Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, January 31, 2011

The New York Times Lays It On Pretty Thick

1/31/11 - Click to Enlarge
As if yesterday's disgusting demonstration of anti-majority drivel wasn't bad enough, the Times lays it on thick today with another article that extolls the virtue of America's changing demographic face entitled "Teacher, My Dad Lost His Job. Do We Have to Move?." The article, published on page A19 of Monday's national edition, by Times communist Michael Winerip (nice name) caught our attention even though it lacks the all-out pro-eugenics propaganda factor that yesterday's "More Americans Identify As Mixed Race", by Times communist Susan Saulny, had in spades.

Indeed, as opposed to Saulny's over-the-top gusher on the god-like quality of mixed race students, Winerip's article today goes back to the usual mind-numbing subtlety and sneaky subliminal suggestion the Times is famous for. That might have something to do with the fact that Winerip looks like this:
...while Saulny looks like this:

Saulny's effusive allegiance to people who look like her can be excused, while Winerip's disgust for people who look like him is something that we have come to expect of good disingenuous white liberals. 

As we have seen, the Times only discusses normal married couples with children - especially if said couples fit the majority demographic - when these people are in some kind of trouble or are the victim of some freakish incident. Today's "Teacher, My Dad Lost His Job" is no exception to this criminal NYT rule of thumb. 

From the article: 
"While Wall Street is pumping, Main Street bleeds. This middle- to upper-middle-class suburban town of 14,000 bordering Columbus has 22 percent of its students getting subsidized lunches. That’s up from 6 percent in 2005, when the economy was booming."
Hmm. So the only reason the Times feels obligated to report on what are presumably mostly good centrist white parents is that their kids get free lunch because evil white bankers caused a recession that cost them their jobs. Righto! 

The Times' choice of cover photo for this article is a clear endorsement of their NWO one-race agenda for the future. Note the pretty little mulatto girl front and center, the mixed race children around her, the lone white male apparently the goofiest looking kid in the glass, pictured in a friendly embrace with his future spouse (he's pre-programmed to make the future a better place). Standard enough subliminal suggestion and wishful thinking for the New York Times...

Der Timez und Der Diversity Enforcement

...but what about this last photo? The caption reads: "Elliot Frank, in his kindergarten class in Ohio,  had some trouble with his behavior, but he has recently made a comeback." 

What kind of insanity is this, where the Times sneers condescendingly at some poor defenseless kid to level the playing field? 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

For The New York Times, Majority-Minority Status Can't Happen Fast Enough

The psycho commies at the New York Times made our work easy today Sunday, by publishing a front
1/30/11 - Click to Enlarge
page puff piece entitled "Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Identify as All of the Above," which smacks of scary Nazi-style references to eugenics by supporting not only the idea of how wonderful and superior mixed race children are, but also the contention that non-mixed race children are responsible for the "tragic and pitiable" way with which children of mixed raced couples were perceived in the past.

From the article :
"Many young adults of mixed backgrounds are rejecting the color lines that have defined Americans for generations in favor of a much more fluid sense of identity. Ask Michelle López-Mullins, a 20-year-old junior and the president of the Multiracial and Biracial Student Association, how she marks her race on forms like the census, and she says, “It depends on the day, and it depends on the options.They are also using the strength in their growing numbers to affirm roots that were once portrayed as tragic or pitiable." 
You May Want To Be Near A Sink Or Toilet As You Watch This:
(check out the NYT's vision for the future at 4:10)

Of course our target of scorn here is not these poor children of mixed race couples who were brought into the world by parents whose very pairing likely resulted not so much from genuine attraction, as from the powerful social engineering forces perpetrated from the top down by the elites of the world, and especially Western corporate advertising (sadly, these new-age hybrids do not understand the conspiracy from whence they were spawned). Faithful readers of COTT will understand by now that we hate not the pitiable and tragic human stupidity that populates the planet on so many levels, but the fiendish backstage doings of the "elites" who orchestrate public opinion, social trends, and the definition of the acceptable social "norms" that constitute modern politically correct discourse.

The Wishful Thinkers At The Times Label
This Person "Half German"

Saturday, January 29, 2011

As the Rest of the World Laughs at American Liberal Stupidity, the New York Times Gives Them Another Reason to Chuckle

1/29/11 - Click to Enlarge
We've said it before and we'll say it again: we at COTT have nothing against gays. What we do have a problem with is the New York Times, and the way they treat sodomy as the height of NWO moral rectitude. The only thing more morally righteous than two grown men servicing each other's bung holes, according to the New York Times, is when laws exist that allow and even encourage said sodomites to live as man and wife, and preferably play parent with adoptive children (preferably minority children, even better if black, even better if aids-infested). And above and beyond that, for the psychos at the NYT, the absolute penultimate form of moral rectitude, is when an entire nation actually gets down on its knees, and, prostrate like a practitioner of the religion of peace, with derrière in air, allows itself to be penetrated by the oppressed unwashed of the Thurd World. No doubt even right-thinking gays on both sides also have a problem with the fascists at the Times (we think). (We'll let the trolls have some fun with that one).

