Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Times Obsessing Over Snivel Rights and Other Peoples' Sex Habits

The crusade to destroy western civilization continues apace at Amerika's newspaper of record. When it's not full-on HBD denial in Haiti and Somalia, it's "everybody's got AIDS"-style war mongering for "marriage equality." It's like the Times isn't even bothering to be discrete about it any more.

What an embarrassment it must be for the handful of people who work for the NYT and who have a modicum of sanity left.

Here's a fun bit of snivel I spotted in the op-ed section by Frank Bruni. This piece, entitled "Race, Religion and Same-Sex Marriage" is amusing because it  combines the Times' legendary suck-uppance to blacks, with their rather gross obsession with other peoples' sexual habits.


Anonymous said...

There's an exceptional amount of vileness in today's edition, including a long article by chief African-misery-reporter Jeffrey Gettleman, which essentially can be boiled down to the message: "Nothing is the fault of the Somalis. We must give them more food and money, no matter what the cost".

Anonymous said...

An American born Somali just blew himself up along with a dozen other Somalis. Fortunately he was in Somalia when he did this, but don't count on it being in Somalia next time one of those whackos decide to commit hari kari.

Anonymous said...

Hey New York Times, I'd like to see you discuss the jewish role in American slavery.

Approximately 2% of Southern whites owned slaves but you blame the other 98% all the time.

Approximately 40% of Southern jews owned slaves but you never blame them for anything.

Why is that??

Marco de Boursin said...

"Where's the American Holocaust Museum for the generations of Native Americans & Enslaved Blacks brutally tortured, killed & had everything stolen from them? That Holocaust continues today...maybe it will be build when it ends...."

Yes, I picked that comment up from a Sacremento Bee article on Marine Le Pen skipping a visit to the Holocaust Museum. I'm going to go out on a limb and make a wild guess that the writer is a proud member of the fecal-featured negro race.

COTTS talks about the Times and Marine LePen's invisibility today.

Anonymous said...

blacks are way more likely to gaybash
maybe do a piece on that..
check the stats for yrself

maybe go to GLAD or wherever to do that story

Anonymous said...

African-Americans were also enslavers. Does that fact make slavery right?

yanmaneee said...
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