Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tiptoeing Around the Truth of Baltimore's Failing Schools

Of note in the annals of Times-bashing today Thursday 2 December are three articles that appeared in the National section of America's newspaper of record.

Though it is already "Day 4" in the State's Secrets Rave Party that the New York Times seems to be reveling in a little too much, like a Harvard sociology student on ecstasy (one who has just announced his sexual orientation), we at COTT have decided not to devote undo attention to the Times' treatment of the WikiLeaks scandal, because there are so many other areas where the Times excels in criminal liberal bias that must be exposed. 

Indeed, the New York Times seems to become more predictable with every new edition. Consider this article bemoaning yet again the abysmal academic performance of blacks in public (free) schools, this time in Baltimore: 
(From) : A Mission to Transform Baltimore’s Beaten Schools (p. A17, National section). 
More Money + More Screaming = Better Student "Engagement"
"Excellence": Making it Happen Through the Sheer
Power of Wishful Thinking 

There are days when the neo-marxist cartoon characters at the New York Times can publish several seemingly partial news stories in a row, leaving us to wonder what kind of left-wing proto-intellectual morally superior insanity awaits in the pages ahead. 

Today was one such day: after an international section relatively devoid of the usual liberal drivel (except for the continuing breathlessness over the WikiLeaks story), the bespectacled crypto-psychotic reality fugitives at America's newspaper of record came back with a vengeance of disinformation in the National section, publishing not one but three articles on page A17 that in a sane world would not even have made it into the pages of the high school newspaper.  

The first in this mini-series of utopian-promoting, anti-establishment blather is the article cited above - "A Mission to Transform a City's Beaten Schools." As we've already seen now with the Times, along with climate change, the black- white "achievement gap" is a subject dear to the hearts of the allergic-to-reality communists at the New York Times. Nary a day goes by when America's newspaper of record does not publish some disingenuous white liberal's indictment of the inherent evil that lurks behind their claim of all humans being exactly the same.  

Now, any good Times-basher worthy of the title would be quick to point out the many fallacies and omissions that run like Stalinist gulag lies through this article on the public schools of Baltimore, the most obvious being the simple fact that Times communist Sabrina Tavernise is so cowed by the strictures of political politeness that she does not write the truth behind the failure of Baltimore's public schools until fully halfway through her article : 
"The [Baltimore] school system is 88 percent black (compared with the city's 63 percent black population), and 84 percent of students are on free or reduced-price meals, a measure of poverty." 
As we have seen, the "achievement gap" is something that keeps the good marxists at the New York Times producing column-miles of wishful thinking opinion pieces, wherein failure is attributed to that most convenient affliction, one that the Times seems to think is a disease like can be cured like polio, namely: poverty. 

Ah, poverty: it explains away Haiti, it explains away all manner of minority dysfunction - reality, statistics, and science be damned.

The pseudo-social engineering wishful thinkers at the New York Times will never get  it right as long as they continue to live unhindered-by-reality in their glass towers on Eight Avenue. The way the world is and the way the Times wants it to be are about as different as apples and golf balls, but the psychos at the Times are uninhibited by the stigma of hypocrisy and getting it wrong. They have an agenda to promote, and no amount of common sense or reality will get in their way.


The other Times crimes published today on page A17 are : 

"$30 Million Is Awarded Over Abuse by Priest"

"In Illinois, Lawmakers Approve Legislation Allowing Civil Unions"

That's right: after an entire summer of attacking the Catholic church over the so-called priest abuse scandal (Who Cares!?), the Times is keeping this non-story alive, by publishing an account of some 70-year old who claims he was "molested" by some priest, back in the Sixties. Yes, in the nineteen-sixties. 

The New York Times:  keeping the hate alive, century after century. 

The other fun fun article that deserves skewering, also published on page A17 of today's national edition and right next to the church-abuse piece (surprise surprise), is a pro-gay marriage piece written by Times communist Monica Davey, about how Illinois is now the 6th state to approve the legal union of two same-sex... persons. 

Again, we at COTT really don't care what your orifice of choice is when it comes to recreation, but there is something inherently sick and devious behind the homosexual agenda that the New York Times promotes on a non-stop basis. To be treated with decency, Sexuality is a subject area that by its very nature demands extreme discreteness; however the New York Times is not a publication of either  decency or discretion. 

The NYT: a once-great institution that has plummeted to the lowest possible depths of delusional social consciousness. 


Marco De Boursin said...

Surprised you didn't comment on Nick Kristof's op-ed piece on Haiti today: "Haiti, Nearly A Year LAter."

Artur said...

Thanks Marco - yes, we were going to comment on that shortly.


Juniper in the Desert said...

As a former school teacher, it would be great to interview the teacher in the top photo. I'd like to know what she really thinks about her class.

I worked in a school with a black West Indian-origin headteacher. she was so consumed with pc, she could not even give the talented black children the attention they deserved.
In another school, the only children who wanted to work were 2 African boys!

Sorry for the rant, but it makes me so MAD!!