In another sniveling pro-gay agenda article published on page A19 of today's Saturday national edition entitled "Gays Seeking Asylum in the U.S. Face New Hurdles," the four-eyed marxist wordsmiths at Amerika's newspaper of record take the insanity up a notch. This article tells the story of a down-low Brazilian named Something Castro who snuck into the US earlier in the decade, and who recently was awarded a green card based on the fact that he was gay (or so he claimed), and that being gay in Brazil was just so perilous that it would be wrong to deport him to.


Being gay in Brazil is dangerous? WTF?

Too Dangerous To Be Gay Here, Says the NYT. 
Of course it would never occur to the sniveling morality enforcers at the New York Times that many of these third world asylum seekers trying to sneak their way into the US might - just might - claim to be gay in order to take advantage of the liberal insanity that is endemic to the West, and ensure their residence in a country greatly superior to the country they came from. As we see in an example of this cited even in this pro-gay, pro-asylum propaganda puff piece, the evidence is right before their eyes, but the utopia-chasing idiots at the Times are too deluded by their own wishful thinking and sense of moral superiority to admit that even third-worlders have a solid grasp of common sense and decency, and are laughing at Americans for their silly liberal NWO policies.

From the article:
"One lawyer recalled a recent client who applied for asylum on the basis of sexual orientation, then showed up a few weeks later with his wife, seeking help with a green card. In 2009, Steven and Helena Mahoney of Kent, Wash., pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a consulting business in which, among other things, they coached straight people on how to file gay asylum claims.
"For fees of up to $4,000, the Mahoneys provided asylum seekers with dramatic (if fictional) stories of anti-gay persecution, along with lists of gay bars and maps of the gay pride parade route in Seattle to help them pass as gay, according to federal prosecutors. Mr. Mahoney was sentenced to 18 months in prison, Mrs. Mahoney, to 6 months."

Friday, January 28, 2011

Seeing Hate Where There Is None: The NYT Sides With Illegal Mexican Support Groups, Further Distorts the Truth About the Luis Ramirez Witch Hunt

1/28/11 - Click to Enlarge
In a sickening display of partiality and journalistic dishonesty, the illegal alien-loving cultural marxists at the New York Times published an article on page A21 of today's national edition entitled "Jury Delivers Mixed Verdict for Three Officers," that is spectacularly criminal not by what it says but by what it fails to say.

You may remember the crazy case of the Shendoah Two - the pair of teenagers who got in a scuffle with an illegal Mexican pedophile statutory rapist which resulted in the Mexican dying of head injuries (after tripping and falling down), and the two minors being handed down life sentences in federal prison, after a second trial at which they were amazingly found guilty of violating the wetback's civil rights under an obscure invocation of the Federal Fair Housing Act. The twisted nature of this court case would be enough, in a sane society, to justify lengthy news commentary. But the NYT uses it as an excuse to make it look like evil racist white boys are beating down saintly hard-working undocumented Mexicans on a daily basis, while their horrific racist parents in unearned positions of authority (through white privilege) seek to cover up the terrible truth of their misdeeds, much like in the good ole' days of the snivil rights movement white policemen would cover for their evil brethren in the Klan.

What made this case interesting was the extreme zeal with which the federal government - cheered on by the mainstream media - went after these two children. As the NYT reports, they and their enablees at La Raza saw this as "a test case for the national treatment of hispanics."

The reality fugitives at the Times are criminal in their failure to report the  facts behind this case, which can be read here. Once again, we see here the whimpering NWO disingenuous white liberals at Amerika's newspaper of record bending over backwards to pander to minorities and make native born Americans look violent and unenlightened.

The New York Times: Playing for the Other Team Since 1999

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dhimmis at the New York Times Play Down the Specter of a Fast-Breeding Muslim Third World

1/27/11 - Click to Enlarge
Nothing to see here folks, move along...

In an article which makes the Trojan Horse tactic look like child's play, "Forecast Sees Muslim Population Leveling Off", also entitled "Report Offers Surprises on Muslims' Growth," Times communist Laurie Goldstein gives us a puff piece of population propaganda on page A8 of today's national edition. The article sites research conducted in a new report by the  Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life (a "non-partisan research group," the NYT helpfully reminds us), that wants to make you believe that Muslims are not outbreeding non-Muslims after all, thank you very much.

From the article:
"[The report]... could challenge assertions by some scholars and far-right political parties about future demographic domination by Muslims." 
How unenlightened of those far-right wingers!

The article continues:
"'There's this overwhelming assumption that Muslims are populating the earth, and not only are they growing at this exponential rate in the Muslim world, they're going to be dominating Europe and soon after, the United States,' she said. 'But the figures don't even come close. I'm looking at all this and wondering, where is all the hysteria coming from?'" 
Umm...may we attempt to address this useful idiot woman's question about where "all the hysteria is coming from," please?

Answer:  Iranian hostage crisis (thanks Jimmy), 9/11, London, Madrid and Paris bombings, Moscow airport bombings, Beslan school attack, daily suicide bombings, honor killings, stoning women to death, marrying off 9 year olds, the Danish cartoons, the Paris riots of November 2005, countless Islamic leaders telling us over and over again that Muslims will conquer Europe through the bellies of their women... etc etc ?

Might any of that explain a little of the "hysteria"? Perhaps?

The New York Times is a truly disgusting newspaper. It is a criminal enterprise that deviously shapes public policy, a crime for which the Times is all the more culpable by the fact that there are very few low-IQ people who write for it.

