Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, December 20, 2010

Take A Close Look At This Picture

Picture+11.png (533×361)

This is a very interesting picture. Please look at it closely. It was published in Saturday's edition of the New York Times national section, page A10, at the top of a page that included three unrelated articles (commented upon below); unaccompanied by an article of its own, the picture is captioned to tell readers that the Fraudulent One is reading to public school children from his book "Of Thee I Sing."

Why would the New York Times publish a photo of a roomful of schoolchildren practically mocking the president by their disinterest?

It is and will forever be impossible to view a photo of the president of the United States in a classroom full of young children without the memory of George Bush and his pet goat leaping to mind. Therefore, the Times' decision to publish this photo is obviously reeking of a most subversive form of cynicism.

For the puppet masters behind the propaganda machine that is the Western World Media, no photo is ever Left Behind, and nothing appears in print by accident: every comma is a carefully manipulated tool in a vast campaign to program impressionable minds into swallowing hook line and semi-colon the pre-packaged post-modern liberal world-view consensus, wherein the past is bad and the future is rosy ("past" being Western, "future" being non-Western).

Look at the photo again, please. Why would America's newspaper of record appear to laugh at the foreign-born Messiah they helped put into office with this picture?

From left to right, we have an Asian-looking little girl daydreaming; a Mestizo girl glaring contemplatively - and questioningly - at Obama; an Asian-Hispanic-looking boy daydreaming and clearly uninterested in what the Fraudulent One is talking about; a dark-haired little Mexican girl intent on pulling some buggers out of her nose; and the lone Caucasion in the photo, pensive but unfocused on the prez.

Why would the Times print this pic, and not one of a room full of smiling, adoring young fans?

Answer: the New York Times understands that their credibility - their own legitimacy, even - is on the line. The communists at the Grey Lady understand that the people have seen through the Hoax and Change, and that if they are to appear to have even a tiny fragment of the journalistic integrity that supposedly is the bedrock behind the motto "All the News that's Print to Fit," then they need to publish signs of the prevailing public mood from time to time.

Of course such a thought is so distasteful to the reality fugitives at the New York Times, that it was out of the question that they publish a photograph of, say, a Tea Party rally, to demonstrate Obama's declining popularity.

Instead, they went with a classroom full of mostly non-white public school kids, in which the only kid who appears to be aware of what's going, is a... Latino.

We can just imagine the meeting of the Times' Editorial Board on the upper floors of their 8th Avenue skyscraper where the decision to publish this photo was made: a meeting of intensely perverted minds, struggling to find a way to contort reality to their sick agenda.

Instead of the original caption, the crypto-psychotic shape shifters at the New York Times could have printed: "America's Future Looks On In Dismay as the Dear Leader Fails to Bring About the Change He Promised Swiftly Enough (Hobbled As He Is By The Evil Right-Wingers Who Fail To Be Enlightened)."  


Juniper in the Desert said...

Excellent! Kind of " this is our future and the Jihadi - I mean President, doesn't look like he gives a damn, in fact he looks retarded!"

Mitchell McAllow said...

That is totally brill. Few other blogs get it like your blogs gets it.

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