diversity need to be imposed.

In this latest anti-Western propaganda puff piece, Times communist and contributing reality dodger Kevin Burns, reporting out of Stockholm, bends over backwards to assuage concerns over the presence of half a million non-Swedish Muslims (80% of them foreign born) that bedeck that quaint little Scandinavian country with the glorious joys of diversity. Burns' article begins with this rather stunning image:
"As they consider the suicide bombing that recently rocked their country, many Swedes have taken comfort from the attack's most enduring image, as captured by a security camera: a man in a red jacket kneeling beside the bomber, asking if there was anything he could do for the man while other bystanders, spying unexploded pipe bombs still strapped to the man's waist, backed away, shouting 'Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!'."
In other words, Burns is relieved that Swedes continue to be reliably gullible when it comes to the foreigners that they coddle like prized little tolerance trophies, even though these trophies - as evidenced by the self-exploded Jihadi splayed on Stockholm's streets Saturday - would if given the chance auto-detonate, taking as many hated infidels with them as possible. That Burns does not even begin to condemn this sickening act of suicide bombing, or the evil ideology that makes it a daily occurrence among the practitioners of the religion of peace, tells us very clearly whose side this self-hating cultural marxist is on.

Burns cheers on the stupidity of the Swedish people, practically slapping himself on the back as he ventures out into the streets of Stockholm to interview people about the Saturday suicide bombing. In a telling display of Burns' total lack of partiality and unabashed agenda-pushing, he finds three people to interview on the streets. Two of them are Muslims, and one is a brainwashed 55 year-old white guy who says: "Should we shut the door [on immigrants]? Absolutely not. We have benefited far too much from the foreigners who have come here to do anything like that."

Oh really?

And, um, how, exactly? Like this, perhaps? :

The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper, with a sinister, evil agenda behind its biased reporting. The self-loathing lunatics at America's newspaper of record just won't be happy until the West are made to pay for their crime of making every civilization in human history (save a few) look unaccomplished in comparison.

The good news is that more and more people are waking up to the conspiracy that the elites have been perpetuating since the pendulum of popular sentiment swung to their side after World War Two and all the unfortunate atrocities that went down in that monster genocide-fest (of the 60 million people killed in WW2, 95% were European, at a time when whites made up roughly one third of global population. The percentage of Europeans as part of global population has been plummeting ever since, to less than 8% today).

The New York Times: sneering at all things Western since 1851.

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antiwhitemedia.blogspot.com said...

The times just can't seem to let this story go.

They know that it is unravelling for them, and that the truth is starting to come out.

Praise Allah for the ubiquity of the Internet : allowing white people everywhere to see through the insidious anti-white propaganda that reigns everywhere.