Which is an interesting topic that we will examine in a later post: the correlation between higher intelligence and criminal intent. In other words, in the same way that an idiot or a retard can claim innocence by reason of insanity in a court of law, should not the super-intelligent be held accountable on a higher plain for their crimes? After all, if one is hugely intelligent and hugely deviant, the impact of their misdeeds will certainly be greater than that of an illiterate one-eyed beggar who steals a can of food.

Should not the super-smart be judged more severely when they commit a criminal act? Should not the super-smart - those capable of using their intelligence to wipe out an entire people, as Hitler did - be judged differently than the super-dumb?

But we digress....

It is sick and indeed criminal the way the elitist reality shifters at Amerika's newspaper of record influence public policy - they know that their word will be considered undisputed, and that millions if not more impressionable idiots will conform to it.

Goldstein's puff piece today about how Muslim women are just soooooo like everybody else on the planet, is typical of the sick, criminal "sameism" that the NYT smears across their pages on a daily basis. A closer look at this stupid article reveals that the wishful thinking One Worlders at the Times make zero reference to what in a sane world would be a primary topic in an article about global demographic change: race.

From the article:
"The report suggests that economic and educational factors affect population growth rates among Muslims far more than the religious factor. In Iran, which encourages family planning and birth control, the fertility rate of only 1.7 children per woman resembles that of many European countries. It has the lowest fertility rate of any Muslim-majority nation, while Niger, a poor African nation, has the highest, at 6.9 children per woman. Iranian girls receive 15 years of schooling on average; in Niger, it is four years."
The sickness at this newspaper knows no bounds: the Times wants you to believe that Tehran and Paris are 99% interchangeable, while the only reason that Nigerian woman still have 6.9 children on average is due to a lack of education, and to a lesser extent poor government policy.

The Times is simply too cowardly to discuss meaningful topics of race and demographics in an honest and forthright manner. Goldstein's article today attempts to portray group breeding rates as a function of religious affiliation and literacy, when we know that deeper behavioural trends are the root cause of large families in much of the world - especially among the world's poor, who continue to produce children they are unable to feed.

It is not a stretch to postulate that Western society is in such a state of decline today, as a direct result of influential voices like the NYT molding the opinions of the less informed (intelligent?) masses.

The New York Times: Delusional, Dishonest, Criminal Disservice to Humanity

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Covering Up The Disaster That a Labour Government has Brought upon a Once-Mighty Great Britain

1/26/11 - Click to Enlarge
"Election Bill Erodes Decorum in House of Lords"

Of course there is no mention in this condescending, pithy puff piece by Times communist Sarah Lyall (who is based in London) of the total decimation that Tony Blair's disastrous Labour government brought upon  the House of Lords in the late 1990s.

Britain is a shadow of its former self, and the idiots at the New York Times are Cool with That.

The Scaled Down House of Commons in the New U.K. :
From a Nation Whose Empire Never Saw the Sun Set,
To a Land of PC Scoundrels Whose Time Has Cometh
(and the NYT is Cool With That)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Disgusting, Mind-Numbing Drivel Even for the New York Times

1/24/11 - Click to Enlarge
In a sickening NYT-style version of "Brokeback Mountain" meets "The Blind Side" meets "Different Strokes," the crazed commies at Amerika's newspaper of record published a story on page A19 of today's national edition that is repulsive even by Times standards. "Against All Odds, A Beautiful Life" tells the story of an abandoned aids-infested black crack baby adopted by two white butt buddies.

Now, when we saw a thumbnail on the front page for this article, we knew that something was up. If the Times is talking about "a beautiful life," you know that some serious deviance has to be going on.

And sure enough, after shuttling over to the New York section, our suspicions were confirmed when we saw this picture:

Mourning Webster 

A grieving negro with a funny name (Kindoo Mannion-Vanover), two dubious-looking white guys, the Times talking with hagiographic reverence of somebody's beautiful life, what was going on here, we wondered?

The New York Times takes it a bit too far sometimes, and this is a perfect example of their excessive zeal in promoting all things non-traditional, unnatural, and unGodly.

From the article:
"[The life of the aids-infested black crack baby was]...a lesson in grace and resilience, the parable of good lives and deeds outside the prescribed lines, in the remarkably long and way-too-short life of Maurice Mannion-Vanover, dead at age 20 on January 14th." 

Almost NYT-Approved
When it comes to their favorite protected groups, the Times uses the type of language that in a sane society would be reserved for talking about God or Brigitte Bardot in her prime. This article is riddled with words of glorious praise for this super-enlightened "family," as the Times sickeningly refers to these perverts and their crypto-criminal living arrangement (we cringe at the thought of what would go on behind closed doors in such a "household"): "amazement," "transformative," "blessing," "stout," "outgoing."

There was even a horse, and to make a perfect picture even more perfect, the horse, Rocky, was "a 4 year-old cross between a Morgan and a quarter horse."


In the diseased minds of the criminals at the NYT, two butt buddies playing parent to an aids-infested black crack baby constitutes the ultimate ideal in "family values"; meanwhile, normal heterosexual married couples with children are to be discussed with unbridled scorn, and if said couples are white, their unearned white privilege must be exposed with contempt.

