Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The New York Times, Liberal NWO Dogmatism, and Subversive Dishonesty in Matters of Reporting on Climate Change: It's Their Way or the Highway

A gigantic climate change propaganda puff piece  entitled "A Scientist, His Work and a Reckoning" was published on the front page of today's newspaper of record; after the above-the-fold intro, it went on to occupy a full center page spread on page A11 of the national section.

Now, this was actually a very interesting article: it told the story of scientist Dr. Charles Keeling, who despite being a white male (and a registered Republican to boot) the NYT is in love with because he came up in the 1950s with a machine that could measure carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A laudable enough achievement in its own right; however, the problem with the way the Times reports about this CO2-measurement machine, is multi-fold.

Climate change and climate science is by its nature an inexact one: no solid consensus exists among "experts" as to where exactly we stand in terms of the fluctuations of the Earth's natural cold/hot cycles.

Everybody sees that it is colder right now in London than it has been in a really long time; the MSM reports as frequently and as fervently on climate anomalies as they do on white-on-minority crime (cf: Oakland transit police killer), all the while pushing the anti-development, anti-Western agenda that is "climate change."

In other words, the elitist social-engineering four-eyed reality fugitives at such hack mainstream publikations as the NYT want you to believe that Climate Change is real, and though we at COTT agree that it might well be, what we object to is the fact that the freakoids at the Times really want you to believe the following :

[A] Western Civilization is inherently to blame in any Climate Change discussion, seeing as how after all the Industrial Revolution started in England;

[B] Even though the disgusting Chinese became bigger emitters of pollution and other crap into the atmosphere two years ago, the people behind world development as it stands today (Westerners) are really responsible for all the damage inflicted on the planet by "progress";

[C] Therefore, the West must depopulate, so that the less fortunate may thrive.


Anonymous said...

I have never read such an accurate description of what is going on today!

Anonymous said...

"Disgusting Chinese"?? Listen you mental midget, pollution is inevitable in a country undergoing industrial revolution. Your disgusting White Anglo people polluted your own countries too. Cleanup and restoration efforts come afterward, you read me imbecile. 'sides they're just manufacturing your american garbage in the first place. Oh, and what justifies this so-called 'carbon tax' you're trying to implement. Another wh1tey scam if you ask me.