Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Faces of America (According Not To The Census, But To The Population-Replacement Enthusiasts at America's Newspaper of Record)

The three photos proudly reprinted without permission below were published on page A10 of the National section of today's New York Times. They are the only photos published on that page. They accompany three different articles: one about record cold in Miami; the other about Muslim women in the United States (the object of the COTT post below this one); and the last in an article about how Justice Sotomayor sets the Supreme Court's liberal standard ("Sotomayor Guides Court's Liberal Wing"). 

I wish we could say that it's not everyday that the cultural demagogues at the NYT cram an entire page full of nothing but anti-Western, pro-minority propaganda, but as page A10 makes clear today, this is an all too common occurrence. 

These photos are of course noteworthy for the diversity they portray - except for the image of Chief Jutsice Roberts, for whom the Times reserves a sneering contempt worthy of Biblical wrath. 

It gets amusing with the way the reality-shapeshifting elites at the Grey Lady have deceptively captioned the last photo reprinted below, which was used to illustrate a story entitled "South Florida at Play - Sun, Sand and Chill." 

Of course when we first saw this photo, published three days after Christmas, of a group of "beachgoers" in Miami, we could not help but notice that the trio was most decidedly not related to Jerry Seinfeld or his retiree parents. Clearly the New York Times decided to publish this photo for a reason?, we asked. 

Then, as we read the caption, we realized that perhaps there was hope after all for the psychopaths at the New York Times. For the caption starts like this: "Sepehr Ardebimian, with his mother, Sholeh, and sister, Parastou, who were on a visit to Miami Beach..." ...Ahhh, we started to think (before reading to the end), it's not so bad after all, quite innocent really: the New York Times we know has to publish photos of people with unpronounceable names, but at least in this case, they are reporting on a family of unpronounceables visiting from some noble exotic third world land. They could have shown a photo of some Jersey Jews visiting, or even some Cuban Americans, but instead they chose to go full-on exotic and publish a picture of a family visiting from a country where a name like "Parastou" rolls off the tongue like "Arnold."

Ahh, sometimes you have to give the New York Times credit, we thought. 

But then, we read to the end of the caption, and realize this exotic trio were: 

"...on a visit to Miami Beach from Georgia, [to] endure the uncharacteristically brisk winds and temperatures."




The mind-vlokking knows no end at America's newspaper of record. They want you to think, first, that this exotic-sounding family is from Georgia, as in the Southern State of Georgia. 

But then they want you to have your doubts, and wonder if they really mean "Georgia," as in the country next door to Russia, Georgia. Tsk tsk, how could you be so xenophobic?, you unenlightened bigot. 

The Times doesn't really make clear whether these people are from Georgia the state, or Georgia the country. Naturally, the ambiguity is intentional. (Though of course we all know that they are most likely refugees living in public housing in Atlanta). 

Actually, a quick Google search reveals that the name "Parastou" is Iranian (Google it yourself and see what appears). What this means is that there is an extremely high likelihood that these "Miami beachgoers" are in fact Iranian asylum seekers, no doubt already resettled by the State Department in that land of milk and honey, and living the high life (winter trips to Miami, yeah!) at taxpayer expense. 

A quick visit to the State Department's Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement (Administration for Childrens' Families), reveals that in fiscal year 2009, 90 Iranians (and 400 Iraqis) were resettled in Georgia alone (throughout the US last year, 5,374 Iranians, and over 18,000 Iraqis were granted refugee status in United States, which means that the warm coats you see in the picture below were probably paid for by the American taxpayer (as was no doubt airfare, rent, food, even the expenses for the Miami Beach romp trip, etc)). [Please go here to learn more about the scandal that is State Department-sponsored asylum abuse]. 

Therefore, we have the New York Times, on the first page of their National Section, three days after Christmas 2010,  printing three photos that portray seven different people (half of whom are depicted in a weather-related article), and the breakdown is as follows: One Adult White Female (barely visible); One Adult White Male; Three Adult Minority Women; Two Minority Children. 

Of the minorities, one is Hispanic, and the rest - 60% of the total - are Muslim. 

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From Iran to Georgia (the State, not the Country): 
Gifts of the State Department  

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you Crimes of the Times for exposing the wack insanity that is published in America's "Newspaper of Record."

You are right - this is insanity of the highest order.

Thank you for reading between the lines of this disgusting propaganda rag for us.