The New York Times is taking it too far. This has to stop. Please join me in telling Times communist Peter Applebome (author of the "Our Town" column - email him here) what you think about this.

The New York Times: Turning Reality Upside-Down Since Since 1964.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unbelievable Boot-Licking and Selective Memory as the NYT Makes the Case for a National Black Museum

1/23/11 - Click to Enlarge 
When it comes to pandering to minorities, the crypto-delusional psychotics at the New York Times are hands down the absolute champions. Whenever the reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record publish a story on, say, Africa, Haiti, or gay marriage, we know that we are in for some fun fun fun that will be very appropriate for commentary here on COTT. In a wondrously overbearing bit of fealty to black superiority entitled "The  Thorny Path To A National Black Museum", the Times talks breathlessly about the long-in-coming African American Museum soon to open its doors on the National Mall in Washington.

From the article:

" Will its tale be primarily one of pain, focused on America’s history of slavery and racial oppression, and memorializing black suffering? Or will it emphasize the uplifting part of the story, highlighting the richness of African-American culture, celebrating the bravery of civil rights heroes and documenting black “firsts” in fields like music, art, science and sports? Will the story end with the country’s having overcome its shameful history and approaching a state of racial harmony and equality? Or will the museum argue that the legacy of racism is still dominant — and, if so, how will it make that case?"

Black firsts in science? Ummm.

I'm pretty sure that the communists at the Times don't even realize how stupid they sound sucking up to blacks in such an obviously paternalistic manner. Even blacks probably laugh at the way the Times patronizes them, that is when they are not cursing them for being members of the elite that has traditionally "held them down."

You might want to take notice of the usage of the word "Thorny" in the title of this mealy-mouthed article, too. To us here at COTT, the subliminal suggestion is as clear as day: the Times are likening the suffering of modern American blacks to Jesus, who wore a crown of thorns while on the cross.

Since when is a path "thorny," after all? Aren't paths usually bumpy, or muddy, or even torturous?

Once again we see the New York Times using Christianity only when it suits them in the furtherance of their sinister agenda: they will print hundreds of articles on the "church abuse scandal" from incidents that occurred half a century ago, they will sneer at evangelacists and churchgoers, while at the same time trying to make us believe that illegal Mexicans are noble and harmless because they are good Christians.

But we digress...

Mr. Bunch - Director of the New African American Museum 

African American Artifacts - To Be Treated With Kid Gloves

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spineless as Always, The NYT Allows Their Op-Ed Page to be Seized by A Quartet of Radical Left Wingers

1/22/11 - Click to Enlarge
Today's Op-Ed section is filled with some serious leftist NWO drivel: there's the not so much anti-gun as anti-white-male article "Obama's Gun Play" by Times communist Charles Blow; there's a pro-Utopia puff piece featuring a tribute to the recently deceased JFK brother-in-law, Sargent Shriver, penned by the always clueless and always hilarious Bob Herbert, "The Loss of a Good Man"; then two pieces written by chicks, one of whom happens to be a cab driver. 

The New York Times likes to show us how enlightened and progressive they are by turning over the Op-Ed page from time to time to minorities and women. On rare occasions of moral fortitude, the Times in their infinite crusading social justice superiority will even allow multiple minority women to pen the opinions on the last page of section A. 

It's bad enough that the Times would turn loose a cabal of crypto delusional high school students to author the columns of their opinion page - with the disastrous consequences for public policy that result when those opinions come from the nation's newspaper of record - but for Pinky Sulzberger and his crusading cohorts to select a foursome of predictably leftist reality fugitives is the very height of journalistic impropriety, in the eyes of the Crimes of the Times, anyway. 

Charles Blow lectures us today about how wonderful Obama is, and how evil gun-owning Americans are. 

From Blow's article: 
"Obama... is enjoying a surge in the polls. ... And his handling of the shooting seemed to strike the right balance with the overwhelming majority of Americans. He's on a roll!" 
As Blow cheers on the Fraudulent One, he has this to say about the Jared Loughners of the world: 
"Gun owners are almost twice as likely to be white than nonwhite, are more than three times as likely to be male than female, and are more likely to live in the South and Midwest than in the East of West." 
So while Blow clearly believes that the enlightened like him live on the East and West coasts, he also  has a problem with southern white males. Who'd a thunk?!

Meanwhile, over on the right (side of the page), the always amusing Bobby Herbert drools with love over the memory of the man who was the "driving force" behind LBJ's War On Poverty.

From Bob's article:
"Sargent Shriver had a different view of America - warmer, richer and more humane. ... Mr. Shriver had a deep commitment to the idea of America 'as a social enterprise...of caring and cooperative people.'"
It seems that Bob Herbert only tolerates white people when they grovel before and commit their careers to uplifting his people.

Also, Bob seems to have a never-ending supply of excuses to explain away the failures of these crusading white liberals to lift blacks out of abject failure.

From Bob's column:
"In 1964, as leader of the Office of Economic Opportunity in the LBJ Administration, Mr. Shriver came across studies that showed connections between poor nutrition, lower I.Q. scores and arrested social and emotional development. He wondered whether early childhood intervention 'could have a beneficial effect on the children of poor people.' Head Start followed in incredibly short order." 
Hmmm. This is an interesting display of the incredible, bold-faced hypocrisy that the Times allows to be published in its august pages. While apparently keeping a straight face, Bob Herbert is telling us that black children still need Head Start, No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top, the Knowledge is Power Program, free school lunch programs, and the other billions of dollars the federal government continues to spend in a certifiably insane campaign to wipe out the achievement gap, because black children's I.Q. is lower, because of (WAIT FOR IT) poor nutrition.

