Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cheering on the Decline of the West As Universities Promote Arabic and Chinese at the Expense of the Romance Languages

The bespectacled crypto-neurotic common-sense challenged reality fugitives at the New York Times love to publish breathless articles that triumphantly chronicle the decline of the "West," which is a code word for "European," which is a code word for "white," which is a code word for me, and probably whoever else is reading this brand new blog (though we welcome people of all backgrounds ;-) ).

How Dare They Be Proud of their Own Heritage ?
Force Them to Major in Arabic !
We have seen quite conclusively that the word-criminals at America's newspaper of record are a decidedly schadenfreude-prone bunch: they barely contain their glee when bad things happen to the West (read:  "The Man") as the WikiLeaks madness has clearly demonstrated (the Times reports that the take-home message from the WikiLeaks scandal is the reality of the overall decline of American influence and power in the world).

In an article published yesterday Sunday December 5th in the Grey Lady-Ghost, snidely entitled "Budget-Cutting Colleges Bid Some Language Adieu," Times communist Lisa W. Fodero (email her) reports on the current trend among state universities to eliminate European language study. Now, "State Universities" are implicitly government funded institutions, so when we have branches of the federal government proclaiming that European languages are no longer relevant (while 3rd world tongues such as Farsi and Arabic are), what we have here is state-sponsored cultural-replacement policy.

From Fodero's article :
“My argument wasn’t so much against this or that language,” Dr. Haass, a former State Department official, said in an interview. “But if we’re going to remain economically competitive and provide the skill and manpower for government, I think we need more Americans to learn Chinese or Hindi or Farsi or Portuguese or Korean or Arabic. In an ideal world, that wouldn’t mean fewer people would know Spanish, French, German and Italian. But in a real world, it might.”
If it weren't so sick it would be funny, the way the Times trumpets all things non-Western. We know and we have seen that the Times long ago eschewed the spirit of their journalistic mission of informing the public, in favor of promoting a misguided, competitive-altruism campaign wherein the "oppressed," minorities everywhere, the poor, etc. are uplifted and cast in a ridiculously biased glow of do-gooder liberalism.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the psychopaths at the New York Times are suicidal in their plot to uplift all those groups - worldwide -  which are historically underperforming, while at the same time constantly attacking and demeaning all those who have contributed more to civilization than any other.

The New York Times hates the rich; the NYT hates achievers; the NYT hates anyone with an IQ above 101, especially if that person is endowed with a "schleimpisch" (Yiddish).

And now, the New York Times hates French, German, and Latin.

In their place, the Times would rather see young people learning that languages not of Copernicus, not of Goethe, not of Sartre, not of Mozart, but instead of.... ....



The New York Times: "uplifting non-whites since 1851".


Anonymous said...

The New York Times won't be happy until there are no more white people anywhere in the world.

It is an amazing indicator of hypocrisy, that the NYT - champion of the poor, champion of minorities everywhere - fails to champion the true minority of the planet, White PEople, who only make up 8% of the planet (as opposed to 33% just 60 years ago).

Please COTT report more on the reality of DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSFORMATION on the PLanet - by far the biggest danger/issue facing the world today.

Africa will have one billion soon - this up from just 80m in 1900. Africans will likely be extending the begging bowl for generations to come.


Juniper in the Desert said...

@Anonymous, if there are no white people, there aint gonna be any wealth! Because guess what: white people create the wealth!

Tell the Saudis to water their(non-existant) "crops" with oil and buy all the stuff china produces!! Heh!

Anonymous said...

For all your Eurocentric vitriol at the article, I see no argument from this blog as to WHY universities shouldn't promote languages from other parts of the world than Europe. Whether for practical or academic reasons, first language English speakers learning additional languages from different liguistic traditions is much more beneficial than learning additional languages from the same tradition.

Anonymous said...

jews are white..usually
why does the times hate whites
does it hate jews