Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Understanding the New York Times' Crusade to Destroy Western Civilization

The New York Times is a disgusting newspaper. It is part of a dark cabal of hateful forces that have been evolving and, like a hideous monster, gaining strength over time.

Its agenda is dark and evil; it wants nothing more than to destroy Western Civilization from within, column by sinister column.

From an article published on page A17 of today's national edition, in the "New York" section, we get a clear indicator of this sad reality, entitled "At 'Occupy' Protests, Bearing Christian Witness Without Preaching," by Times communist and diversity-panderer Mark Oppenheimer in a column known - sickly - as "Beliefs."

From the article (which talks about the beliefs of the OWS protesters globally) :

What is the New York Times trying to do here?

Answer: destroy Christianity brick by brick.

Oh great, let's demolish a religion that has built hospitals and schools for millennia, and let's glorify a cult that puts women in burlap sacks and venerates a prophet who married a nine-year old girl. Wonderful.

The New York Times hates religion, as long as that religion is not Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. You get the picture.

What is most saddening to me, is that the Catholic Church, as an institution, has been one of the greatest civilizing forces on the planet for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and yet a few sadistic perverts in their ranks manage to de-legitimize that Great Institution's contribution to humanity in just a few short years.

I urge readers to check out the travelogue of this intrepid couple - Frederik and Josephine - a 20s-something SWPL pair from Belgium who undertook an amazing, multi-year-long journey through darkest Africa aboard their Land Cruiser. They journeyed into lands deep in the Dark Continent where a white man had not been seen in literally decades.

What is noteworthy for the purposes of this post, and again I urge you to spend a few hours perusing Frederik and Jospehine's fascinating journey, is that every time in deep dark Africa, when they pulled up to a new village after a harrowing day of overlanding, the only - repeat only -  place of civilization to be found in every village was the catholic missionary church.

Competitive altruism is a Euro thing generally, and a Catholic thing specifically. What other peoples have combed the planet to build missionary hospitals and schools?

Answer: none.

Beware the New York Times: It is turning history on its head, never mind the present.


Anonymous said...

Your blog has no merit at all. The NYT was reporting on what the OWS protestors thought. If the OWS protestors really do associate Christianity with conservatism, what is the NYT supposed to say? Are they supposed to lie about it???

Anonymous said...

He is pointing out what we all know is true- the reporter agrees with, and chooses to spout, beliefs congruent with the OWS assholes.

Anonymous said...

jews celebrate an 'imam' ...fools

M said...


Photo of Congolese kids, and the names:

"Prudence, Séraphin, Olette, Ami, Dombolo, Aimé, Yvette, Europa, Calence, ... "