Looks like poor Bob was too busy whining about the Tea Party to read the memo from Michelle that says that 75% of black children are already obese.

Somebody please let me out of here! I can't take it anymore!

Saturday's Op-Ed Quartet 

Times Communist Bob Herbert
Times Communist Charles Blow 

Times Communist Gail Collins

Visiting Times Communist
Melissa Plaut

Blaming Extinction on Global Warming, When The Real Culprit is Overpopulation

"Endangered by Global Warming", Lies the NYT
In a front page article entitled "Tiny Species at Heat Risk, From Tropics to Peaks", the New York Times falsely reports today that a whole host of small birds and other creatures are facing extinction in Africa and elsewhere as a result of - you guessed it - global warming.

As the rest of the Northern Hemisphere shivers through another record cold winter and the evidence refuting global warming hysteria keeps pouring in, the fiendish communists at the Times continue to goose step down the boulevard of misinformation, blaming dreaded climate change on every conceivable woe, from poverty in Africa to politically instability in Indonesia.

From the article:
"Over the past two decades, an increasing number of settlers who have moved here [the highlands of Kenya] to farm have impinged on bird habitats and reduced bird populations by cutting down forests and turning grasslands into fields. Now the early effects of global warming and other climate changes have helped send the populations of many local mountain species into a steep downward spiral..." 
So even though the Times begins here to report - though meekly -  on the reality of the environmental disaster in Africa, they lack the courage to go all the way with it, and instead fall back on blaming a politically polite culprit.

The problem in Africa is not global warming, it is overpopulation: the continent went from half a billion people in 1980 to one billion in 2010. Like their kin in Haiti, Africans like to chop down trees and, whenever possible, poach wildlife.

It would be politically unsafe for the New York Times to blame the disastrous and tragic depletion of that continent's wildlife on the locals, who as we have seen need to be comforted because they are afflicted (by the comfortable, according to the New York Times). Africa's newly minted half billion souls will never see the rhinos, the lions and the tigers, the countless herds of gazelle and zebras that once roamed the savannah. This is a monstrously sad state of affairs. But what might be sadder still, is the way Amerika's newspaper of record lies about the causes of the disappearance of these creatures.
A Victim of Global Warming, According to the NYT

The Depleted Forests of Haiti: Another Global
Warming Casualty, Thinks the Times
The New York Times: Playing It Safe Since 1947

Friday, January 21, 2011

Reporting Opinion as Fact, and Fact as Opinion: The NYT Paves the Way For Dream Acts and Massive Backdoor Amnesty Programs

[Original Caption:] "A Haitian immigrant, back to camera,
being helped last January in a clinic to apply for
temporary legal status. Most of the 53,000 Haitians
 who applied by the deadline Tuesday gained legal status. 
In an article published Thursday on page A17 of the Times' national edition entitled "U.S. Sees Success in Immigration Program for Haitians", the New York Times lays bear their true colors, and reveals the extent to which instead of reporting the news, they actually engage in wishful thinking and downright dishonest reporting.

The article is about U.S. government efforts to legalize tens of thousands of Haitian who flooded into the U.S. after the earthquake that last year toppled their poorly built concrete shacks. As if the U.S. hasn't already done enough for Haiti (even before the quake, there were a million of them living here), Semple's article begins thusly:
"A year after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the American government has received more than 53,000 applications from Haitians seeking temporary legal status in the United States, and has approved the vast majority of them..."

But it gets worse:

"The... director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, said his agency's response to the disaster showed that it could handle a much larger immigrant legalization program like the proposal known as the Dream Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants."
The psycho population replacement enthusiasts at the New York Times are chomping at the bit to diversify this country as much as possible, as quickly as possible. We have seen that the official estimated date for minorities to become a majority in the U.S. was recently moved up from 2050 to 2042 - that is the official date, and therefore the actual date will probably roll around a lot sooner, but that is not soon enough for the cultural Marxist Brothers at the NYT.

Only a publication as sick and as devious as the New York Times could manage to weave in a pro-Dream Act soliloquy in a story supposedly about Haitian immigration.

Despite the NYT's best efforts to influence policy and get it passed, the "backdoor amnesty" Dream Act was stomped to death last month - mercifully - by a sensible Congress reflecting the clearly stated will of the current majority, something that is supposed to matter in a civilized society. But for the morally superior high school students at Amerika's newspaper of record, the will of the unenlightened masses does not matter, should not matter, and will not matter.

The New York Times: It's Their Way or the Highway

Mucking Up The Morality of Organ Transplants: In Their Utopian NWO Zeal, The New York Times Gets It Wrong Again

1/21/11 - Click to Enlarge
It seems that the crusading liberal demagogues at Amerika's newspaper of record did not get the memo about life not being fair.

You see, the fiendish do-gooders at the NYT have a hard time accepting some of the realities of human nature. That certain groups outperform others is anathema to the New York Times, and this unfortunate dynamic has to be explained and wished away with miles of inch columns of lies and distorted reporting.

