Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, December 27, 2010

Explaining Liberalism - The Safe Place to Be, the New (Establishment) Anti-Establishment

Remember the Subarus with the "Question Authority" bumperstickers you saw in the streets of America in the 1980s?

One-world liberal denialism is the default position among the intellectually weak and cowardly today: it is the safe place to be, sans risk or attendant tribulations of any kind, a warm and fuzzy place where the majority of the Western elite will back you up and defend you, despite reality squealing hysterically from the other corner of the ring, begging you to see the truth about how God created his many creatures with vastly differing degrees of competence.

Adhering to the prevailing Liberal Dogma means that your job is safe and your friendship with your NFL-watching white neighbours is not at risk; despite being a fundamentally dishonest and wrongheaded ideology, it is the safe place to be for most of humanity. It is the redoubt of the intellectually weak and lazy, a safe haven from which to see no evil, hear no evil, be no evil.

Like the deluded children who affixed "Question Authority" bumperstickers to their Subaru pickups in the 1970s, the Huff-post reading practitioners of the Religion of Liberalism today think incorrectly that they are the true dissidents, the true rebels; whereas, in fact, Anti-Establishment has become the new Establishment.

One need look no further than the election of the Fraudulent One to realize that reality has been turned on its head in the new, post-Western, post-Euro New World.

The silly white children with dreadlocks and self-mutilating tattoos à la Angelina Jolies and Bonos of the world fail to see that their devotion to a supposedly non-conformist creed is actually the ultimate form of conformism, little more than an establishment-inspired hatred for their own kind. The ultimate stupidity, in a word. It is a sick, sickly, and sickening form of anti-Western self-denialism, perpetrated en masse by the social engineering elites that are a thousand times more intelligent than most Westerners, and a billion times more intelligent than those non-Westerners programmed through relentless Euro-based propaganda to hate the very inventors of electricity, flight, the telephone, and the other modern conveniences which gave the People Without The Wheel the means by which to scoff at their distant benefactors.

Modern-day, post-1960s Global Egalitarian Liberalism is the default position for the weak-willed and the intellectually lazy; it is the easy place to go in a would-be global society where every single modern innovation - EVERY ONE, for heaven's sake - is the product of the mind of a hated dead white male from Europe. The stupidity that ensues from such an agenda is breathtaking: it is the myth of the noble savage run amok, to apocalyptic effect.

When it comes to historical revisionism and non-white bias today, it is safe to say that never in the history of mankind has such mass insanity prevailed; the anti-Western phenomenon that is sweeping the planet is the work of dark and sinister forces who have an agenda that does not even register on the Richter Scale of global conspiracies. (BTW, Richter was not an African, or a Chinaman, or a practitioner of the Religion of Peace : Charles Francis Richter was a white European male).

Liberalism is the default position of intellectual discourse today. Think about it: the mainstream elite has made it such that to NOT embrace the liberal credo will likely result for whoever dare not embrace it in professional termination, hate-crime prosecution, and the like. Look at what happened to Dr. James Watson, one small example among countless examples.

(continued shortly)

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Liberalism is a mental disorder.