Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One of a Bold New Year Was A Busy One For the Propaganda Masters at the NYT

In what does not bode well for journalistic integrity in the coming year, the New York Times published today a non-stop slew of NWO wanna-be propaganda.

A grand total of seven - 7! - articles published in today's edition of America's newspaper of record caused the sound of screeching tires to go off in our head: three of these articles appear on the very first page of the January 1st, 2011 national edition of the publication that claims to print "All the News That Fits."


Here are the first four. We will analyze the remaining three later.

1) Front Page: "In Ivory Coast, Bid to Ease Out Defiant Leader";

2) Front Page: "Boomers Hit Another Milestone of Self-Absorption: Turning 65";

3) Front Page: "Giving Alzheimers Patients Their Way";

4) Page A16 NY edition: "Art Intended to Make the End of Life Beautiful."

Although the online edition of today's Times (pictured to the right) has a different one, the photo in the national print edition features two youngish African American women with "2011" glasses celebrating at Times Square.

Why would the Times choose to publish a photo of two people whose demographic represents less than 5% of total national population? Answer: because this is in furtherance of their post-Western, anti-majority population replacement agenda.

Right below the photo in question, are two tellingly subversive articles: the first is a sneering, tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the hated baby boomers, the second a description of controversial nursing home practices, complete with photo of a poor 96 year-old Alzheimers patient in a wheelchair (with a baby in her lap).

What message is the Times trying to get across here? Clearly: that old whites are the past, and that progress is defined by yielding to minorities, who are The Future.

This same message is repeated again in yet another piece about soon-to-be irrelevant boring old whites and the art that is most appropriate for them in their hospices, published on page A16.

Meanwhile, in international news, the Times continues to goosestep down the boulevard of One World minority rule by reporting on the situation in Ivory Coast without revealing essential background information. Here again we have the Times lying by omission. The current dictator of Ivory Coast is no better or no worse than your average garden variety African strongman. What makes him different - and hated by the thin-skinned cultural marxist reality dodgers at the New York Times - is that he is a Christian, and his opponent is not only a Muslim, but also supported by the country's 40% immigrant population who have invaded Ivory Coast in the last decade, who themselves are majority muslim.

Ivory Coast was one of France's richest colonies, and to this day retains a lot of the wealth that was created by the dreaded colonialists' infrastructure. It is this largely Western-created wealth that acts as a magnet to the many immigrants who have shifted the country's demographic balance of power, and who much like their fellow practitioners of the religion of peace in Kosovo, will soon be gaining an Islamic state in the formerly majority Christian Ivory Coast, thanks to a little help from their friends in the UN, the EU, and of course the NYT.


Black Savage, Maestro Prodigo MaNigo said...

Two questions for Prodigy Maestro :

1) Have you read "IQ And the Wealth of Nations" by Lynn and VanHanen?;

2) Are you open to having an honest discussion about group differences in attainment (i.e. Chinese are smarter than whites, etc)?;

The world is quite fed up with the cockroaches of humanity and their refusal to admit that they fail wherever in large numbers they are, not because of outside intervention, but because they are a group that is totally incompatible with other, more evolved humanoid groups the world over. Thanks to the internet more and more people are starting to wake up to the liberal myth of global racial egalitarianism and equal ability that are shamelessly perpetrated by the main stream media.

You should be thankful Sir that your ancestors received the gift of white DNA, which gives you as an average African American the heaven-sent asset of possessing 17.5% Caucasian blood, which endows you and your peers here in the U.S., with a still-borderline retard average IQ of 85, instead of the right Stone-Age retard Sub-Saharan average IQ of 70 of your ancestors (and your relatives living in Africa today, who BTW because they are so soo populous on the Dark Continent, have become the source of the ultimate Environmental nightmare, as the REAL wildlife of the African plains (just forty years ago there were huge, HUGE numbers of exotic wildlife - lion, giraffe, elephants ALL OVER AFRICA) the wild animals outnumbered the blacks, until the blacks outnumbered the wild animals by poaching).

Don't believe me? Check out this amazing, AMAZING blog (a young liberal White couple from Belgium drive by Range Rover through their country's former Colony, the DRC):


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"No other race on earth is less racist than whites."

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