"As U.S. Patients Await Organ Transplants, Potential Donors Struggle for Visa"

"For Sick Illegal Immigrants, No Relief Back Home"

Illegal Mexican Dialysis Patient: She and Her Sick Amigos
Cost the US Government 2.5 Billions Bucks a Year

{Posting more on this in a little while...}

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Predictable Anti Second-Amendment Propaganda and Subliminal Suggestion from the New York Times

1/20/11 - Click to Enlarge 
The communists at the New York Times have been having a giant office  party in the wake of the Giffords shooting in Tucson two weeks ago. As we have seen, the Times has been using the tragic killing of six people - including a poor little nine year old girl - as an excuse to stir up hatred not against the sick individual who pulled the trigger, but against the demographic he hails from. 

In a predictably paranoid propaganda puff piece published on page A15 of today's national edition entitled "In An Ocean of Firearms, Tucson Is Far Away", the reality shapers at Amerika's newspaper of record sneer at the people attending the "Shot Show" in Las Vegas, the largest gun show in the country and, indeed, in the world. 

From the article: 
"Throughout the day, the lively crowd - overwhelmingly male, representing gun shops, the military, and law enforcement - traipsed through fields of booths that displayed... rifles, ammunition, silencers, camouflage gear, knives, bulletproof vests, night goggles, holsters and, of course, pistols, including pink and in lavender." 
Hey, night goggles sound cool to me. But I digress...

Note the way the Times points out who was at the gun show:  "overwhelmingly male." As if that is a crime.

You know that the mental patients of 42nd street were dying to write: "overwhelmingly white male;" I would wager that the original draft of this article by veteran Times communist Adam Nagourney did in fact say that, but Nagourney's editors nixed it, saying they had to keep the propaganda a wee bit more subtle.

But the Times quickly makes up for this lack of subtlety by printing the following large-format photo in the second part of the article on page A19:

The Times' Least Favorite Demographic
(Note the Candy)
The New York Times: Not Always Able to Keep It Subtle

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Complete and Utter Insanity from the New York Times

1/19/11 - Click to Enlarge
In an unbelievable bit of journalistic snivel that combines social engineering wishful-thinking with the exaltation of a most disgusting form of deviant behaviour, the New York Times published a front page article in today's national edition entitled "Parenting by Gays More Common in South, Census Shows," that talks about how the once un-enlightened South is now home to more gay families with children than the previously very-enlightened North. And it gets better! Apparently the South is SO enlightened today, that gay couples with children are no longer the exclusive redoubt limited to the hated demographic of affluent white males (although in the jaded eyes of the Times, white males are  okay only as long as they are gay white males). It seems that the South is experiencing the wonders of NWO diversity in the form of not just more gay couples with children, but mixed race gay couples! How ô how could it get better for the psychos at the Times?!

The title of the article cited above is by itself almost enough to make one want to wretch. In that instead of reporting the news (no matter how deceivingly), the article's title actually makes an opinion statement. Outside of the Op-Ed section, newspapers aren't supposed to blend opinion with news, but we have seen, time and time again, how the crypto-delusional reality contortionists at the New York Times have utter disdain for actually reporting on what is happening in the world. What matters to them is not how the world is, but how they would like it to be, and to this end they must distort reality and shape public opinion on a daily basis.

The Only American "Family" Worthy of Praise, According to the Sick
Bastards at the New York Times 
One would think that being the "newspaper of record" for a nation as (formerly) grand as the United States - which in the view of COTT is nothing more than a suburb of Europe - would be a rôle that a major newspaper would take seriously. But the New York Times has forsaken that role, choosing instead to slant the news in order to further their agenda of the creation of a liberal utopia, wherein all of the institutions and traditions that made Western Civilization great are progressively dismantled.

From the article:
 "The pattern, identified by Mr. Gates, is also noticeable because the families in this region defy the stereotype of a mainstream gay America that is white, affluent, urban, and living in the Northeast of the West Coast.
"'We're starting to see  that the gay community is very diverse,' said Bob Witeck, chief executive of Witeck-Combs Communications, which helped market the census to gay people. 'We're not all rich white guys'."  

Freaky, But Still Okay for the NYT
(Note the Geeky White Teenagers) 
One again, we see here the elitists at Amerika's newspaper of record giving us a lesson on what is truly progressive and therefore noble. 
Once again, we see the New York Times depicting adherence to Christian values in a positive light only when allegiance to these values can be used to further their agenda of uplifting the oppressed (and the downright creepy, too). 

What the NYT fails to mention in this stomach-churning report, is that this most unnatural and ungodly  arrangement of two lesbians of different racial groups living together as "husband and wife" - and with children for chrissakes - is NOT something that would have happened naturally all by itself. It took years of left-wing insanity propagated by devious devices such as the NYT to mould the impressionable minds of stupid people like those featured in the photo at top, into thinking that such an arrangement is not only acceptable, and approved of by the majority of society, it is also something that it morally superior because of the courage behind such progressiveness. In other words: this kind of crap wouldn't be something we would have to look at if fiendish fanatics on the left hadn't been tampering with the collective brain of society since the end of World War Two. 

