Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Lionizing of the Lowest of the Low : " Daddy Read to Me"

Today we have a good example of the New York Times' devotion to their mission of always, always  portraying minorities in the warm glow of approval that can only come from a diseased mind, in a stomach churning puff piece excreted by Times communist Fernando Santos, and barfingly entitled "Daddy Read to Me."

Seriously, does the insanity have no limit?

In this article published on the day after Christmas on page A18 of today's national edition in the New York section, and occupying the entire page (!), the Times breathlessly tells the story of a series of sperm-donor Latinos (and a token black) incarcerated at Riker's Island, and their participation in a "literacy program" called "Daddy and Me" wherein the inmates are recorded reading children's books so that their illegitimate children (the ones they know about, anyway) can listen to their voices in the comfort of their mammys' public housing units.

He Mugged Your Neighbours, But the Times is
Cool WIth That
From the article:

"Since then, he [inmate Rasado] has been in and out of prison, mostly for assault; on May 29, he was arrested on Staten Island with a gun in his backpack. When asked where he grew up, Mr. Reddick said, “Right here,” meaning Rikers. He has three daughters: Mary Jane is 4, Ma’Naiya is 3, and Mya was born on Oct. 18."

Now, a responsible news organization would have at least commented on the criminal nature of these men and their ghastly patterns of fathering unwanted welfare dependents, but from the realty dodgers at the New York Times on this supremely important issue we hear not a peep. 

Instead, the Times writes about these inmates from a condescending platform of paternalistic moral superiority, perhaps not even realizing that they sound like they are talking about children when they print things like this: 
"For nearly a decade, Mr. Rosado has often spent 23 hours a day alone in a cell in the criminal justice system’s equivalent of “time out.”'
For the freakoids at America's newspaper of record, the real tragedy here is not that the United States has to pay to keep 2.3 million other men like Rosado behind bars, as well as many million more of their criminal spawn living on welfare in public housing until they can grow up to become criminals like papa; no, for the wishful thinking, disingenuous white liberals at the NYT, the real tragedy is that discrimination and the "disease" of drug addiction landed these scumbags in Rikers in the first place. Oh, that and the fact that bigoted Nazi assholes in Congress just struck down the Dream act, which would have allowed tens of millions of criminal Latinos more to soak into the already saturated fabric of American society. That, is the real tragedy, says the Grey Lady. But isn't it sweet that this cute reading program - dreamed up by social engineering elitists like themselves - gives the Times the opportunity to put words like "felony weapons possession" and "Cat in the Hat" in the same paragraph.

The New York Times: certifiably insane since 1981.

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Anonymous said...

So the criminal is now being portrayed as yet another sainted victim group.

Obviously another avenue in which to subvert western civilization.