Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Photo That Appears Directly Above the Article: "Swedes Still Committed to Diversity & Tolerance" (not printed: "Even Though everyone, Including Angela Merkel, Knows That Multiculturalism Has Utterly Failed In the West")

Muslim Asylum Seekers from Iraq and Iran Tragically Lose Their Bid to
Cash in on the Generous Welfare Benefits that
Lured Them in After Australia's Labor Government Under
Julia Gillard Struck Down Anti-Boat People Laws 


Marco De Boursin said...

Why does the crimes of the times (the NYT) not mention either in their print or online editions the origins of these "refugees."

The fact is - as tragic as it is when people die - the fact is that these people were opportunists and future parasites, who according to even wretchedly liberal western media sources, had paid "as little as" 5000$ to make the voyage, so that they could be coddled from cradle to grave as "diversity trophies" by the pussy leftist do-gooders in Australia.

Sad as ANY maritime accident is, I salute Crimes of the Times for pointing out the hard, sad truth behind such events: the non-white, Muslim people aboard this shitty wooden fishing vessel knew that they could sucker Whites in Australia into taking care of them for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. That and THAT ALONE was the purpose of these migrants' journey: to live off the decency of a generous white nation.

A lot of the comments one sees in the comments section of Australian newspapers gives a clear idea of the degree of INEPTITUDE and NAIEVETE that prevails in the West: most Whites think that these poor people were innocent victims - which of course they were, sort of, as any victim of a tragic accident always will be - but what the whites of Australia do NOT understand is that these people take the native-born white people for Australia for fools: every non-white knows the amount of pity that Whites have on non-whites, and every non-white around the world knows that they can sucker and cajole the average white into taking pity on them.

A lot of the idiots in the Australian press who put forward their feelings in the comments section dwell on the fact that these poor people were, for example:

[A] So poor (huh? ) and desperate that they were willing to RISK THEIR LIVES to come to Australia;

[B] So crushed under the oppression of their home countries, that they simply had to flee;

[C] So terrified of living in their own nations after the terrible, immoral wars that the US and the EU brought to Iraq, that they simply had to GET OUT.

To answer to each of these three extremely predictable and naive charges :

(a) If they were so poor, how could they afford 5 grand - ANSWER: they knew that getting their non-white asses into benevolent Australia would afford them hundreds of thousands of dollars of free money over their lifetimes, perhaps MILLIONS when their extended family came into play (that same extended family that would be eligible to be shipped in from the Stone-Age lands of the Middle East, at Ozzie taxpayer expense);

(b) No doubt they were "crushed under oppression", in their home countries. Everybody knows that the Turd World sucks. But what the MSM does not want you to know is that the Turd World sucks precisely because it is filled with turd worlders. In other words: these people were fleeing from their own wretched kind, to bring their stone-age ways to their "adoptive" lands;

(c) The United States has liberated more than 50 million of these poor Muslims living under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and other brutal Islamic dictators since the early 1990s. As is the history of Western Benevolence since the last century and a half, these shit-hole, stuck-in-the-Dark Ages countries received billions of dollar in aid, and thousands of hospitals, clinics, tens of thousands of kilometers of roadway, sewerage treatment facilities and myriad other infrastructure improvements, as a result of misguided white, Western benevolence.

(continued in next comment [limited to 4,096 characters])...

Marco De Boursin said...

[Continued from my previous comment, which apparently exceeded 4,096 characters, which BTW site owner: I think that is a ridiculous limitation of free speech. Benway, here goes]:


Therefore, why did these poor "refugees" flee from Indonesia - the world's most populous muslim country by the way - if they were already safely in Indonesia, and had at least five grand available to attempt the passage to La-La land?

Answer: while these Iraqi and Iranian Muslims could have lived well in Indonesia - certainly with their five grand available for the passage a LOT better than the VAST MAJORITY of their fellow practitioners of the religion of peace in the most populous Muslim planet on earth - they knew that they could live A LOT BETTER IN AUSTRALIA, as a result of the benefits they were sure to get by a benevolent, guilt-motivated, white Aussie government.

How many times have we seen boatloads of white people risking their lives - and paying thousands of dollars - to sail illegally into non-white countries? ANSWER: Never. Never in the history of mankind.


And it is not likely to start happening for a couple of hundreds of thousands of years.

The truth need to be told about the gradual watering-down of white homelands by boatloads of non-whites intent on taking advantage of the naivete, generosity, and accomplishments of said white homelands.

Never in the history of mankind has one ethnic group been so incredibly blind to its own dispossession and imminent extinction.

reveal1970 said...

Like any good confidence trickster Angela Merkel never gives her "mark" ( The German people) what they actually want i.e A huge reduction in immigration, and mass repatriations.

She simply shifts the emphassis from multiculturalism to integration leaving her parties underlining commitment to encouraging mass third world immigrantion unchanged.

MAKE MY DAY said...

@Marco De Boursin said...You said it all - that's exactly how it is!!! What's wrong with the Australian people - why do they put up with this crap??

Anonymous said...

"How many times have we seen boatloads of white people risking their lives - and paying thousands of dollars - to sail illegally into non-white countries?"

How about the ones from Europe who settled in America and Australia originally? Of course, according to racists like you, whites can move into lands occupied by non-whites, but non-whites cannot move into lands occupied by whites. Always this double-standard: one rule for whites, another rule for non-whites.

Anonymous said...

Ah..I see the post at bottom left 'racists' the 'R' word.

I read in LA Times similar...
that [gasp] Aussies want to deport asylum seekers..
But since they passed thru several countries to get there..
they seek $, no asylum...muslim countries had that!!!!