We have nothing against gays, but to report on this interracial gay couple like it is something worthy of the highest forms of praise, is taking it a bit too far even for the NWO psychos at the NYT. 

The New York Times: Making Creepy Sound Cool Since 1999

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Hard Work Bashing The New York Times...

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...even though they really do make it so easy for us, by publishing simple-to-dismantle psycho left-wing drivel on a daily basis. 

Forgive us for getting a little behind on our Times-bashing duties: sometimes it is downright depressing to realize how far a great newspaper like the NYT has fallen, and this gives us pause. 

Ideologies come and go: when will the Times admit that theirs has been proven wrong? 

Answer: not for a while yet. Liberal stupidity is the prevailing, fashionable, politically safe place to be right now. 

It may be a while before the masses awake to the reality of the great liberal lie. 

Until then, we will continue to bash the Times. Just not today: too overwhelmed with it all right now.... 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Taking the Task of "Comforting the Afflicted" to New Levels of Insanity

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We have seen how the morally superior elitists at the New York Times devote their every waking hour to being faithful to their creed of "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable." This seems like a strange mission for a newspaper to give itself - in essence campaigning for social justice instead of reporting the news - but maybe we're just not enlightened enough to understand the New York Times' good deeds.

I personally feel afflicted - by the crimes of the Times - and I wish they would comfort me. But that of course will not happen. Instead, the Times will continue to prop up the "meek, the week and the ignorant."

In a nauseatingly biased front-page article entitled "Lawsuit Loans Add New Risk for the Injured," the bespectacled communists at Amerika's newspaper of record go after the lawsuit lender industry, the people who put out those late night tv ads that say: "Have you been injured in a car accident and need money now? Oasis can get you money now, and there is no obligation to repay if you lose your case."

It turns out these lawsuit loan companies make a lot of money lending to people who are poor and desperate - exactly the demographic that the Times feel they have a moral duty to uplift and report on in a positive light, even if it means that they have to stretch the truth on a regular basis. The terms of these loans are usurious, and in another hilarious example of blame-shifting, the New York Times thinks this is wrong.

In what might be an unfortunate editing error, the Times actually publishes the words "meek, the week and the ignorant" to describe the types of people susceptible to taking out these sorts of loans, but the words appear - almost caption-like -  in a paragraph that is right next to a photo of Carolyn Williams and her husband. Williams was shooting for the ghetto lottery when she sued her former employer, an Alabama nursing home, after suffering what she claimed was a "debilitating asthma attack" brought on by exposure to floor cleaning chemicals.


Floor cleaning chemicals?

Now, a responsible newspaper would have stopped right there to talk about real issues, such as frivolous lawsuits and tort reform, but not the NYT. As long as a minority is being oppressed, whether by the "predatory lending" of banks forced to give loans to unqualified applicants so that we might have "housing equality," or evil Republicans daring to put a stop to the madness of anchor baby abuse, or loan companies that gamble on lawsuits, the crypto-delusional reality fugitives at the Times will step up and distort the story to make it look like, once again, the poor minority is the victim of evil white capitalists.

Think I'm exaggerating? Consider the way the far-leftist lunatics at the Times chose to publish photographs of "victim" and "victimizer":


The New York Times: sometimes they make it a little bit too obvious.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Subliminal Mind Vlokking by the New York Times

So now, it's to the point where I cannot pick up a copy of the New York Times without expecting a thorough gob smacking. Sometimes it requires a little looking, but more often than not it is plain as day.

1/16/11 - Click to Enlarge 
In today's Sunday edition of Amerika's newspaper of record, the devious little elitists from 8th Avenue try to slip one past us on the front page.

You can't see it too well in the screen capture below, but what we have here is an ad for Citi Bank at the bottom of the page that features almost   childlike deviousness. I had to do a double take when I saw it.

The ad shows an elderly couple apparently watching television. The photograph is a little strange however, and as a result triggers the viewer's interest.

It is not clear at first, but a closer look reveals that the couple is apparently interracial. The husband is a light-skinned black man, but you have to look really closely to see this. In the background are the minarets of Istanbul. The tag line reads: "My parents love their new life in Istanbul. The only thing they miss is cheering on their beloved team. So for their anniversary, I used my Thank You Points to send them something special - their seats from the old stadium." 

What does this imply? Well, if the "son" is old enough to be buying his parents stadium seats, we can assume that he has to be about 30. That would mean that he would have been born around 1980, when interracial marriages were only about 1.5% of all marriages in the US (compared with 20% today). The fact that he refers to the couple as his "parents" means that the couple is not just dating, and did in fact produce a half-black baby, just like Obama's wonderful mother Ann Dunham ("'Those are not my people,' she hissed").

What are the chances?

(more shortly...)...,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/15/11 - Click To Enlarge
The photo the New York Times will publish over and over: 

The photo the New York Times Won't Publish: 
Omar Thornton, Who Killed More People Than
Jared Loughner, In a Shooting Rampage in
Hartford Connecticut, Where He Told the 911
Operator: "I Shot the Racists" 

Friday, January 14, 2011

We will be commenting on today's crimes of the Times shortly. 
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Hat tip: Kelli from Austria. 


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unbelievable Pomposity from the NYT

They Love To Hate Her
In a display of haughtiness extreme even for the elitists at the New York Times, Amerika's newspaper of record published today a sneeringly condescending attack on Sarah Palin entitled "Palin Joins Debate on Heated Speech With Words That Stir New Controversy."
Now, we at COTT are not huge admirers of Alaska's former governor, but we remember Palin's debate against Joe Biden ("Hi Joe"), at which it became clear that this woman is a lot more eloquent than Obama's bumbling number 2, and certainly not worthy of the boundless contempt which the vermin at the New York Times reserve for her. 

From their lofty perch of moral superiority and enlightenment, the Times says this of Palin: 
"Ms. Palin awakened a new controversy by invoking a phrase frought with religious symbolism about the false accusations used by anti-Semites of Jews murdering Christian children. It was unclear wether Ms. Palin was aware of the historical meaning of the phrase."
(Itals our emphasis). Now, although use of the term "blood libel" by Palin might have been a bit inappropriate, how disgusting of the New York Times to suggest that Palin had no idea what it meant.

Even if she didn't, it is still true that the same smear campaign that tried to link the Arizona shooter to Jared Taylor and the conservative right was used by the communists at the Times to blame the killings on Palin, too.

It gets worse:
"Twice, [Palin] called the United States "exceptional," a frequent dig at Mr. Obama, whom conservatives accuse of not believing in the concept of 'American Exceptionalism'."
If she had bowed to Stone-age Islamic dictators with dirty beards and apologized for making Haiti poor, maybe the Times would have given her a break. But to even suggest that the West might have something going for it, is to commit the most hateful of thought crimes to the crypto-delusional psychopaths at the New York Times.

Additionally, as if the Times needed more rope to hang themselves with, they again publish this misleading little factoid:
"In the midterm elections last year, Ms. Palin used a map with cross hairs over several swing Congressional districts, which Ms. Giffords highlighted in a television interview at the time as an example of overheated political speech." 
As we saw in the post below, the Democrats used an almost identical map in 2004. And their map actually used the words  "target" and "enemies."

The New York Times: keeping it hypocritical 24/7.

The Times Uses A Sports Story to Sneer At A Civilization's Decline

Blurry For A Reason
In another silly article that uses sports as an excuse to speak sneeringly of the decline of the West, the New York Times on Thursday published "Pride in Batsmen and Bowlers Breaks Through Britain's Winter Gloom."

From the article:
"...it will be years before people in England... for whom English debility at cricket has been a bellwether of decades of post-imperial decline - forget how England... achieved triumph..." 
And this:
"As Britain has declined in wealth and power relative to other nations, its lofty place in the world, undisputed at the high tide of British imperial power, has been supplanted by the United States."  
 And still:
"A country whose industries led the world found a shrinking market for its steel and textiles and its cars, its currency devalued, its armed forces a shadow of their former selves. And England became increasingly accustomed to losing at cricket, especially against Australia." 
Like religion, the Times sneers at sports - especially team sports - as the past time of the unintellectual, except when a story about sports (or religion) can be used to slip in a little NWO propaganda extolling the decline of the West.

What the Times doesn't tell you of course is that it is precisely because of elitist utopian reality contortionists like themselves that the Western world is in decline, while the fast-breeding third world is propped up with Western technology, investment, and foreign aid.

The NYT: hating the West since 1982.

With Friends Like The New York Times, Who Needs Enemies?

America's newspaper of record is at it again. In a pro-terrorist puff piece entitled "Detained American Says 
1/13/11 -Click to Enlarge 
F.B. I. Spoke to Him," Times communist Mark Mazzetti tells us that: 
"An American teenager detained in Kuwait said he underwent a heated interrogation by F.B.I. agents for several hours on Wednesday..." 
Once again, the Times wants you to believe that we are dealing with a regular Richie Cunningham here, a harmless "American teenager" and not a Somali Muslim refugee jihadist wanna-be. Note the way the Times quotes extensively what the "teenager," Gulet Mohamed, claims happened to him:
"Mr. Mohamed said that the F.B.I. on Wednesday did not say directly that he would be refused entry to the United States if he did not cooperate with them. But he said that one of the agents pledged to monitor his activities if he ever made it home." 
It's amazing the way the Times publishes Gulets claims as fact, without even a feeble attempt at corroboration, while at the same time implying ominously that the FBI is a lying racist organization, and that this poor innocent practitioner of the religion of peace is yet another victim of America's ill conceived illegal war on terror.

The New York Time: rooting for the enemy since 1946.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Need a Break From Times-Bashing Today

Today we are taking a break from exposing the criminal liberal bias of America's newspaper of record.
1/12/11 -Click to Enlarge

Sometimes Times-bashing can be a tiresome affair. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jared Loughner: A Dream Come True for the Crypto-Psychotic Reality Contortionists at The New York Times

The crypto-delusional reality fugitives at the New York Times are having a field day with the Arizona massacre. On the front page of today's national edition, they published the giant moon-face photo of the grinning lunatic who gunned down a nine-year old, among others. A horrible, creepy freak who the NYT is going to great lengths to portray as the face of the Tea Party. The outright hypocrisy of America's newspaper of record can be breathtaking at times. 

Of course the Times has been talking over and over about this silly campaign ad from Sarah Palin: 

But what the NYT brazenly and irresponsibly fails to mention is that in 2004 the Democratic party put out an almost identical bulls-eye poster: